*Update: as if on que, the Mint has just notified the primary dealers that Silver Eagles are sold out, and that sales are suspended effective immediately through 1/28!

The US Mint reported another 1 million Silver Eagles sold Thursday, bringing the January sales total to an astonishing 6.007 million ounces in less than 2 weeks of sales! 

With nearly half of January remaining, it is now all but certain (barring a complete shut-down by the mint) that January 2013 Silver Eagles sales will absolutely shatter the all-time monthly sales record for the Mint set in January 2011 at 6,422,000 ounces.

The Mint is currently on pace to sell a COMEX sucking 12.66 MILLION OUNCES OF SILVER EAGLES IN THE FIRST MONTH OF 2013, more than the YEARLY sales total for ANY year prior to 2008 at the US Mint!!!

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The US Mint has sold over 6 million ounces during the first 9 business days of January! (the mint began production on 1/7)

2013 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,007,000
Total 6,007,000


And the all-time monthly record set in January 2011:


2011 Silver Sales Totals
(in ounces / number of coins)
Month One
( oz. / #coins )
January 6,422,000


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  1. Yeah, so the US Mint can’t let its monthly sales figures far surpass last years….. Its BS I swear.  The month totals will probably surpass 2011, but the sales might have been 2x 2011 if the mint would actually sell for the full month.  2013 ASE sales didn’t even start till Jan 7th … 
    This is what I don’t get.  They had almost all of December to start ramping up 2013 ASEs.  They sold out of 2012 ASEs mid December, so that means they had at least a 3 week headstart to focus entirely on 2013 ASEs and now they’re sold out!?  WTF.
    This year they have the San Francisco mint fully ramped up as well yet they still cannot meet demand… hmm

    • Maybe we need to stop worrying about the monthly mint sales volume and talk about the ounces sold per selling day.  Then, if they want to take some days off, it won’t affect the ounces per selling day one bit.

      My question is, “What is selling out faster, silver or ammo?”. 😀

    • @Battle-Beagle, yes, was just going to respond that you are exactly correct, gold and silver are Giffen goods.

      As proof that shortages cause increased demand, we contacted all of our suppliers immediately to acquire any ASE’s available. The primary dealers are already sold out, and were already selling eagles for $3-$4 over spot to dealers this afternoon. 

      Also, we are seeing extreme delays/shortages of 90% silver, and our main suppliers doubled the premiums on generic 1oz rounds this week as well.

      Looks like 2008 silver shortages are back

  2. The silver supply chain must be stretched to the max for this to happen?! I remember a post about Apple 27inch monitors being delayed due to a lack of silver last week on TFmetals. Something is about to blow in in T minus 3 months.

    • Great question, PK.  Most of the web sites I shop show silver and gold Maples in stock.  I have no idea as to what quantities are available, though.  Most don’t show the numbers of coins available, just the words “IN STOCK”.  As to premiums, they seem to be about $0.50 less per coin than for ASEs much of the time, although this could be skewed now with ASE production interrupted.

  3. Here is the shocker: By Law the US Mint is required to produce Silver Eagle coins “in quantities sufficient to meet public demand . . . ”  (the same for any other precious metals coins, of course).

    This is from Bix Weir (May 2011):
    The provision states–
    “(e) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary shall mint and issue, in quantities sufficient to meet public demand,…”
    The law is clear that the silver coins must be supplied to the US public in “quantities sufficient to meet public demand” EVEN IF it means the US Mint drives up the price of silver bullion on the open market in order to obtain the silver needed to produce the US Silver Eagles. That rise in price should, theoretically, decrease the current voracious demand for US Silver Eagles and allow for the true price discovery of silver bullion. That’s how our freely traded markets are supposed to function in order to determine the “fair market value” of any asset.”.
    This is a clear sign that demand for physical Silver is exceedingly strong at the moment.

    • Agree that this is an excellent sign that silver demand is very high.  Not sure about “the law” aspect of this, given the fact that the current administration follows US law only when convenient or they are compelled by the courts to do so.

