We just received the following email update from the legendary Jim Sinclair regarding gold.
Sinclair states that the 2nd chapter in the growth of gold into reserve currency is complete, and the spectacular 3rd chapter will run into 2015 and see gold hit Alf Field’s and Martin Armstrong’s gold forecasts ($10,000 +).
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 I am on the road again. This time it is to speak at the GATA conference in London Friday afternoon.
 The key concept in the gold market is that it has in no way performed like a classic blow-off hyperbolic top.
 The price travel between $1600 and $1764 is fraught with points of resistance. The price journey in the next chapter founded by the fundamental reasons by Alf Fields and Martin Armstrong will soon be shown as correct.

They will be the predictors of merit.

 There is no reason to drop or reduce your gold hedges.
 There is as always good reason not to carry any margin in a protective gold spread. Gold will only gain in volatility that will frustrate the greed driven mad margin trader.
 Two major chapters in the growth of gold to reserve currency of the people’s choice are completed.
 The last chapter is still coming going into 2015 and will be spectacular.
 I will be in touch with you from the airport and hotel. I hope to see you at the conference.

The only thing we add is that we expect silver’s volatility to increase even more than gold’s in the next 5 years.
Make sure gold and silver are not an 8 second ride for you, and HANG ON TIGHT TO YOUR PHYZZ!!

  1. I know that saying anything negative about 'Santa' is like blasphemy in the gold world but this is what I see.

    For years, Sinclair maintained that gold would hit $1650 by Jan. 2011, ala his (in)famous million-dollar bet. He came close and it would have been admirable if he had left it at that. However, last year, when it looked likely that his target wouldn't be met he started to hedge.

    His new prediction became: that if it didn't hit $1650 by Jan. that meant gold would hit Alf's & Armstrong's numbers BY summer.

    Summer is now well under way and it appears that Sinclair is once again hedging. Is he now saying it could take another 4 years for this gold drama to play out?

  2. allmetalconstruction says:

    I guess we'll have to forgive Jim for being human. On the bright side he has been almost a lone voice for a long time guiding many people to a spectacular store of wealth in gold while other mainstream investments lie in ruins.

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