Jim Sinclair has sent subscribers another alert this afternoon regarding the delay in the implementation of the Basel III requirements, which were set to make gold a Tier I asset- making the metal equal with cash or treasury bonds for capital liquidity requirements. 

Sinclair states that the entire reason that Basel III has been delayed is because the Western financial system simply does not have the ability in terms of real liquidity to meet the new requirementsSinclair states that the Western financial system cannot meet the requirements now, they will not be able to in 2 years, and that his conclusion regarding Obama’s appointment of Citi derivative dealer to the position of Secretary of the Treasury isFather forgive them because they (our esteemed leaders) really do not know what they have gone and done.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

The entire reason for the agreed delay of the Basel Three liquidity requirements is the Western financial system’s balance sheets. They are cartoons because of FASB blessing of debatable values for paper assets such as OTC derivatives with absolutely no market relationship.

Put succinctly, the Western world financial system simply does not have the ability in terms of real liquidity to meet Basel Three requirements. That is the entire story. The tomes written on this should be but one line – bankrupts cannot meet liquidity requirement now or in two years from now.

Add this to the news that a derivative dealer out of Citi has been proposed as Secretary of the US Treasury and my conclusion is that in truth, “Father forgive them because they (our esteemed leaders) really do not know what they have gone and done.”


  1. All you guys have beat me to it, I was signing in specifically to say the same thing: They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re just behind schedule. They are in the process of destroying the entire planet’s economic, social, and environmental infrastructure. Starve us, poison us, turn us into emotional misfits destroying each other, ourselves, our own world, as an unwitting, unconscious “sixth” column. Some of us know who the fifth column is. The operative word is depopulation. The few that are left will be serfs/slaves.

  2. Seems like the game is to steal every last possible thing before blaming the crisis on a civil war that’s about to be fought over the second amendment.
    Just 2 cents’ worth from a northern neighbour (which is how we spell that word here.)
    Our own fabricated nation-dividing crisis is being stoked up again of late, so perhaps the plan is to have Canada break apart too; the plot of that story involving a very manufactured crisis based on very real native grievances and using very advanced psy-ops against the various populations in Canada.
    I should be long on drinking water and popcorn here, but I still haven’t stacked enough tinned food for the cats (I want them really fat and happy for when I have to finally eat them).

    • You’d be better off learning to trap all those critters up there.
      Fear not my Canadian friend. Keep the beer flowing across the border and we’ll fight the good fight.

  3. His Bible quoting is worse than his advice by snippet. Look, the quote he used was in reference to the humans that scourged and crucified Him. Those men were brought up, taught, brain washed, indoctrinated to be so cruel, full of hate, merciless, and unfeeling to do the things they did. You can certainly say they did NOT know what they did was wrong. Same goes for those Jew hating musloids, even a few in American politics.
    Which brings me to the other quote, My Kingdom is not of this world. If you follow the secret societies at all, you know they worship the prince of this world…his world being darkness. Seems to be working for them, ay? If so, then there is another Kingdom, a Creator, and we all are in His Worlds, ay?
    That makes those whom are undecided… cannon fodder. Right? Lol.
    The point is, and I have been following my theology since after that comet in 1996, is that there will be winners and losers at That level, but also here and now. You must consider the secret societies belief system to plan ahead. To be brief, the first rule is there are no rules anymore.
    If the billionaires who invested in the stable decades after WWII would put some money into cleaning up the system so we beget another generation of billionaires in a stable economy, then maybe his advice would make sense. I am speaking to the boomer baby mommies and daddies here, to stop trying to milk every red cent before you go and realize donating millions to your alma mater is useless. If the system fails, the blame falls on the boomers and boomer baby moms and dads who allow these satanic scum to take over our world!
    There is still more time…time to get some retired military, current military, to hold these bastards by the nose and kick them in the ass before those “who do not know what they are doing” become Generals and members of the JCOS.
    Restore the justice system, media, and local just in time inventory supply chain logistics.

    Cheers to stack and hide in a bunker armed for the day they come after you is so buckaroo bovine sewage.

    A military coup and a Tea Party is in order…or be cannon fodder.

    Let’s Roll!

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