bank panicLegendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent out an email alert this weekend advising readers that the current rally in gold and silver is the long awaited BIG ONE, that $50 silver is a given here, stating that the current move: This gold bull price phase is the one long predicted here that will return the most money to the fewest in the shortest period of time.

Sinclair states that as long anticipated, the bullion banksters have flipped and have clearly begun manipulating gold and silver to the bullish side, as the most massive move of the entire bull market lies directly ahead.
Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert is below:


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From Jim Sinclair:

The manipulation of the price of gold now favors the bullish side of the gold price structure.


1. After an excruciating wait we have entered the first of two bull price bull phases, this the first of which will that will take gold to $1650, the old high and beyond.


2. In this gold price bull phase the good gold shares will participate and in percentage terms the best will lead.


3. Certain gold producing juniors are going to become majors.


4. Assuming the major gold companies take huge write downs due to their lax in management, they will get meaner (if that could be) and perform in that business the way they should have from the day gold broke above $529.40, moving its price into a run away. Their recoveries will be spectacular.


5. The gold phase we are now in, which I call the first move towards full valuation, is long term and not to be counted in daily, weekly, or monthly increments.


6. This gold bull price phase is the one long predicted here that will return the most money to the fewest in the shortest period of time.


7. Silver has gained back it’s mojo, and therefore $50 is a given for it.


8. The reason that major Bankster’s physical precious metals storage facilities are for sale is one of the strongest reasons that the old high in the gold price will be beaten. They are not for sale because business is bad. The reason to have a depository was to manufacture a synthetic short in gold legally by taking funds for physical but trading the COMEX and OTC derivative gold market to fulfill the appearance of covering their obligations.


This game was not high risk as long as paper gold had full control of the gold price determination. They could have $1000 losses on the short and turn it into a profit via spread trading using the warehouse as plausible denial from manipulation. The banksters, now the major longs, do not select to play this game anymore. The manipulation now favors the bullish side of the gold price.


9. Now the banksters are on your side as you can easily see in the press session trading internationally.


10. JSMineset is named as it is because it represents a mindset that gold is for savings and fiat currency for transactions.


11. The three entities that called the $1900 in gold are back long. Bo Polny was first and is full out bullish. Nenner went long about $100 points higher, but you could see his lack of confidence in his position through his cautionary verbiage. Rambus1 toyed with being long but until recently was not firmly in a gold price bull market mindframe of trading. Therefore it is a simple fact that Bo Polny won this round among the gold market technicians as he fully committed his reputation and capital.


12.The gold price will make a new high on this phase and much higher highs on the one to follow.




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  1. Hi-ho Silver……………awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!
    Looks like a close at the day high, the week high, the month’s high and a four month high to boot. “Bang, to da moon Alice!”
    Everything worth having is worth waiting for…

    • Do i detect herd mentality here?  Are the camp glory boys dragging your minds to a corner?  should we consider this could be another run up to a tad under 50?  Would they do that again?  Stay grounded people. 

    • @actree I’m more grounded than you will ever imagine and my believe for a couple of years now is: when silver goes over the last highest resistance point which was $35.50 then watch out. I’m a Bull and I don’t belong to a herd. Keep Stacking

    •  @Marchas45
      My statement was general but one has to wonder about your self possession when you post meaningless camp pictures of yourself and pass judgement on other peoples imagination which I may add would be limitless but then, from your stand point, you wouldn’t know that now, would you. As for going over resistance of $35.50 Your premise would seem to indicate a free market which I think not, and is tantamount to clutching at straws or is it charts?
      Stay grounded people… The herd mentality is alive and well.

