The Daily Bell released an interview with legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers this week, and asked Rogers specifically regarding his thoughts on silver and whether the metal was manipulated.
Rogers responded that while he personally owns silver and believes silver is going to go much higher, he doesn’t buy into the theory that silver is being manipulated, stating that he is skeptical and that ‘by now, somebody would have told us‘.

When asked by the Daily Bell whether silver is manipulated and ultimately whether the manipulation matters to silver Rogers stated:

A) It doesn’t matter and B) I don’t think it is. There are conspiracy theorists out there who say it’s manipulated but I don’t buy it. Mainly, I don’t buy it because if it were manipulated like the conspiracy theorists say, it’s been going on for 25 or 30 years. By now somebody would have told us. You can’t keep a secret like that because then the conspirers would have to be all over the world. There would have to be tens of thousands of people. By now we would know about it. I’m a little skeptical.

It doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concerned. Silver is going to go much higher. I own silver and if there’s somebody trying to artificially suppress it, more power to them because in the end it’s going to go up even higher. Whenever you artificially suppress something, once it finally breaks free, boy, does it skyrocket. Look at gold in the ’70s. They artificially kept it down at $35 for a few decades. Finally the market said enough and it went up over 40 times.

Click here for full Jim Rogers interview at the Daily Bell

While we disagree with Rogers’ conclusion that silver is not manipulated because someone would have told him (in fact, as Chris Powell stated, there are no free markets anymore Mr. Rogers, just interventions), we agree that ultimately, the manipulation simply doesn’t matter, and will serve to propel silver prices MUCH HIGHER than they would have gone without the artificial price suppression.

  1. Rogers has a vested interest in the preservation of the ponzi scheme which is all debt based currencies and its equity paper derivatives… this is my beef with him…how can one supposedly be an advocate of real money and then summarily dismiss the PROVEN FACT that the international bankers have, and continue to manipulate the phony paper price of that which has been real money for 5000 years?????

    He acknowledges that the Fed and the US govt. are intervening in every other market in a futile attempt to preserve their power and debt based paradigm but not in Gold & Silver which r the deadly enemies of worthless fiat????????  

    Screw Jim Rogers……. 

    • Generally Rogers is spot-on, but he is clearly wrong about silver manipulation.  Has he joined the elite??  Does he stand to gain, as the others do from manipulation??  Perhaps he is in the derivitives market….who knows??? 

      Remember, each rich person has their own agenda.

      Believe at your own risk!!! 

    • Has he joined the elite?  Hell, no!  He’s been a card carrying member of that group in good standing for a long time now.  There’s no need for him to join up.  Remember, he became a billionaire via his business association with George Soros many years ago.
      I like a lot of what Rogers says about investing in commodities but think that he is dead wrong about PM market manipulation.  If his commodities fund was not an ETN, I would probably invest some money in it.

  2. The huge concentrated short position of jpm gives both tremendous means and motive
    To manipulate lower.  To think they would not take advantage when they own both
    The cops and the judges is incredibly naive.  

    • Plus, the CFTC doesn’t want to further investigate on JP Morgan’s short position and also on the relations between LIBOR and gold and silver. Also, it took them four years and they didn’t say nothing about the manipulations.

  3. While I have much regard for Jim Rogers in many ways, his take on the manipulation of silver is off-the-charts myopic. Anyone that has spent any time whatsoever exploring the most basic aspects of silver as an investment, and the forces at work, can only come away with the understanding that the single most egregious force in keeping a lid on silver prices is the ongoing manipulation. It really makes me question his agenda.

    • We are correct to question Rogers’s agenda in this.  He knows a LOT about commodity investment and anyone thinking that he does not KNOW that silver and gold are manipulated seems extremely naive.

  4. I have just lost all respect for this man. In his first paragraph he says he doesn’t buy into manipulation and conspiracy theorists yet in the second he says look at when “They” kept gold at $35 ……………..Who’s they Jim???

