Jim Rickards ChinaIs Jim Rickards a Disinformation Agent as a PM Fund Manager alleged this week, or is he simply intending to advise and prepare people for what he genuinely believes is coming with the end of the dollar paradigm? 


Submitted by Larry White

When you write a blog like this it is necessary to daily review all the sources of information you use to stay informed in case something new pops up. This week I see two alternative media sites running articles suggesting that the US government is sending out “propaganda agents” to mislead the public on how much gold the US really still has in its possession.

One of the articles mentions Jim Rickards by name in suggesting he is not only misleading the public on the gold question, but is also trying to “sell the idea of using the IMF SDR to the world as a reserve currency replacement for the dollar”. Here is a link to that article.   This article also refers readers to a King World News article suggesting a similar idea (but does not mention Jim Rickards by name). Readers here know we often cite Jim Rickards interviews and articles. So how do we react to all this? Let’s take a look.
I have followed Jim Rickards now for a number of years. The reason I cite his articles and interviews is because his track record on forecasting is very good. In addition, he provides substantial documentation and evidence for his analysis and views. Something I view as very important in presenting information to the public. Especially to people new to all these complicated issues related to the monetary system.
The articles that I noted above that are critical of Jim Rickards make two basic arguments.   One is that he is misleading the public on the actual physical gold held by the US in its possession.  The other is that he is trying to sell (or prepare the public to accept) the idea of the IMF SDR as a new global reserve currency to replace the US dollar.
Regarding the first criticism, in every interview or article I have seen by Jim Rickards on the US gold holdings he states that he believes there is gold leasing taking place. There is good evidence to support this as we noted in an earlier article we ran on Central Banks and gold.
However, there is no evidence that I know of that proves any physical gold is missing that the US reports owning.
In the article linked above, we noted the official US Treasury and US House Finance Committee reports that state the official gold holdings. While I can understand why some may be suspicious of those reports since the US is not willing to do a full audit on the gold, suspicion is not evidence.
If someone has evidence (proof) that actual physical gold is missing, they should come forward with it. Otherwise, they should state it is their opinion the gold is missing because without proof there is no way for any of us to verify it either way. I don’t see how Jim Rickards is misleading the public by simply accepting the reported physical gold inventory issued by the US Treasury.
If those figures are wrong, then it is the government reports that are misleading.   Again, we cannot know how much leasing has been done because the US Fed refuses to disclose that information.
Regarding the second criticism, I have heard Jim Rickards discuss the topic of the IMF using the SDR as a reserve currency in the future many times.  I have never heard him suggest he favors that. I did not get the impression he is attempting to “sell” anyone on that idea. In fact, in several interviews that I heard, he goes out of his way to suggest that he thinks a fiat version of the SDR will not work and will eventually give way to a gold backed system one way or another. So again, I don’t understand why people would suggest he is advocating using the SDR as a global reserve currency. That is not consistent with his comments in the interviews I have heard.
When I listen to Jim Rickard analysis, what I hear is someone trying his best to forecast what he thinks is most likely to eventually happen (whether he agrees with it or not). I do the same thing here. As I have stated on this blog before, my opinions don’t really matter. What matters is what actually happens. And people trying to become informed and prepare for whatever happens need to be ready for what is most likely to actually happen.
I fully support the right of everyone to offer their opinions on these topics and their right to convince others that their view is correct. But I do think that readers here need to listen to various views and then compare opinions and forecasts they see to what actually happens (whether it agrees with their own point of view or not). It is important to make decisions based on the best information available.

I see no evidence that Jim Rickards is trying to mislead people.  Rather, it seems to me he is trying to inform and prepare people for what he genuinely believes is going to happen. He may end up being right or wrong.   But his track record so far is very strong which is why we cite his work here and will continue to do so as a credible alternative viewpoint.Update: Jim Rickards new interview provided an opportunity to explore this topic in more depth so I added a new Part II article which you can read here.


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  1. I don’t think he’s a dis-information agent.  I think he predicts an outcome which doesn’t severely upset the govt so he’ll continue to be employed in the future.  In short, he probably has an agenda just like all of these other guru’s making predictions.  Who knows, he could end up being just as correct as everyone else?  

