dollar burningIn this MUST WATCH interview, Currency Wars author Jim Rickards states that the dollar standard is being abandoned by the United States, that it is “definitely collapsing”, and that either the IMF’s SDR, gold, or a combination of the two will become the next global reserve currency in the dollar’s place:
“A return to a gold standard is a possibility, but I don’t see that in the immediate future, I think we have to have a collapse firstA collapse of the dollar standard, and the petro-dollar deal.  Then it (the dollar) will have to be replaced with something, which will either be the SDR or gold.  The dollar standard is definitely collapsing … the collapse is definitely coming”

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    • Says you. KWN constantly provides factual valuable data. It’s through them I first heard of the Greek bail ins,  the bail in changes scripted in the US, Canada, GB and Europe, they revealed data on the swiss bullion bank refusal to give allocated gold to its owners. If you think your going to scab on KWN and gain momentum by hopefully tilting silver investors away from it, then I’m going to defend that source… By myself if necessary.

    • @Shamus001 have to agree with you on this one. KWN is my first stop before all others, just wish he would tone down the several superlatives he uses over and over again. After awhile they tend to have a diminished affect.

    • Crissy,
      I think that is Ranger’s point i.e. turning down the superlative agression. I go there daily, and the info is good, but anyone who doesn’t say they are the most hyperbolic site on the internet is lying to themselves LOL!

    • I was taking about the super duper superlatives that Eric King is known for. Obviously I also come to this site to get the real information. Guess everyone looks at things differently and at the same time everyone thinks they are always right. Maybe I lie to myself all the time and need someone to point it out, but can’t seem to find anyone qualified enough to do that.

    • I’m aware of the sensational headlines, no one argues that… Sensationalism sells readers.. it gets me charged up to take the time to read it. Certainly not much new is said in many of the articles, but occasionally there are new supportive factors beating the old drums. I get sensationalism here, there, on tv, from the president, from msn, from everyone trying to get my attention, Hell, even penis envy adds are everywhere lol!  My point is they aren’t claiming Martians from the moon are landing, they have notable billionaire investors with insight. That is far more reliable than Ranger the physical basher coming on here and trying to discredit a solid and valuable metals news site… What’s he doing trolling on there anyhow? I don’t troll alien tinfoil sites! Why? Cause its a waste of my time! So he must really believe the source if he’s on the site, then why bash it unless he’s trolling? I keep my peace but this is so damn obvious it gets under my skin. @Crissyl keep to your convictions, there’s nothing wrong with KWN in the least.

  1. Rikards is a shill, and as such it’s hardly surprising he’s trying to plant the notion that the IMF’s diabolical SDR is a possibility in the future.  The problem for Rikards and his partners-in-crime is that the Han told Rothschild’s puppet Soros to return to his master with the message, “women bu yua” – “we don’t want”.
    An SDR would simply be yet another PONZI scheme of debt-based fiat currency controlled by the Kazar Mafia; the group Rikards has sold his soul to.  Dirty low life shill.
    Oh, and currency wars was originally written by Song Hongbing in 2007 and has never been translated to English as far as I’m aware.
    Again, I must stress, Rikards is a SHILL, dirty low life scum.