    • Exactly.  The man is internally conflicted.  He can claim decades of gold manipulation but be in total denial about silver.  Seems to me he’s either siding with the ponzi for some reason or he’s confused and hasn’t been able to rationalize a clear understanding of the silver maker.

    • His words about silver not being manipulated is nonsense if he is also telling that gold has been manipulated. Because silver has way more uses than gold so there are more demands for it and its price should be higher, especially because it’s a precious metal.

  5. Jim Rogers is no fool. He knows very well silver is manipulated. I suspect he has some relationship with JP Morgan such that he does not want to offend them. There’s definitely some other agenda going on with him – maybe something to do with his 4 commodity funds?

    • I’m sure he uses what he learns, from watching people like Soros and the Rothchilds, to his investment advantage. Only a fool wouldn’t. Doesn’t make him one of them, his history is too far removed.

  6. What a contradiction, first he says “I don’t buy it [silver manipulation theory] because if it were manipulated like the conspiracy theorists say, it’s been going on for 25 or 30 years. By now somebody would have told us. You can’t keep a secret like that” then follows that with “Look at gold in the ’70s. They artificially kept it down at $35 for a few decades. Finally the market said enough and it went up over 40 times.” So if they could artificially keep gold down, why wouldn’t he beleive that they would do the same with silver…? 

  7. Hi brothers & sisters, the situation is marching off the cliff and it will continue long after being air-borne to the pain of hitting bottom.  The true value of silver, gold, etc. stated by Rogers is a canary in a coal mine.  If the situation was not manipulated, everything else would go up in price. The paper ponzi diversion effects every man, women, etc. in the tune of acceptance So this is an opportunity time to stack, bury, & forget about it to live in these troubling times ahead.  Let them announce false information, but please,  listen to all, just not follow.  There are more idiots in my home town, so my single voice gets voided out by the choir.  Remember; Problem,, Reaction,, Solution is not going to make us filthy rich, yet sustainable to continue “Life as we know it.”  It is going to get very selective on who gets to move foreword.  I hope you are chosen.

  8. So, lemme get this straight Mr. Rogers…

    JPM is declared guilty of manipulating cotton…

    JPM is declared guilty of manipulating energy…

    JPM is currently manipulating interest rates by selling MBS’s to the Fed in exchange for dollars they use to buy treasuries…

    Bankers manipulated LIBOR….

    But they’re not manipulating a mere $30 billion annual industry that has the power to destroy faith in all fiat currencies in the blink of an eye?

    Look, Mr. Rogers is one of the smartest guys in the room…

    There’s no way he doesn’t know.  I think he’s playing dead, because, like all other billionaires after the Hunts were made an example of, he wants to make a living….not get in the cross hairs of the world’s most powerful king-makers.

    I get it, sir.  I don’t approve of it, but I get it.

    • The entire banking industry is corrupt and needs to be redone with strict laws and stricter penalties. JPM will get fines over these manipulations that are 1% or less of the profit they made.

    • Plus, the CFTC dropped their silver investigation without good reasons. The CFTC didn’t even checked JP Morgan’s silver short positions to see if they are backed by actual silver or not.
      Don’t forget MaryB! Strict laws and stricter penalties that mostly apply to banks and not we the people.

  9. I thought Jim was a smart man. It makes absolutely NO sense that he would state… “Look at gold in the ’70s. They artificially kept it down at $35 for a few decades. Finally the market said enough and it went up over 40 times.”
    Yet on silver he states it is NOT manimulated because… ‘by now, somebody would have told us‘.
    This is kind of scary. Why would anyone listen to a man who is not capable of critical thinking?
    His subscribers have got to be like him and unable of thinking out of the box.

