jim sinclairWith gold closing down into the $1350’s to end the week, Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert advising precious metals investors that the best days are still ahead for PHYSICAL gold. 
While Sinclair refrained from repeating his $50,000/oz gold call made on KWN prior to the big correction, Sinclair advised that the fundamentals have not changed, and that History will look back on this manipulation of every market on the planet and people’s reactions to it as not simply a bubble, but a frenzy.
Sinclair’s full alert is below:

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From Jim Sinclair:

The equities market has forgotten that even in hyperinflationary super bull equity markets there were sharp step reactions. The negative PR on gold has reached levels never before seen. A major internet based broker on Financial TV advertised it was time to sell or hedge all your gold positions immediately. That is history making when you consider no such public advertisement has been on the media before.


The pressure on gold has left us at JSMineset and our other colleagues on the internet able to speak the truth. Even amongst us there are employees of the Gold banks carrying on campaigns to cripple gold. I assume they are delighted today at our suffering as a rat that plays with its kill.


On the fundamental side there is no development that would suggest anything that is occurring with one exception, and that is QE, which must continue to Infinity or the West faces immediate economic collapse.


History will look back on this manipulation of every market on the planet and people’s reactions to it as not simply a bubble, but a frenzy.


Of others writers on these subjects I know none other than GEAB who has a full grasp of the fundamental issues that markets, no matter how concocted, will overcome. I have advised all my friends to subscribe to GEAB and to ShadowStats.com in order to know the truth of the hidden causes that will defeat the illusion by the greatest injection of liquidity into the financial system in written history.


GEAB said this morning, “When certain countries must protect their economies to survive, going looking for tax revenue in tax havens and, at the same time, paradoxically let their banks use un-orthodox methods to avoid bankruptcy, others have chosen to bet on gold. Whilst paper gold saw a scary crash in mid-April, the demand for physical gold has never been as high, which confirms the complete decoupling between paper gold and physical gold markets. What happens when everyone realizes that paper gold certificates have no physical counterpart? When the title documents to an ingot can’t be honored the paper in question has no value. We must therefore expect more volatility. This is why some brokers won’t allow any leverage on gold paper positions. The decoupling also shows that major problems are ahead because confidence in now shaken.


Physical gold itself has its best days ahead. China has clearly understood this and buys gold en masse.”


On the Fed it was said, “the poker game played by the Fed is coming to an end. The bet was that support of finance and real estate would allow a revival of the real economy before having to withdraw this support because of an untenable position going forward. This program enabled the country to gain access to cheap credit, which is already a success. But as regards to the real economy, apart from having caused new bubbles, the bet appears to be lost. As we have seen, the situation hasn’t gotten better, quite to the contrary.”


I know it hurts, but stand firm. If you have no margin then you have no debt.


Remember that producing gold companies have physical and will sell at physical price.
Remember that the future of a producing company has a great deal to do with location, location, location.


The politics of gold will have a great deal to do with how well the host country enjoys the fruits of the labor.


Remember some enlightened gold companies have made the host country equal partners already.
Remember that some gold companies are better than good citizens with a long history of significant contributions to the welfare of the people.


Hold tight to these and to your physical. While it is legal store your physical internationally as allocated with people of trust. Ignore the illusion and the Trojan Horses in the gold industry that do not seek your best interest. They have and have had an agenda for a long time. One seeks acceptance amongst the establishment more than anything. They have worked and will continue to work at your disadvantage.





  1. Here on the SD lot of smart people. I appeal to all those people asking: Let’s create an SD Calendar of events in the world of gold. We have a church calendars, but we do not have calendars of gold and silver.

    • Silvermail,
      I have said the same thing for months. Charts are mstly crap as the financial world changes minute by minute as well as geo politicals. Connecting the dot trail is what is needed. Sinclair really is fading.

    • Exactly.
      Would much rather read http://preciousmetalspete.blogspot.co.uk/ than Sinclair.
      Whilst I am fairly new to this game, Sinclair clearly has self interest as his guiding principle.
      He has now reverted to using others talk of gold in this environment.
      Anyone who follows the freegold mantra knows this statement ‘China has clearly understood this and buys gold en masse.”’ 
      to be incorrect – the invisible hand has ensured gold reaches China!