    • @coppersterling >>>Rikards is a shill, and as such it’s hardly surprising he’s trying to plant the notion that the IMF’s diabolical SDR is a possibility in the future
      Exactly what I have been thinking lately. How on Earth someone could act as if they are Pro-Solid Money and then list the other alternative as Paper Gold (SDR) which is simply another Anglo-American controlled paper accounting digit is beyond me. It is a massive Irony, with a capital I.
       His book is about Currency Wars after all, so why would China and Russia agree to sign onto a Western-Sphere controlled Keynesian concoction like the SDR? Unless the name was changed to Shanghai Drawing Right I believe the Chinese might have something to say about the SDR becoming a true and accepted ‘currency’, and they have enough support within the BRICS for other lynch pin developing and raw materials economies to successfully tell the IMF and their SDR to take a long walk off a very short pier. The SDR is simply another Rothschildesque fractional reserve instrument that existed because the international Gold Bullion Transfer mechanism was interrupted (defaulted on by the US).
      Which means that Rickards is a slimy shill who is ACTING like he is pro-gold standard whilst trying to soften the fall of the Anglo sphere banking houses onto a replacement fiat cushion containing Euros, USD, Sterling, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and Japanese Yen. I will predict that Russia says NYET! and of course was this not the number one thing Russia outlined on its agenda for the G20 meeting recently? A new international settlements system that is truly global and not just West oriented? But the US and UK concocted a War Scare in Syria in order to sideline those discussions … how convenient. ALL the media time in the West regarding the G20 is about the discussions they had about Syria, and not a peep (not one peep) about any financial conversation. I thought the G20 was a finance summit? The US and UK fiat system is on the verge of collapse, other countries are now bucking the western trend, and the media is a circus choreographed to cover up these realities so that western companies and employees continue to believe their Govts are stable and not corrupt to the core, and so they all continue to pay their taxes and not dissent through mass awakening and protests.
      The fact Rickards is CFR explains it all, thanks for that info @UglyDog I did not know that. CFR members (most of them) are just cherry picked intellectual report writers. Kind of like IPCC ‘Scientists’ who are only payed to find a certain problem. Find Warming and we will make you a Science Star; junkets, letters after your name, honorary degrees, speaking positions … we’ll make you a star, but if you can’t find warming then we have no use for your services. CFR Economists are paid and selected for their Western BOE and FED finacialarchy bias, and the IMF is simply the extension of this interest masquerading as a truly global institution. If you only pay monkeys bananas for pushing the Red Button then the monkey will ignore the blue button. Rickards is paid to press the Red button, but it is very cunning that his early career has been modeled as a person who is truly against the current system, and right towards the actual collapse when he already has a teapartyesque following he is used to sell SDRs? A pied piper? Very cunning. I smell a prostitute. You shall know them by their fruits, and if the SDR is the fruit that hangs from the Rickards tree then let it rot, I ain’t biting that fake fruit that looks all shiny but inside is full of maggots. I like to buy books, and I am so glad I didn’t buy Currency Wars. A friend told me it was simply a regurgitation of what anyone with a Michael Hudson (a real economist) type knowledge would already know, so I’m glad I didn’t pay this prostitute for his services… I would feel dirty.

  2. I don’t doubt what Jim Rickards says. Timing appears ‘soon’ relatively speaking, but Jim is clearly an elite and surrounds himself with spook types (ie: He’s tied in. It’s the old ‘we’re going to tell you what we’re going to do before we do it’. Well, we’ve been warned for several years now and the stackers get it, but the sheeple still don’t see the telegraphed warning signs and won’t unfortunately. 

  3. Rickards thinks the Fed balance sheet can’t expand much more, he is wrong.  If the BOJ, BOE, China, and Euro zone are all doing same thing, it won’t really matter.  
    He does say inflation is running below the 10 year bond rate,  so he does admit the inflation is not there.

    • They can expand it as much as the CPU and memory will allow.  The Bond Market / Currency Market will determine how long the life support machine will remain plugged in.

    • I agree, the Fed will expand its balance sheet as much as it needs, as it is now simply the financial trash heap of Wall Street and Washington. To call the newly acquired ‘assets’ the Fed has bought up ‘assets’ is to ignore the fact that the Fed was not designed as an investment bank, it was designed (supposedly) as a stabilization and utilitarian mechanism. There will be no ‘wind up’ of these ‘assets’, they’re only there because NOBODY else wants them. And we have a terminology for that in the real world, we call it a Lemon. The Fed is the dumping ground of last resort where all the unwanted trash ends up.
      The fact he doesn’t see any ‘inflation’ I guess is irrelevant. EVERYTHING is inflating on the back of the severe monetary inflation, except consumable prices because actual economic activity is in physical-deflation/stagnation, the remaining sectors are in competition for their very survival causing overcapacity, and velocity is dying due to the overwhelming personal debt service burden (and if interest rates rise…it just gets worse). The Stock Market and housing markets have all been artificially inflated and when they pop they just leave behind the results of corporate and personal bankruptcys that end up in the red on the balance sheet of the Big Banks, and then they all transfer it to the Fed Balance sheet (the dumping ground) because they are TBTF by ‘Law’ , and the cycle continues ad infinitum.
      When the musical chairs stop and people finally admit the Fed CANNOT save the US Economy there will be a race for the exit, and this will release the true consumer inflation. The only thing stopping it at the moment is false hopium and an economic activity deflation which is dressed up as a recovery by the presstitutes and media whores fueling some more hopium. Too much hopium and the patient will get too tolerant, and that’s when reality kicks in and the real depression will start. There’s nothing more depressing than reality, and the Reality is quite easy to see with a graph of the Fed Balance Sheet… Cancerous growth take off is never good news for a patient, and the Fed is in Metastases Mode … not long now.

