vampire squid goldman Jim Sinclair has sent subscribers another alert imploring precious metals investors to sit tight and hang on to their physical gold during the current cartel smash, and not to be hoodwinked by the demonic sociopath bankster gold banks.
Sinclair states that the banksters are attempting to separate physical gold from long-term cash investors via the current gold correction, just like they did in 1979-1980 prior to gold’s explosion to $850.

Sinclair again re-iterates that gold is going to and through $3,500/ oz because of what has already happened in the financial system, and states that not one more dollar of easing or stimulus is required (although it will continue) to send gold through $3,500/oz.

Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

Please do not be hoodwinked by these demonic sociopath bankster gold banks that, just like in 1979-1980 with the help of Trojan Horse gold writers, stole a huge amount of gold and gold shares from long term cash investors, leaving them without any insurance as the gold market made the highest price and covered the most dollars of appreciation over the shortest period of time.


In the 70s gold appreciated on the basis of what MIGHT happen. Gold is going to and through $3500 because of what has already happened already. Not one more problem by one more dollar is required for gold to attempt to move in price to balance the balance sheets here, there and everywhere.



My advice is to hold all gold positions and wait patiently for the correction to end.  Just before the huge 1979-80 surge, we saw a big ‘clean out’ correction in gold.  I believe history is about repeat.  

— Richard Russell on King World News Radio



You have heard it from Richard Russell and myself. You can be active in the gold and gold investment market by simply doing nothing. The new evil demonic gold bank destroyers of good efforts are working hard to create a waterfall in gold and gold shares that can only happen if you are foolish enough to shift your decision making to your emotions. If you want to fight back, do not under any circumstances panic now. If you do not panic they will be beaten as this is the last significant reaction before gold roars higher. If you want to be in the fight and not simply a spectator, you simply have to do nothing whatsoever.


Richard Russell and I are not newcomers to the gold market. Neither Richard nor I have experienced embarrassment as leaders, directing our friends into a trap of price or time. We will not fail now. Our legacy will be extremely clean.


Gold is heading toward the system and not away from it. Gold is the necklace many currencies will be wearing from 2015 forward. The percentage of gold being held as reserves seems to have a 15% target on it. That should give you an easy way to compute what these central banks are thinking in regard to the ultimate value of gold in the free gold cash market.


Gold is the only tool available to balance the balance sheets of the worst monetary deficit, debt, sinners. Gold will balance the balance sheet of the transgressors. The transgressing central banks have to balance their balance sheets as the world cannot continue forever on this QE sponsored illusion of solvency.




Central banks last year bought most gold since 64


FRANKFURT (MarketWatch) — The world s central banks last year bought 534.6 tons of gold in 2012, the most since 1964, as global gold demand hit a record value level, the World Gold Council said Thursday in a quarterly report. Purchases by central banks for the full year rose 17% compared with 2011, while fourth-quarter purchases of 145 tons marked a 29% rise from the same period a year earlier. “Central banks move from net sellers of gold to net buyers that we have seen in recent years has continued apace,” with official sector purchases across the world now at their highest level for almost half a century, said Marcus Grubb, managing director for investment at the World Gold Council. In value terms, total gold demand in 2012 was $236.4 billion, an all-time high, the council said.


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    • Right on, Brother!  It will be interesting to see if Sinclair’s prediction of this correction in gold ending in March.  We will know in just a few weeks.  This could be the time for using any dry powder that is laying around.

    • Price stays low into next week I may add 3 more oz in  dimes if I can find them. Will depend what I can find for small pistol primers for my reloading setup. Primers, powder, lead are high on next months list

    • Mary, lead is easy to find; old batteries, tire weights, and a touch of plumbers tin. Have even picked up off a bank used for shooting into after a good rain. Problem is lead messes up weapons with rifling and don’t work well in semi autos. Once sent a Rugar Blackhawk back to the factory for restore after firing hundreds of reloads, using lead, through it. Shoot someone with it and they get lead poisoning.

