In the midst of continued massive cartel intervention in the gold and silver markets post QE4, Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers tonight advising that There is no top in gold, the gold price is going much higher than I originally anticipated.

Sinclair, who previously had stated he expects gold to surpass a minimum of $3,500/oz, and that gold would need to achieve over $10,000/ oz to balance US obligations, stated that I have seen this type of take down before- It was just prior to the major move in gold in the 70s wherein gold rose the most over the shortest period of time.

Sinclair stated that the US and GB have lost their battle against the Euro, and that The long standing currency war has shifted now putting the dollar in harms way.

Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

1. Gold did not fall on its own gravity. It was forced lower.
2. That take down had a distinct pattern outlined by CIGA Richard’s note. It was high velocity, high volume offering at a market period of illiquidity. The form is a straight line down in a very short period of time.
3. This pattern is the hallmark of those seeking a lower price for gold.
4. The limit to this strategy exists in two things. The first is when the cash market fails to fully respond to the paper takedown. The second will be apparent in the form of a takedown that will present themselves. Those takedowns are short on lower volume. Seeking profits, shorts that are only hangers on will seek to duplicate the strength of the $1800 – $1775 – $1750 take down but run into cash market demand. This will be the price that pleases Asian demand promised to us from China. The paper market will not be able depress the cash market penny to penny.
5. The first signs are definitively in that the long war conducted by the US and GB against the euro has been lost. The euro is in a new birthing process, against all odds, as rising into the category of reserve demand.
6. Euroland and all the BRICs have been buyers of gold for reasons not motivated by emotion, but based on events yet to occur.
7. I have assured you that gold is migrating back into the monetary system, not as convertible, but rather as an alarm by price function. The price will be determined in the cash market as a product of speculation concerning a global M3.
8. Since construction in monetary science requires destruction, first the volatility of gold is going to be significantly more violent than even I anticipated.
9. The magnets at $2111 and floating around $4000 may simply be grade one of an educational system.
10. I have seen this type of take down before.
11. It was just prior to the major move in gold in the 70s wherein gold rose the most over the shortest period of time.
12. The operation of gold’s price is not for a short to profits as its market character speaks of deep pockets only governments can have. I suspect that battle for the survival of the euro might soon be reversed into the battle for dollar survival. Euroland, Russia and Asia from central banks to connected financial entities have been buyers of gold. The tables have shifted. The signs of the new triumvirate being on the offensive sits right in front of us.

This is the transition that I believe is at hand. This operation is from some mega interest not seeking to profit on a short, but to obtain the most gold possible for this market event which will play into 2015 to 2017.


There is no top in gold. The gold price is going much higher than I originally anticipated. The long standing currency war has shifted now putting the dollar in harms way. Gold and those very special gold situations are going much higher. Borrowed money cannot be used without taking risk beyond reason.

Stay the course because what has so far occurred is only the appetizer.


  1. Sinclair left out this important news item…
    Obama Appoints New Golf Czar

    President B.H.O. Has recently appointed a Golf Czar.
    Major rule changes in the game of golf will become effective January 1, 2013.
    This is only a preview as the complete rule book (expect 2716 pages) is being rewritten as we speak.
    Here are a few of the changes:
    Golfers with handicaps:
    – Below 10 will have their green fees increased by 35%.
    – Between 11 and 18 will see no increase in green fees.
    – Above 18 will get a $20 check each time they play.
    The term “gimmie” will be changed to “entitlement” and will be used as follows:
    – Handicaps below 10, no entitlements.
    – Handicaps from 11 to 17, entitlements for putter length putts.
    – Handicaps above 18, if your ball is on the green, no need to putt, just pick it up.
    These entitlements are intended to bring about fairness and, most importantly, equality in scoring.
    In addition, a Player will be limited to a maximum of one birdie or six pars in any given 18-hole round.
    Any excess must be given to those fellow players who have not yet scored a birdie or par.
    Only after all players have received a birdie or par from the player actually making the birdie or par, can that player begin to count his pars and birdies again .
    The current USGA handicap system will be used for the above purposes, but the term “net score” will be available only for scoring those players with handicaps of 18 and above.
    This is intended to “re-distribute” the success of winning by making sure that in all competitions every Player above an 18 handicap will post only “net score” against every other player’s “gross score”.
    These new Rules are intended to CHANGE the game of golf.
    This is the “Right thing to do.”