    • Plebian, I think that is the common view, but silver has been the predominant money. The problem is that these Pilgrim’s decided to bankrupt the world by selling silver, and hoarding the South African gold, so they could run the planet. These guys are selling silver until the very last drop, so that they can keep their gold standard.
      Is the silver barrell empty yet? It’s been 200 years of selling silver. Publicly known stockpiles have diminished. Can the people win and get bankers out of their lives by ditching paper and gold and going with the local product, silver?
      Once the silver price gets driven by shortage, the demand from the public will increase exponentially. But how far away is that? Are the silver stealers (see Charles Savoie) running low. (Key: Hallowed be thy name)

    • Shortages can occur due to any number of things… labor strikes, mine disasters, transportation strikes, war, etc.  
      Maybe the hook in your comment is the word “normal” market, whatever that is these days.  lol

  4. Words cannot describe my happiness right now… 
    They had 3 weeks to prepare and couldn’t make it 9 business days, they were on pace to shatter the January record, sell more than any year prior to 2008 and yet… paper silver has remained sideways. 
    Conventional wisdom tells me they’ll smash it tomorrow, but how can you smash it with no physical left to buy and why would anyone holding physical sell at low prices in the midst of a shortage? 
    Just… amazing… 

    • Pretty good smash this morning but it recovered right away. I don’t think the cartel has a very good grip right now with the shortage of physical

  5. Funny that the mint is getting smacked by shortages just like everyone else. The gummint aids and abets silver price supression and the mint gets screwed.
    I am not an economist but when BHO sqeaked about ammo, mags and magazines, the price of ammo is up 200%.  Shortages are out 3-9 months.  Maybe if the SOB will sign some EOs on precious metals. 

    • What’s amazing is paper prices have yet to respond strongly to these shortages, I wonder what the situation is on the industrial user front? It would be awesome if somehow SD could reach out to some of the large industrial buyers and sellers and see if shortages are occurring there also?

    • ” I wonder what the situation is on the industrial user front?”
      I dunno but I can almost guarantee what the situation is at the COMEX… sheer terror!

  6. Jim Sinclair wrote this on JSMINESET:
    “This is why silver is a great trading vehicle, but not a great long term holding.”
    Let’s set out to prove Mr. Sinclair wrong about Silver…
    “The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold.”
    –Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman
    “But throughout history, gold has not been the only monetary metal. Silver has always played a role alongside gold. In fact, up until the beginning of the 20th Century, more people used silver as money than they did gold. You wouldn’t know it though, would you?”

    • Yes, I would.  Not from the talk of TPTB, of course, but from family history.  Gram had her “butter and egg” money back in the 1930s.  They had a small farm where Gramps did the heavy work, plowing, harrowing, and planting with horse or mule teams, while Gram tended the house, garden, chickens, and churned butter.  She would walk the 3 miles to town with her basket of fresh eggs and butter every other day, selling to housewives and a couple of small stores in town.  For this she collected pennies, nickels, dimes, and even a few quarters.  The dimes and quarters were special because they were silver but it all spent when they needed things that they did not produce.  Hard times but they made it though them and her small stack was of significant help.

    • But not for long……

      Sorta reminds me of a party I went to back in school…..where everybody was feeling Mary….but she had to go home; So everybody jumped for Joy…but no one had noticed Joy was already gone….

    • …Was hoping someone would find my line there at lest somewhat funny….Platinum & Palldium are going to keep turning heads was my thought…

  7. Platinum and Palladium, at least for 2013, have a significantly impacted reduced interested from EU stackers, due to full VAT applying on this. Gold is VAT free, and silver VAT rates are all over the place. Regular silver bars are a disaster, 21% VAT while coincars are 6-7%, and some countries have 7% or a form of margin VAT on silver coins with nominal value.
    It is expected that for 2014, EU will implement a hard flat VAT tax on silver, to align with Platinum and Palladium. When that happens, the silver demand for investment in the EU may take a hit, while it could make the P’s less unattractive. Not sure what the plans are to tax gold, but if that remains tax exempt, it could rally locally. Especially if 2014 coincides with a dip in the gold silver ratio. I am almost looking forward to the heavier taxation of silver, as I’ve done about as much stacking as I will for the next few years. Looking to get rid of some bars and get semi-numi’s in stead.

  8. Next new law will ban possession of silver. Or we will see a new tax to own silver. Or we will see an increase in the tax on capital gains for silver. Or cartel organizes new law about the additional tax when buying and (or) selling silver.

    They certainly will come up with something new to get people to give up silver. They make investments in silver unprofitable and unattractive with the new laws.
    They will do it, they have no other choice.


    – The one who controls the silver, has full controls the gold.
    – The one who controls the gold, has full controls the world monetary system.
     – The one who controls the world monetary system, has full controls the entire world trade.
    – The one who controls the entire world trade, has full control and operates over the world – as main master of the all world.

    They know and understand it better than most of us.

  9. How the cartel can punish the most intelligent rebellious of his slaves?
    Of course with new laws against these most intelligent rebellious slaves.

    The modern state – a machine for the suppression of the will of the population with the help of the police and army.

    This machine is working against the interests of civil society in favor of a narrow group of people, but always under the pretext of protecting the interests of civil society.
    The machine of slavery what called the state, is always working due to the forces and money from our the civil society. We pay for our own slavery.

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