  4. Yes, the dollar is DEFINITELY going to crash. That’s not disputed. It’s the ‘WHEN’ that is in question.
    At this rate, probably not until I’m dead.
    At which point, I will cease to care.
    Best advice I was ever given: “Live, laugh, and love. But periodically put ears to the tracks.”

  5. @Uglydog
    You wrote as a response to my comment, “Rickards is very knowledgeable and he is CFR.  So, always filter what he has to say through that lens.”
    If you realise that Rikards is a dirty shill why would you pay any attention to the treasonous leach?  Isn’t it time you paid less attention to ‘them’?  Do you not think these criminal banksters have already kinda lost control, or do you think they’re still the major player like 1600-2000?
    I personally believe they’ve lost control of there engineered collapse, the Han have played them very methodically and carefully, and that most of them will be hung from lamp-posts.
    We know their NAME, their crimes, and many of us will pass the information on to those that listen.  The era is over.
    Prepare for another 1345! The death of a usury-artist’s empire.

    • It’s strange how Rickards seems to bash bankers when he’s been on Wall Street for 35 years as an ‘investment banker’. He tweeted the link to the Keiser Report interview and said “done from behind enemy banker lines”. Isn’t that the kettle calling the pot black?

    • CS…Whoa boy.  Settle down.  Rickards is an insider, but he’s not guilty of the crimes you suggest.  Your comments would be more appropriately directed at the likes of Larry Summers or Jamie Dimon.  In this interview with Max Keiser, Rickards spoke about the currency battles going on in Asia and the carry trade coming to an end.  All of which factors into the discussion on precious metals.  It’s when he gets into the discussion about the IMF and SDR’s that he puts his CFR hat on (IMO).

    • @uglydog.
      Rikards is ‘guilty’.
      You think pseudo plagiarizing the work of Song Hongbing with a book titled ‘currency wars’ was Rikards idea?
      I doubt it, he was instructed to do it by his masters.
      Rikards is a sell-out shill, and should be viewed with the contempt he deserves.

    • @coppersterling
      I tend to agree with your summation of him. People don’t like to be harsh against people who they identify as one of those selling the ‘truth’, thus they give them breathing space. Peddling the SDR as a solution is a crossing the Rubicon moment for me, and I will give his BS no quarter. It is impossible to sell a big lie unless you dress it up with some truth, so this is what he has done. Your opinion that he was designed to do this IMO is correct.
      Rikards is a Trojan Horse plain and simple. The old Trojan Horse technique is always played at the end of the game as a Machiavellian last resort, and the people who fall for it are letting the enemy in the gates. So Rikards is useful for one thing at least; as an indicator … a litmus test. And he is indicating to me that TPTB are about to balk and to play their hand at collapsing the dollar in a 2008 style ‘crisis’, but this time propelling the IMF as a solution to restructure the Western Worlds debt, and to then play Russia and China off to the rest of the world as antagonists against world peace (economic and physical peace).
      The Western media will present Russia and China as upstarts that need to be ostracized Cold War style until they agree to play ball with the New World Order that is part and package with the SDR (Euro, Yen, Sterling, USD, AUD, CAD) and of course this Order will imply that there will be NO PEACE unless people sign onto a new Fiat… A Phoenix of the BOE-FED system, rising out of its own ashes. The Western Media does a good job at selling ice to eskimos, and unfortunately the Democratic Majority will think it is a great idea, and this is why Democracy is only a 9 letter word at the end of the day, it does not stipulate intellect or common sense of any sort … What the BRICS and other associated raw materials plantation countries will do when they play their hand is another question, and if Russia and China get enough international support the IMF attempt might just fail miserably. Its a game of poker and Russia and China are calling their bluff.