    • Uglydog? Priceless! This has just made me able to compete with Rory McIlroy. I can hardly wait to get on the tour so some other professional can lose his livelihood because I am entitled to make as much as the other professionals do. I always believed that practicing was overrated. Even though I rarely practice, never had a teacher (can’t afford it) because I don’t need one, and play during twilight rates because it stimulates the economy during down hours, I will now be able to take from all those lucky pros who work so much at their game. Just because those few pros work harder does not mean they should make more than me. I love golf too! Besides, I am handicapped: I have a beer gut that gets in my way when I swing. I should be compensated for the years I have sat on my A$$ watching golf drinking beer because I am entitled to make as much as the pros even though they put more time into their game and work harder than I do at golf, but now, thanks to BO (not body odor) I will be able to make as much as the pros without having to put any effort into it. Finally, a level playing field!! By the way, I did not hear anything about mulligans. I believe everyone with an 18 handicap should get enough mulligans until they hit a good shot on every hole. That way we will never need to practice while drinking beer.

    • Not only that, U-Dog but professional sports will be abolished on 1/1/13 because there is no reason why anyone should be allowed to play better than anyone else, let alone be paid HUGE sums of money for doing so.

      Funny stuff, though.  It’s good to see the lighter side of this tragi-comedy that we call life.

  2. That’s the stuff I like to hear.
    When the system starts to meltdown, and people start losing it in the streets, spot silver will be what I say it is.  If spot is only $70, and silver coins are all but gone from public sale, I will want $170 an ounce.  Don’t want to pay that?  Then move on cause there’s someone who will.  LOL CRIMEX
    The day is coming that the people will control the price

    • Im of the same opinion. I am buying silver coins in the uk, eagles maples etc, for between £25 and £27 each, but if I take any to sell to a cretail buyer, I would quote to them the scale of the illegal price fixing and I would say that if you are going to buy my silver you will have to pay me at least £1000

    • Actually Alien, I used to think like you – the Euro is just another piece of fiat garbage…   But it could still rise vs the dollar.   The reason is they have already taken steps to impose austerity measures.   Also, they can lose a few problem members, and even gain some new ones.    Unlike the USA, which is basically economically screwed up from top to bottom.   There are no US states that can compare to countries like Germany.   And although the European continent has been polluted with a lot of 3rd world flotsam and jetsam, its not nearly as bad as places like Chicongo and most major US cities, with millions of uneducated, unintelligent, non productive types, many of who are seemingly culturally (or genetically) inclined to crime and violence.    The Randolph vs Mortimer Duke debate is still open.  lol

      I don’t think what JS was saying is that the Euro is a good currency, but part of the USDX going to .50 and possibly lower also involves the Euro rising to all time highs.   No doubt gold and silver will also be rising strongly in the “better” fiat currencies.    Don’t let it ruffle your feathers – the idea that any fiat currency isn’t going to zero…this year.  lol    I am the biggest PM bug around, but even I don’t think total collapse is right around the corner (as in within the next calender year.)    They will delay the inevitable.   A severe crash is gonna happen someday because the economy is in shambles, everybody’s BROKE, the currency system is a Ponzi scheme etc, but maybe not until everything goes higher for a little longer than you think possible.   

      As long as people are still willing to go to work in the morning to collect a fiat paycheck the dollar will not “collapse.”   Decline vs many items YES, but collapse?    Only a true hyperinflation would cause that kind of loss of confidence.    I think it will be more like 1970s style inflation, which was pretty bad!   Oil prices quadrupling, only to quadruple again a few years later.   Gold rising 6 fold, making a severe multiyear correction and then going up 800% a couple years later.  That’s what happened then.   Sound familiar?   Welfare and warfare state overspending was what did it last time…   You don’t have to be a genius to know what is going to happen.

