jim willieWorld renowned gold expert Jim Sinclair is issuing a warning of a massive downside risk to U.S. sanctions against Russia.  Sinclair says watch the “struggling dollar” and Russia accepting any currency for oil and natural gas.  Sinclair explains, “It’s struggling . . . because it smells the real teeth of retaliation for sanctions being in the simple acceptance of any currency whatsoever for payment for gas to Europe.  Believe me, they will settle in other currencies. . . . It makes energy cheaper.  Why in the world would anyone want to pay in dollars if they can pay in their own currency?  Russia could retaliate in a way that would have phenomenal impact on the U.S. dollar. . . . Russia has the upper hand.  They have it in their ability to turn the U.S. economy upside down and into collapse.  There is no question whatsoever.  Putin doesn’t need a nuclear bomb. He has a nuclear economic bomb that he can set off at any time.” 
What would the price of gold be this year?  Sinclair predicts, Gold has $2,000 an ounce in its sites in 2014.  On silver, Sinclair says, “Silver is gold on steroids.  When gold takes off, silver goes up faster. . . . So, the idea you are going to get an old high on silver or better is a given.
Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair’s MUST WATCH interview with Greg Hunter is below:

Submitted by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog:


    • game changer? did you steal that from andy hoffman? he has used game changer for everything he talks about for the last couple years. just because sinclair thinks in his mind that this is what putin will or can do means nothing to putin. he could dump all russian holdings of our bonds or buy all the available silver too , but i wouldnt hold my breath.
       google last march, when sinclair said to sell any asset you owned that was nailed down to buy gold. according to him it was at 1600 then, an about to go to 2000 plus. instead it shot below 1200 and hasnt seen even 1400 since. sinclair an others selling product love people like you randall. buy his gold mining stock. pay for his tour dates. stroke his ego …. 

    • “Sergei Glazyev told reporters today Russia would have to switch to other currencies to curb its dependence on the United States”. Notice that a senior Russian adviser said this.

    • tom 1000000   everyone’s predictions have been wrong including Sinclair’s.  Doc reports what there is to report.
       You can make your decision based on your own due diligence.  I’ve been wrong with every silver and gold prediction which is saying much except that no can can predict the market. even with the best intel
      The important matter in working with the uncertainty produced by skewed and rigged marketplaces is that you  protect your personal interests.
       5,000 years of history tells us that gold and silver are real money
       everything else is credit

    • @LaoTzu
      Here’s a link to your story
      I wouldn’t put Sinclair’s comments about what the Russians can do or the effect it would have in the predictions category.  To dismiss the effects of a Russian defection from the petro-dollar as a non-event is to betray an ignorance of geopolitical economics in an age of dying world reserve currency.  The Globalists are engineering a global financial Waterloo….  this has all the components necessary for them to deliver the coup de grace.

  1. WOWohWOW!!!  Let’s all hope the Sec. of State comes to his senses and advises the Zookeeper to not feed the animals today.  Sometimes it’s better to not mess with a hungry Bear…..to just let him move along peaceably. Of course, what do those Washington nitwits know about the natural order of things, huh?  Or about keeping agreements, or even representing the best interests of their own country?  Geez, talking about painting yourself into a complete disasterous outcome…..what ever happened to diplomacy and brains??? How about just some plain ol’ common sense, lol.

    • @regaleagle
      “…Let’s all hope the Sec. of State comes to his senses…”
      You precede from a false assumption:  That Kerry hasn’t already returned to within his ‘senses.’ He NEVER LOST THEM!  What we’ve seen thus far is PRECISELY according to a plan to probe Putin, contain Russia, and try to protect the petro-dollar.  Now, you can, and sensible so, argue that the insanity of the plan he is trying to execute is nothing short of sheer madness… and I think you could probably make a pretty good case for tthat… BUT… THIS IS THE PLAN IN ACTION SO FAR!!!!  These ARE his ‘senses.”  🙁

  2. I keep going back to NoBama’s off-mike comment to Putin via Medvedev:  “We can be more flexible in my next term”.  And the lamestream media didn’t question or dig deep into the meaning of it, giving their usual pass to their Dear Leader.
    It almost seems the NoBama and Kerry Kabuki dance on the world stage is for US and Euro public consumption, while in the background our two dunces had sealed a deal with Putin for the Crimean situation.  We have zero leadership in the White House and Putin plays our Street Activist like a Stradivarius. 
    All in all, a VERY interesting interview with Sinclair.  A lot of countries are planning to drop the U.S. dollar as a reserve currency and the demise of the petro-dollar will initiate the cascade event our economic destruction.  A perfect storm for a re-set of our currency.