      The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) talks that were recently held were a preemptive part of this restructuring. The TPP was simply the Anglosphere attempting to lobby the Pacific Rim trade sphere to support its own new model, and to sign up these countries in a defacto trade pact against the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Russia and China at its core). Russia and China of course are NOT part of the TPP. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at the TPP talks … it was very hush hush. My gut tells me that it was about as successful as the Copenhagen Climate Talks 😛 ie, a failure. Time will tell.

    • So if a producer produces a widget and is trying to sell it to a consumer, then the price the consumer has to pay is no concern to the producer? You would think that a consumer with less money to spend would be a problem to someone trying to sell something. Just trying to clarify your reasoning to myself, if I am wrong, please give more detail of what you are trying to say.

    • Crissyl, my point is that inflation is not a concern for “big money”, producers are not experiencing inflation today (PPI data proves this), that is not PM bullish.
      When will “big money” get concerned about inflation?  When it hurts the bottom line of the companies they own shares in, so far it’s no concern.
      Yes, individuals like us suffer from price inflation every year, but that’s different than SP 500 companies, they have cheap labor and productivity gains.

    • Not a concern, YET, zman. Do not forget that. Unlimited expansion of the money supply will not be without its consequences, delayed or otherwise. The world is well on its way to rejecting the dollar.

  6. All above is true people, but forget about Silver skyrocketing, Gold maybe. But Silver will only have a steady climb
    and then some sell offs so it will be a long haul for Silver.
    I wouldn’t consider buying another ounce myself as I am tapped out with 2500 ounces averaging $33.00 an ounce.
    So much for the Bru HaHa, buy more for me. The Fiat based governments still have a lot of power and there are still
    millions of Silver ETF’s in place that need to go away and it won’t be any time soon believe me. Silver will still
    be manipulated even though by law the CFTC should squelch the bastards including The Fed who are doing it along with
    the bullion banks. If Yellen is to be the next Fed Chair, don’t count on anything changing even though Summers has
    been cast out. When over two thirds of the American dollars are not in this country and the U S Treasuries held by
    the foreign Sovereigns are cashed in, nothing is going to happen to the benefit of us holding physical Silver in my
    opinion. Yes without a doubt the DXY is declining, if it goes into the low 70’s we can have a Silver Parade. IMO
    there will be no taper or very little if any at all. I still believe strongly that Silver will not stabilize until
    there is a Clear Free Market for trading and that won’t happen anytime soon!

  7. Is it just me or do you all see that every time an article on this site brags that the manipulation is coming to an end and the metals can do nothing but rise from here going forward, that they instantly get smashed down again? I think those who are in control would smash them down even if it caused them pain when they see this bragging about stacking and holding the puppet masters in contempt.
    Maybe a new strategy would be to become all hung dog and discouraged and just admit that we are licked and that they are in total control of our destinies. Maybe once we cried uncle, they would cut the metals loose and feel better about themselves. All I know is that what we do and believe right now isn’t working and all of our experts have been proven wrong time and time again. These powerful people have control over all of the levers of power and they could even cancel the law of gravity or reverse time if they wanted to. We are just helpless passengers on their Hell train to nowhere and have been for years now.
    I can’t afford to stack anymore but I will not give them my metals to send across the seas to our enemies just to make their fiat lies look better. I have waited to long and now I am plain pissed.

    • No it’s not just you believe me. I have listened to more homogenizes Caca here for a very long time listening to the gurus who sit at the foot of my bed telling me how good it’s going to be. But after all is said and done, it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on like we have and telling us it’s just rain.

    • Actually it is better to not be pissed at all. Why let events that you have no control over get you upset and angry when all you have to do is let it go and bring more peace into the world apposed to hostility? Now that is a solution we can all live with. Einstein once said something like this; we have only two choices to make, do we live in a friendly or hostile world? The choice is ours. I choose to believe in peace and think that people are ultimately good but are caught up in the constant bombardment of negativity that others produce. Being like them is not a solution.

