SD reader and commodities trader JB Slear has sent us silver’s 30 year chart which demonstrates one of the strongest and largest cup and handle patterns in history JB states that the cartel’s manipulation of the silver market will backfire in a massive way, and that the target on the cup and handle chart will shock even silver bugs.

JB Slear’s 30 year silver chart below:


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JB writes: Take a look at the opposing sides. There is a center you can eye right down the middle. The right side of the cup and handle is expanded showing the manipulation and the retarding affect it has on the chart, but not the formation … the point lines are almost perfect, yet asymmetrical:


And a better view from

    • Perhaps maybe the 50$ per ounce price last year was caused by too much people waking up at the same time so they all bought some physical silver at the same time. Then, the cartel dumped a lot of paper silver in the market to make silver’s price lower.

    • Couldn’t agree more, my father in law was a director of a very large investment firm in the UK, they had control of billions of pounds to invest in the market and they used to consult “experts” all the time. According to my father in law the experts were wrong 50% of the time and wouldn’t give a definitive answer for the other 50%. Infact my father in law still can’t be convinced that silver is a fantastic investment even though all the signs are staring him in the face!!

  1. 30 years and a price of $49 bracketing this time period. If it was a stock I’d say this is a loser dog. As silver it appears it took a ‘breather’ for 30 years.  Hopefully we will some some inflation adjustment to the 30 year Rip Van Winkle snooze of gold and silver.

    • @UglyDog

      I had calculated current silver value on historic average daily wage equivalence to be about 160. Later, Alf Field ran a Wave Theory study  that matched my figure, Now, JB’s H&S chart analysis is bracketing our deductions. The closer they depreciate the American banknote down to a quarter cent residual value, the faster we could see silver ‘fairly’ valued at 400. On the other hand, if as I strongly suspect, the currency scheme is approaching disintegration in the next three to six months the ‘fair value’ will be … infinite banknotes. All I’m waiting for is 10:1 SGR.

    • When?  The up move out of the cup and handle pattern is typically over 1/3 the cup length.  That would make it about 10 years.  However, this case is a bit unusual in that the cup is over 30 years and all the players 30 years ago are long gone.  Meaning there is no real validity in the chart pattern.  But, it is fun to speculate. 
      The PTB made a big production the other day showing off the LBMA gold vault.  I wonder why they didn’t show off the silver vault…maybe because it’s nearly empty??

    • “Have any idee “WHEN”?”

      Nope, only guesses.  Beware anyone who claims to know when any future event will occur.

      My GUESS is that sometime in 2014-15 all hell is going to break loose in the financial arena but I have zero data to support that.  The FEEL is right, however, and I have learned to trust the gut in such matters. 

    • Charlie… we seem to have 3 options on this silly fiscal cliff thing: 1)  there will be no deal and we will quickly hurtle into the economic abyss; 2) there will be a deal but it will suck, everyone will know it, and it will not help much; or 3) a good deal will be made that actually addresses our fiscal problems without crushing the economy too badly.  If I had to rate these possibilities, I would give #1 about a 30% chance of happening, #2 about 60%, and #3 about 10%.

  2. When will it hit $150 to $250? As gradual as possible I hope, to avoid sudden chaotic episodes in the day to day. If the price goes up too quickly that wouldn’t be safe for any stacker and society. 

    This obviously isn’t a get rich quick scheme, its a preserve wealth venture. 

    • Well, if you draw a line more the 2008 low price to the recent 2012 low price which is 27$ per ounce, you’ll see that silver never went lower than that price and that line represents the amount it cost to mine an ounce of silver. According to this line, it will take about four years for silver to reach 50$ per ounce from now.

  3. In the Hat Trick Letter Jim Willie noted a quote from Ian Williams of Charteris Treasury that using some solid math and calculations he opined that silver would hit $165 by October 2015.  This flow of price increases from $8 to $32 is a 300% increase.  The remaining leg of this bull run indicated that silver would increase another 400%.  Another analyst thinks this $165 level will be a consolidation level before silver moves to $400 an ounce, the real valoue of silver when taken from its 1980 high and adjusted for real inflation over the last 30 years. If the math of the analysts holds true and QE created that inflation whirl wind we talk about, the $400 level would be reasonable but $165 in 3 years seems a more solid objective.  The Casey Chart showing the silver price increases taking hold about May 2013 with a 3 fold increase from there, using the normal spikes to silver prices, then this could be the following wind we look for.  3 years is not a long time period.  With a ten year price increase of nearly 20% YOY I think this could be a decent estimation of silver prices

    • With a ten year price increase of nearly 20% YOY I think this could be a decent estimation of silver prices”

      Yes, it could well be.  How does this align with the Rule of 72?  😉

    • I think that silver reaching 165$ per ounce by October 2015 is way too much because I can’t imagine such a price movement like that. I think silver will at least reach 40$ per ounce by October 2012 according to a line between the 2008 low price to the recent 2012 low price on the silver’s chart.