  2. I will ask again on this topic – have any of you conspiracy theorists who think Rickards is a shill read his books?  
    The answer I will bet is no. 
    You may have positions that differ from his but that doesn’t make him a shill.  
    Thank you Mr White for clarify Mr. Rickards record I have pointed out his dislike of SRDs without gold backing and have pointed out he has made predictions that run counter the interest of the US/the military industrial complex/the IMF/the banksters etc.  He appears to just call it as he sees it.  
    He biases of course – we all do.  For example he likes to the way the ECB is handling things largely because they are handcuffed to a large extent on doing QE.  (Note Rickards lambasts what the Fed is doing and talks about how it is damaging the middle class etc.) 
    Some of you guys need to get a life or take off the tinfoil.  (Ok now 1, 2, 3 – call me an apologist.)  next. 

    • I read Currency Wars but not The Death of Money.
      He’s admittedly CIA/Pentagon connected.  That’s in the first chapter of Currency Wars when he describes his war game.  Incidentally, in that book the big move in their war game is Russia and China teaming up to use gold instead of the dollar.  A prescient call I would say.
      Its not just the CIA and Pentagon though… he is mobbed up from the neck down.  He’s got a background with the World Bank and was at Long Term Capital Management when they went under.  He claims to have inside knowledge about the “terrorists” that were trading options on airline stocks right before 9/11 (but swears it was no one in the CIA, it was muslims living in caves).
      Also he is a transhumanist… in this interview with Reason TV a question from the audience asks him about his affiliation with Singularity University… google that if you don’t know what it is… and he calls those sick bastards “the smartest people in the room” or something like that (sorry I don’t have the exact time marker… it is somewhere about halfway through I think).

      He’s definitely worth listening to when it comes to forecasts because he obviously has good connections… but it is probably wise to proceed with caution about his claims that the US gov still has all their gold (and everyone elses) or that the IMF/SDR replacement for the dollar is a done deal.
      Oh, and Joe, telling people to take off their tinfoil hat is about as intellectually honest as a monkey throwing shit when he gets pissed off.  Next.

    • @SoL
      Great comment. Thanks for the lead on the Singularity University, I had not heard of that one, but am quite aware of the transhumanist movement and its appeal to super rich scum and their minions who are looking for a reason for existence outside of living morally and then being judged by the real boss.
      Don’t forget Rickards is Council on Foreign Relations also, which is why he can claim his books as a ‘Best Seller’ before they even sell to the public (ie, the CFR approved his account and he immediately found out that he was a ‘best seller’ overnight in the wholesale market as every book store marches to the tune of the publishing connections with the CFR and stocks their shelves with his propaganda). Economics books for popular consumption written by CFR members are always Best Sellers straight off the press. Mr Rockefeller approves!
      This piece said:     “While I can understand why some may be suspicious of those reports since the US is not willing to do a full audit on the gold, suspicion is not evidence. If someone has evidence (proof) that actual physical gold is missing, they should come forward with it. Otherwise, they should state it is their opinion the gold is missing because without proof there is no way for any of us to verify it either way”
      This is actually stupid reasoning in today’s world. It assumes that actual evidence for something will EVER be forthcoming. And if Rickards already admits Gold Leasing, then has Knox Gold been leased to private parties? And if so, who is the LEGAL OWNER and who is the BENEFICIAL OWNER (We live in a world of Legalese, and the Devil is in the detail).
      Maybe Rickards wants the IMF Reforms to be passed and the SDR to become the WRC, but does he ever say that the conditions attached to such a deal would require a World Gold Audit Authority doing an audit at Knox? Of course not, because even the newly reformed IMF would have to take the US Govts word for it that the 1000’s of tons of Gold that are supposed to be at Knox are still there. It is then simply an unquestioned qty of rehypothecated nothing on a Ledger at the IMF … yawn, no change in IMF procedure there.
      I don’t need proof … any Gold that is in Knox is for show and the majority was already spirited out between the 60’s and 80’s, the US outflows that have been recorded prove that a whole lot of Gold came from somewhere, and based on the fact that US Citizens had theirs stolen by executive order in the 30’s it sure as hell didn’t come from the public.
      Who needs to wait for proof in today’s world? Losers and Muppets wait for proof.
      Did G.W.Bush need proof of WMD’s in Iraq before breaking international law? Nope.
      Why should the public believe the complete sh*t that comes from the Govt and Establishment? … or the bean counter commercial colonizers at the IMF?
      I say the onus of proof is on the Government to prove there is any real Gold in Knox. Even the 1953 ‘Audit’ was a partial audit. The only real audit that was ever done was the records of the inflows into the vaults, and because there was never an audit done of the whole amount after it ALL entered the vaults then the real question is DID IT ALL EVEN GO INTO THE VAULTS TO START WITH? This is a much better question.
      Quit with the Stockholm Syndrome people.
      Crooks run the country at every level and they are laughing at the stupid denial apologetics that still emanate from the unwashed masses unable to comprehend their bondage.
      Wake up people. Stop defending Government propaganda.
      US Gold was robbed in the 30’s and then was spirited into private vaults. Once the SDR is introduced then the people who got that Gold are the rulers of the world unless some intervention from God perhaps like Yellowstone blowing up makes Gold ownership defunct, and the erstwhile rulers of the universe are confronted with their own mortality. Outside of divine intervention I can not see how this works out good for at least some of the peasants, especially with all of the apologists with Stockholm Syndrome who aren’t even being paid to support these crooks.
      The 2nd Amendment is the only bottle left on the wall. PERIOD!