  1. yes. although i am absolutely furious and spitting bricks at what has happened to the fiat value of my 445oz of silver, I am going to sit back and do as Jim says – which is absolutely NOTHING. except that is, buy more. I completely agree with what jim is saying. I dont need the money that is in my silver, as it is longterm savings. I will add another 6 oz of ag this friday. These people are indeed trying to scare people like me out of my physical, and I am not going to fall for it. I have only been stacking for 18 months by rights a should be scared crapless but Im not. I will sit back and do nothing and reap the rewards just the the banksters when they are forced to let the price run up. 

    • I feel the same way, ISS.  My silver hoard is decent at nearly 1700 oz., but adding to that would be good.  Does the recent price drop bother me?  Nope.  I am FULLY aware of the fact that it is impossible to time a market… ANY market… and that I tend to buy a couple of hundred ounces each quarter regardless of price.  During pullbacks, another 100-200 ounces is added.  I agree completely that this is my long-term savings money and not anything I need for bills, so don’t sweat the small stuff of market ups and downs.  It’a all about the ounces, friends, and not the cost.  When the cost is high, I get a little less.  When it is low, I get a little more.  But the ounces continue to add up.

  2. Personally I believe that the downside to Gold and Silver and other commodities at this time which are also down.
    (Check Forex Futures) is a prelude to the Dow downfall that is on the horizon and the down fall will
    take Gold and Silver with it, But Gold and Silver and other Commodities will sky rocket back up and
    Hyperinflation will be upon us all. 

    • you are labelling gold and silver as commodities? They are not. They are money. The dow crash will be preceeded by an interest rate rise and resulting bond bubble event. I cant see gold and silver crashing when the dow crashes because where will all that money from stocks go? Gold and silver.

    • Silver is definitely a commodity, a very important one. Silver is also money, a very good form of it. Actually, silver seems to be pretty cool, think I will buy some.

    • Gold and silver are sold worldwide and have a place in the commodity market.  The fact that they are also REAL money is a bonus!  During the crash of ’08, gold and silver declined in fiat dollar terms.  Cash was king at that time and likely will be next time as well… until the fiat paper paradigm ends.  At that point, gold, silver, and all other commodities will rise dramatically in price.  Fiat paper currencies will be well and truly dead when enough sellers refuse to accept them from buyers.  The Govs may be able to force businesses to accept them but they cannot force those businesses to stay open.  Many will close rather than accept bogus payment in a dead currency.  
      Barter will become the real market and many places will soon catch on to the fact that gold and silver have REAL purchasing power that does not melt away via inflation.  In fact, inflation feeds them and they get stronger because of it.  I can see HIGH inflation on the horizon.  It is already near 10% annually.  Whether or not this goes to full-blown hyper-inflation, no one really knows.  It is looking that way at the moment but many possibilities exist that could deflect it.  Only real question is, “Will the Gov and Fed do what is necessary when the time comes?”.  No way to know that either but their record is not especially good at doing the right things at the right times.
      The Fed is especially bad at this.  They virtually always delay raising rates for too long, then raise them too much, and hold them there for too long.  Same thing on the downside.  The Fed needs to understand that interest rates are MUCH less important to the markets than is stability and reducing uncertainty to the lowest level possible.  The Fed COULD have started raising rates in 25 basis point increments a couple of times per year in 2010.  They should have done so and issued a statement that they would continue this routinely until a rate of 4% was achieved.  The market would have been fine with that, as it is still a historically low rate.  Millions of homes were sold in the past at 6-7% interest rates, so a 4% rate would not be the worst we’ve faced.  This would also raise the incentive for people to save their money.  Savings are the bedrock of the economy and all else that happens does so because there is a large pool of saved money that can be borrowed and invested in the economy.  No savings, no pool of money to loan, no growth, and eventually no economy.  If Bernanke and Co. REALLY want to juice the economy, they should consider giving their printed money not to the banks but to the people on Main Street, USA.  That would at least be spent into the economy by the many and not hoarded by the few on Wall Street.