    • rvnmedic6869
      Obama thought he had the upper hand when he made that statement to Medvedev. Medvedev, and Putin, his godfather simply dismissed this amateur and his pontifications, as if Obama had anything to say about anything. Putin pissed on Obama’s lines in the sand.
      These two Russians have been putting one over on Obama since he was elected President (Obama that is). When Obama is long gone Putin will be running the show, laughing ar how easily he rope-a-doped Obama, another clue twit in a long line of clue twits who bow to  Fascism and Communism and fail to account for realpolitic

  3. I don’t place a lot of faith in Jimmy Joe Sinclair. I see that most of the posts here are from Newbies. Jimmy Joe has made so many predictions since I have been a member here for over two years, that most of his stuff is hyper bullshit. So if you want to believe what he says, all power to you now, but you will surely tire of it later on.

  4. Jim is full of shit same as the rest of the gurus.
    Nothing is going to happen.  I repeat – NOTHING!  Sanctions will be cosmetic, something like – “yeah, those damn Russians, take that”.  Russians will pretend that they are hurting and at the same time will brush it off.  Germany depends on Russian gas – so, nothing drastic from them.  Obama is on vacation, so is the congress – until March 24.  That tells the whole world that a deal behind closed doors has already been validated. 
    Oh, gold and silver are still where they were last week.  So, dear Jim – put down your crackpipe and spend a quality $100 on a blowjob from a Ukrainian exchange student….

    • @volkssturm
      “…Nothing is going to happen.  I repeat – NOTHING! …”
      Of course, you could be right.  The outcome of this depends on what those folks really driving the show want out of this theatrical production.  Personally, I do think it’s the latest episode in the saga of the take-down of the US financial hegemony, as evidenced through the petro-dollar, the world reserve currency and the military superiority that backs our imperial dollars.  But it is possible that those driving aren’t quite ready to collapse the bubble completely right now.  I still think they have more work to do to further indebt America and her People before they will dare to lower the boom on them…  maybe another 3 or 4 years to go… black swans notwithstanding….  that said, I am pretty sure you can count on this Ukrainean caper to further weaken the US dollar hegemony.  I think THAT is a given.

  5. Another point, being an older member, us older posters (some have been long gone by the way) tire of hearing how dynamically Gold and Silver are going to outer space real soon. But nothing happens. The only thing that happens is that we wait and wait and wait while being plied to keep stacking. Like I have stated so many times here, “The Gurus are sitting on the side of our beds telling us how great things are going to be.” Yes I agree that in a longer time they will, but not anytime real soon. 

    • @Ranger
      You’re talking about a man with well over 50 years in the industry…
      Mr. James E. Sinclair, also known as Jim, has been the Chief Executive Officer of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. (formerly, Tan Range Exploration Corporation) since April 30, 2002 and also serves as its President. Mr. Sinclair has been the Chief Executive Officer of Northwestern Basemetals Company Limited since November 28, 2012. He also serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer at Tanzania American International Development Corporation 2000 Ltd. He served as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Tanzania American International Development Corporation. He founded Sinclair Group of Companies in 1977. He served as a Precious Metal Advisor to Hunt Oil and the Hunt family from 1981 to 1984. He served as General Partner of two New York Stock Exchange firms and also served as President of Sinclair Global Clearing Corporation Commodity clearing firm and Global Arbitrage derivative dealer in metals and currencies. He served as President of James Sinclair Financial Research SARL in Luxembourg. He served as Chairman of Sutton Resources from 1989 to 1995. He served as Chairman of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp. since April 30, 2002 and has been its Director since April 30, 2002.
      Mr. Sinclair has recently been named Executive Chairman of the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange.
      In 2008 Jim offered a $1,000,000 bet to anyone in the financial media that gold would go to $1650 by mid Jan 2011… there were no takers, and Jim missed the timing of his call… by a month!
      Perhaps you could fill us in on some of your “sage” calls, or perhaps how many sold out, non sponsored public speaking engagements you’ve conducted around the world on PMs and international finance!
      … didn’t think so!

    • Some people compare us gold and silver stackers to the folks holding Iraqi Dinars waiting for the currency to “revalue” against the US Dollar. They Dinar crowd has been waiting for that event for several years now, at least since 2004. The huge difference between us and them is that we are holding something that is highly liquid, has intrinsic value and has been recognized as money for over 5,000 years. The Iraqi Dinar at the end of the day is simply another fiat currency which has been terribly overprinted by its unstable government.   

    • @gogetter1132
      “…Some people compare us gold and silver stackers to the folks holding Iraqi Dinars.”
      ROFLMAO!!!!   Thank You for making my Day!!!  😉
      “Some people”  always seems to have a lot of things to say.  I’m still waiting to meet him/her.  He/she must be an interesting character for sure!

      “Some people” hold stocks and bonds too… to which I would simply say…. “some day…”

    • @Sovereign Economist 
      Trust me, I have friends who simply cannot grasp the concept of stacking precious metals. They view silver as a high risk, speculative asset when I my book it is anything but. I suggested to a good friend of mine who is pretty well off to get at least 10% exposure to physical gold and silver as insurance if nothing else. His response was “why would I want to buy something that I hope never goes up?” If gold rises that means the dollar is falling which probably means the economy isn’t doing too good and inflation is picking up. In his book owning gold is like betting against the economy and “rooting for inflation.”  

