The legendary Jim Sinclair, who yesterday advised readers that the current take down in the metals market is The Great Train Robbery, in which the Goldmans of the world are going massively long in gold, has sent an email alert to subscribers advising that the post QE4 gold and silver take-down is a move of desperation by the Fed via the gold banks based on the false premise that attacking symptoms without meaningful economic intervention is going to cure the problem.

Sinclair states that using charts or technical analysis in such a manipulated and manufactured market is totally useless, but that gold is going to $3,500 and above, and the dollar to .72 and below, as soon as the Fed’s take-down is completed and the Goldman boys have adequately stuffed their pockets with gold.

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From Jim Sinclair:

You cannot fix the problems of the Western Economic system by breaking the telltale thermometer, which is the price of gold.


There is not one professional who does not know sales in extreme volume at a time of low activity internationally have but one purpose, and that is to reduce the price of gold.


Charts and TA in such a manipulated, manufactured market, as understood by you, are totally useless. This is a move of desperation by the Fed via the gold banks based on the false premise that attacking symptoms without meaningful economic intervention is going to cure the problem.


Gold is going to $3500 and above. The US dollar is headed to .7200 and lower.


We are once again giving away greatness by driving gold into the coffers of Asia at bargain process that a powerful academic bureaucrat has selected. It is just that simple.


Nobody said survival from the onslaught of the demons would be easy, but it will be successful.



  1. “Sinclair states that using charts or technical analysis in such a manipulated and manufactured market is totally useless…”

    He is right one of them and he is ignorant on the other one. Pity to those who follow him blindly…

  2. If they manipulate the price, they manipulate the charts.
    Ok, I have something to clear up.

    How many regulars here posting have a vested interest in Doc’s Bullion business?

    I am not. I own 1500 2012 silver eagles @27.00. I will buy more at 25.00.

    So, who is vested with Doc and who is not! 

    • A vested interest would mean being a investor in his business and not referring to giving him the small profit he makes on sales. I am not one of his investors, if he has any. From where I come from we don’t jump into other people’s business without an invitation. Peace ☮

  3. @Thomas I don’t understand your question and why. I buy where I get deals period. I bought some Eagles from Doc once at a good deal.
    Why don’t you just ask how many regulars have donated to Docs Site to keep it going, I have and I was one of the first ones. How about you.

  4. I think Sinclair is correct. The scum are not knocking the price of PM down so we can stack. They are knocking it down so they can stack. Nobody knows the timing of scum moves, but it has to happen with hyperinflation staring us in the face.

    • Here’s a caption anyway:
      “Oh Lord Lucifer, ban the useless eaters from this planet, deliver us from good.  provide us with many slaves to do our labor. Oh great Lucifer provide many children for out pedophiles, let us rape, pillage and destroy this ugly planet”.

    • I mostly got out of and stopped looking at the stock market years ago. To me what happens there is only an amusement since I get a little giggle out of seeing it go down. I have a few fair-weather friends that are all in and think my PM fixation is beyond stupid. I do have some investment in PRPFX ROTH IRA that has a balanced interest in energy and large cap stocks, but I just let it ride, haven’t looked at the numbers since I converted it to a ROTH. Guess the news means it was a good choice staying mostly out of the market and that it is becoming less significant. Maybe Mike will decide to cut down on some of the large cap stock exposure and add more to the copper holdings in the PRPFX mix, probably what Harry would have done. Peace ☮

    • Interesting.
      I know that even in the 90’s I learned about the fake nature of the whole system and learned then not to have anything to do with the stock market.
      I see it as a neat way to invest in companies that I believe in for personal reasons; aka Zion Oil & Gas. Apart from neat leisure investments, I agree with all the guys like Mr. Willie and Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Quayle’s banker friend: get out.

  5. No need to comment on non-events.  Both are owned by elite scum of the Earth, so no change if one group of elites owns it or a different group of elites owns it.  Either group will run it in the very same manipulative manner, which is completely for their benefit and no one else’s.

  6. Here is a pretty good example of a total snake oil salesman and how they use these useless charts.
    Mannarinno made a double down call on silver on Nov. 30.  Since that call silver has gone from 34.20 to 29.96.  A loss of 4.24 or 12.6%.  Why is this moron usually wrong?  Simply because he uses charts.  Just look at these charts?  Are you serious?  What a bunch of BS this guy is talking about.  How can anyone take him to be a so-called expert.  He is actually getting a bunch of interviews now proclaiming that he is in the industry and made “stupid amounts” of money trading ETF’s.   He is a physician assistant and not even in the financial field.   Just because he said he worked for Bear Stearns doesn’t make you a expert.  Maybe with these kinds of trades of 12.6% losses, Bear Stearns canned his ass.  Greg is just one of many out there in the metal markets pushing this BS.  This article by Sinclair is really a great one because it comes from a respected person in the industry(maybe the most respected person in the gold industry) that tells that these charts are a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  Thank god there is some level headed people that are seeing the truth when it comes to these Tarot card reading, crystal ball looking, snake oil salesman that keep saying these charts are telling the future. 

    • “Just because he said he worked for Bear Stearns doesn’t make you a expert.”

      No, it doesn’t, because like all other companies, financial companies have lots of employees, many of whom work hard to keep the place running but know jack-all about the financial portion of the business. 

  7. We are all well aware of HBSC and JP Morgue and now CITI and how they are shorting metals. What is Goldman up to? Or is it that they are aware to and are buying. That would fit. They own the FED and the Treasury dept. They send the orders to the morgue and citi to trash the market while they (& china) buy the phyzz on the cheap. A fanancial rape of the American people and it’s governments. It might be China that wants India to quit buying all that gold.

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