  3. I agree with Jim for many reasons.  My only disagreement is with his word ‘Sociopath’  Sociopaths just steal your money.  Banksters are beyond that level;  way beyond.  When people die from starvation, war and pestilence as a result of central and TBTF bankers actions there is only one word to describe them.  PSYCHOPATHS

    • He was just being kind and as respectful as he could. Technically, sociopath is the correct term when applying it to narcissist behavior, even as extreme as it it. But I think psycho will do for layman understanding.

    • Your right AGX, They aren’t sociopaths, they are psychopaths.   The evil in the world today isn’t just accidental collateral damage, or a case of the “ooops.”   It’s deliberate and planned.   Not sure I agree with I Save Silver though.    I think a Dow crash would be accompanied by DROPPING interest rates and another leg up in the “Bond Bubble.”    The Fed will probably make a note about how they are “making the taxpayers money” because all the bonds they have purchased to date are at a profit LOL.    I expect gold and Treasury bond prices to both rise in tandem in a Dow crash as they are both seen as safe havens – gold/silver being real, and Treasuries being a perceived safe haven, but in reality a long term wealth confiscation scheme, as they were to people who owned Treasury bonds in the 1970s and lost their shirts.

    • “… and Treasuries being a perceived safe haven, but in reality a long term wealth confiscation scheme, as they were to people who owned Treasury bonds in the 1970s and lost their shirts.”
      Actually, a lot of people made small fortunes from T-bonds in the 1980s that they had bought in the mid-late 1970s.  My In-Laws invested their life savings in long-term Gov bonds at 15-15.5% coupon rates.  They held these for several years and collected substantial interest payments.  They then sold most of them for fat capital gains, as interest rates were cut and bond prices zoomed.  For many years after that, they considered those as “the good old days”.
      These days, however, I would not touch a Gov bond with a stick.  Their payment is below the rate of inflation, even if we use the bogus Fed inflation number and MUCH below the real inflation rate.  As if that was not enough of an injury, the insult of taxing the “gain” is added on to really decimate the value of this “investment”.  In paper investments, people are now much better off to stay in the private sector and invest in REITs and big cap dividend-paying stocks.  These returned 12-16% in 2012… about 6-8 times better than 2% 10-year Treasury bonds do now.  As if all that were not bad enough (and it IS!), there is the risk of both sovereign default and dollar devaluation brought into the mix.  Either of those will quickly raise interest rates and decimate bond prices; anyone holding these “safe” investments is in for a VERY rude financial awakening.

  4. All in all, it really does not matter how much Gold The Federal Reserve Bank now has. The recent audit shows less tons than actually claimed. Gold and Silver manipulation mostly Silver manipulation is coming from the Industrial side, not the banks. Now that The New York Fed vault has been exposed to not having Tons and Tons of Gold, what do you think will happen to the seven year German Gold repatriation and other sovereign banks demanding their Gold? Bond and Stock market will go to the toilet in one fell swoop! Gold in Fort Knox NADA!
    The Dow is way, way too high because of easy money investing into that rigged Casino. Fed keeps proping up a worthless dollar that Eastern Countries are losing faith in rapidly, Negative GDP, Hell is on the way and Hell is going to happen!
    The Dow and Bond market will soon be the biggest travesty of all time!

    • “The Dow is way, way too high because of easy money investing into that rigged Casino.”
      Yep, truth.  Thing is, though, they can continue this for a considerable length of time.  Just how long, even they probably do not know for sure.  This is the time for those who invest in the stock market to be exceptionally wary and careful.  Watch the market like a hawk, keep good stops on stocks and ETFs, and keep a steady finger on the sell button.  It should be possible to make some money in 2013 but there is considerable danger out there for the unwary.  Don’t listen to the stock cheer-leaders on CNBC, Fox, and Bloomberg.  They have a vested interest in a rising market, as that gives them something to talk about and a larger audience.  Better to do the due diligence, invest carefully, allocate your assets in various investment classes (especially PMs, oil, food commodities, etc.), and be ready to bail.  If the Fed wants to inflate the things I own, I am willing to let them and collect the profits from it.  That money works well to expand the stack.