    • Good point @Crissyl. No point in wasting emotional energy on things that are outside of our control. I for one do not believe TPTW have full control. It appears that way because of their media propaganda machine. Sure they control the markets, but won’t last forever IMO. They are certainly masters of manipulation, but not masters of our destiny and not omnipotent in their control. If you believe their propaganda, you’ve already lost.

    • @Whiskey Six >>>I for one do not believe TPTW have full control.
      Everything is relative. If you are a person that thinks 100% Machiavellian and you can always capitalize on Chaos and War then technically you can NOT lose control, because you are the one who offers Order when others Submit. The Malevolent invisible apparitions of people that ‘control’ this world will always be in control (of this material world) because they have fought to keep their hands on the real Weapons of Mass Destruction. If you fight them to take away that power then you simply help them with their aims as it is like putting fire out with petrol.The ONLY thing that will eventually diminish their power is a complete structural collapse of the greater system, perhaps even on the back of some natural event that is not part of their calculation, and even then this will only wound them. There is no light without darkness, and there is no malevolence without benevolence.
      As far as Crissy is concerned most people are Good??? No, most people are complacent, apathetic, uninterested. If you have never been to a rally or had someone threaten to punch you in the face (as I have many times) for protesting and lobbying for true justice, then you are NOT a Good person (unless you have some physical ailment that prevents your direct ability). Being a ‘Good’ person is putting your body in the way of the machine and caring about something higher than yourself. Most Americans and Westerners are self obsessed and popular culture drunk. Not being a murderer or a thief is not enough to claim the label of ‘Good’. Self sacrifice is the prerequisite, and only a small fraction of Westerners are Good in that respect, the rest are simply part of the problem, and the small fraction who are truly malevolent use them as a willing weapon against the rest … The Democratic Majority, a true WMD.

    • Ted Butler has some good comments recently:
      I know that some have questioned how it could be possible for gold to decline so much in price if JPMorgan held a long market corner. The answer is clear, once you remember that prices only fall sharply in order to enable JPMorgan to buy. Near the bottom in gold prices at $1200, JPMorgan was long 85,000 contracts. On the subsequent $250 rally, JPM sold off and close out nearly 30,000 contracts of their long gold market corner, booking and realizing $350 million in profits. Now JPMorgan has decided to buy more and has cratered gold prices by more than $100 in order to re-buy as many new gold contracts as they can. JPMorgan is not concerned that the market may have temporarily gone against their existing gold corner as they continue to buy as many contracts as possible. JPM wouldn’t have any problem in meeting margin calls as it is presently structured; because it rests upon unlimited funding. When you look back at this year, it is crystal clear that JPMorgan made $3 billion in buying back big short positions in gold and silver and actually flipping their short corner in COMEX gold to a long corner that they’ve already milked for a $350 million profit recently and so far.
      – Ted Butler, September 13, 2013

    • @Ranger How do you know how long I have been reading this site? I have been commenting for more than a year and have 1280+ SD ounces. If you are an example of the elite group on here then count me out anyway. Besides, my BS detector works as well as any, what model do you have?

    • Remember, Dave Ramsey went bankrupt.  So, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  He learned how to cut up his credit cards, but he still knows nothing about investing.  Ramsey is thinking back to the Great Depression with his “cash is king” mantra.  What he forgets is back then ‘Cash=Gold and Silver’.  Now days ‘Cash=fiat’.  Stick with gold and silver.

    J.P. Morgan to Agree to ‘London Whale’ Fines
    Bank to Admit Wrongdoing as Part of SEC Settlement
    WASHINGTON—J.P. Morgan Chase JPM +1.05% & Co. is expected to take a big step toward resolving the “London whale” trading fiasco, agreeing to pay at least $800 million in penalties and admit wrongdoing as part of a broad regulatory settlement over its handling of the matter, according to people familiar with the situation.
    Regulators in the U.S. and U.K. are expected to fault J.P. Morgan for deficient internal controls and disclosing incorrect information related to the 2012 trades, the people said. The trades resulted in more than $6 billion in losses at the largest U.S. bank.