    • @WillNotBeASlave


      “This is actually stupid reasoning in today’s world. It assumes that actual evidence for something will EVER be forthcoming. And if Rickards already admits Gold Leasing, then has Knox Gold been leased to private parties? And if so, who is the LEGAL OWNER and who is the BENEFICIAL OWNER (We live in a world of Legalese, and the Devil is in the detail).”


      I would not characterize it in this way but do agree with your reasoning.  No, we very often do not have proof / evidence of wrong-doing, particularly when the government is involved.  SO?  As you point out, such evidence is quite often simply not available, most likely because those who specialize in national-scale shenanigans are very good at covering their tracks.  This is not equal to ‘there is no evidence because no skullduggery has occurred’.


      As to gold “leasing”, this is a polite fiction, if ever there was one.  When these people talk about “leasing”, they mean SELLING.  Just ask the Germans whether or not they think that the US has ALL 8100 tons of the gold bullion that they claim to have, even though there hasn’t been an independent audit of the US gold holdings in about 60 years, not to mention the tendency of the US Gov to LIE about such things while using very creative accounting entries on the official record books.  It is not at all beyond belief that the US Gov counts paper receipts for “leased” gold AS gold in spite of the fact that there very well may not be any physical gold remaining in US custody.  If the US Gov does have the gold that they claim to have, why not put this entire issue to rest with an official and independent audit of these holdings?  The fact that they are not willing to do this seems a very strong indication that they do not dare.


  3. Really though, I’ve heard him suggest countless times that the SDR’s will likely become the next reserve currency.  I still listen to his interviews though because they are more on par with my viewpoints than Dr. Krugman, or KITCO’s “Jeff – the -Pretender” metals analyst.
    Will SDR’s dethrone the dollar? I dunno
    Will Gold dethrone the dollar? I dunno
    Is either better or worse for me personally?  I dunno
    Did the U.S. really discover a UFO in New Mexico?  I dunno
    WTF Do I really know?  Waters wet, my dog likes his ass scratched and I have no control over whats going to happen globally. So I’ll just open up a beer, keep my gun cleaned and my silver hidden, jet ski in the summers, build snowmen in the winter and pray I live to tomorrow to scratch my dog’s ass another day. 😉

    • Ha ha … I feel your frustration Shamus.
      The ‘EXPERTS’ have everything under control Shamus … until the status-quo breaks in two and then they are crying for the Mommy like everyone else.
      But until that day comes, we will all have to continue listening to their pretentious ruminations about ‘best practice accounting standards’ and ‘increasing transparency’ and my all time favorite ‘the recovery’. When WWIII arrives they will call it a ‘kinetic action’.
      The ship of fools sails on!!!

    • @WillNotBeASlave


      “When WWIII arrives they will call it a ‘kinetic action’.”


      No doubt… either that or a “police action”, as if cops are involved in some way.  :-/


      “The ship of fools sails on!!!”


      Yep, just like the Titanic… and there be ‘bergs in these waters…


  4. Excerpt: “What matters is what actually happens. And people trying to become informed and prepare for whatever happens need to be ready for what is most likely to actually happen.”

    The future depends on what the Peoples of this world’s countries desire. If those in the commentariat coyly prognosticate outcomes on the predicate that … ‘what happens’ will be preordained so by government dictate … however they feign ‘distance’ from it … act, through their discourse in accessory, by surreptitious omission of the historically proven course of stability … being in this particular, Honest Money absent circulating credit.

