The legendary Jim Sinclair, who yesterday advised subscribers that gold will not be confiscated in this bull market as its current function is vastly different in today’s monetary system than its role in the 1930’s, sent another alert to subscribers today clarifying that although he believes gold will not be confiscated by the government during the current bull run, GUNS WILL BE

Sinclair states that the Constitutionally protected state right to create and maintain a state defense force is under the cross-hairs of the Obama administration, and that The moment you see these state defense forces under the control of the state governor disbanded, the end has come. The Constitution will no longer exist and the next day I will be writing you from Buckreef in Tanzania.

Sinclair’s full Alert/Warning of the impending gun confiscation by the Obama administration is below:


From Jim Sinclair:

Every governor of every state by law can create and many have created a state defense force. That is not the national guard. As the name implies, it is a state defense force.


It is rumored that these organizations are in the crosshairs of the Administration.


The moment you see these state defense forces under the control of the state governor disbanded, the end has come. The Constitution will no longer exist and the next day I will be writing you from Buckreef in Tanzania.


You are all invited to come with me, but I will not be selling you anything.

  1. A funny joke never happen.They need there guns to protect there food an gold. An also theres no body willing to stand in the way of a bullit when the shit really hits the fan. It would have to be a foriegn power to do that i believe. And at that point of time there be alot of good things happen to. You can live in your house for free. Meaning the banks be closed along so you dont have to make a mortgage payment an yes also dont have to pay any taxes.

    • Guns also serve for defense purposes when the polices aren’t available since they won’t always be available during big events such as the dollar collapse or during disasters. If guns get confiscated, then you would have crossbows and bows & arrows left for defense.

  2. LOL.  Good luck gettin’ those guns out of states like Texas and Alabama.
    When the Democrats pushed through all types of assault weapon gun laws in the 1990’s they lost control of both house and senate in one election.   Somehow I doubt they want that to happen again?

    • After they have done away with those confusing, time consuming, and expensive elections (for our own good, naturally) getting our guns will be MUCH less of a problem.  Not that any of us here will be voluntarily giving them up, of course. 

    • They can’t get rid of guns like that. For the case in the 1990’s, a lot of people wanted to keep their guns so the government was not able to get rid of all guns. Now, more people are brainwashed so they’ll think that gun confiscation is a good thing.

  3. The citizenry at large would be much more likely to accept gold confiscation (in exchange for fiat) than confiscation of guns. A large percentage of the military and law enforcement would defect onto the side of the people.  The second amendment is still sacred to far too many people and the NRA stands ready to expose any attempt to thwart it. 

    • Unfortunately history shows just the opposite is true. The powers that be keep the policing families fed and warm, and they will do as they are told to remain so. While a few may leave, the majority will stay and defend the tyrants. 

  4. I don’t think it matters anymore what the people of states like Texas and Alabama want; His Royal Highness will take them when he is sure he can overcome any resistance. We’ve already seen how people who are self-sufficient in any way, or who believe and support the Constitution as the law of the land, are labelled terrorists. People who stack can always claim it’s just a coin collection or hobby, but not so with guns or large caches of food and water. So it seems to me that the point of the article is that we know when that point of insufficient resistance has been reached when the state forces are disbanded.

    • I don’t care if there are terrorists in the USA because at least American people can defend themselves against them. As for the government turning into a tyrant, it would be harder to get rid of him because he has more power than the terrorist.

  5. Clinton tried this same crap when he was pres and has his ass handed to him.  BHO is going to find that gun grabs are non starters.  Too hard and tooooo dangerous.   He will just go about screwing things up with the EPA destroying 50% of the US energy production though coal mining and coal fired power plants.  Along with that his favorite Munchkin will continue to print to make sure that the 50% of the population is taken care of while the war machine continues to roll along.  Taxes will continue to increase on a federal, state and local level, right down to the folks who pay little or no taxes.  They will find their pockets picked.  The  middle class will find more of their number shoved into the lower class as Obamacare weighs in with its full complement and array of costs, taxes and regulations.  That bust will certainly tip all the middle and lower classes in the sh**er as companies drop hours and benefits. Guns, my thinking is that this will be a bridge to far and he will relent.  So long as the recipient class continues to get their stuff and the middle class does not feel completely screwed, allowing people to own guns won’t be such a tough sell. Soft tyranny is  a much easier process than goon squads breaking into peoples homes to get the guns.

    • Well, AG, as with your home, I suspect, any goons or squads of them breaking into my home will definitely be taking part of my guns with them as they slither away on their bellies with their tails tucked between their legs.  Yes, they very well might kill me.  So?  I will not be going alone.  There are a few things in this world that are worth dying for and liberty IS definitely one of them.  Once they have voiced their demands and I have bellowed “In the name of the Constitution of the United States of America, cease and desist this illegal activity”.  Things likely will get real interesting at that point.