    • Reading between then lines and giving Jim the benefit of a doubt on his thinking abilities, I think what he might be saying is something like Silver is more of an industrial commodity and many companies he is invested in relies on the price of silver to be low, and he likes it low so he can buy more (knowing it will go up)and his investments will do well in the present while he is preparing for the future. He doesn’t want to change the manipulation going on, because it is a good thing. You have to think like them, just because there is an injustice it doesn’t necessarily need correcting. Take advantage of it. That is what all the stackers are doing when they buy at these prices. You want it stop now, or wait and get more. Instant gratification or greater delayed wealth. I am convinced this type of thinking is why these guys are rich and other are not. 

  10. Just so you all know, Jim has been asked about silver manipulation many times since 2000.  I’ve read or watched at least 10 interviews over the years where the subject has come up.  It’s possible that now, as an old man set in his ways and someone that does only a modest amount of research compared to his youth, he simply hasn’t let in data to change his mind.  it’s classic selective perception, and that’s more likely than conspiracy.  For example, when we were in the heart of the banking crisis in 2008, he’d regularly slam banks, noting in the same sentence comments like, “well, I do have many friends at Bear Stearns, but these banks have created the problems we see because moral hazard exists and bankers know the tax payer picks up losses.”  That’s just paraphrasing, but he’s said comments like that many times.

    When Jim was in his late 20s and early 30s, George Soros said that Jim would do the work of five men.  Jim was a powerhouse researcher.  Today, given his media and social calendar and the time he spends with his kids, I know for a fact there’s no way he could devote more than a couple hours a day (vs. the 16+ hours per day he used to do).  Today, his investment decisions are informed by basic principles and concepts regarding governments and conventional supply and demand.  He’s actually more valuable as a social thinker and commentator about society than as an investment commentator. 

    He probably does know there’s some smoke coming from the direction of the silver market, and he’s chosen to not look for the fire of outright manipulation.  

    • Thumbs up!

      It seems almost every time someone has a different POV members here immediately label them a “shill.” Scary.

      Jim Rogers is involved in a broad range of investments (commodities being just one category) and he simply does not have the time to study every minute detail of every investment he makes.  It only makes sense that he has only looked at the demand/supply characteristics of silver (which is usually good enough to make profit).

      Jim Rogers is a very successful investor. How many of you Alex-Jones-zealots can say the same?

    • Wombat,
      All it takes is someone to report the facts and you would think,the Rogersians would wake up, but alas, why wake up when sleep is so pleasant to the mind. Overall, you reveal the flaws with Jim Rogers and his misguided perception. 

  11. comments like that make me lose all respect for the man.  He is either a corporate shill or is duh, duh dumb.  Well he is not dumb so what is left?  Doug Casey made similar comments a while back which further reduced those that I trust and read  

    • That’s the list I put him on years ago before I knew anything about fiat and phyzz, because of all the media noise that attended his selling his mansion in Manhattan and booking passage out because he said the system was going down. Between that and other similar noises from other quarters it was obvious to me his statement was true, that was their plan, but I also knew enough to understand he had to be in on it. He’s likely a Rothschild or maybe Sassoon (look where he landed) outlier, groomed and positioned to affably push whatever meme fits the latest script update.
      And I think that media attention he got when he skipped the country is an example of how the fourth estate is also used to get the word out to other insiders about which page everybody should be on.
      But let me modify all that to say I most certainly don’t ignore him, I look for what he’s trying to accomplish with his statements, both in manipulating the public and hinting the latest to other insiders in those scripted, part of the storyboarded talking heads fauxnomena.

  12. This guy is still shilling for TPTB. He knows full well that JP Morgan holding 25% to 30% of the Comex short position IS MANIPULATION in and of itself! Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows that it is costing honest people money, so of course it matters! It has been going on for MORE than a century.

    • He is always saying “I own gold, I own silver, they are going to go much higher'” He also says that he doesn’t give investment advice. I will run these statements through a code translation device and prove he is working for the elite and trying to stop people from investing in PMs.