    All minutia aside, what both Mr. Rickards and Mr. White argue, is the unquestioned … presumption … that the banknote scheme is inviolate and permanent. This one element is the crux of what I’ll assert here as their mutual deception. Both defend the false paradigm of a credit based excuse for a ‘monetary system’, with gossamer ‘cover’ of allusions to ‘gold-backing’ the credit.

    A common-law Maxim apropos in this instance is “What is like is not the same, for nothing similar is the same.” 4 Coke 18. Regardless that credit can function superficially like money, genuine money’s greater effects (such as objective price discovery and rational inter-relation to all goods universally) are impossible of duplication. Thus Rickards and White willfully propagate fiction over reality.

    Money Is Weighed, Fictions Are Counted

    • @PatFields
      BUT … if Gold and Silver is outlawed and only Plantation Scrip is made Legal Tender at gun point then TECHNICALLY your maxim Money Is Weighed, Fictions Are Counted is turned on its head and becomes Money Is Fiction, or eat fascist lead.
      Reality is actually dictated by the regime in power, and any other alternative is just talk until acted on. That there was no Revolution 2.0 in the 1930’s followed by the Federal Reserve being eliminated by a new Amendment to the Constitution by We The People indicates clearly that the demos of the American People renounced their own rights to banking criminals around 150 years after winning those rights. As world standards go that was a pretty good run, which makes the World in general look like a pretty pathetic place.
      The 2nd Amendment is the only bottle left on the wall, and the only remaining difference between the American Republic and every other so called ‘Republic’ on planet Earth.

    • WillNotBeASlave …”BUT … if Gold and Silver is outlawed”
      ‘Outlawed’ by whom and for whom? ‘Outlawed’, under exactly what jurisdiction? Remember …

      “Unless the defendant can establish that he is not a citizen of the United States, the IRS possesses authority to attempt to determine his federal liability.” United States v. William M. Slater, (D. Delaware), 545 F. Supp 179, 182 (1982)

      “A citizen of the United States is a citizen of the federal government …” (Kitchens v. Steele 112 F.Supp 383)

      “The United States Government is a foreign (municipal) corporation with respect to a state.” Volume 20: Corpus Juris Secundum, (P 1785: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.Ct. 1973, 41 L. Ed. 287)

      My grandparents didn’t understand these distinctions and neither do my contemporaries.

      To pull that ‘bottle’ off ‘the wall’ will only prove … ‘my People suffer for lack of knowledge‘.

      The remedy is for each living man or woman aggrieved, trespassed upon and injured, to call each and every accused living man or woman responsible for causing injury, to account … under Due Process … as starkly distinct from Roman Civil Law procedure.

      The courthouse venues have been commandeered by the Barristocracy and hold their courts … exclusively … in Civil Process involving only fictional ‘Persons’. Consequently, folks have come to believe this Kangaroo Court, Dog and Pony Show is the only sort of ‘justice’ available. It is not!

      At our country’s inception, nearly every man or woman knew the Law and how to invoke their court at any courthouse venue across the Land. Lawyers were generally reviled as leeches on the gullible or unfortunately indisposed.

      As it was, so ought it yet be. No ‘government’ can prevent learning, but promote dis-information. A silly inhibition at best, ever moreso if taken as real.

  5. Thanks for reading the article and the comments.
    I know some will disagree, but I don’t think Jim Rickards is an agent sent out to promote an agenda.
    But I understand why some will be suspicious because of his connections to the Pentagon and intelligence services.
    I will add this bit of information. Before I published Part I of the article I asked Jim Rickards by email
    if he would review it to make sure I was stating his position correctly on gold and the SDR.
    He said the article was fine so you can assume that the article correctly reflects his views on that.
    I will continue to monitor events on the blog and various forecasts like Jim Rickards, Peter Schiff, Bo Polny, etc.
    Time will tell us if their forecasts end up right or wrong. I don’t make forecasts so it doesn’t matter what I think. 🙂

    • Mr. White, for those of us who’ve developed an immunity to ‘expertosis’, Mr. Rickards’ military and intelligence connections are only minor ancillary elements compared to his being a member of the Barristocracy with specialty training in Tax Law (which only a miniscule portion of which is actually general Law applicable to living man and woman), an ‘International’ Economist whose ‘skills’ were applied toward counseling LTCM (one of the most despicably corrupt confabulations hatched from ‘Modern Money Mechanics’) and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which routinely undersigns policies and measures thoroughly destructive of Public Liberty and their Private Property.