  5. AGXIIK – agree with you. ‘Sociopath’ sounds to nice a word for what is going on here. PSYCHOPATHS better describes it. But don’t forget to include your poiiticians in congress here. They had a fiduciary responsbility to those that elected them to over see those agencies(SEC,CFTC etc) that watchdog the financial world. Congressional reps not only failed that responsibility but became accomplices to the crime. 

  6. This is the meanest baddest bull to be riding but I have held on for 14 years and now is not the time to let go and be thrown off. The ground is harder than the back of this bucking Bull so hang on cowboys, the prize will be worth it in the end.
    Would you rather have stacks and stacks of wood pulp and green ink splashed onto the surface of it than that weighty & shiney metal in your hands?
    Trees are inexpensive, easy to find, cut down and grind into pulp & paper to make federal reserve notes and to make green ink is also cheap. To type in digits on a keyboard or to send digits electronically costs next to nothing.
    To hold a 1 oz. coin in your hand, be it gold, platinum, silver, copper or even tin can only be realized after much capital and labor has been invested.
    You must prospect, purchase or lease the land, raise money, bring in the equipment and work force, dig, tunnel and blast, load & transport the materials to be crushed & separated, sent to the refiner, tested for purity, poured into molds, transported to the mints, re-melted and processed into bars and coins, transported once again to the outlets and then retailed to the buyers. Should I also mention the cost of taxes, fees, permits and regulations?
    No wonder the bankers want to stick with using trees, shrubs, ink, keyboard entries & plastic when it comes to creating funny money, (not wealth).
    Don’t give these criminals your wealth in exchange for their sinister products.
    I write this while sharing the same pain that the rest of you are feeling and I have had this gut wrenching feeling many times before this, but I know that what I have in metals will never go to Zero.
    Throw their paper promises and your metals into a bon fire and when the fire goes out and the smoke clears, you will be able to retrieve your wealth and have lost nothing, and they can sweep up their ashes which will reflect the true value of their products.
    Their money does grow on trees while ours is in the heart of the earth and must be fought for. Hold On!



    • Currency paper is made of 25% linen and 75% cotton with some red and blue synthetic fibers thrown in. Before WWI the fibers were made of silk. You could call theirs ‘cotton pickin’ money’.

  7. Thanks for the correction. I knew that cloth was used but hopefully I am able to make my point since it is always referred to as paper money. Cloth is cheap too and you can buy it in the bundles from thrift stores. They are made up out of rejected donated clothing and linens. Good news for the money printers.

  8. Speaking of Wood Pulp, at this morning’s manager’s meeting here at the paper mill where I work, the #2 man in charge told all of us that the high price of Oil is “just killing us,” and that we are “just barely hanging on.”
    Hearing stuff like this makes me glad that I am not ‘all-in’ and have every it of my wealth tied up in PM’s, because if my employer goes belly-up I will not be forced to sell my PM’s at a loss.

    • That is a critical lesson for investors everywhere.  Having a cash cushion or things that can be readily converted to cash can be extremely helpful.  Lots of financial advisers tell their clients to put aside 3-6 months worth of living expenses in something that is very safe, just in case.  I would agree with that but don’t always agree on what is “safe”.  Some of these people think that short-term Gov bond funds are safe but I think that the point could be argued these days.

  9. I am glad that Jim’s call for this raid to end in March was repeated by Doc.  He is saying that metals will turn at this time.  He says that this is the last major raid before gold goes to 3500 or higher.  Jim gets this information from private contacts and he has many according to him.  He rarely makes these kinds of predictions so his evidence or information must be fairly solid.  Should he be wrong however, I will relegate Mr Sinclair to David Morgan status.  In otherwords, just another top caller.  Sinclair must be pretty sure of what he is saying before he would make such bold predictions.  Now there is the fudge factor.  I will give him the benefit of a few months delay.  Then if he is wrong I will lose all respect for his title as Mr Gold.  Guru’s need to be right in order to receive this status in my mind.  Mike Maloney is a good teacher for the fundamentals, but guru he is not for example.  

