In the latest Keiser Report, Max Keiser discusses flash crashes which he states is a NYSE wealth confiscation scheme, and talks to Jim Rickards, author of Currency Wars, about QE to infinity, the dollar, the euro and a gold standard.
Rickards, who has made numerous accurate predictions throughout the current bull market, tells Max why gold is headed to $7,000/oz!


  1. What am I missing here?

    When something is too good to be true it usually is…

    The Japanese were the pioneers of QE’ ing and look where they have gone? Also, havent we been non-stop QE’ing since we went off the gold standard? I guess that the FOMC really didn’t make any real news by announcing new QE, they just confirmed what they had been doing all along…

    Markets lookout below and that includes the metals short term…      The metals may climb some but just wait for the next manipulation that has already proven a success and that is raising margins to the point it is no longer worth it again… Like a bad movie being played all over again… Just very skeptical  

  2. It’s difficult to follow Mr. Rickards (because he’s a speed-freak motor mouth), but by paying careful attention, he consistantly circles ’round to being a paper hanger, defending the banknote scheme on the pretense of gold ‘backing’. In the interview Mr. Keiser came within a hair’s breadth of broaching the fact that the banknote scheme co-generates inflation and debt systemically. Rickards adroitly slipped into the false contention that price effects of inflation only occur when people dramatically increase ‘velocity’.

    He’s one of the very best shills I’ve ever seen (not quite as good as Friedman, but almost) saunter out on the stage, but a slill nevertheless!  

    • Rickards is a CFR guy.  Enough said. Does the U.S. really have 8000 tons of gold like he says? Then why can’t we audit the U.S. gold hoard? What are they hiding? Hmmm.

  3. Max…….please………all this overly dramatic, Alex Jones type delirium is unbecoming of you. You have the dirt, just deliver it with some dignity my friend and truth will it out……without the silliness. Actually, the silliness diminishes the impact of the info you deliver. Love hearing what you have to say, just say it with a bit less shtick…..ick!

    Love Alex too, just don’t like some of his overly dramatic shtick, I imagine it’s for ratings but geeeeeeze!

    • Exactly right, SS.  Max does have a great message but the hysteria in his delivery is more than enough to prevent me from watching or listening to it.  Too bad, that.  It’s just so unnecessary.  There is plenty of ammo to deliver some great commentary.  Foaming at the mouth is not needed or useful.   Maybe Max needs to be cut off from the octuple lattes for a bit?

  4. That means silver will reach 140$ per ounce with the ratio of one ounce of gold for 50 ounces of silver. It is official that QE infinity will happen so why 7000$ and why not 999999$ per ounce? Only during hyperinflation! The only thing that we all don’t know is that when gold will reach that amount.

  5. the next year is going to be very rough. May see another war in the middle east, China and Japan at war, and the US dragged into the mess. We need to tell these countries no money no troops. They can pay for help. Things are beyond fixing now so all we can do is prepare.

  6. US dragged into a war? LOLOL The US is the single greatest threat to humanity’s survival.  It is the US that is constantly invading other countries, killing millions (as in Iraq) and ruining the lives of entire civilizations.  I for one can’t wait until the US empire collapses under the weight of its own hubris and incompetence.

    Sorry to get OT.

    Jim is great as always. 😀  

  7. It will be an interesting day when US army personnel (mercenaries really) decide they would like to be paid in former currency than USD. Or in actual firm assets, such as land and PM’s. The size of that army, resources will run out quickly.

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