Jim Rickards, author of “Currency Wars”, speaks with Jim Puplava on Financial Sense Newshour to discuss the new age of global financial warfare and its potential outcome on savers and investors around the world.   Rickards states that we are experiencing the start of traditional war games using financial warfare only, and that the global currency wars will continue to escalate as Currency War 3 has just begun.

Rickards’ interview is below:

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Apparently the Rickards interview has been removed by YouTube, but the interview is still available here: http://www.financialsense.com/node/10533

And here is Rickards full Currency War Simulation:




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    • Not just the stock market, all paper assets will collapse when the US dollar and the Euro will collapse. I have never bought a stock and I may never buy one. Because I first discovered the fundamentals of precious metals then after the stock market.

  1. Got a date on this video? I remember seeing this like over a year ago. Why would you put it up now and insinuate it is current? What is your agenda? You could have identified it as an older piece. Its still good and Rickards is great. But really?

  2. It’s good to hear again how events could easily shake out.  Rickards is low on his estimate of China gold holdings. It’s easily closer to 10,000 tons.  5,000 tons through directe purchases, Hong Kong and their hedge funds.  Another 5,000 tons from its own mines, averaging 700 tons a year.  The Chinese are masters at playing the long game. Their dollar holdings will drop in value by 50% plus. It’s a sunk cost and they know that the values will drop.  They are planning for it, factoring it into their value calculations and how gold will restore the FIAT losses. 
    This is an older video but with China disclosed as the major player in cyber warfare. they and Iran have been hitting the banks, large corporations, and the government’s  vulnerable points like the Fed wire system that was partly hacked last week with reverse engineered Flame and Stuxnet viruses.
    This was noted on the MSM today. These continual tests are setting us up for a full scale assault, precipitated by their assumptions that their allies in the BRICs will go along with their plans. This attack could be the tripwire that sets the anticipated Black Swans in motion.
    The BRICS and Japan are about 65% of the world GDP. We could easily find ourselves without allies who have the teeth to defend against this. GB and Euro won’t be much help IMO. The Swiss will side with China and Japan and Japan will roll into the Chinese orbit without much fuss or bother.  They have more problems that we can fix.

    • “The Swiss will side with China…”
      Think so?  I wonder.  They would have to decouple their currency from the euro first.  Not impossible but a sure sign of an impending Sino relationship.  They had better study this VERY carefully.  Asian countries have a long history of bitter conflict with their neighbors.  Because of this, there are NO friendly neighbors in Asia.  North Korea – China does not count as that alliance is based on political ideology, not friendship.  They will throw the Swiss under the bus at the 1st opportunity, just as they will any other non-Chinese group or nation.

    • I’ve heard that Canada will also side with China when the USA and Europe will collapse because we have a lot of untouched resources in the north. In my opinion, I don’t think that Canada and China would form allies because we have Harper as our Prime Minister who supports the USA a lot. China will just harness Canada just like a farmer milking out a cow.

  3. Currency Wars, hell I knew it was coming. Pastor Lindsey Williams has been warning us of this for the past couple of years and it amazing the effect it has on me as I don’t fear what’s coming as I’m getting Prepared.

  4. The people who are owning physical and tangible precious metals in their own possessions and who are not owning any paper assets are not really concerned with this currency war which is us. I have a feeling that I may soon need to use my precious metals to purchase goods and services.

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