  2. It seems that Mr. Sinclair is now calling for a new up-leg in the gold bull market.  Silver will, of course, travel this route with gold.   I see that ASE prices are in the area of $27 per, quantity 100-499.  A new up-leg would be good.  We are due for some good news on the silver and gold price front.
    I got an email from Provident today, saying that my order was delayed due to massive demand and that they would send me an email to confirm shipment when it is ready to go out.  I ordered on 8/5, so this is taking longer than usual.  From the demand that has been reported on this web site, I can see how it would be difficult to maintain inventory at the various vendors but at just under $23 per ASE, it was too good a deal to refuse.  Hope that they arrive soon.
    All this does bring up an interesting question, though.  And that is, “What will all my SD brothers and sisters be doing with their silver when the silver price hits the $40 level?”.  Sell it all and hope to buy it back cheaper later on?  Sell some to cover their higher priced silver buys?  Sell none and hang on because this IS The Big One that occurs right before the SHTF?  Other ideas?  All will be welcome for discussion.  🙂

    • I’m thinking the only responsible thing to do is hold indefinitely due to pending worldwide cataclysmic financial societal collapse.With any luck some of us will make it through to tell the story of how and why…with no future repeat

    • Given my observations of Silver prices over the past few years, as well as the unlikely odds that this price increase is truly the beginning of The Big One, I would be inclined to begin selling at $45/oz and continue selling some set amount at each $5 incremental rise in prices. Of course I would not sell my core stash.

      And then – when the inevitable drop in prices comes – I will begin buying back SIlver for a lower price. The result will be a net increase in my stack.

      Yes, this plan may backfire but what things in life are not a gamble?

    • Comrad Ed
      This sincleaire needs a new leg? he need a different doctor me thinks.
      My geandefather used to say never sell you are gold, never know when you need it. unfortunately the germans shot him and he did not tell where he put it. grandemother velly upset.

    • Context is absolutely key. It depends on what the world looks, like, how fast the price has risen over time, are other assets relatively cheap (i.e. can I take profits and put it into something else that looks promising?) and most importantly, what does the physical supply picture look like. People like to extrapolate linearly, it’s easy to do, and most easy to understand. But in reality, the world rarely operates this way. Very simply if physical supply dries up while we move up towards $50, that in and of itself will make selling much more difficult. The silver market is extremely small, and just a relatively minute inflow of cash into the sector can result in huge supply issues. This is why I am much more inclined to accumulate as oppose to try and perfectly time a top, sell and then try and buy back at lower prices. Steady accumulation, almost invariably is the way to go, whether it’s stocks, bonds or even precious metals. On an extreme upward move, I would be much more inclined to sell my mining equities long before I sold my physical, and probably use the profits to buy some physical gold and hold some cash (dry powder). 

    • When price rises it’s much easier to sell and buy back larger quantities below spot. I will only sell to increase my stack in the short term. I want to see triple digits before I sell my physical. I will always keep some silver (and gold) as savings up through retirement.
      Any guesses at what spot price will be in 2023?

  3. I will hold because I believe we will have a SHTF scenario and I want as much silver as possible to see myself, family and friends safely through the mess. When Silver goes over $50 I may think about selling some but I see it going a lot of a heck higher so I will hold. Keep Stacking for Survival not Profit.
    P.S. The only time I will sell is when the Gold and Silver ratio gets really close so I can get more gold.

    • @gunner57 Tricky deal mining stocks.  Need to do your homework.  I bet on the man in charge, not the company.  One I like in particular is MUX.  That’s Rob McEwen’s company.  Another one would be FNV.  That’s Franco-Nevada, Pierre Lassonde’s company. It’s a gold royalty play.  Silver Wheaton, SLW, would be the silver royalty I would recommend.   Donate 10% of your profits to charity as my commission.  These are all ten baggers.  MUX maybe 100 bagger.  Buy and sit tight.  No margin.  Ride the elevator up.

    • Precious Metal Pete just bought June Gold Puts at $1,000.  It appears the paper war is on!!!!  I’d beware of gold stocks right now like the plague.  Go with hard bullion or go home.

      Is Sinclair leading the sheep to slaughter? We’ll know within a few months.

      Time to break out the popcorn and watch the show.

  4. IMO Sinclair (according to the headline of this article) 
    is WRONG. The PMs are not being manipulated UP, they are being held down LESS. 
    If manipulated up, they would be doing the moonshot all in a day or two. I think they 
    are simply being allowed to rise SLOWLY. Many times during MANIP-MANOP, the “brakes” 
    would come off and Silver & Gold went VERTICAL. This is not happening yet, hence my 
    call that they are being manipulated LESS, for an orderly, steady RISE. 