  9. I have enjoyed my time here on SD and have met many wonderful people. I have decided it is in the best interest of my well being to stay away from all these news sites, and it will be completely away, so I will not be even reading the articles, much less the comments. I leave you with one thing to ponder, and that is to ask the question that all philosophers end up asking and that is “why are we here?” The answer is actually pretty clear and the answer is what could save this world if enough people understood it. Please click here and watch this video if you can, it will be of a lot of help for many that find life too unbearable, especially with all that is going on in the world. No need to leave me any comments on this, I will be gone from here by then. Peace and Love. -crissy

    • Crissy
      Did not mean to offend you in any way and if I did, I strongly apologize. I have been on here quite awhile and if you have been reading articles and not posting comments, I have assumed that you are fairly new to posting. Just remember to glean the only possibilities because all of us get off base because of frustration. I look at the geo-economics more than anything else and keep the London Fix on 18 hours a day and compare the reality of the London Fix to what the Gurus comment about and most of the time it just doesn’t gel with what is written here. It is true that I poke fun at a lot of the comments made here, as many IMO have nothing to do with the rise and fall of precious metals. If one only looks at what the Ten Year Bell whether Bond yield is and the DXY (basket of currencies that includes the dollar) and compare it to what any supposed Guru says (Sorry M45) that is really all you need to know as the rest is based on supposition.
      Best Regards and keep posting,

    • Lol Ranger, Crissyl has been around for about two and a half years or longer, long before you and I’m not offended Ranger as  I do my video’s for fun as I’m a Long Term Stacker and not a Guru, just like poking fun at them. Keep Stacking

    • >>> I leave you with one thing to ponder, and that is to ask the question that all philosophers end up asking and that is “why are we here?”
      I distinctly remember her once criticizing those who ‘preach’ on this site for occasionally using their Christian Bible for an analogy against the current break down in the social fabric. I guess the New Age or New Thought movement (as per the link she provided, of Wayne Dyer) is relevant simply because it espouses a NEW connection with spirituality … because some people love to trash the past and blame everything in the past for the worlds problems … unless it is Buddhist/Hindu and includes colorful Chakra diagrams and Pilates classes of course. The hypocrisy of this is overwhelming but I guess that is the price of free speech … which is why I will never leave this site in a sanctimonious fashion, and I will never be offended, and I will give my damn opinion on anything that needs and should be discussed no matter how ‘rude’ any regular or so called ‘guru’ of SD happens to be.
      And anyone who does not like long posts (usual whinging mantra) that attempt at going a little deeper into a particular subject for the purpose of analysis … there is a roller ball on your mouse that is not too hard to use … so use it, and stop complaining about that damn ‘guru’ or meany that offended you by investing some time to post or type, and to penetrate another corner of the human demographic that might be interested, someone who might in fact care for that analysis even if it did not suit your own. Life is offensive, and being able to handle criticism is a personal strength that should be well valued. Some of my best personal development has come from a well needed criticism. The critic should be praised and valued in a healthy society, and if it is baseless criticism then counter-punch will expose such a critics baseless argument quick enough.

  10. Dollar era drawing to its end



    At the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg the discussion of U.S. aggression against Syria overshadowed the economic issues. Meanwhile, there have been certain developments in this area that are crucial for the future of the global economy. The first steps were made to rid the banking and financial system of the dictatorship of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.


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    U.S. power is determined by two components: the dollar as the world reserve currency and the army. When the U.S. dollar becomes weaker, the army starts acting, arranging demonstrations and beneficial in the long run aggressions “oil in exchange for democracy.” There are many examples of this, especially after the collapse of the great Soviet Union, when the United States began organizing local wars and conflicts nearly every year. Syria is a good example: Obama spoke of an armed strike after he became aware of the official debt of 17 trillion dollars, and according to unofficial estimates of Californian scientists this number is much larger.