      Most disturbingly, he utterly fails to even entertain the faintest notion that mankind will fare a more Just and Equal lifestyle, universally, by re-institution of the poly-metallic monetary scheme, whereby each social strata is afforded economic independence to fend off avariciousness of the others.

      “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” Rothschild Brothers of London (1863)

      Such is ‘that class’ which Mr. Rickards aspires to increasingly luxuriate in.

    • Larry, you refer to “WE” when making  points in your articles, example: “Readers here know we often cite Jim Rickards interviews and articles”   and by doing this you add weight to your views which are in support of Mr Rickards views
      So far all I can determine,  is the only other making up the “WE” is a dog called Bean ? 
      There are a good few “wise as snakes” on this forum Larry, tread carefully

    • PatFields is our local scholar, historian, and all around “Truth Machine”.  He’s unofficially been declared Senator of SD because he knows more about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and Free Markets than anyone I can muster up in my life.  (Constantly impresses me on a daily basis)
      He’s humble to boot! (which is why he’s not on Fox News, tearing our politicians apart) …. too bad really.
      YEP- You won’t get anything past Pat. 😉

  6. Oh SoL lighten up – geez.
    Rickards is pretty clear about intellectuals – he respects their intellect but he clearly doesn’t want the running things. (He often lambasts the Fed’s Phd standard as an example of why Phds should NOT be running things.)  So anoffhanded nod to some think-tank packed with eggheads is not evidence that he is a tool of the ruling elite.   
    (BTW I loved all the smug pictures of all the egomaniacs toddies at the Institute.  What a bunch of a-holes dripping with smugness.  I wanted to throw up.  I have worked with researchers at many times in my career (including Nobel Prize winners) and I know that look a mile off.  They know everything – that’s how we got the AGW scare – smug a-holes in academia backed by globalists with a NWO agenda.) 
    I respect intellectuals but I definitely do not want them running things.  Far from it – I have suffered that, I have seen firsthand what a calamity that can be…and well then, we have the Fed Phd’s (not that I think Yellen is an intellectual powerhouse by any stretch – to me she has socialist academic and “Affirmative Action Peter Principle” printed on her forehead.  Like most of academia.) 

  7. Thanks Larry – i believe your piece is 100% correct from from what I have read and listen to from Rickards.  He has always said the SDR was a mistake and if it was done, it had to be gold backed or we would right back to the same fiat system but even worse because the nature of the IMF.  (He has repeatedly said “I am just telling you what they are planning” with respect to the SDR and has repeatedly says he does not like the IMF.) 

    Rickards is a strong proponent of gold, although he believes only in 5-10% of total assets (I think he includes real estate in that advice).  If the world went to that level of PM holding – prices would explode.  But I am not sure 5-10% is enough but that is a subjective call and everyone has to weigh their own situation.  

    Rickards has also been very professional in his lambasting of the Fed both of their predictions and policies.  

    He doesn’t hide his military ties – in fact, it was through his advocacy that they took the blinders off on our debt vulnerability as a clear and present danger to the US. (Ironically, the military is major part of our financial problems – but not nearly as problematic as the socialist nanny state.) 

    On the gold in Ft Knox – once again I don’t think people are listening to what he says – he thinks the gold is there for security and leasing reasons but he frequently point out we don’t know who owns the gold.  And he has said – frankly, if push comes to shove, the US will keep the gold and everyone else be damned.   I believe this is the essence of his “the gold is there” stance…the issue is who owns it. (Just ask Germany.) 

    I guess because his doesn’t rant or because he isn’t rabid, he isn’t extreme enough for  some of these posters because what he says about what is going on, is pretty much – “calls em as he see em” – and often the outcomes of his calls are counter to US interests (showing he is not in anyone’s pocket).  He is not trying to sugarcoat things. Smart guy and appears fairly straight shooter.  I have been wrong judging people but not very often.  

    Jim is the least of our problems.  In fact, I would say he is an asset because is waking up a wide audience to the serious state we are in.  (And Hell and if you are a PM investor – you can’t hate that…because it is only when the sheeple stop grazing and start stampeding that your insurance will come due.) 

  8. XC Skater – the facts are not with you on Rickards’ position on SRD’s.   He doesn’t like the SDR but predicts because the bankster are out balance sheets to leverage, they will resort to leveraging the IMF – which he notes is not a good idea.
    Here is a quote from one interview very first I looked:
    Does this mean that a robust monetary system would ‘de-centralize’ monetary power? Isn’t this incompatible with any attempt by the G20 and IMF to transform the Special Drawing Right (SDR) from a unit of account into a centrally-managed, global reserve currency?
    JR: Yes. Complex systems collapse because increases in complexity require exponential increases in energy to maintain the system. 