    • Then Jim Rogers needs to shut the health up. Get off television and keep his opinion to himself. I guess he has never lied either? and occasionally walks on water? At least that is what we hear from the echoes of Mr. Rogers.

    • I’m must be a confused blond, but is it the fact that Rogers holds gold and silver, keeps saying he is going to buy more what makes him a moron? Or is it that he doesn’t believe the same things you do?

  13. Jim Rogers thinks a lot like I do. He doesn’t waste his time trying to understand something he can’t change and concentrates on things he does have control of. Very smart guy. Smarter than most. He knows silver will go higher due to fundamentals and that the other factors will just add to it if they are true. Good perspective and insight. Since he made lots of money with investments he must know a lot more about such things than people who have not made so much. He doesn’t bother with all the noise that most others cling to but does own gold and silver and can be considered one of the good guys. There are enough criminals on the other side to not like for bigger reasons.

    • Oh, yeah, he and his buddies like Buffet didn’t lash their stash ’cause they’re insiders or nuthin’, and continuing to maintain their second-tier minion positions by flinging Ferdinand’s bull-yon production, as their assignments require. Yeah, just very asstoot investors, like that.
       And all his noise about PMs, there’s a word for that, what is it, blimp, balloon. Oh, yes, it’s called a bubble. And he’s been assigned a bellows in exchange for a cut. Know when to hold and know when to fold, but that’s not news.

  14. Crissy, I think I know what you are trying to say, go with the flow, stack and prosper. Certainly, it is wise to stack while prices are
    criminally low, however some of us do believe that this injustice needs correcting as we are concerned for more than just ourselves.
    Many brothers and sisters lives have been destroyed by the criminal elite banking cartel. Have you thought about the people setting themselves on fire because their livelihoods have been stolen from them? It is deep and it is evil, maybe more than you are aware of, and if you get rich, congratulations, more power to you, but I want to see sound money, just weights and measures, free markets, and capitalism. I am concerned about our children and our grandchildren. Rogers sits on the fence and spews untruths, he knows better, he is scum. Rogers statements are meant to whitewash, normalize, and sterilize his elite criminal people. Rogers statements are also meant to tell the regular law abiding people to back down from calling for severe penalties for the grotesque cartel criminals. It’s about money, it’s about economies, it’s about wars, it’s about little babies in other countries getting slaughtered.
    And what about our brothers and sisters that have spent large portions of their lives working to shine light on the satanic banking elite? Should we forget all the back breaking work they’ve done for humanity’s sake and just soak up the information greedily for only ourselves, and turn a buck? Not me. I sleep well every night of my life. It is not ok what Mr. Rogers said.

    • You really must be worried about kids’ future because the majority of them don’t stack physical gold and silver. I’ve never seen kids of my age stacking physical gold and silver to protect against inflation. Most of them are too busy with their fashions, gadgets, medias, etc. Trust me, those are my experiences with them.

  15. “Someone would have told us by now” 

    Who the heck is ANDREW McGUIRE??? 

    Pull your head outta your Butt, Jim!  

    He thinks just cuz it’s election time we are suffering from the 4 year amnesia like some voters LOL! 😀

  16. Maybe the reason why it doesn’t matter for silver’s manipulation is because the cost to extract it from the grounds is rising. That is known as silver’s lows which means that silver cannot go lower than certain prices. Right now, it can’t go lower than 29$ according to the lows line from 2008 to now.

  17. Hmm, Did not know that. However, it could go lower (for a short time) because of the markets, even w/o MANIP-MANOP, can get a short term “glut” and sell off _under cost_. Plus, w/ MANIP-MANOP happening “all the time” they can slam it to where ever they want. Another thing, that is just the “average mining cost”, because I saw a report from a high quality PM deposit, and their cost of Silver recovery is like $9/oz!!! So it has to be an average cost of recovery. It does affect pricing though, and if the low price mines will observe this high number, they can hold out for higher prices. Depends on their contracts I guess.

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