CIA Project Prophecy & insider trading. It might not be what you think…

Interviewed on Pentonomics:

Investing, trading, deep state modus operandi and the nefarious acts of government investing when confronting crisis have just met their match…


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  1. In the beginning… I was afraid that this would simply be the Jim Richards version of the Cliff High data-sets… but it turned into an excellent honest analysis of our current situation and the impending bubble collapses we face.  Indeed the Fed and all the world are bankrupt and no viable options exist except at maybe the IMF level.

    It may be revealing that neither Michael or Jim never used the word “Reset” but jumped directly to… Trade wars… currency wars… and world wars.  Jim stated that we are already in the currency war stage and world war is on the horizon.  I guess the “Reset” will have to arise from the ashes.

    The bottom line was the reality that… Gold is money…  and you must get it prior to the collapse.   It was a sobering interview without the usual “to da moon” hype… so you might require a week sips while watching it.

  2. In the first 4 minutes Jim Rickards gives the game away.   He firmly plants the meme that 911 was done by a bunch of ‘terrorists’ who were also responsible for the insider trading before the event.   Nothing to do with USA “insiders” .   He goes onto say that the CIA didn’t want to use this insider trading action to identify another ‘terrorist’ plot.   Why?   Obviously they didn’t want to identify their own people presumably.

    Jim Rickards (a self admitted intelligence asset) to my mind is a clever diversions tactician planted to steer people away from looking too closely at what is really going on.

    There is something very creepy and sly about the man.

    • @ JOHNGALT

      Rickards is obviously trying replant his hair from his head, down his back to cover his arse.   I think Pento is sharp but he always reminds me of one of Al Capone’s hitmen.

      They all have something to push and continually interview each other.   I’m waiting for the day when Jim Rickards interviews Jim Rickards about his wonderful books.

      The thing with Rickards is he tells you up front who he is and where he’s coming from and people still believe he’s one of the good guys.

    • I agree that Rickards is definitely on the “inside” and is used for diversionary tactical advantage. Apart from that, I never trusted anyone who talks at 100MPH just sitting down! Always reminds me of used car salesmen?

      After all, if he so much “The insider” he alludes to be, how come none of his significant predictions have ever really come true?

    • And sorry to come back to it but WHY does SD stick to its practise of using ASK prices for metals in the page banner? All other Sites use the BID price because you can ASK whatever you like for something? This has the ridiculous effect of having the graphs in the right margin state a price in numbers at the top which is completely inconsistent with the graphs below, presumably lifted from another source?

      Is this to try to make metals appear “More expensive” as a sales tactic? I think the mostly highly intelligent SD posters deserve better? As an example, the Ag Chart on the left margin, as of now, shows a price for Ag at the top of the Chart of $17.21, whereas the Graph itself clearly shows a price of $17.10?

      At least be consistent?

  3. I’m only 6 & 1/2 minutes into the Video & I realise that you have to listen to Jim & what he has to say, even if you are a Religious Nut (as there are many on here) trying to distract everyone from learning about what is coming down the turnpike.


    A precious metals website being bombarded by Religion & absolute [email protected] just to distract from the message, – which is ….. wealth preservation in the face of the THEFT of the wealth that you have created.


    There I go again.  _JLG. 

  4. Michael Pento is one of the sharpest knives in the drawer (on Bonds, etc.) & together with Jim Richards it is a must watch to anyone who wants to learn anything.


    If you don’t want to learn anything, just go straight to the comments section below & just BABBLE_ON about your favourite topic of BULL$#!T.  i.e. Crypto’s, Religion.   _JLG.  

  5. I’ll confess, I’ve read Rickard’s publication’s and actually found some information worth the time spent in the reading.


    Caveat: Save yourself the cost by visiting you local public library and take out a book loan paid for by your tax dollars. Invest the purchase price savings in tangible assets such as silver.

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