  4. I have something to share that I think everyone might find interesting. 

    I just cracked open my Study Bible the other day and in Matthew 25 (The Parable of the Talents) it talks about “Weights and Measures” of Gold and Silver. If you remember Gold and Silver was used as money in Biblical times such as the Roman Denarius which at the beginning of the empire was 90% silver and then by the end of the Roman empire they had devalued it by making it less than 5% silver; thereby creating massive inflation and ushering in the end of the Western leg of the Roman empire. 

    Anyways, my point is that they had a chart and table that calculated the 1997 “Dollar” value of Gold and Silver in Jesus’s age. You will be astonished to find that the writers of this edition of the Bible had calculated a 15 to 1 ratio of Silver to Gold in that day and age.

    The price for 1 Gold Shekel (which is a weight that became the name of the common Jewish coin made of silver or gold)  was $1920 per shekel. The price of 1 Silver Shekel was $128. This is interesting considering that Silver and Gold hits the old 15 to 1 ratio every few decades. 

    I am not making any price predictions but I do think that it was quite interesting that when this Bible was written in 1997, silver was around $4.41 an ounce (This was the year that Warren Buffett bought $530 million worth of Silver); and they assumed the fair value in 1997 dollars of silver was $128 an ounce compared to $1920 an ounce for Gold.

    • Oh and btw, a Shekel is equivalent to .3646 Troy Ounces, so 1 Shekel was worth $128 in 1997 adjusted for inflation; making the proper conversion to 1 Troy ounce would mean that a troy ounce of silver in that day and age would have been worth $209 (using 1997 inflation adjusted dollars).

    • This is important because it explains why the world is such a mess.  There are more verses in the Bible about money than any other subject.  God is clear.  Gold and silver are to be money NOT pieces of paper with a image of a king or president.  Debt bases paper money is one of Satan’s two greatest lies.   I call it the lie of 1913.  It is such a big lie that no one hardly even questions its validity.  If you do a word study on ‘usury’ you conclude the interest that is created when debt based money is created is the usury that God forbids because it is used to control and enslave.  The other kind of usury is the type more akin to rent like the interest on a bank account or a home mortgage.  That kind of usury is alright.

      Satan’s other great lie is the lie of 1859. Anyone know what I am referring to?

    • @UglyDog: “Neither shalt thou desire thy neighbour’s wife, neither shalt thou covet thy neighbour’s house, his field, or his manservant, or his maidservant, his ox, or his ass, or any thing that is thy neighbour’s…”  “Neither shalt thou steal…” When I read these I always think of the Income Tax. People coveted their neighbour’s property and then they stole their neighbour’s property.

    • At least the Roman currency stayed stable a lot longer than the US dollar. The Roman empire survived for more than 1000 years while the USA is already having some financial problems after 200 years of its creation.

  5. I see that 30 year trough and wonder how many billions of ounces “public money” it took to mantain it! That silver is gone and the SLV scam is holding down the PMs price today. As people wake up to the scam, what next? What else can they do to hold the price in check?

  6. I don’t believe the spike 30 years ago was just an accident. We all know the official story (reason) was the Hunt Bros. attempting to corner the silver market. Of course there was never a reason givin about why the gold spiked too. No the Hunts’ were very good business men and realized that the governments of the world were bankrupt. TPTB HAD to destroy them before it became common knowlage. Today it is common knowlage! How in the world these crooks have managed this illusion of paper money for this long is beyond me. But if we look back, it was right after the spike in 1980 that the governments in the west started having these massive deficits every year. Our economies switched from production to consumption. The United States went from the largest lender in the world to the largest debter in the world. Since we know that the treasury has NO SILVER LEFT, and maybe most of the gold is gone as well.  It just stands to reason that if TPTB ordered ALL the silver sold to keep the price down to maintain the illusion , why not the gold too? If that is the case, then what they done to the Monetary Metals for the last 30 years can not be repeated! At least not in the same ways. So I keep asking myself, what next?