    • As the middle class finds themselves unable to live the same lifestyle unrest will increase. It hits a certain point and I think we will be looking at civil war to overthrow the idiots in DC.
      To many get paid by the government to shuffle papers and create more laws along with those who are more and more dependent on the government for food. The general population isn’t going to stand for this much longer in my opinion.

  6. As to the article… while I really respect Jim Sinclair, I must disagree with him on the issue of gold confiscation (read theft).  This is FAR more about the tyrannical nature of BHO than it is about precious metals, what they mean in society, or the fact that they are no longer legal currency.  This is ALL about control and a Marxist never met anything that could be controlled but that they did not at least attempt to do so.  If nothing else, gold confiscation is likely to be more about control than anything else.  IF gold can be grabbed successfully, THEN it is likely that they will go for the guns.  Whether successful or not, the desire for it is strong among leftists and other tyrants. They know that a disarmed society is a lot easier to control.

    As proof for my thesis, I submit:  EXECUTIVE ORDER 12919 — NATIONAL DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS.  Under this EO, the president can unilaterally declare any metals or minerals to be of vital strategic need to the USA and therefore subject to forfeiture (theft).  Notice that the president can declare this to be so without any input from Congress or a Declaration of War.  In short, this is a blatant grab for just about anything and everything… including gold and silver.  This is how tyrants work.  Put something outrageous on paper and then try to sell the idea as having a valid reason.  Shortly thereafter, it becomes “law”, whether or not it is, in fact, law. 

  7. Hessians and mercenaries are bought cheaply by  a government with an unlimited power of the print.  Whether they are people of this country or another, they don’t fight for an ideal, just money.   Every Hessian has his price point before he values his life more than money.  If money is what he values, then I will hire him to fight for me. I have silver and gold stacked for the purpose.  I s*** you not on that score.  Mercenaries can be had for small sums of silver. 
    My Band of Brothers will fight for something greater than money, of that I am sure.  We are as wedded to our right to keep and bear arms as anything I can presently think of.  If the colonial revolutionaries were willing to give and pledge their lives, treasure and honor to their fight, so be it.  That is the gauntlet I throw down. Marxists bleed just like everyone else.

    • The more rural you get the more anti government control people are. The sheeple in the cities will cower and bow down leaving it up to those of us who are rural to fight for their sorry asses.

    • MaryB is right! The cities are where there are most of the mainstream medias’ influences because there are a lot more people which means that they’ll be able to spread propaganda easily to brainwash the sheeple. That’s one more reason why I want to move in the rural areas.

  8. Good points on concealing precious metals in plain sight.  I bought silver to gold in a 50 to 1 ratio.  I dont remember the reason but it seemed like a good idea.  Maybe due to the GTSR.  If there was real and present threat to seize phyzz I would trade a manageable amount of silver for gold, being careful not to trip a taxable event since each metal is considered a differnet commodity for tax purposes. LCS owners don’t seem to know those rules.
     Thus traded, gold is much more portable. You can stock $1,000,000 in gold in a 50 cal ammo can.  Recent findings of gold and silver unearthed by treasure seekers of PMs  buried  by Legionaire paymasters, prove that these metals have a VERY long shelf life.
     The first thing a stacker considers when buying phyzz is “Where do I hide it?  From Egyptians hiding their gold, to Legionaire paymasters, Bluebeard pirates to our little clan of stackers, it’s reasonable to assume that we, the people, can outwit the dunderheads that purport to come looking for our phyzz. 
    Heck, at worst you could sell some of your phyzz,  hide the rest, claim poverty due to the terrible economic conditions, re enter the FIAT currency paradigm for a few ticks, get on the dole, hide out in plain sight and when the dust settles, hopefully in your life time, you rotate back to phyzz.  It will go up in value. It will go down in value;  when things settle down.  Knowing when to sell and buy will not be too difficult to figure out,  me thinks 

    • Keeping physical gold and silver is better than keeping fiat currencies for the future. For example, burying some physical precious metals would still be the same after thousands of years and as for paper currencies, they’ll rot and will become obsolete after a while.

  9. The Military Oath states that you must defend the constitution of the United States.
    The Military alone does not have the manpower for instance to disarm the entire population
    and most likely would defer doing so against their own country men. Wisconcin by gun
    ownership has the world’s sixth largest army. Being from Texas I admire that, but there would be
    Hell to pay if the government in anyway tries to upsurp the second amendment. Remember how
    we fought the British? We were in trees behind rocks. The same will happen again. There are way
    too many “White Hats” in The Pentagon regardless if Puke Kerry becomes secretary if defense.

