Bull Market Thinking’s Tekoa da Silva has released an interview with commodities guru Jim Rogers.
Rogers apparently believes daily waterfall smashes in gold and silver precisely on the COMEX open for a week and a half following the announcement of QE4 are a result of free and natural market forces.  Rogers informed Tekoa that “There’s No Reason For The Government To Manipulate Gold Or Silver, I Don’t Buy It”.

So according to Mr. Rogers, the bankster cartel manipulated LIBOR to the tune of $Trillions, but allow gold and silver to trade freely without any interventions? 

Full interview below:


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  1. I suspect that Jim hasn’t seen all the GATA / Butler evidence – 4 Fed Chairman now have admitted it one form or another. The trading patterns should be enough to make some strong conclusions. Perhaps he sees manipulated markets (which they are) as counter to his relevancy. Who needs a stock analyst or his indices in a rigged market? Jim is great on Macro trends and I generally agree with his ideas. Funny he never talks about Libor, MF Global etc. either…

  2. For Crap sake, Jim.  It’s not the ‘gubbiment’ it’s the BOSSES of the gubbiment, the darn BANKSTERS.  And they are using all the digital money being made from thin air that the FED is giving them to buy mortgages in the gubbiments name!  Where the heck does everyone think that money goes when the banks get it?  To manipulate markets in their own favor with paper ETF’s, that’s where.  sheesh!

  3. This interview does not make sense.  Of all the people who should be knowledgeable and not given to ignore clear evidence of commodity manipulation, Jim should know better.  He’s off shore so does not needed to fear TPTB.  This sort of interview reminds of making comments after throwing the Commodity Scrabble Game in the air and reading the words that fell to the floor.  The flow of the interview is little more than rant with no critical thought. Maybe he felt that being interviewed by Tekoa, young but sharp person, was beneath him so he did not give it his best effort.  To me this was nothing more than a jingoistic bit of verbal diarrhea.  I’m also not comfortable listening to someone who formerly associated with the likes of Soros.  Soros is and has always been a ghoul who made his fortune in the specific science of currency manipulation. If Rogers was his associate he knows of this in his very DNA.

    • One he and George Soros opened their own business together. So they are two peas in a pod. In a recent interview with The RT Lauren Lyster on Capital Account. He basically stated that Blythe Masters didn’t know what she was doing in the commodities department. He didn’t name her and yet stated it freely. So all of a sudden he has changed his tune. Wow! 

  4. Doc, I’m starting to wonder if Jim isn’t “playing dead”.  Honestly, silver is the ugliest state secret of all.  It makes all the other ugly secrets even possible.  Jim knows the Hunts were destroyed by the state over this, and he knows they’re itching to pin the blame on the impending silver rocket on another Hunt.  Perhaps he doesn’t wanna die on that cross.

    Brother John has said before that in all of Rogers’ commodity books pumping commodities….silver is conspicuously missing.  Bro John doesn’t think that’s a coincidence.  Perhaps he’s literally keeping a half mile’s distance between him and it.

    He’s just too smart not to see this, so instead of him just not doing so…..I’m more inclined to think he’s “playing dead”. 

  5. maybe Jimmy has been corrupted by the bankster.In return for denial ..youll have to conjecture.This man is no dummy .How the hell can he sit there and say there is no manipulation.Ive only got 3 years experience in this game and its blantantly obvious to me.You either have to be an absolute Mornon or there is someething else in the equation.The Bankster must have got to this guy in one way or another.

  6. Having cut my teeth chewing through the media lies about and immersing myself in the events of the beginning of the last decade, half a dozen years ago I found myself positioned to see the agenda behind the same media pushing news such as Gates going into euros and Rogers selling his Manhattan mansion to relocate to Asia because of a coming financial crisis and Greenspan actually unpatriotically telling oil sheiks to get out of the dollar, and it was clear to me that the plan was to pull down that dollar. And thus began my ongoing education in economics and finance, raggedy as it is, as I found out that the dollar was the whole world’s reserve currency, which meant the plan was to destroy the entire world’s financial system. That is what has brought me to places like this site. Rogers is an insider pushing the agenda. Nobody is allowed to be rich who isn’t one of them. And, oh yeah, he’s made the classic move, marrying into the group that will be the next host.

  7. HILARIOUS.  Jim Rogers, the KING of all things hard asset, says the “manipulation” thing is bogus, and now HE is on “the dark side.”  LOL!!!!!!

    Dude, y’all are seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY deluded if you think that JIM ROGERS who owns gold and silver in amounts you can’t even imagine, is somehow “bought” or “playing possum,” or whatever.


    You people are spectacular.  

    It’s clear there is NO WAY any reason or logic or rational thought will reach most of you.

    So, back to the script. 

    • Agreed. Jim Rogers is no fool and I will always pay attention to his advice. But he may be wrong this time! He`s allowed to be wrong without insult. He`s earned that!

  8. There is a REASON that the networks trot out JR every day of the week with his homespun yarns and regurgitated spittle.     The masters of MOPE have many tools to use.     This guy is no dummy.    He is not a retard.    He is disinfo agent who occasionally sprinkles truth so as to not lose credibility.

  9. One of the main reasons is the government would lose large amounts of tax revenue if the pms were allowed to spike to the moon on its own free will. Simple put the government doesn’t really know who has the pms an how much. Unless you bought over $10,000 then you have to report it. So say you have $5000 in gold sell to you friend the government loses revenue.

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