    • In my opinion, the reason why gold and silver spiked in the 1980s is due to the 1980 recession. It was also thanks to the Hunt Brothers that silver spiked too much before. If the Hunt Brothers weren’t there, then silver would’ve spiked at least at about 18$ per ounce if the gold’s price was at 800$ per ounce and with the ratio of 45 ounces of silver for one ounce of gold.

  7. @RocketsRedGlare

    My introduction to the ‘patriot community’ began in the mid-80s promoting the ‘Flat Tax’ for Dick Armey under the proviso that if I discovered anything ‘fishy’ about it, I’d become an active opponent. In fact that’s just what happened. I had read through the entire tax code, following all it’s sphagetti strands from end to end. What I discovered was that the Income Tax is actually … perfectly fine! That’s because I also found that it doesn’t apply to ordinary wages. After extensive reading of the Dan Meador study group, still, I couldn’t completely ‘square the circle’ seeing how even folks who’d never granted authority to ‘deduct’ the tax or assumed the Person of a Tax Collector on their … other … ‘natural’ Person, were nevertheless prosecuted.

    It took a few more years of research to completely tie all the diverse elements into a ‘big picture’, but I’ve firmly settled on the explanation that everyone has been brainwasged into legally affirming they’re ‘citizens of the United States’ as Congressionally granted under the 14th Amendment, moving them out from under protections of their State Constitutional jurisdictions and birthright citizenship status. It ALL has to do with jurisdiction and citizenship … ALL of it.

    • @PatFields: I agree Pat, completely. In fact the Supream Court ruled on the wage aspect of the income tax and said it was Voluntary! It also ruled that the income tax was not a tax on wages, that taxing wages like this would be unconstitutional. The Federal gov. created the IRS and has been stealing property and jailing citezens ever since anyway. But also Many Many Citezens want the government to continue this theft. The lower courts will not even allow the Supream Court ruling into their courts as evidence in tax evasion cases.

    • @RocketsRedGlare that’s because folks are recognized as federal citizens, conducting their affairs in federal tax zones, occupying federal districts … who sign forms attesting under penalty of purjury that they’re liabile and assume official agency as federal Tax Collectors by ‘self-assessment’. Did you know that as a tax collector the judicial process is entirely separate from due process applicable to an ordinary man or woman?  That federal government … INTERNAL … judicial process presumes by statutory provision that the tax collector is guilty until he can prove innocence and that his properties may be confiscated. THAT isn’t permitted under due process At Law!

    • This is how far we have drifted from the Constitution.  The courts have ruled that one “volunteers” for the income tax when one uses Federal Reserve Notes.  The income tax and the Federal Reserve were created as a pair because the income tax is the repayment system that you agree to through use of Federal Reserve Notes.  The standard deduction is to make allowance for the use of coins that are still minted by the U.S. Treasury.  Try not “volunteering” and see what happens.  Supreme Court has been compromised for a long time.  It didn’t just start when Chief Justice John Roberts failed to uphold the Constitution this last summer and ran off to Malta.

    • I’m discovered the fundamentals of gold and silver on October 2011. I joined the precious metals community when I’ve bought my first silver on November 2011. That was one year ago and things have changed a lot since then!