    Insofar as Gold and Silver being consiscated, Nada. 

    Down here in Texas we are waiting for the DODO to hit the fan!


    • You’re right that gold and silver won’t get confiscated because there aren’t a lot of people who are buying and owning some precious metals. The reason why before, gold got confiscated is due to the gold standard and the Federal Reserve needed some gold fast to launch its older version of QE.

  10. @Ranger

    I respect your post but I question a number of your statements.

    1. Military Oath. If the Present Military isn’t “defending the Constitution” NOW, what makes you think they’re going change their present tactics/strategies?

    2. TPTB don’t need the Military to “disarm” the entire population. American’s have been brainwashed “already”. Case in point, what haven’t we had a revolution ALREADY, based on the massive corruption that has taken place over the last 10 years? It ain’t gonna happen, brother. 

    3. The Government has already taken away our arms. 1 in 3 Americans is obese. 1 in 2 overweight. 4.02 billion Rx written last year, more this year. GMO junk foods are the staple of the American diet. Everyone is too busy being busy doing absolutely nothing with their worthless lives. You really think the vast majority will rise up like our forefathers (3% did back in the late 1700’s), get off their meds, off their couches, off their junk food and texting and join some form of resistance to the tyranny that has a solid foundation in the psyche of our entire population?

    Talk is cheap. I say 90% of the gun owners, when the time comes, will gladly turn in their weapons for more mind candy to keep their addictions firmly in place. The other 10% may rise up to encounter the demons, but the monsters we’ve created, and yes, we are all responsible for this clusterF#$K, are TOO BIG. Their technology is so vastly superior to our .45s, .308s, and .50’s that it will be a slow and painful death for the militia’s. Their TECHNOLOGY is light years ahead now, on all levels.

    It’s over. All this “TALK” that we keep reading about regarding DEFENDING OUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, IS BS. ALL TALK. 

    • I agree. Talk means nothing to TPTB; they honor nothing, they know nothing of peace or freedom. They know only predator and prey. This is why lawsuits, appeals to the Supreme Court or the Constitution, or protests have no effect whatsoever. The only thing that will topple TPTB is brute force, which would mean getting the highest-tech army to lay siege to Wash. D.C. and arrest every politician, lobbyist, aid, and general. People can arm themselves and prepare, but this will only work against roving gangs and looters, not FedGov. This is why I cringe whenever I hear “Wait till the next election!” or “Get involved in politics!”. It’s like a gambling addiction.
      We can all fight to the end as a matter of principle, but we should not be naive about the odds of actually defeating the monster.

  11. This is why we need to end the war on drugs, because it has given the gov’t all the logistics they’ll need to confiscate anything they want from anyone they want it from. If you put up too much resistance they’ll probably just fire a predator based hellfire missile into your house, why not? They’re already doing it in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan,  why would they treat us any different? Posse comitatus is already routinely violated for any number of reasons.

    • The war on drugs is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars because the operation itself is causing more troubles to people than helping them. It is destroying the free market and the liberty for people to consume what they want. It is people’s right to consume whatever they want especially if it is marijuana.

  12. There he goes again.  Plan on the Gov’t confiscating gold so in case they do, you are prepared.  Don’t ever listen to one person saying “It will never happen”.  Always have back-up plans for everything you do.  Aside from him being a gold/silver bug, I take it this guy is a bit egotistical and ignorant.  I don’t listen/resd to him anyway…

  13. I think Obama will attempt this. TPTB won’t send the cops door to door looking for guns specifically in most instances but rather search for them anytime they are called to a residence for other reasons. If a weapon is found they will charge that person with the crime of having the weapon. This way they take them slowly and deny constitutionalists a chance to unify and rally. Get the media to spin it all as anti terrorism. But it will not work unless he (they) can get congress (the republicans) to go along with it. An executive order nor a U.N. treaty will be sufficient for the citizens to acquiesce peacefully. PS: It is only my musing but it seems the most effective and easiest way for weapons confiscation would suspension of the the constitution under marshal law. The office of the presidency has already been given this power by congress in the p.a.t.r.i.o.t. act if I am not mistaken.

  14. IIRC, the USA fielded a very large army to fight communism in the tiny Asian country of Viet Nam.  After several years and much violence we gave up.  It will be no different here other than the fact that the USA is WAY bigger than ‘Nam.  Yes, the toll will be high, but then when liberty is at stake, it always is.

  15. The US tyrant government will remove the ownerships of guns and will confiscate all guns because he is worried that people would start revolting against him for his choices like it previously happened to a lot of governments in the past.

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