launch rocket verticalLegendary gold expert Jim Sinclair sent an email update to subscribers this weekend, detailing 30 reasons why the nearly 3 year bear phase in gold & silver ends this summer.  
Sinclair, who called the end of the last secular bull market in gold the day before the top was placed (and worked overnight selling his entire position) and also predicted the current secular bull at the bottom nearly 15 years ago, believes the next leg in the bull market in gold which will ultimately take gold to new all-time nominal highs (Sinclair believes possibly as high as $50,000/oz) begins THIS SUMMER. 
Sinclair’s full MUST READ alert is below: 

From Jim Sinclair, JSMineset:

Here are the 30 reasons, 23 new and 7 set in cement, of why the Bear phase in the bull market for gold ends this summer without any new lows.


1. The New definition of warfare is economic. Sanctions against Russia and the implications for the Petrodollar


2. FACTA and the universal long arm of the US government via any transaction internationally that passes even momentarily through the dollar as a contract settlement mechanism. The negative implications for the dollar’s future as a contract settlement mechanism internationally.


3. EU split over sanctions due to Russian energy demand and Russian business interests.


4. Middle East Western Hegemony and Arab Spring is defunct.


5. Iran to assist in Iraq if asked, which is the failure of “Misssion Accomplished.”


6. Iraq oil production challenged by ISEL.


7. Kurds emboldened by ISEL.


8. US relationship with Saudi Arabia and Qatar is strained.


9. BRICs uniting economically and politically as a standalone force.


10. China expands Yuan/Renminbi as an international currency.


11. China’s China Sea energy tensions with Japan and Vietnam.


12. USA’s position on the China Sea crisis where Japan is concerned.


13. The militarization of Japan.


14. The distinct scent of inflation.


15. General dissatisfaction with answers to questions to Chair Yellen regarding FOMC meeting last week


16. IMF reduced expectations of US economic recovery.


17. US Zombie Banks as defined by banks leveraged generally 30 to 35 times the size of their capital of total OTC derivative exposure.


18. Condition of the flooded municipal bond market.


19. Decline in volume with rise in value of equities, making equity price shadows our reality.


20. Totally irrational exuberance driven by hyper liquidity.


21. Hyper liquidity can become hyper inflation via the velocity of money in a crisis of confidence of the dollar. Therefore hyperinflation will be a currency motivated event.


22. Reaction in the momentum equity leaders of the last 2 years burning a public.


23. Strength of the utilities group which has historical attachment to tops in equity markets.


Old problems:


24. The one quadrillion, one hundred and forty four trillion dollars real size of the OTC derivatives market.


25. Economic underpinning of the dollar in jeopardy as recovery sputters globally


26. Absurd size of the Fed balance sheet and lack of marketability of significant size legacy derivative positions.


27. Taper of QE and little Belgium to the QE rescue.


28. China and Russia on the sell side of the US treasuries.


29. MY RA exposes consideration of invasion of retirement accounts, and GOTS (Get out of the system) as a defense strategy.


30. The huge drop out of the labor pool in the US, making employment figures sketchy at best.


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  1. The one core reason which none of these highly vaunted folks in the commentariat will touch with an insulated long-pole, is that the banknote scheme is destroying itself. They’ll go on for pages and hours about every imaginable … symptomatic ill … resulting from this primary cause of calamity, so as to build their audience-clientele, but whisper not a clue to that central truth.

    Paper Rots, Coin Does Not.

    • Yes Pat, it reminds me of several other taboo topics. When the mainstream has dubbed a particular topic to be “out of bounds”, then we either hear no mention of it whatsoever, or we hear of it as a joke or as a conspiracy theory to be scoffed at. Once a topic is labeled as such, most seasoned prognosticators will not touch said topic for fear of reprisal or of being laughed at or shunned. Dollar destruction is a  good example of one of these topics. Another that comes to mind was when Ron Paul would discuss returning to a gold standard and boy did they laugh and scoff at Ron, and the masses went right along with it! Now we all see the distinct probability of exactly that going forward. Pay no attention to Godzilla in the living room, the American people especially, have Godzilla blinders on 24/7.