  8. I’m going to approach the silver price spike in a little different manner than my prior attempts. 
    Having been through last silver and gold price explosion, first  as a somewhat broke student and later a somewhat broke employee working for wages, who incidentally worked in an office next to a commodities trader with a focus on trading gold and silver futures, I did spend some time talking with the broker and studying precious metals.
      Having no money to invest, I was still anxious to understand why these precious metals were going up so quickly.  This was taking place while silver was moving from $20 to nearly $50 an ounce. Gold was completely unaffordable but silver caught eye.  
     Imagine how anxious I was to place a paper bet on some options.  A mere $800 could get me into the market.  Just  as well it was not to be and that was good for me.   Knowing my tendencies I would have exited too late and lost everything, just like the Hunts.  The only thing I was able to do was stand in line and sell my box full of Junk Bullion when it was $30 an ounce as silver bounced to $40. The broker’s office quickly closed after the silver collapse, just like the local coin stores,  so my conversations and studies ended at that point.  But the broker did offer some advice. He said these prices were due to speculation and money chasing yields.   He also said this phenomenon would not last, warning me to stay away from this market. Those words fell on deaf ears.
    The effects of inflation began in earnest about 1970 when  ‘Guns and Butter’ President Johnson’s fiscal policies showed up through deficit financing and currency printing. Inflation was running at a quiet mid single digit level from 1966 to 1970.  I felt the first bite of inflation in  my first job out of high school, involving a promotion that should have resulted in a raise. Then President  Nixon implemented wage and price controls in a failed attempt to curtail the price increases. No raise for me.
      No hourly wage increases  were permitted.   No product price  increases were permitted either but manufacturers and retailers managed to pass through price increases before this Executive Order was laid down. Shortly into the law’s implementation these same firms were repricing products, with price gouging.  They  called then end product something else or repackaging the same item and jacking the prices up substantially so as to avoid these labels. Wages were still static
      Gas price shocks started in earnest, hitting the American pocketbook twice; once when pump prices doubled  to 50 cents a gallon and a second time when prices when to $1.00 a gallon.  Severe shortages took place with gas lines a mile long and rationing of gas to Odd Even sales days based on your  car license number.
    These prices shocked and  rattled people and did so in a way not seen since WWII.  My parents and I spoke about this frequently, comparing prices to fill a shopping bag at the grocery store.  The commonplace complain was that a loaf of bread hit $1.00 a loaf, an obscene cost that got real national attention.  A grocery bag that could  be easily  filled for $10 with silver coin change  left over. I did my own shopping so I felt that pinch while making no additional wages.  The same grocery bag  later cost $20 and that also got national news attention as well. 
    Inflation’s effect could not be denied and unlike today, with SNAP and EBT  food subsidies, $1 trillion in government largesse buffering the worst  inflation we’ve seen over the last 10 years, and people buying cheaper and cheaper goods just to get by, those more halcyon days where real silver was still used in everyday commerce,  we had no buffer against inflation then running 10% or more.  Wages never increased to meet price inflation.  People started looking for alternatives.  Home prices began rising and did so substantially.  Interest rates began to rachet up from mid single digits to low double digits.  Savings account rates never kept pace with inflation.  These rates started taking place before Reagan was elected and brought Paul Volker in as Chairman of the Fed.  Rates rocketed upwards until prime rate hit 21%. The government worked overtime  to crush inflation, throwing everything they had towards this beast.  The cure was very painful.  
    Before the 1980 US regime change, everyone was trying to find a means to get out of the way of the inflation juggernaught.  No one had any experience as to how to deal with this phenomenon.  People were struggling and desperate to get ahead and yet continued to fall behind.  We think our present era is troublesome and it is, but if you lived through era of malaise with inflation at 13-15% and unemployment at 10%, it  was one of the worst time periods in anyones recollection. 
    And then along came the price rise in precious metals.  People piled on. The Hunts piled on.  Everyone dreamed of being silver millionaires in the hopes that prices would rise to the moon.  This was a reasonable assumption since pocket change went to $40 an ounce and a silver dollar could pay for a week’s groceries., just like the good old days.
    In all likelihood the Hunt Brothers did not create the silver price, much less the gold price spike.  The GTSR was still 16 to 1, a historical norm, but $50 and $800 silver and gold were delirious prices and people starting going a little crazy over this. Lines formed outside the coin shops and pop-up precious metal buyers.  Anything with phyzz attached showed up at the doorsteps of these outlets.  One story noted that 90% of all the junk bullion in circulation ended up passing through these businesses, later melted down as scrap.
    The tale of the silver boom ended badly for the Hunts when the Federal  Reserve, Justice Department, Saudi kings and others with a real desire to smash the Hunt Brothers took after them with a vengence.  Jim Sinclair was part of the team that helped Volker dismantle the silver barons, restoring  the US Dollar hegemony from the frightening specter of even worse currency debasement.  Silver and gold went to sleep for another 30 years. The Petro Dollar system was preserved.  That cost was in the billions.

