TND Podcast Spotlight:  Jay Taylor’s Turning Hard Times Into Good Times

World renowned investor, traveler and author Jim Rogers returns to discuss the current Anglo-American Empire’s conflict with Russia.
Having traveled in that country numerous times over the past few decades, Russia had until recently been one of his least favored countries but his view is now turning more positive, & Rogers explains why.
As fierce advocate of limited government and free market economics Rogers offers a blistering critique of current policies of the West that are sewing the seeds of its own destruction.
He tells why he is happy he sold his mansion in Manhattan and moved to Singapore where he and his wife are raising their two daughters.   Rogers also will tell us where he is putting his money as we head into 2015.
Eric Coffin, one of the most astute junior exploration newsletter writers talks about prospects for making money in that beleaguered sector and names his top penny stock pick for 2015.
To listen to the show, click here.


    Chris Powell writes that

    “The year 2014 was when “conspiracy theory” about gold market rigging became “conspiracy fact” as banks were found to have conspired to rig not only gold prices but also silver prices, currencies, and interest rates”…

    in keeping with his theme, it seems increasingly likely that the year 2015 will be when the Approved ‘conspiracy theories’ which the metals media use to cloak the real nature & purpose of market manipulations will be disclosed for what they are – the consensus narrative used to keep metalheads safely tucked into their bunkbeds in the mushroom houses that masquerade as ‘alternative media’ safehavens.

    Only a few days into this ‘year of disclosure,’ a delightful parade of stars from the new galaxy of controlled opposition narrative have popped in to present the ‘new paradigm’ in all it’s glory! Here Jim Rogers gives us the ‘inside scoop’ on the good Ruskie*/bad bankster dialectic. Choose yur team, and git on board!

    As a program guide for this season’s star-studded cast of guesting  guides of guile, it might be useful to take a minute to list the four pillars pon which the Approved ‘alternative metals media‘ spin is based:


    1 Western governments need to suppress precious metals prices  in  order to  assist the crony corporatist cartels that control their politicians and judiciaries. Now they have run out of physical and need resort to more and more desperate measures to ‘paper’ over the shortfall.

    2 Supply:demand ratios are the only valid  measure of price movement. Gold and silver are in short supply. Ergo mining production statistics and coin sale numbers = “truth!” All metrics that confirm the outstripping of supply by demand are ‘factual’ – all data that suggests otherwise is ‘propaganda.’
    3  China and Russia are leading a coalition of countries challenging the hegemony of the $US. They will scoop up all of the worlds available gold and silver supply and then begin a new international system with those metals as backing. Moonshot for metals.

    4[Only] those in the west who hold physical metal will escape the coming meltdown carnage.
    Nuance alert! Note that there is required a suitable proportion of truth within each of these talking points for them to pass muster as ingredients to be

    blended together and baked into a poppycake  served up daily as mannah from heaven’ for the hungry ghosts of the metalspace, who wander ceaselessly in search of morsels of hope in a desert of bad news. The telltale gleam of pyrite will not be noticeable if the proper proportions are suitably ground by the metals media millers – most of whom are really not bad folk, although eminently suitable for inclusion in that category of persons who the red starred originator of the ‘control both sides of the debate’ strategy so succinctly described one hundred years ago!

    *alternate meme forms – good Brics; good Chinese; good ROW(rest o world!)

    Suitably equipped with your free guide, you are now ready to  sit back in the lazyboy with chosen snack food and watch the whole thing unwind!

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS – “mind-altering;” “smack the stack;” “무거운 날씨”

    • Good comment. If I had to choose between sharing a prison cell with Obama or Putin though, I would prefer sharing with Putin even if he was beating me with a lead pipe repeatedly KGB style 😛

      Obama would be the cell block rapist – or ‘betty’ – and would be selling sex to the guards for cigarettes, whereas Putin is no nancy boy .. LOL … RESPECT!

      Personally however we are getting a bad choice. The choice of two tyrants, but the treasonous kind has more immediate danger I believe.

    • I do appreciate your perspecive Chiva and the thought provoking posts. I can appreciate questioning the composite narrative given by our headliners so help me out here.  Speaking for myself, those 4 points you reference seem like plausible explanations and yes, we’ve heard them ad nauseum. Alternative narratives?  Short of going to as many sites as possible(which many do) to broaden persprectives, what’s one to do? Believe the MSM message which is 180 degree counter to this narrative? You deconstruct the narrative as though it’s patently false  while not offering any plausible alternative. Still working on my learning curve so be gentle, ha,  Joe