    A great invention of the financiers Rothschild and Rockefeller – the U.S. Federal Reserve System (FRS) is a private company that since 1943 (adoption of the Bretton Woods system, the replacement of gold with the dollar as a reserve currency) has been dictating to the world how to live, and where and how to spend money. All international transactions are made in dollars, and the emission of national currencies is firmly tied to the amount of dollars that sovereign central banks formally purchase from the Federal Reserve. It is clear that under such circumstances it is not difficult to determine how to develop a particular economy, of course, in the interests of the United States. With this in mind, it is easy to understand the reasons behind Russia’s inability to get out of the role of the world colonial raw materials appendage that is unusual for it, in spite of all the declarations and appeals of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.
    All known attempts to get rid of the dollar leash have failed. The failed attempts included the intentions of Iran to abandon the dollar in payments for export crude oil and the organization of Petroleum Exchange in St. Petersburg designed exclusively to trade oil in rubles. The U.S. is rigidly and rigorously guarding its dollar monopoly, believing that it is better than any threats and ideology for keeping the entire world under control.

    In St. Petersburg, Russia signed a series of agreements that undermine this monopoly. On the first day of the summit, Gazprom and the Chinese state oil company signed an agreement on the basic conditions of supply of gas and oil and gas development in Russia. It is imperative that the currency of the agreement is the yuan or ruble, and the price of the supplied hydrocarbons will be determined on a bilateral basis without a reference to the Anglo-Saxon index Henry Hub determined on the London Stock Exchange. This guarantees that speculative impact on the Russian economy due, for example, to shale gas supplies, will be minimized.
    Another unprecedented step towards getting rid of the monopoly of the dollar is the creation of a stabilization fund of the BRICS countries and the Development Bank. Its goal, as stated by the President of the Russian Federation, is to contribute to the improvement of the financial markets after the U.S. ends the policy of quantitative stimulation. This was a diplomatic statement, but its meaning translated into vernacular formula would sound something like “get lost with your dollar.”

    The initiative would create a full-fledged monetary union. The BRICS sovereign fund along with the Bank may lend money to the countries participating in the fund without the consent of the Federal Reserve. The residents of these countries represent 44 percent of the world’s population. The Bank will have the opportunity to buy securities of the Fund as well as debt securities of the participating countries. This means a sovereign issue according to the rules of today’s financial market, bypassing the Federal Reserve System. In times of an acute economic crisis launched by the U.S., the fund may take over the function of the new financial center of the world, reducing the role of the compromised dollar to zero.
    President Putin has consolidated BRICS countries around Russia in order to create sovereign issue tools in addition to the Federal Reserve that did not exist since the time of the Soviet Union. These are the outlines of a future world order where there will be no place for the greedy hegemony of the U.S. and its Anglo-Saxon satellites. The U.S. authorities are unable to prevent such a development. In terms of military potential BRICS countries are as strong as the U.S. and NATO, even if we assume that they will choose a suicidal nuclear mission.

    • @SilverDagger
      The big elephant in the room has made another entry. Great post. TPP has failed, and Syria War Hysteria can only temporarily cover up the REAL issue of the day … the death of the London-Washington fiat take over attempt. I’m quite sure the Western Oligarchy will however start WWIII. They love a free ride too much and giving in would signal the end of that ride. I should call it the London-Washington suicide pact, because that’s what it really is, and the people who really control McCain, Obomber, Graham, Hague, Cameron and Hollande (etc…) have always seen the Military as their Base Collateral. They will now use that collateral IMO, and 911 was just the warning to the East that they are willing to do ANYTHING to save their ponzi scheme. They will spare no evil.

  11. Nicely said on a world perspective. I also want to state the Matrix Trilogy is coming out episodes 4 & 5, where precious metals will be a thing of the past. Human bots with no souls will be coming to a theater near you. Resources: Sophia Stewart, full-spectrum-dominence. C2CAM (disclosureradio with John B Wells, September 15, 2013). Where one day the elite wants to create such a world where cybots clones & widgets will drive precious metals into extinction.

    Only in the first 40 minutes of the show

    • Speros,
      If Obama is really just a puppet than it doesn’t matter how smart he is or if his balls exist.  It only matters how smart his master is.  
      P.S. I have a feeling his master has brass balls.

    • Just thin air actually, shit is more valuable. Fertilizer has a use … the USD does have some heating ability though if you throw it in your fire to keep warm … :-] A Treasury Bond has a higher denomination, so in fact Treasuries are the worst investment on the Paper-per-credit ratio … too bad for the Chinese, lots of treasury bonds to curse out over there. They be pissed!!!

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