20121003_grant_0The Interest Rate Observer’s Jim Grant was back on CNBC Tuesday, again discussing the manipulation of interest rates and The Fed. When asked by Maria whether The Fed is getting ready to stop QE this summer, Grant responded that “they’re just getting into it!”
On gold, Grant stated: I’m still bullish, gold is THE ALTERNATIVE to Central banking! It’s the way to get short Central banks!   The single fundamental of the gold market is aggressive, unprecedented money printing and the institution of managed currency. As long as that remains in place, you are compelled to look at an alternative to Central Banks if you are serious about retaining the money you’ve earned, the principle alternative to Central banks is the ancient monetary asset they can’t create!

Jim Grant’s full interview on the Fed & gold is below:

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  1. Of topic, but had to share. Just received the ultimate stackers birthday present from my oldest son. On top 50cal armor piercing round. Below 10oz of .999 silver. The 50cal silver is beyond way cool.

  2. What Grant said is similar to what I’ve said a long time:   That being long precious metals is the same as, but better than, being short govt and CBs.    Being long is better than being short.    Long: defined/limited potential loss, while potential gain is infinite…    Short: unlimited potential losses, maximum gain 100%    LOL…

  3. Short the Fed, now this is stupid. You can’t short the Fed, they will just print more money, lend it to the government, increase the national debt, fake the price of competing currencies, rinse and repeat. As long as the Comex doesn’t have to deliver physical, the Fed can just give you monopoly money. Even if you did manage to hurt them a bit, they can just inflate the currency at will to accommodate.

    • enough people get gold and silver and start using it as money instead of fiat they will sit up and take notice. Barter is alive and well and growing.

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