    • @PatFields
      “…The one core reason which none of these highly vaunted folks in the commentariat will touch with an insulated long-pole, is that the banknote scheme is destroying itself.”
      It REALLY IS TRUE that all those 30 points Sinclair cites are SYMPTOMATIC of the root problem.  The DEBT ENGINE has simply run out of fuel and now can do little more than cannibalize the system.  Pretty much all the economies of the world which are attached to the Central Banking System are stressed and dying of debt.  So, all these world problems are exploding coincidentally… (not)
      Well, Amstel. you got your control of the money… and a FINE MESS you MADE of IT!!!!
      Ah, but this gives me an interesting idea to the solution to all our world’s problems:  Why not now reverse the banknote necrosis by having the bankers make all new loans of paper from this day forward where THEY pay the DEBTORS interest payments.  That would fix the world!!!   YAY! 
      Oh… what?   Huh?   Whaddya mean, they’re going to start bombing in 10 minutes???  You’re kidding, right???
      Damned greedy-assed bankers…  I give ’em a solution to fix the world — and they ‘tank me’ with a drone strike???   And nucs are next???
      Well, we go meet our Maker and they are buried alive in their DUMBs.

  2. Ok, so just sayin’  :
    If the worlds fiat currency is backed by the U.S. Dollar, as well as the derivitaves, markets etc. – Then effectively no one in the world can Buy or Sell without the U.S. Dollar? (especially at its peak)
    What if the “Mark” of the Beast was a bank mark?  Since the “Number of his name” is 666 (and everyone has tried to figure this one out) but …. and I’m just sayin’  “United”(6) “States”(6) “Dollar”(6) ironically fits the “Bill”
    So the whole world was duped into following the beast, and no man could buy or sell without the mark of the beast, or the name or the number of his name (yes im aware of the forehead and/or back of the hand)  – But my hand doles out Dollars, and my forehead is on my bank card, which is a part of that system.
    Does that mean those holding PM’s are blessed? 🙂  LOL ok ok ok!  probably more those jumpin bushes with spears and fishin, cuz im still a part of that system. 😛
    But on a more serious note…. check out that 666 mark! It IS after all, a mark! (not unlike the Dutchemark)

    • I hear ya Shamus, pity however it hasn’t been a USD (666) for 100 years as I have read so many times in articles about currency and the dollar etc it is a Federal Reserve Note FRN or (774) 
      Just keep stackin’ big rises are a commin’

    • “Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the NUMBER OF THE BEAST: for it is the NUMBER OF A MAN; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (Rev. 13:18).

      The word “A MAN” in this verse is not a correct translation  as the Greek word used in the manuscripts is “ANTHROPOS” which means human being {male or female}. Had John wished to exclude  the female half of mankind from this verse he would have used the Greek word “ANER”
      Therefore, understanding that it is carnal minded mankind {lawless one}, which is attributed this number, having yet to enter into His rest {seventh day}  and that it is  a (wo)man with a mind/hand of duality  or a soul ruled over by flesh which opposes and exalts himself/herself above all that is called God [a god], or that is worshipped; so that he/she as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself/herself that he/she is God”
      Without the Spirit of Truth we are unable to receive and give freely the treasures/truths of GOD

  3. @ PatFields,
    I do not know how to ‘up-vote’ your comment yet, but you are spot-on.
    In my reading thus far it seems that the ‘decline’ of the present system could take decades, just like the one in Rome.
    Although I hope not, for the poor’s sake, and the innocent.

    • Strawberry 5 … “the ‘decline’ of the present system could take decades”
      It’s already been decades in passing. The British ‘paperized’ silver in the late 1700s when they foisted the stupid mono-metallic ‘gold-standard’ ruse on the world. Then, except for the short (disastrous) episodes of ‘Continentals’ and ‘Greenbacks’, the US has been poisoned with this crap since 1913. While assault began in the late 1800s, Asia wasn’t fully ‘conquered’ by paper until the early 1930s. but since the entire world (not just a region, as with Rome) is now plummeting headlong into this economic black hole of exponentially mushrooming inflation-debt caused by imaginary credit-‘money’, the culmination of the progression’s inevitable implosion is at hand right now.

      Since 1964 all currency on the planet has been in the ‘system’ of co-generating credit-debt, each by the other in a ‘Positive Feedback Loop’. Since the structural math constantly expands both sides of the equation, the progression goes ever faster and expansive. In that kind of scenario one doesn’t realize the inescapable doom approaching until the final moments.

  4. @PatFields.
    Interesting graph.   If you take Gold was $200 and occupies two squares then the graph would predict that the price of Gold should now be $8000 approx. based on the increase in debt.
    Just a quick calculation.  I could be wrong.

    • Better than that you’ll  be pleased to know.
      The ratio was about 23 to 1 so divide $8000 by 23 and you get $348.
      Which would make my small stash of French ‘Hercules” worth $130,000  but I would only be able to buy 16 oz. of Gold with it.
      Makes Gold and Silver look like the bargain of the century right now.
      Let’s hope 2014 is the year.

