fiscal cliffJim Rickards joined FoxBusiness for an excellent interview regarding Janet Yellen’s first months as Fed Chairwoman. Rickards informed the MSM viewers that The Fed has tapered into weakness, and explains why counter to what the BL(B)S report would have one believe, the labor force is falling off a cliff. 
Perhaps Rickards tunes into the SD Metals & Markets, as he informs Diedra that he expects the Fed to end the taper by July, and increase asset purchases by 2014something we have been predicting for over 6 months. 
Rickards full interview is below:


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From FoxBusiness:


    • As I read his book (and re-read it), I think about your previous comments expressing an extreme distaste for Rickards; is he really as evil as you think, or something else? He sure seems to hate the Fed, like gold -although the SDR thing bugs me, I must say.  I do wonder.

    • I don’t hate rickards, I just am uneasy about him. Nothing he says I don’t think is woefully inaccurate but the fact is he has some ties to places I think are part of the problem.
      Like you say, I just wonder. His message rings true to me, I mean I’m a precious metals guy, he respects Gold. I read his currency war books and will read his new one too.

      Also, I find it funny how he talks with his hands and his mini mullet is fairly righteous.

    • I hear what you say -a healthy skepticism is necessary more than ever. I read his twitter posts from time to time, and he seems to genuinely despise big government, the militarized police, sees the Fed as deluded, etc. Best to “not-trust, but verify”, I guess.

  1. Jim Richards is a character on stage playing his part.  Now are you ready when the PTB changes seats?  The tension in this planet with warmongering plans have gone under scrutiny.  Corporate-tism is losing the war, but there are many battles before declaring victory.  The fiat system Janet Yellen is portraying is the act of repute with different levers and buttons of disinformation coupled with fear and shortages to align cabal interests.  We The People can help in this battle by purchasing physical Silver, because we will not see these low prices in several generations.  So Stack Up in Silver, Stock Up in Physical Cash because banks, 401k’s, are easy pickings to Steal from We The People.

  2. Anyone with corporate ties is suspect, so every story on here by a “guru” is taken with a grain of salt. Pull out the truth reject the garbage in whatever way works for you

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