    Today things are different.  Or are they?  The same economic tides are making precious metals a safe haven from the real perception of inflation and its harmful effects. The difference today is that silver is in a shortage with most of the silver production immediately absorbed into commercial and investment uses, leaving many asking for their precious metals and not getting delivery in short order, or if at all.  Most of us can acquire silver and gold in small amounts.  Gold has no ready stocks available for sale.  Every ounce, pound or ton is spoken for, sometimes several times over given the theft occuring from allocated accounts and vaults emptied by smart money investors like China and Russia taking delivery from bullion banks and their badly placed paper bets.
    Silver has not an ounce of surplus.  Every ounce produced finds an immediate home.  Vaults are similarly being looted by those  who call for delivery.  The US is shipping hundreds of tons of silver to the LBMA. The Swiss are backstopping gold demand from the LBMA.  The LBMA is forced to ship their bullion to the traders who call for delivery at every price smackdown, whether it’s $32 silver or $1,710 ounce gold, both low prices in this world of precious metal wars waged to acquire these immensely valuable and strategically important currency backing metals. 
    Unlike the 1970s when  gold and silver price spikes were stimulated by fear of inflation erosion despite massive above ground supplies,  all precious metals today are in short supply, even to the point where small hot wars are being fought for its possession. Violent strikes, Libya war, nationalization at gun point and harsh regulatory attacks create even greater supply chain injuries.  The following effects are critical in evaluating the future price of gold and silver.  This is not the era of the Hunt Brothers chasing an enormous bet on silver in hopes of making a few billion in profits, riding the public’s desire to save themselves from currency devaluation.  The following effects and events affect the prices at every quarter
    Lower Exploration
    Lower Discovery
    Lower Ore Grades
    Lower Prices
    Higher Energy Costs
    Higher Labor Costs
    Higher Taxes
    Higher Regulations

    Our present era is a Cold War being fought over these most important commodities. Wars beget shortages. Nothing is safe during wars. These sold wars could turn very hot very quickly.  Every country with a central bank and an eye to acquiring precious metals sees how important it is to be ahead of the purchase/price curve. Many are calling for repatriation of gold stored overseas. That gold is gone.  Anger will rise to the boiling point.
     All major countries are devaluing their FIAT currency to keep pace with the economic slowdown seen in every hemisphere.  They’re also responding to both the real and perceived shortages in precious metal.  The actual shortages that are so commonplace that the US Government and its crony bankers are spending billions to supress the price.  If the price remains supressed, the FIAT and currency debasement con game can continue.  This con game hides the real price of silver and gold. It hides the real price of money. It hides inflation and it hides the real economic price of hyperinflationary  FIAT printing.  It’s fellow traveller, ZIRP, provides cover for precious metal theft by driving the getaway car. 
    The countries that are fighting for their economic lives, including the US, China, Russia, the  Eurozone, the UK and many others with GDPs in 13 digits know that the jig is up. They can lie cheat and steal but Gold backed currencies are coming.

     Those who have gold make the rules.

    Silver is mission critical to the industrial base of any country that builds things.  Silver is real money. Every person knows that in their guts. It’s instinctual to the human animal.   These countries are now acting like the individuals who raced to the coin store to buy precious metals in hopes of grabbing a small profit; maybe protecting themselves from FIAT erosion.  Those countries who fail to realize the value of precious metals, preferring to hold true to FIAT,  are racing to the global coin store to sell their stores of precious metals in the faint hope they can continue the con game, continue printing; pushing off the day of reckoning. 
    Those countries that represent the Global Coin Store will end up prospering because of their common sense and foreward thinking, buying every ounce of silver and gold available.
    Every country fights a constant and ongoing economic and monetary cold war with every other country, trying to exact a small advantage over their adversaries.  Today, evey country tries to fight this cold war with FIAT currency, completely unbacked by any hard asset. This beggars all participants as paper currency eventually wears out in spite on the quantities produced. The country and it’s people eventually drown in paper.  The only winners are those who trade paper for hard assets. These countries and people eventually win the battle. Much blood is shed in the interim.
    When that day reckoning  comes, and it will be very soon in the overall scheme of things, the con game will end. FIAT based countries will be destroyed. The countries with the foresight to buy precious metals cheaply will prosper.  People and countries who follow this real money paradigm will save themselves.  There are always winners and losers in this global battle of currencies.  The only winners will be the one backed by something other than the central government’s promise to pay.  Those promises ALWAYS go unfulfilled.
    Get thee to the local coin store and load up.