    • “JUST LAST WEEK BO POLNY STATED: Gold- Up in June, Down into Summer & a Moon Shot to $2000 before Year END!   … and NO NEW LOWS!”
      While $2,000 an oz. IS a nice round number… and maybe it’s just me… but doesn’t the “moon” seem farther away than this suggests?  Now, if it quickly went to $10,000 an oz. maybe that would be a “moon shot”?  lol

  5. Point well take Pat Fields.  It’s one thing to try to get a handle on a mere 100 years of currency destruction starting in 1913   If you take the demise of the Roman Empire over a period of 250 years, we’ve been at it for about the same amount of time
    I would suggest that the British Empire and the American Empire are one in the same, with the US the logical extension of the UK Empire. As the UK slipped under the sea, the US appeared as the dominanant economic force and super power.  
    These two have been in existence for well over 300 years. The power did not transfer from the throne and City of London.  QE II has been on the throne for 60 plus years and her mother for decades before that.  I seriously doubt that this monarchical line would give up their ‘crown jewel’ easily.
     As WillNotBeASlave noted, the US went bankrupt in 1933 and was repossessed by its creditor banks who now own us, this land and all its faux wealth, showing  title to all that we think we own via  Federal Reserve notes, the evidence of their ownership.  The IRS is merely the collection agent of this foreign master.
    With our wallets full of these notes which we flash around with unconcealed glee and abandon, it’s as if we, as slaves to the old country, display our chains and tell all the world ‘look how rich we are’   Our manacles are chrome plated.
    As for Sinclair, he has now served up a  steaming bowl of Boo Ya Baise to go along with a thick,  triple decker turd sandwich,  a salad of FRNs with  a balsamic vinegarette dressing and chocolate Sue Flay for dessert.
    Bon Appetit

  6. what I meant to say was that the Anglo American empire is nearing its end, like the Roman Empire, after a 300 year decline which is coming to a head, a bit like the ultimate sacking of Rome by the Barbarians, falling on a gigantic pile of worthless currency
    .  The Barbarians were not as barbarous as history writes.  The Romans were far more nasty.  

    • @AGXIIK
      “The Barbarians were not as barbarous as history writes.  The Romans were far more nasty.”
      Neither of them had a patent on white hats AND the winners DO write the history books.  But, yeah, guys like Attila and Genghis were “bad to the bone”, no doubt.  One did not get very far in the ancient world by being either squeamish or timid.

  7. Why do people even think of silver/gold prices as a function of total debt, money supply, etc, etc? 
    Even if it ever was linked to some degree, could it even be re-linked, and would we even want it to? The world changes.
    Would y’all be happy with a gold standard setting gold at $3000 and silver at $60? Think long and hard before you answer that one.

    • XC Skater … “Why do people even think of silver/gold prices as a function of total debt, money supply, etc, etc? ”
      Because those folks know what money is and how it’s supposed to function.

    • But should, or CAN it ever function the same way?
      The way we have money printing now is not like before. Total money supply cannot be linked to any underlying value in the same manner.
      Just a gold based monetary system with full backing  is obviously not going to work. The value would need to be set too high, gold production would become the #1 business sector overnight. All gold reserves, down to the least economically viable extracted ones, would overnight being no-brainers to persue. The moment gold get a “fair” value, fully backing the whole economy, gold is set to take a real dive. Imagine a billion people focusing on gold extraction. A billion people newly employed, digging for gold. In random places, and it being profitable. With $80k gold or whatever it would come it, it would be. Prospectors in every creek again, being robbed every other day or so by a new breed of robbers.

      Especially as now that we we’ve gone past wearing bear hydes, we can see that we might as well stop gold mining and never really run out of it. As long as we stop using for bling purposes only. If you want something yellow and shiny, there are options out there.
      In a new value-backed monetary system, many more commodities will need to be freed from futures contracts, and added to the value pool. Perhaps even whole nations need to be put up. The whole real estate market. Of. The. World.
      I still don’t seee it with gold, even though it’s supply/demand situation is obviously doing better than silver’s. Silver is actually useful. In the end, this is going to make a difference. Or I am just a fool trying to appy logic to the world.

