1. Seems like not much different from Jim Rogers for awhile.  Understandably, he’s been most bullish on agriculture for quite awhile.  Bascially, around the 19 min mark he mentions that he has no confidence that Blythe Masters knows what she’s doing but didn’t want to mention her by name.  Says he’s short on JP Morgan for other reasons as well….no real specifics.

  2. I do hope that Jim can find his way back to the home in time for cookies, milk and bingo.

    North Korea merging with South Korea? The man is out of his agriculture loving mind.
    I don’t even know where to start on that road to nowhere. He is nuts. There are volumes
    of reasons why that would never happen and I do mean infinity never.

    The nursing home that he is resident must take Alzheimer’s patients….the poor soul.

    Ranger from Texas

    • IRRC there are already in place large marketplaces in the border areas between North Korea and China where North Korean entrepreneurs are importing Chinese made goods and selling them to Koreans.  These markets have become so widespread that even the central government has mostly given up in trying to stop them.

      Also South Korean companies have already set up factories in N. Korea to take advantage of their much cheaper labour.  

      I’m also confident that China would like to have a strong N. Korea with a strong economy and will offer substantial assistance to N. Korea if/when it wants to modernize.

      I don’t think Jim Rogers is the one being delusional here, unless of course you can claim a greater investment record than he can.  Jim likes to look at the world in terms of decades, not mere days and months like most Americans. 😉

    • “North Korea merging with South Korea? The man is out of his agriculture loving mind.
      I don’t even know where to start on that road to nowhere. He is nuts. There are volumesof reasons why that would never happen and I do mean infinity never.”

      I also would think that a really long shot but… at one time, any number of people probably said the same thing about East and West Germany.

  3. C&P from FB side …

    i take note that Mr. Rogers has never advocated for Honest Money. Will SOMEONE interviewing him PLEASE put the question to him on why this is so.

    Mere transactional instruments like banknotes, do not convey full Title in things. They’re great for Monopoly Industrialists, because they don’t care about ‘details’ like provenience of title, they only care about profit (NOT to disparage profit’s otherwise vital force).

    The elites’ divorce from conveyance of Title to consumers, is effective reversion to the social order we know as Feudalism, where all Title is retained in the State, with possession depending on ‘favor’ of its officers.

    • Indeed so, Pat.  Rogers runs an International agriculture fund which he has structured as an ETN.  These Exchange Traded Notes are fully as worthless as any other note and do not convey even a trace of ownership.  If his company were to go bankrupt, for example, none of the ETN holders would get a cent of their money back.  It would be a case of “too bad, so sad, it sucks to be you!”.  Because of this, I have no interest whatever in investing in his, or any other, ETN.  I would put a small amount into the MOO ETF, which also invests in agricultural commodities but conveys a share of ownership in the company to the ETF buyers.  In a bankruptcy procedure, they would be in line to receive a share of the assets.  Not so ETN holders.  I have heard Rogers say in other interviews that this was done for tax reasons but I am unconvinced that this wasn’t done to protect him from creditors in the event of a company bankruptcy.

  4. Ok, I’ve forgiven Jim for his past, ” there is no silver manipulation,” remarks – he admits here that he really has no way to know if it is true but he doesn’t bunk it. That’s more like it Jim. Seemed like a decent interview to me with a lot of common sense, short treasuries, short jp morgan, long agriculture, inflation is up up up. Makes sense to me.

  5. I believe he still resides in Singapore.  Jim Rogers has made it clear over the YEARS that owning hard assets will be more advantagous for the long haul.  He is no Buffet, Soros, any of those pieces of pond scum.  He is one investor to follow and mimic, unlike the aforementioned.

    • Yes, my info is that he resides in Singapore as well.  He and his family are studying Mandarin Chinese, which is widely spoken in Singapore but not so widely in the Philippines.   My guess is that he was attracted to Singapore as a world financial hub and one that has exceptionally friendly tax and capital laws, good transportation, full high speed Internet capability, and ready access to just about any place in Asia.

    • …but y’all missed the quote about a revolution. He thinks there will be one, that is the scary part. I guess he did say he is not a good predictor of market timing, perhaps politics too? Let’s hope! 

    • Actually, I believe that JPM is gonna get out (and pass the shorts to CITI) before it takes them down. 
      Bad time for another huge bailout, and JPM is the biggest bank of the FED. They cannot control the
      silver shorts, so they are handing it off to someone else who can “manage” it for a while. But this
      does portend a view to “the end” of Silver manipulation. JPM only had it for what, 3 years?
      Not that long, really, for such a huge bank.   

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