    • According to the Rules of Guruhood, Sinclair can only be displaced by another Guru with a better record.  A single mis-call is not enough to lose his crown.  😉

    • Jim Sinclair predicted $1650.00 a long time ago and stuck to his guns that it would be that price by Jan. 2011 if I remember correctly. The Federal Reserve and Government pulled all sorts of unforeseen and never before seen tricks and gimmicks and delayed Jim’s call by several months. Many around me were scoffing and saying that that was a silly prediction and since that time, we have been looking back at  $1650.00 these last few years. It is now pretty much a floor.
      If for some reason gold and silver fall further down, I would still rather be holding my money in them than whatever is the alternative. I bought it for insurance more than anything else. They will be the best things to have if we ever have a true crisis. I am sticking with Sinclair even though the money powers will do all they can to slow down the inevitable.  Thank you Jim Sinclair for your steady voice and sound advice and not charging a copper cent for it.

  10. Even the gurus can’t know what evil lurks in the minds of these vampires.  They lack the twisted criminal mentality it takes to understand them.
    The truth is, things are coming to a head.  The comex paper might go to zero when people finally lose faith in it. There will be a lot of hysteria then. 
    Black market?  Maybe so. 

    • Black market?  Definitely!  Govs that try repressive financial regs ALWAYS create thriving black markets.  Gun shows are one type of example of this vs. the standard B&M gun store.  Of course, many of those same B&M stores also sell at the gun shows but it is a much more free environment for buying and selling.
      Speaking of which, they sure seem to have some hysterics loose in CO these days.  The state legislature there wants to impose all manner of “infringements” upon the liberty and rights of law abiding gun owners in that state, mostly via the national level BS that Joe Biden is stirring up.  I am wondering if the state senate and governor will go along with this crap.  One of their requirements is for 15 round mags.  We ALL know that this is just incrementalism at work and that the next move will be to 10 then 5 then none.  At no time during this process will there be a shred of proof that this will obtain the stated results.  But then, proof is not needed when one has a political agenda to satisfy at any cost.  I wish that these politicians could be dragged into court to explain to judges how this is NOT infringing the constitutional rights of American citizens living in CO.

  11. Jim says “Don’t Panic”, hell I’m not, I have been expecting this all along and it may get worse but I’m looking at the big picture not the spot prices. This country and the world is in for a big crash and me as a stacker of physical and many other things will prevail better than most who haven’t been listening. Keep Stacking
    Well we have the hits on the Spot Prices, Currency Wars, what’s next, the Derivatives?

    • True prepping is in the mind. I could start naked and find what I need to survive and end up with more than many that did prepare. But it would be a lot easier to start with something to eat and a knife.

    • “…but I’m looking at the big picture not the spot prices.”
      You got it, Bro.  Same here.  I am looking out the front window and enjoying the view of The Grand Canyon.  I am not looking at the bugs on the windshield.  😉

  12. Jim’s advice to “do nothing whatsoever” I take to mean DO NOT SELL. I think there is one other recommended action that Jim has not mentioned here: BUY MORE GOLD (& SILVER) – AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AFFORD without compromising your ability to finance your daily living expenses.

  13. I hope Jim is right, just made a nice sized purchase (for me) of silver. I think the people Ive tried to persuade to purchase metals would take it more seriously if the *@#* price would go up. Anyway for those who havent seen this, enjoy watching these bankers squirm  
    “Too Big to Fail has become Too Big for Trial”
    trouble getting it to paste, sorry

  14. Coming from a background of poverty when I was little we lived with the land, a large part of what we ate was grown, raised on my grandparents farm, or hunted and fished. I have never lost that mindset of doing the most possible with the least amount available so things fall apart I am going to do fine.

  15. Of course we should all hold on to our physical precious metals especially when paper currencies are losing values and that there is a currency war going on. People should think of their wealth in the number of ounces of precious metals they have and not how much dollars they have paid them for.

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