  8. One more thing.  Over on the SGT Report channel Dave Kransler talked about the redemption fee and what amounts to a ring fencing of UST bond funds, preventing holders of these funds from redeeming their holdings in the near future. The holders of these funds have been given early warning so are probably exiting their holdings right now. Something is brewing, or maybe a few events, that will crash this market. Bond ghouls are nothing if not acutely sensitive to things that harm their holdings.
    The crash in bonds will be precipitated by a collapse of the derivatives according to Kransler.  IMO  Ukraine and Argentina are the canaries in the default mine field of bonds that will tip the derivative crap pile over.
    This crash will open the door for the expropriation of IRA and 401Ks to buy the bonds that are being redeemed.  Executive orders under NDRP as well as the GRA bill passed around 2010 are both mechanisms that can force the government retirement program called the TSP as well as corporate and private retirement plans to take up the slack. TSPs total $1.6 trillion; a snack for this event.
    There are tens of trillions in USTs that would  have to find a home. Our retirement plans are another $5 to $20 trillion depending on whether its 401K or IRA funds are savaged by the UST kleptocrats.
    Belgium cannot soak up $5 trillion, particularly if Russia, China and others dump UST bonds in what could be an overnight redemption fiasco.  
    This would probably occur over a long weekend—like July 4th.
     Bank closures could result as the TBTF banks see their capital vaporize in the derivative crash.  It would not surprise me to hear that the American people would be forced to buy the garbage derivatives, sold as an good interest bearing investment yielding 2.5 to 3%.
     FACTA and FBAR prevent the Average Joe from getting his retirement plan out of Dodge so the American people would be forced to accept these trillions in bond redemptions.
    It might be wise to go into bunker mode for the next few weeks, keep limited amounts of capital in bank accounts, bring some cash into the house and lighten up on stock investments.

    • @AGXIIK
      Over on the SGT Report channel Dave Kransler talked about the redemption fee and what amounts to a ring fencing of UST bond funds, preventing holders of these funds from redeeming their holdings in the near future.”

      The proposed FEE does not prevent anyone from exiting their position.  It merely adds to the cost of doing so.  The intent here is to stem a wild-eyed rush for the exits if things appear not to be going well.  I don’t know that a fee would accomplish this goal but it might if it was a stiff one.
      What amazes me is that there are STILL people in the US bond market.  At all.  Back in 2007, I owned over $100k worth of US Treasury bonds.  At that time, I became a fan of the writings of Charles Biderman over at Trim Tabs Research.  He had some really well thought-out ideas about a lot of things in economics and investing, one of which was that the Fed and the BLS were cooking the books as to the inflation numbers they were publishing.  I did some checking and he was correct.  At that point, I understood that US Treasury bond investors were being ripped off because the “official” inflation number was being adjusted downward and UST bond interest rates were pegged to the official rate of inflation.  Because of that, bond investors were being under-paid for the risks they were taking.  In short, THE GAME WAS RIGGED!  Learning that, I sold off my bonds, which at that time had a nice profit, and never looked back.  I have not invested in a bond or a fund that buys them since.  I was a little early on that call but did not worry about it because that money did very well in other places.  For income, I use a collection of dividend-paying large cap stocks, funds, and ETFs as well as some REITs.  This combo has done well over the years since 2007, with 2008 being the only exception.  Of course, nothing else was doing particularly well in 2008 either.
      But, bonds truly are a lousy investment these days.  And why shouldn’t they be?  They are paying a few miserly percentage points in interest at a time when real inflation is in the 8-9% range (and rising) and then we get taxed on the so-called “income” they produce… as if we actually had some. The entire world is awash in debt.  It is VERY plentiful these days and things that are available in great quantity are rarely ever highly valued.
      “The crash in bonds will be precipitated by a collapse of the derivatives according to Kransler.”
      That really is a 2-edged sword.  Either of these markets could implode and in so doing, trigger an implosion in the other. The derivatives market is MUCH larger than the US bond market and the bond market is about 5x the size of the US stock market per their dollar valuations.  If the UST paper market crashes, the US$ will not be far behind.
      “FACTA and FBAR prevent the Average Joe from getting his retirement plan out of Dodge…”
      Isn’t it interesting just how closely these terms resemble FATCAT and FUBAR?  :-O
      “It might be wise to go into bunker mode for the next few weeks, keep limited amounts of capital in bank accounts, bring some cash into the house and lighten up on stock investments.”
      Yes, it might.  In fact, the next 12 months are VERY likely to be “interesting times“, in the classic Chinese meaning of the words.  :-/

  9. To arrive at SD much effort and searching took place.
    The articals and comments were a ” breath of fresh air”.
    The analysis of the Gold & Silver markets second to none.
    Even the needed geo-political explanations are a source of refreshment as opposed to the media talking heads bs.
    That being said, I find the ( less than critical )biblical analysis lacking.
    An example, ( not to be taken personally ) united 6 states 6 dollar 6.
    When John wrote Revelation the English language was yet 1800 years away from being spoken. Also the reference to the beast is political not monetary (see Daniel and his explanation of political wild beasts ), and as all here know the FRNs are issued by a privte corporation as a debt instrument, and not by any gov ( beast ).See, “travelling merchants “( Rev 18:3 )
    So, in conclusion, lets stick to provable economic/geo-political facts that can be substantiated by those who write the articals here and those posters that add to and expand on the thread due to their life of experience in these complex issues.