  5. Strap yourselves in folks, it’s going to be a wild ride. This is the mathematically inevitable event. It does mean they will take us to war and a big war it will be. Because no way they are going to melt down and see the currency go up in flames without a fight. This could very well be a nuclear war.

    • Good points, the war drums are beating loudly.  However, to everyone’s surprise I think there is a spade card to play, remember that the West has the best financial games.  Be ready for a major crash of some sorts, along with gold going down hard. Sometimes you can fight or even delay time but in the end you never win.  Buy hard bullion and be prepared to wait out the storm or go home. 

  6. luciferians creating new wealth,the ole fashion way, with Magic ! closing the ratio from AG 60-1 AU , I predict unlike ‘fat’ and Lazy Gold hanging around above ground, Silver is Necessary for Worldwide operations and in high demand and only about a 15 year worldwide supply..I unlike Jim will predict Silver around  $100 for a oz before New Year 2014..

    • @SilverDagger I believe you’re on the money just not sure if it happens by New Years but during the first half of 2014.  Is there any reason you’re predicting by Jan 1, 2014? 
      BTW: John Williams from Shadowstats has predicted hyperinflation to start rearing its ugly head by end of 2014.

  7. Like point number 8 says.  The banksters are selling their storage facilities that they used for cover on their manipulation on the way down.  They have no plans on returning to these low prices again.  This is not new news or rumors.
    On stocks to look at, find mining companies that pay dividends and have a nice allotment of shares held by insiders and institutions.  Beware of the N/A on the shares held by.  Along with a low number of shares being shorted, this shows strength.  Even though shorting a mining share righ now sounds a little rediculous. 

  8. if we take Lindsey William “number”… we have $ 3000 for Gold and $75 Silver
    1:57 to 1:40 ratio… not bad if we want to “swap” some silver to gold
    just in case if we had “liquidity” problem… such as paying debt, unexpected “cost”, etc
    like yin and yang…
    we need silver for “thruster”
    but we also need “stabilizer” for unexpected condition or just wrong in “timing”
    oh i almost forget something…
    if the banker want to “fill up” their “draining” vault
    or just a little “balancing”, what they need ?
    yup… offering market for “higher price”
    so gold and silver will flow to banker “chest box”
    oh by the way… they just “print” the paper isn’t it ?
    and $50 nothing more just a “number”… nothing different than say $500

  9. For $50 oz silver to hold, there has to be heavy inflation in the economy, not what exists today.  Today’s inflation does not support $2000 gold and $50 oz silver, maybe inflation will crank up in the months ahead, but at this point, the support is not there.
    Some around here claim the inflation rate is 10%, but that is at a individual level, big money looks at inflation from another perspective, what is the inflation rate for a multi-national corporation?    And it’s not 10%, it’s more like 2-3%.   With declining real wages, and a very low velocity of money, inflation is not there in the eyes of “big money”.

  10. By the time we see $50, we’ll probably have dipped under 1:40 with gold. So we’ll see $50 before we see $2000 gold.
    $3000 gold, that’s going to be harder to predict. Gold doesn’t like to make $1000 jumps. But if it happens within a few year, (guessing) we might get to see a gold to silver ratio of 20. It would have happened in 2011 if silver had not been assassinated by market stewards with all those margin hikes. Gold got to rally another 4 months after silver had been finished off. GSR 20 seem on the cards for the 19-soething gold peak we got in August of that year.
    So yeah, GSR 32 happened when silver just about hit $50. That was $1600 gold then. So hang on thight, the GSR could fall spectacularly. 
    If it doesn’t, it will be something most novel. Would be good to understand exactly WHY silver acts like a multiplier for gold, and why that would stop to be the case.
    People keep bringing up the 1:9 mining ratio, but as primary respective gold and silver miners seem to have their break even price well aligned with the GSR price ratio, it seems for the moment that gold is simply more costly to mine by a factor larger than its relative rarity to silver.

  11. 1. After an excruciating wait we have entered the first of two bull price bull phases, this the first of which will that will take gold to $1650, the old high and beyond.

    Wasn’t the old high in gold $1900+ in 2011?

    2. Silver has gained back it’s mojo, and therefore $50 is a given for it.

    What time frame is he referring to? End of 2013? 1st quarter of 2014?

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