    • Actually, it’s your comments(and those of your ilk!) that I come for here! I can read Jims’ thoughts on his own site – but there’s no where else I know of where so many \gold is dead\ minstrels come out to play their funeral dirges with such comic abandon! Definitely a riotous assembly you be!
      Keep up the good work… Ranger… ILUVPMs… and co. You draw eyeballs here that otherwise would not present! Comedic GOLD!

    • It’s a currency war and gold is directly in the middle.  China wants to issue a gold back currency and dropping the gold price significantly really delays their attempts.  What I understood from Precious Metals Pete is the paper gold is going to its real value which is about worthless.  Once the paper derivatives are gone then gold will be revalued to real worth that will be much higher than current prices.  Did I get that correct other Precious Metal Pete followers? 
      Silver which is the little sister will ultimately follow in gold’s footsteps.  So there is light at the end but it will crash the entire mining sector along the way.  Stock in mining companies is a very risky move right now and I’m about to dump my holdings and just take the losses and move on. 


    • Keep everyones hopes alive is what gets you killed in a market… these guys are assholes plain and simple and sinclair has a self interest in making money for his company.. why do you think he started his blog.. for his own self-interest. 

    • People making these kind of comments have yet to inform us of their opinion on who has been right all the time and the ones to listen to. Still waiting, or is criticism all you have?

    • @Crissy, Yes, you have to wonder why these people are here posting on a precious metal site in the first place. It makes little sense. They contribute nothing in the way of constructive criticism or provide any meaningful analysis, yet continually tell us how brilliant they are with their calls and are the real experts in this sector. It’s absurd. 

    • Well I’m gonna listen to you and sell all my physical and all my shares. Thank god your here on this blog to tell us how it is oh by the way wtf are you ? Hmmm who? Expert I’m sure, Soro , Paulson and a few others are loading up – you know better, i wish DOC would post your ip addresses I wouldn’t doubt for one second your a paid for mouth piece with a few blog identities who cries wolf when gold drops cause there are many on here lately and easy to spot, so please tell me your just a regular JOE in that case shut the mouth meathead you know nothing you speak of or better yet tell me your an expert, some sort of gold silver trader in that case wtf are you doing on a silly little silver blog ( a few proclaim to be such on this forum bwahaaaha) , you losers need to get a life go on a DOW is great blog with your kind and leave us poor folk to our silly fortunes

  3. Many already understand this but some are still stubborn.  Another good article about TA and how useless it is in these markets.
    In the gold-is-manipulated script, governments and their bullion bank proxies push the price to levels where they know hedge funds and other traders have stop-loss orders, which kick in and send the price careening lower. Then the manipulators buy back their short positions, thus gaining a two-fer: fleecing the flock for a nice profit, and crushing the spirits of stackers and preppers and regular folks who value honest money.

    • Your analysis makes sense to me, Duck, but I do have a question.  Why do those who keep getting creamed keep coming back for more of this abuse?  The recent set of PM price smack-downs are hardly the first.  This seems to be a well known activity, yet those who invest large amounts of money seem completely unaware of it.  If they were aware of it, they would not play this game… would they?

    • Here is one to think about;
      According to the congressional record, this coin was produced to obtain money that goes to “oppose the spread of communism among Negroes in the interest of national defense”, talk about good intentions gone wrong.

  4. Must Read
    The Nightmare German Inflation – One day everything was fine. The next day hell was unleashed.
    Like many, I was a little late to the Silver BULL…starting my stack in the few months before the run up to $49….been down hill ever since but in perspective that has only been a period of 2 years.
    Little luckier with Gold, started stacking [a few] ounces earlier when it was around $850
    My point….history repeats without a doubt but the timing of those events is the unfathomable element. The stuffing that is currently being kicked out of the PMs is disheartening for sure….but after reading the link below it really put the current turmoil into perspective.
    The original article was written in 1970. The recap/review I believe, going by the PDF version, was written in 2001..Everything, and I mean everything it highlights in 1970 has turned into something much worse by 2013 [Government deficits, now trillions not billions] The “Editors Notes” also states
    “This forecast [in 1970] by Scientific Market Analysis was not only accurate, it was prescient, and the conclusions drawn enduring.
    This was oh so very true considering what followed in the remainder of the 70s and up to the PM peak of 1980.
    In conclusion I believe I can see where Jim Sinclair is coming from. I agree he’s not doing himself any favours in trying to call the bottom, but the feeling I was left with after reading the below link is what I feel he’s trying to get across. Certainly calmed my nerves for the further down days that we will no doubt still have to face in the days ahead.
    Web version http://www.usagold.com/germannightmare.html
    PDF version  http://www.usagold.com/publications/germannightmare.pdf

  5. Remember, every physical ounce you hold is the equivalent of 100 paper ounces, until the time comes when those paper ounces are worth nothing. Sit tight. Don’t capitulate. You have what they want.