    • Right you are, AG.  The Old Farts among us know the 1970s and 1980s times well.  I was heavily into shooting at the time and went to my local gun shop weekly to drool over the Colt Python .357 Mag they had in a display case.  It was a $450 gun and just too expensive to buy on what I was earning at the time… about $700 a month gross.  One day when I dropped in there, they had a sign above the counter that silver coins could be used to buy anything in the store and they would sell stuff for the paper money equivalent in silver.  At that time, $13.50 face value in silver coins would buy the Python.  Unfortunately, I never had collected more than a dollar or two worth of silver so could not use that to buy the Python.  I never forgot the price tag on it, though.  It read “$450 in US currency or $13.50 in silver”.  That was one hell of an intro into the value of hard money as compared to soft paper money, which, as we all know here, really isn’t money at all because it is not a store of value and REAL money is.

      Oh, yeah… I ended up not getting a Python but did buy a nice S&W Mdl 19 .357 Mag for $219, which I still have.

    • Wow, that’s a long history of your financial experiences! My financial experiences are at least three years old which started since I first started to hoard copper pennies without knowing their true values but now, I do. I became aware of the whole financial situation about a year ago.

  9. did someone mention 20% and rule of 72.  I think 20% would be a nice inflation-pushed silver price increase. It would probably not set off a price frenzy. 20% is what we hear on TV and print ads and that is bringing the public/private purchases to the point that silver is not easy to acquire, even in localcoin stores.
    That 20% doubles the price in 3.6 years  
    Silver jumped from $8 during the Lehman debacle to today’s about $32 an oz.  That’s 300% in about 4 years. I think that is about 45% YOY.  My opinion is that silver will see something more akin to 40-50% YOY for all the reasons we talk about here.  It could be much higher and faster over the next 3 years with an exponential acceleration due to frantic demand on a personal, corporate and central basis. The rate of increase is increasing and as they say, things move slowly until they start moving really fast.

    • Yes, I did.  Thanks for the clarification.  

      If we ever do get to a dollar collapse scenario, the price of silver in dying dollars will indeed rocket to the moon.  Of course, at some point, no one would be foolish enough to trade REAL money for fake money at ANY rate of exchange.  Heh, we could probably get a wheelbarrow load of Zimbabwe $100T bank notes for a fraction of an oz. of silver coins.

  10. Ed You bring up something that I have not thought of before. One item that has not suffered at the hands of inflation is the cost of a good quality handgun.  Back in the 1970 and 1980s a Ruger, S&W or Colt easily cost $300 or more per unit.  Total those high quality guns can be had for that price or maybe pushing $400.  I price guns since I am a buyer any time someone has a pistol for private sale.  I buy semi autos now but  watch the price of wheel guns too.  I think it has a lot to do with the economies of scale that we see in technology items like computers and cell phones.  Guns used to be low production items but with sales in the 10-20,000,000 units most of us can afford a good pistol at a price of under $300.  I like private parties since they don’t involve the governor or Mr Brady  LOL.  Ammo is another matter. I still have boxes of ammo from the late 1970 and 1980 period.  Those prices are now up 300-500%.  Call it the Obama tax.  I still think lead futures are a goodplace to be. 
    A small side note When I met my future wife there was one thing I held back telling her. Not the normal thing. It was actually my armory full of guns. Once I figured she would understand my small obsession, after she found my S&W Model 67 stainless steel Combat Masterpiece, 38 cal in the nightstand the cat was out of the bag. So she ‘fessed up and showed me hers. She had the identical pistol. Her dad gave her this pistol for self protection.
    I figured any woman who carried a piece like this had to be the right one for me. Girl not gun We’ve been together for 20 years last November 18.

    • Too bad that you have to go through a lot of troubles in order to get a gun ownership here in Canada. Plus, you have to pay a lot to keep the license. The best thing is to buy a crossbow but the problem is that it cost about 800$ for one of them. But, I’ll focus now at stacking more physical precious metals and hoard more copper pennies.

  11. Net Ranger 880 I missed your post from yesterday  but your link did connect.  I was not quite sure what you would like to do here.  I dont know if I have pull with Doc on posting.  That might be something you can bring up to him directly. I did read your post and the revolving door from Obama to fat positions with TBTF banks seems commonplace  SEC is a useless cesspool of jackasses with better porn internet sites than chasing some bad guys

  12. In my opinion, the 1980 price peak of silver doesn’t count because it was made by the Hunt Brothers. The cartel’s manipulation on gold and silver’s prices won’t last forever because inflation will soon make it impossible and more people are buying silver.

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