imagesThe biggest critic of the Fed this side of Ron Paul was on CNBC today discussing global Central Bank currency devaluation.

Grant states that Western Central bankers are attempting to out print the Bernank himself:
Central Banks the world over are going from ease to hyper-ease, and people we thought were extremely radical in their monetary predilections like Bernanke are about to be out-flanked by others still more radical!  So the monetary revolution is devouring it’s children!

Grant states that the Fed is at war on the price mechanism:  The Fed will not acknowledge that it is suppressing prices, that what it is doing is a species of price controls.  Interest rates are prices, and the Fed is manipulating them at the level, & they’re manipulating them on the yield curve!

Regarding the future of QE, Grant states that: The Fed’s hand will be forced by circumstances.  The Fed seems to think that it is in control of events, when in fact events will be in control of the Fed.

 Jim Grant’s full MUST WATCH interview is below:


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    • Perhaps not even eaten, slowly or otherwise.  This seems more like they have been swallowed whole and are now slowly digesting in the belly of the beast.

    • It’s a commercial break to the MSM masses. They go to the toilet or make a cup of tea when they see Jim Grant.
      Bizarre, where as I would want to shit on Jim Cramer.

    • Probably for either misdirection or an “I told you so” opportunity later on.  They do let a little truth come out once in a great while but watching CNBC for them is like panning for gold in places where there just isn’t much gold to be found… a ton of sand runs through the pan for every tiny grain of gold.

    • The CNBC probably wants more viewers that are aware like us to listen to all of their information so that they can brainwash them again and turn them again into sheeple. That’s why I strongly recommend people to always avoid the mainstream medias.

  1. Reading ‘The Great Crash 1929’ By Galbraith.
    The similarities to right now are shocking. I recommend this book to anyone.
    Fascinating to read that GS (among others) were crooks right from the start.

    • All the big money families that are still around started out as crooks doing whatever it took to get ahead. Only difference now is they are more subtle about it.

  2. The consequences of today’s national monetary actions, debt, currency devaluation, inflation and FIAT wars will condemn the next 3 generations to a world devastated by their grandfather’s actions.  Those grand dads are little more than monsters.  But it’s not their children who will be eaten.  It’s ours and they care not in the least about this. 

    • Yeah and now, thank you everyone! Thank you older generations to feed the banksters by taking on debts and working for this system! Just kidding! Anyway, most of my generation is too busy with their social networks, fashions, gadgets, etc. The majority of them don’t even buy physical precious metals.

  3. All this talk of what their doing but nothing about the why? IMO It’s all about Debt and Control and man their making a good job of it. They will crash the markets and our spirits if we let them and a lot off Sheepie are going to be hurting shortly, Not Me.

    • You and most of your dedicated stacker brothers and sisters, Charlie.  We will be relatively well off, meaning that we will be debt free (no slave chains) and will have enough real money to buy what we need when we need it.  Those without real money will be slaves indeed, selling anything they can just to eat and keep warm.  It will be a miserable existence for many but none at all for many more than that who will not survive it.  This is WAR, brothers and sisters, and our ammo is gold and silver.  Those without gold and silver will be completely defenseless… and by their own choice, at that.  When the smoke and dust from the collapse clears, all will finally understand that they chose… poorly.

  4. I’m pretty sure that right after this discussion, there was a propaganda saying that the dollar is still strong. I’m surprised that these kind of information are released like that on the mainstream medias. CNBC must have want more viewers to brainwash them.

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