  2. Understanding that everything outside of self/truth is gathered by what we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel which we divided into two opposites {good&evil } which is the basis of all reasoning by which  knowledge outside of self/truth   then appears as an  adversary, seeing the eating of it leads to a death/nakedness/sin, but when we delve further into the plan of GOD we find that in order to make us Son(s) { no gender implied } He had to crucify the  Truth/Christ  and we as His Son are this Truth/Christ and therefore to eat of our own reasoning in this realm/world of confusion is a necessary evil in our creation, seeing the forsaking of our own reasoning { which is likened to picking up our cross } leads back  to Life,

    Understanding there is but one tree in the midst of the garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life are one and the same tree and the two Cherubs who wield one double edged sword  at the gate/door to this tree now keep the way open to all, seeing our Brother reconciled us back to Life/GOD/Truth/Self/Christ by anointing the most holy which as does everything in the scriptures speaks to the proses of our souls which collectively is GODS soul, understanding He is the Life we are ………..



    Ps: Mr /Mrs moderator if you delete this post as have others I shall sadly no longer  post His truths here at SD, understanding that everything is of GOD and therefor their is only one context eg: Spirit/masculine/Adam/sun/gold/good/light etc etc as compared to soul/feminine/Eve/moon/silver/evil/darkness etc etc


    there is much, much more to this than you perceive at present of which only He can and will lead you in ……………

    • @snake

      Thank you for your teachings on here. The Lord has had me listen to your words for some months now. It’s a beautiful thing when His truths come out, and I look forward to all fulfilling the Feast of Tabernacles, when the whole world has one language and a common speech. God bless, Brian.

    • g&evil…I for one would be pleased if the moderator took you up on your threat.  This New Age ‘You are God’ gospel that you espouse: self=God, self=Christ, self=Truth,  is typical of a cult.  Bible teaches the opposite; that we need to die to self and follow Him.

  3. [email protected]~~:<   I did get your link, the one placed above, and viewed it.  It was not moderated.

    While I don’t have anything near your understanding of your posts than others have, IMO they are worthy of inclusion.   Chivachiva writes that there are the 4 themes which we will see more and more of in 2015.  We’ll see these and many others,  and not because they are designed to sell precious metals though these themes will sell a lot, along with other fear factor products such as guns, ammo and food stores.

    But because the entire paradigm and dialect is set up to provoke controversy, debate, fear and dissimilitude on a global scale doesn’t mean that the crap can’t or won’t hit the fan.   Studying the weather doesn’t mean you can stop a hurricane but at least you know it’s coming and can take steps to avoid the worst of the damage.

    There are dozens of sites that bear review and reading.  Sifting data and culling intel from all sides of the arguments and points of conflict will give someone a reasonable perspective of the world situation away from the fog of conflict. Some of the people on this site who post regularly have those broader perspective having been down enough rabbit holes to know of what they speak.  (I am not one of those)

    I valued your posts.  Stick around.  If your links are moderated please let me know


  4. @Brian


    Me to brother me to, and we are at this time   in the morning of this last day, the call has gone out and He is raising us up to see as He sees  …………………




    To  die  to self is to pick up ones cross, this is to forsake ones own reasoning/measurement/judgement  by putting of flesh { five senses/five husbands } which is the same as not eating of that  gathered outside of self,  pictured in scripture as the   tree of knowledge of good and evil or spoken of as drinking from the cup of fornication, the result being a mind of duality, although this in its self not out of  the order of GOD being it the proses we find ourselves in …………………


    Jesus  ate only of that which grew of itself from within His self and therefor  his soul had but one husband which He as  this husband in spirit ruled over His soul/Women/help meet, when we eat that which grows outside of self gathered by our five husbands/ five senses our soul is pictured as a harlot who  rules over us as she goes a whoring  after the  flesh, our flesh which in picture form  is the snake/dragon/deception which beguiles the Women/soul    in the garden


    Understanding that soul and spirit are not separate but dew to this  proses of coming to the knowledge of truth/self we in this breath perceive them to be which is likened to our scattering/gendering/dividing/separation  which Brian in as many words speaks of our gathering back to the ONE  we came out of ………





    • g&evil…Body, soul, and spirit are separate and distinct, but function together.  There can be no soul without a body.  That is why only your spirit is conveyed to heaven awaiting a glorified body when your physical body dies here on earth.  Only when the spirit is combined with the body is there a soul.  The question then is where is your consciousness located.  And perhaps that is the essence of understanding the Mind of God.   I have no answers there, only questions, living in this three dimensional world bounded by time it is seemingly impossible for me to grasp the full meaning of eternity.   I agree there is much more going on in the world than we perceive with our limited senses.  There is spiritual warfare going on in heavenly realms and like Joshua and Caleb we petition God to open the portals of Heaven and defeat the enemy.   We can not defeat the enemy with our own understanding.

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