  10. What if this Prophecy when like this >>>Daniel 11: 40-45)  And at the time of the end shall the Chocolate  king of the south (NATO) push at him Putin King of the North (RUSSIA): and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. He shall enter also into the glorious land (Israel), and many countries (turkey) &  (EU ) shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even(Saudi Arabia ) Edom, and(Jordan) Moab, and the chief of the (ISIS)children of Ammon. He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of (Kuwait Yemen, Qatar,   Egypt) shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver( BRICS), and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. But tidings out of the east(China)  and out of the north(USA)  shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to kill many. And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain( Israel) ; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. (Daniel 11:40-45)

  11. Allrightythen…. Let’s, for the sake of argument, suppose that several of we good people have amassed thousands of ounces of Ag. ( that’s 10 monster boxes for those who need a visual )
    With a price north of $200 that would surely bring the lot of us into instant millionaire status. Now I’m not one to stand in the way of price appreciation but has anyone thought about the ramifications, not to mention the PTB being more than put off that the peons are ” good timin it”
    Not that I’m making plans with my small pittance mind you but I am certain that the big boys will do all they can to stifle any delusions of grandeur we may have. Thoughts welcome

      “… but has anyone thought about the ramifications, not to mention the PTB being more than put off that the peons are ” good timin it””
      I don’t think that a lot of us see that as a big consideration.  The ramifications of the current paper Ponzi scheme are such that we have virtually no influence over it whatever.  About all we can do is make an effort not to be part of those hurtling into the financial abyss when the SHTF.  We do this primarily by stacking PMs, food, water, water purification means, seeds, tools, meds, fuel, and a host of other necessary items that may well become scarce and expensive at some point in the near future.  We are not creating or supporting a financial catastrophe.  We are merely doing what we can to avoid being the worst part of it  –  the unprepared and desperate.
      That said, yes, there will be ramifications and most of them will be very nasty.  They will run the gamut from social, political, economic, and religious problems.  Stocking up now, while we can, is a viable approach, IMO, as is laying low during and immediately after the SHTF.  Being visibly different from everyone else WILL put a target on us, so blending in with those around us will be critical.  Having support from family, friends, and neighbors also will be critical.  
      In economic terms, the ramifications will be awful.  But there will be a lot to it that we simply don’t know at this time.  Will US$ still be good?  Maybe, but we can’t know that until the SHTF.  The best approach will be to be as prepared as we can for the worst things that we can imagine and hope that will be enough.  Anyone who has trouble imagining a real SHTF scenario should read the William R. Forstchen novel, One Second After.  It uses a seemingly very plausible SHTF event as its main story line.  It is both riveting and terrifying.
      I am less concerned about TPTB.  In large part, their power is national and international.  When the SHTF, virtually everything important will be local and they have little to no presence in most communities.  On the local level, the county sheriffs, mayors, city councils, and county commissioners will likely have much bigger effects on our condition than the state and national people.  Because these folks are locals too, they will tread lightly.  They will instinctively understand that it is unwise to push people too hard when they are frightened and angry.  They had better understand that because they are greatly out-numbered by “the folks” and everyone will be incredibly tense.  They will be able to lead but they will not be in any position to be pushing us around without some very good reasons.
      On the local level, silver could become a viable trade good.  So could gold.  Whether or not that actually happens, though cannot be known ahead of time.  Trade goods WILL be of considerable use, so stocking up on anything that is useful and manufactured these days is a good idea.  Think in terms of items like: matches; butane lighters; buttons, needles, zippers, and thread; warm clothing of all kinds; fishing line and hooks; over the counter medications; and the comfort items like cigarettes, booze, coffee, tea, and chocolate.
      Sorry if I hijacked your post.  I didn’t mean to do that when I started out but it all sort of came out together.  :-/

  12. All Ponzi’s  MUST End ,sooner or later then comes the AWAKING Period,like a lighting flash ,everyone will be scrambling to get on the Quick rising PM’a especially Ag my favorite  Metal .Buy Junk 90% before it’s gone..I think it will be used for everyday trade with Hi-tech Coin  scanner’s at  retail outlets ..

    • The Mark I eyeball will be a sufficient scanner for silver coins, IMO.  It won’t be long before everyone recognizes them at a glance and can tell them from the cupro-nickel truly junk coins.  Not only are they measurably heavier but their edges do not have the burnt look of metallic copper.

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