    • @gogetter1132
      “His response was “why would I want to buy something that I hope never goes up?””
      Tell him, “For the same reason that you have insurance on your home, car, and life.  You are hoping not to use any of them either, yet you do buy them”.
      PMs are financial insurance.  I do not recommend that anyone go “all in” with ANY investment, no matter how good it might look to them at the time, but a 10-15% exposure to them can be an excellent balance for other investments.  All investments stumble from time to time and if you are “all in” with one of them when it does, your entire financial future could be in jeopardy.  Diversification reduces this risk considerably.  PMs do not correlate well with other investments, so add a good dose of diversification to an investing portfolio.  But, like any other insurance policy, gold should be purchased, put away in a secure place, and forgotten about until it is needed.
      You can also play the history card by asking him if he now wishes that he had bought gold 14 years ago when it was $250 an oz.  Since that time, it has moved from $250 to about $1360 for a 544% price increase and a 444% gain.  What gold has already done once, it can do again.  If it does, it will be pushing $7400 an oz.

  6. I agree, he got out almost at the bottom. Missed it by a month. Ive been listening to him for a long time and he is right more than most. Im still waiting on gold to 700 so many predict. You will either have pms or not and will be left in the poor house if you don’t  no matter the price. That is if we avoid a nuclear war.

  7. Great Vid!
    @Ranger, you must be exercise patience…some here have been waiting two decades or more vs. two years.  PMs will not languish forever.
    It is has always been about the dollar.  Putin has the idiots inside the beltway by the short hairs.  If I were him, I would squeeze just a little.  Many of us here seen it coming.  Truly frustrating the MSM is not reporting the facts.  You have to applaud JS.  Good job Doc!

  8. Obama and his puppet masters aren’t stupid…their goal is clearly to destroy America in order to usher in a New World Order and new economic system, order out of chaos. After the dollar collapses and we’ve been allowed to stew in suffering and social chaos for a few weeks, I’m sure we’ll be begging for the new NWO currency…whatever the new coin of the realm is. This is just one of the dominoes that has to fall in order for that to happen.

    • @WEhiskey Zero
      Hey, don’t panic. You can’t build the NWO with Russia and China doing their own thing with the new gold standard. All you need to do instead of panicking, go and buy some silver, ammo and food.
      I also hope that Kim Dotcom is going to deliver his new version of internet, which is secure and not based on IP addresses. This will make NSA spy network obsolete. Panic is what’s feeding the energy of these global morticians, they smell the funeral.

  9. Here is an interesting snippet of information
    Exactly one year ago yesterday, Cyprus was Cyprusized  That was March 16   Russian oligarchs and companies were given the sign to exit stage left to preserve their funds
    One year later the Crimean people voted to become part of Russia
    It is just me or is there a plausible connection to the date of this vote, given the certain knowledge that the west was planning to confiscate URK and Crimean assets due to the banking and foreign currency crises that started even before the west engineered the UKR coup? Beware of western bankers and the IMF bearing bailouts. Austerity follows like a dark shadow
    If I lived in the Crimea and knew full well what happened in Cyprus, I might want to move to the cover of Mother Russia to protect me from the rapacious western bankers and their goon squads.  Maybe the warm embrace of mother Russia is not that toasty and comfortable but what the heck,  it’s better than getting fiscally raped by Draghi and the ECB death squads.
    Just sayin’ but those one year anniversaties do feature promimently in people’s thinking,  particularly when their dinero is at risk

    • China WILL side with Russia.  It’s in their DNA.  Plus, the Chinese KNOW that the US and China are natural adversaries… unlike many here in the US… not necessarily enemies but adversaries… competitors.  If they can cause us to stumble, they will.  Remember that the Chinese character for chaos includes the characters for danger and opportunity.  Causing the current world financial system to stumble would be just the excuse that China wants to “ride to the rescue”.  A new gold-backed trade currency might very well be their ticket to ascendance.  If there is anything that China appreciates, it is history.  They know and understand that the Bretton Woods “agreement” was not an agreement at all.  It was the USA with 28,000 tons of gold, 13 million men under arms, AND a large industrial economy completely unscathed by WW-II that was telling the rest of the world how things were going to work… and they had no choice but to accept it.

  10. Ranger, 
    Jim Sinclair is one of the Elites except he doesn’t act like it.  He is trying to protect the common man.  He is privy to information at the highest level when it comes to gold and international finance.  He is helping the Chinese set up a gold trading center.  
    It’s really difficult to fight the Fed.  They are insolvent but they can print more money.  It’s hard to beat that type of power short term.  Everyone on this board is aware that their power will wane one day.  Jim’s long term predictions will be proven right.  His short term predictions look bad because the Fed still has a lot of power.
    Jim is right about Russia. They can disrupt our markets.  I think the bullion banks have taught everyone how easy it is to manipulate markets.  Russia can easily use proxies to crash the silver COMEX market.

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