  6. The fact that Jim has been blindsided by the most powerful manipulative Empire of all time does not really besmirch his authenticity as a seasoned gold market pro, imo. The fact that supply and demand are now in an Alice through looking-glass (or is Alice in Wonderland?) world, where the narratives about the death of the bull market are like something out of the Soviet heyday, can’t escape an intelligent person’s notice.
    Personally I can’t see the market charade lasting too much longer (2-3 months max?) and I am not remotely bothered by the present psy-ops. The truth will out 😉 

  7. The time is out. I had enough bushing of good people like Sinclair and others.
    Reading recent responses on this blog all I can say the time for the establishment must really very desperate. Number of shills on this blog nearly outnumbers regular posting members. It is not too difficult to see who is who.
    It appears there is a real push to discredit good people like Sinclair, Morgan, Embry Rule and others. There is no question these people awakened thousands of sheeple (including myself several years ago) and their service to us is priceless.
    Their style varies but the aim is the same – wake up as many sheeple as possible. Just look at fundamentals and what is happening in the world right now. Use your brain: Is this sustainable for much longer? The answer is BIG NO.
    If you do not have background, experience and contacts, following their advice is the only way to protect yourself and your family financial future. So called PM experts might not be right with timing but they are definitely right.
    The prices of paper gold and silver is going down – so what. Do you keep paper? If you d,o you are mad. If you keep Phiz, can you see any changes in your stack? I certainly can’t. It is still shiny and weighs the same.
    We are likely to see much lower paper prices on Comex. I wouldn’t be surprised getting close to zero,  but so what, this is just paper price. It is in their best interest to smash it down and dislodge as much PMs from the weak hands as possible at the same time by smashing the price they are able to take delivery (bullion banks) of physical PMs from GLD and SLV vaults. Bullion Banks really need these PMs to settle some nervous customers on the London Exchange. And remember low gold and silver prices make $ look good – right?
    There are tough times but this can’t go for much longer. The whole financial market is rigged and bankrupt. The elite is losing their credentials really fast. For us stackers just waiting game. We will prevail. No other outcome is possible. Keep stacking. Enough said.

    • Me too, getting tired of the same old ‘they are wrong, but I know more’ crowd that are nothing but legends in their own minds.

    • Finally people standing up to these clowns paid to come on gold and silver sites to spew BS
      keep up the good work , stay strong and long

    • Actually, Mary, the value of all commodities tends to move inversely with the “value” of fiat.  Well, it’s perceived value, anyway.  If you watch the $USD index chart, you will see the dollar moving up and down as opposed to other fiat currencies.  While most of us do not find this very helpful, it is what is offered up by the world of finance for dollar valuation.  Poor as this is, it does show the dollar’s changing value with time.  Of far more interest to most of us would be charts of the Dow vs. gold or oil.  These can be found via web searching and are quite illuminating.

    • it depends on what timescale you are using Mary.  In the short term the value of fiat currencies has increased, i.e. dollar bills buy more silver than they did at the peak a couple years ago, but over say 10 years you could say the value of the USD tanked as it buys a lot less silver now than it did then.  Now is not a good time to sell or hedge your silver in my opinion it is a great time to accumulate more.  I don’t know about you but I get paid at a fixed rate in fiat so I don’t mind too much when my fiat paycheck buys more silver than it used to.  

  8. I still need more convincing about China wanting to remonetize gold. The massive growth in China these past few decages could not have happened if they had been tied to gold. Also just a couple of years ago China was threatening war if the west tried to remonetize gold. I’m not sure what China is really thinking, but all of their phisical gold buying is not an action on their part but rather a reaction to something happening in the west. The Chinese bankers and politicians probably hate gold as much as a western bankers and politicians! If they are desperate to buy so much phyzz there has to be a really good reason for it. Politicians and bankers around the world will not talk about what ever it is that is going on behind the curtains in their ivory towers and snke filled rooms, but whatever it is they publicly denounce silver and gold. Yet in private they’re grabbing every gram they can get!

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