  9. Tell me he is one someone payroll saying this – these purely statements of fact:
    NEW YORK, JULY 15 (RIA Novosti) – A summit of major emerging “BRICS” economies in Brazil is the latest sign of the decline of the US dollar as the standard global currency for reserves and trading, James Rickards, author of Currency Wars told RIA Novosti.
    “We see the BRICS’ desire to shift away from the dollar, a unified Eurozone with a sovereign bond market waiting in the wings and a requirement on the International Monetary Fund to re-liquefy the world when the next financial crisis hits,” Rickards said.
    “Put all that together and you see that the dollar’s days are numbered,” he added.
    Envoys from Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) are in Fortaleza, Brazil, for a July 15-16 summit on launching two $100bn BRICS finance organs for funding new roads, power plants and other schemes in emerging economies.
    “BRICS share one common goal in that they have all voiced objections to the dollar as the principal reserve currency and the impact of US Federal Reserve policy on emerging markets, which the Fed pays very little attention to,” Rickards noted.
    “By shifting its policies, the Fed massively affects foreign currencies and makes it difficult for them to plan investments. BRICS members share a desire to end dollar hegemony. It’s easier said than done, but they’re trying,” concluded the analyst.
    The five BRICS states represent about one-third of the global population and a combined economy of some $13.6 trillion. Critics describe a disparate group that delivers much anti-Western rhetoric but little concrete action.

  10. Rickards discussion of the IMF always revolts around the fact that the banks(ters) have no other balance sheet to leverage come another crisis so in a panic, the IMF’s balance sheet will serve their needs.
    Mr. Rickards believes another major financial liquidity crisis is imminent, made all the more frightening by the fact that the Fed no longer has the balance sheet to deal with the situation, having shot all of its bullets in the Panic of 2008. “The next time it happens – which will be sooner than later – you’re going to have a 30-foot tsunami coming up against a five-foot sea-wall. The tsunami is going to win, it’s going to overwhelm the balance sheets of the central banks,” Rickards says. “The Fed has $4 trillion of assets and about $60 billion of capital, so that’s about 80-to-1 leverage…All the central banks are insolvent; they’re at the outer limit of what they can do.”
     Here is Rickards discussing a new global reserve currency – His number 1 preference is gold (no global elitist/bankster group supports this!); number 2. the a rise in the status of the Euro (he like the Euro because its ability to print money is largely held in check by its charter. and 3. SDR via the IMF with a discussion about what the BRICs are doing to get more power in the IMF. Listen closely – he does not voice any preference to the SDR – he merely states what is going on within the political struggles within the IMF and he states it will just be another fiat currency – which in other interviews he states would be a big mistake and that any SDR would need to be backed by gold.


    He also states his disbelief that any average citizen of any country would ever see an SDR because it would only be used in global commerce.

    Dig deep some posters ignorance and tin foil is showing.

  11. Here’s is a more recent Rickards interview.
    Around 22:00 they discuss inflation and the impact on China.
    Rickards posits/speculates China’s accumulation of gold is in some sense is the members allowing China to be at the table as a peer so as to have an inflation hedge as Europe and the US.   This has been proposed/speculated by others and if you think about it, one potentially nonviolent solutions rather than a wholesale erasure of debts – which would be catastrophic to the world and the US. 
    Listen around 23:25 when he gets asked about a gold standard:
    Question:  “You seem to think we might return to a gold standard at some point, what do you say to people say there isn’t enough gold to go back to a gold standard.”
    Rickards: There is plenty of gold it is a question of price.    Then he goes on to state to avoid a deflationary collapse gold should be repriced – based on his calculations – to $9000 per ounce.  (He use to say $6000 then $7000 – when he moved to $7000 he – said the world keeps printing.   Can’t argue with that.  

  12. Damn Joe,
    You got stock betting on J.Rickards or what?  Do you like work in his office as his paper fetcher or PR desk?  Are you married to his daughter? Blowing him under the desk?
    Like I said, his viewpoints are more in line with mine, but damn, I wouldn’t get carpel tunnel defending the man. He’s got hired guns at the IMF for that.
    (4 posts in a row damn near qualifies you for the propaganda Dept.)

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