grantThe Interest Rate Observer’s Jim Grant was on Bloomberg yesterday discussing the recent Fed minutes.  When asked by Bloomberg what will be the end result of this Fed’s responsibilities, Grant responded:  A gold standard.

When asked when he envisions a gold standard occurring, Grant responded2 years ago.   It’s important to see our monetary affairs over the sweep of time.  The Fed was founded 100 years ago this year. There have been many monetary moments since then.  1944 comes Bretton Woods, but we will have they said a dollar that is backed by gold.  Fast forward to the present day and we have gone from the half gold standard, the road show gold standard of Bretton Woods to the full blown PhD standard, in which the Ivy League central bankers the world over are waging an all-out war against the price mechanism, against Adam Smith’s invisible hand.  
The gold standard is the answer because the gold standard is the only monetary system that has been shown to work in practice over the course of generations.  Everything else has been a tryout, and the tryouts have failed

Grant’s full MUST WATCH interview on the coming return of the gold standard is below:

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    • In this 1984 world you have to love that people saying rational truth that the powers that be cannot possibly have uttered is immediately reviled as not only wrong, but offensive.
      The equivalent of supporting bombing people for freedom, or staging a walkout in the united nations when the leader of iran comes tot he microphone and says the hard truth.
      The disquieting notion that everything is a lie sucks. But it is where we are.

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    Your Thoughts

    • Probably wiser to hold both physical gold and silver.  Impossible for anyone to say with absolute certainty how this will all shake out in the end. 

    • Agreed, U_Dog.  Looking to the future is like trying to make sense of a million dimensional graph.  Most of us are all done visualizing things once the 3rd dimension has been covered via an X-Y-Z graph.
      But… there ARE things that we DO know.  For one, gold has been money for 4,000+ years.  For another, central banks around the world have been acquiring gold and continue to do so.  We must ask ourselves why they are doing this.  Clearly, the very people who know a great deal about money are stacking gold in multi-ton quantities.  It is extremely unlikely that they are doing this because of “tradition” as Bernanke suggests.  The Chinese Gov is also adding to its very large gold stockpile as well and it is unlikely that they are doing this because it is pretty.
      Because of the above, it seems wise to hold some physical gold along with our silver.  No, it probably won’t be useful for everyday barter but it might be just the thing for buying large items, such as a house, land, vehicles, herds of animals, etc.  If there is an equivalency between gold and silver, such as 20:1, then one could buy things with gold and receive their change in silver.  Even without an equivalency, fractional gold coins could be used as change for larger gold coins or bars.
      Because of the high value of gold, considerable wealth can be placed in a handful of coins that are very easily transported or hidden. Both of these features of gold could be beneficial in a SHTF bug-out situation where the weight that you are carrying may be quite limited. Currently, a lb. of gold and 50 lbs of silver have roughly the same value… but one fits easily in a couple of pockets.

      Is there a downside to owning gold?  Maybe.  But it is not likely that we will know this to be true until it is.  Until then, go for the gold. 🙂

  2. I figure the central bankers are buying gold hand over fist because they understand the history and utility of gold, as we do. It also makes sense that they know that their grand fiat experiment is under threat or inevitably doomed. They are, after all, the engineers of the fiat ponzi. When there is a grand reset, gold, silver and a basket of other commodities will likely play a part in whatever currency or currencies are adopted. By then, whichever central banks have aquired the bulk of the worlds gold and silver, will best be able to maintain their soveriegnty and bolster their control over the world economy. Why else would they be accumulating it. NOBODY can tell the future in terms of what gold and silver will be worth before, during or after the collapse of fiat. The way I look at it in terms of my own choice to stack and prepare is that gold and silver are the best choice for me to preserve what little wealth I have.

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