    • @Alien: I’m not convinced that the Euro was ever entended to be a lasting currency but rather “maybe” a spearhead currency to bring in a global currency after it has failed. It maybe, that it was intended to fail from the start. Both Iraq wars were to keep oil trading in U.S. dollars and the Eurozone took part in this. They didn’t want oil to be traded in the Euro. Why not? I don’t think they really wanted the Euro as a reserve currency at all! Then again, I could be completely wrong.

    • Alien…What Sinclair is saying that the tide has shifted in currency problems.  Effect is not evident yet on a macro basis.  But, events have taken place that will cripple the dollar as they play out.  Asian countries have agreed to form their own internal trading block using their own currencies not the dollar.  This is a huge development that has received little attention.  Japan has elected a new gov’t and reversed monetary policy and are actively devaluing the yen.  China is buying European sovereign debt.  This reversed the downtrend in the Euro.  None of this is good for the dollar.  Remember currency strength is all relative.  The new problem child is Japan.  So, in the world of fiat, the Euro is looking better.  

    • “I just cannot respect that claim..”

      I was just about to but my BS detector was pinging so loudly that I had to give up on the idea. 

  3. The Federal Reserve’s policy of Quantitative Easing is the number one fundamental reason to anticipate record gains for Gold in the short term.  Of course a $400 dollar correction in price to the downside is also possible.  It’s only money.  You have got to have some to play. 

    • People who buy gold and silver aren’t playing.   This isn’t a game.   This is for real.   We aren’t trying to make a few hundred dollars profit per oz.   We are safeguarding a significant % of our assets in a (successful!) attempt to prevent insiduous surreptitious govt/banker theft.

      I think it is possible they pound gold down another couple hundred dollars but not $400.   I believe if gold were sold down to $1200 in a worldwide panic liquidation of all assets that premium on a 1 oz Eagle or Buffalo would adjust upward $100-200/oz because no one will be selling any REAL gold for $1200.   Just the people who sell jewelry to mall kiosks.  lol 

    • It certainly isn’t a game to Joe 7-3 nose to the grindstone but, to TPTB? It’s a power play, a game. The world is a different place for them. No amount of money is an object untill you are buying and selling large chunks of the planet and everyone that lives there!

  4. I very first stock investment  experience, was investing in the PINKS’ sheets the wild ,wild west ,I made a few bucks but lost more ,did it for years, when I finally thought I knew what I was doing..SATAN and the boiler room ‘bashers and pumpers hired by the Hedge Funds were manipulating  the prices ‘fishing’ for suckers ,I remember all the calls to the SEC,FINRA,DTCC ect ,fruitless .Then the Blue Chip stocks and now High Frequency Trading..So now I am in PM Wholly in SILVER ,I see the face of SATAN again….However Silver will RISE to $50-60 before March 20013 ,because SATAN eyes VALUE , Silver Historically 16 -1 to Gold  ,I see SATAN Creating New wealth for his kingdom and us workers America’s top  GDP ,so they can spend and create a Spike in the Economy.Silver is WAY under valued and of course SATAN know it, so hang in there you are up against the DEVIL…

    • LOL, I think you might WIN with that prediction!!! 
      Unless you’re one of the n00bs that entered too late… 75 SD ounces… likely! LOL

      The contest has been closed for MONTHS. Great prediction, but prolly not in time @SilverDagger
      ” the referee goes under the hood” 

      HMMMM, we seem to have a problem. The prediction was IN TIME!!! (crowds CHEER)
      But the prediction was……

       August 24, 2012 at 10:38 AM


      Avatar of SilverDagger


      ok ! since the Luciferian Dragon Vampires  is not dead yet! I think Silver will end at $38.60.


       $38.60, not $32.90! Still a ways off, Bub! I guess you’re not a n00b either, but your picture keeps changing  😀 Your guess is lots closer than MINE, I was in the $80’s I think LOL! Quite a good guess, but they kept slamming away at it. If Sinclair is right, I think 80 to 100+ is quite within range. 

  5. Some of mine, Dag!

    a 2000’s MS69 ASE against a 5T oz $5 Silver Certificate

    and 2 of those huge 4T oz rounds… one on right is Gold Plated. Got it for Spot Silver Price  😀
    (I know the owner well, b4 she got her shop!) I clipped out the shop’s logo, just in case any of
    y’all live close enough to horn in on my SOURCE, lolZ!  

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