Our friend Sean from SGTReport.com has released an interview with James Turk, Founder of GoldMoney from Spain discussing how the FED’s latest actions spell doom for the Dollar. James reminds us that what is happening in the United States RIGHT NOW thanks to the privately owned Central Bank always ends the same way: In disaster for the currency.
We’ve seen it before: Weimar Germany, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Serbia… and we’ll soon see it in AmeriKa. James also revisits his decade long prediction of $400 silver and $8,000 gold.  Turk sees these levels occurring as early as 2013-2105, along with hyperinflation. The fuse has been lit and time is running out.

Part 1: ‘This Always ENDS the Same Way: Zimbabwe, Argentina… AmeriKa Part 2: ‘WARNING: Currency Cliff Ahead = $400 Silver, $8,000 Gold’
  1. My problem with the “Gurus” of the Silver World is that their predictions about Gold and Silver are being placed further and further into the future as their previous predictions fail to come true.

    As a long-term “stacker” according to Turk, Weir, King World News etc.etc. I should have been a rich man THIS year and LAST year and the year BEFORE. 

    It’s a good job most people have short memories.   I wish they would shut-up and just let it happen when it happens.

    Still I suppose they are all selling Gold and Silver and must “talk their book”. 

    • GBS, I agree with your post 100%.  And it’s not just Gold and Silver they are selling.  People are willing to pay money to bloggers just to have their own beliefs reinforced.  It’s amazing.  Turd at TF Metals Report has come right out and asked for money because he has bills due.  How many times has Turd put his reputation out there and been wrong?  But yet the kool-aid drinkers keep giving him money and dismiss anyone with a contrary opinion.  Most of us who come to these sites stack.  But like you said, these predictions by so-called “experts” are getting old.

    • Agreed.  And these guys are trapped by what they say otherwise they would lose their following.  So it’s the same old predictions again and again.  I know Sinclair was very prescient about the price of gold 10 years ago, but he still goes on and on about how the price should be higher, the cartel is manipulating, etc.  People have to see that manipulation of the price downwards as a gift, because if they didn’t do it, the price really would be $3000/oz for gold and $100/oz for silver making it less and less affordable to the common people out there.  The fundamentals are there for higher prices in the future.  Nothing has changed politically that will alter the course.  Just stack and watch it all play out, there’s nothing else you need to know.  And if you are worried about the timing, know that it’s better to be 10 years too early than a day too late!

    • That’s what I have was thinking last week about the fact that the gurus keep changing the dates. Things are just repeating and repeating again and every time that there’s a bull run on precious metal’s prices, their predictions keep appearing in blogs which are getting annoying. I personally ignore those who say that gold and silver will hit “X” amount because how do they know that because maybe any unpredicted events will change the course and they’ll be wrong. “The only way that you predict the future is to create it.”

  2. Hi All
    Just registered with SD today. Brilliant and informative site, keep up the good work Doc. Good point for me to introduce myself given the JT & GM interview above. Been a lurker since March 2011 which is around the same time I also started stacking Silver. Unfortunately timed my first Ag purchases a little wrong in the run up to last years $49 peak, but took the pain and have been average stacking ever since on a monthly basis down to $27 and back up to the current $34.50. Currently holding just under 4000 oz [with JTs Gold Money] due to being totally convinced of what’s coming and already unfolding. Faired a little better with my first Gold purchases which I started around 4 years ago when Au was in the $800s. I hold my Gold in my own possession due to its small size.
    Totally understand what some may say regarding my Silver “if I don’t hold it I don’t own it” but unfortunately my circumstances make it completely impractical to physically hold over 120 kilos of Silver bullion. I’m a Brit working full time in the Middle East, living in company accommodation, house rented out in the UK and married to a Thai national in Thailand. LOL ask yourself where would you keep your Silver stack given the above?
    James Turk’s Gold Money seems to be a 100% legit organisation so until a point in time when it would be practical for me to hide my own stash close to hand, I feel it is my best and only option [as opposed to not buying any Silver at all]
    Basically just wanted to say hello to everyone and say to any others who may be considering Gold Money as an option, if your circumstances are anything like my own, so far I am very impressed with their operation and have zero complaints.  
    The future looks very exciting for those of us who have seen the light before the real SHTF, but also really worrying at the same time. I sometimes wonder if remaining oblivious to the reality would have been easier? I sometimes wonder if it would have been better not taking the red pill and sticking with the blue….but once taken there’s no going back. It ain’t pretty out there.
    Zilver Zeta.

  3. Welcome ZZ 
    Stick with the Red Pill.  It’s much more fun to be awake and aware.  The world is more ‘colorful’ that way. 
    If it was me I would have to find a trusted offshore vault as well if I was in your situation and not think too much about it.
    Keep us up to speed on how Gold Money works out.

    While I can’t bring myself to trust anyone outside of me and my wife when it comes to storing our PMs while we live in the US, if it was necesary to relocate then people like GM would be very useful. I think they have a storage facility in Singapore. Viamat can help with the transport of the phyzz.
     In all ages and economic times people have had to found safe harbor for their  precious metals.  In the end you have to trust someone if you can’t store in your home.
    As for the notion that we will see hyperinflation JT talks about, defined as an inflation rate of more than 10% PER MONTH, when you move outside the small community of precious metal advocates, the average person is going get a major wakeup call when inflation hits 25% or more a year, as opposed to the soft, creeping inflation of 8% we now experience.
     The food/ fuel  inflation, a strongly linked dynamic,  coupled with QE 3,  is going to devastate this country. But it will create a starvation holocaust in other countries, particular  MENA and the BRICS.  Most of the people in this country are skating on thin ice financially, with no perceptible net worth or monetary backup plans.  What they do have in ready cash will fly into precious metals, the only form of hard assets that can be bought and sold readily and in small amounts. Across the globe the average person will do the same thing, flooding into the precious metals market to preserve their buying power.
    A small number of people in the US are still  around to speak of the inflation they  experienced from 1966 to 1982.  That was ‘only’ 10% a year on average.   It eroded our paychecks faster than any raises or investments could counter.  Stagflation was the name given to that time period.  Not a single investment except PMs yielded a return that ran counter to the inflation rate,  given  the DOW range traded from 600 to 1,000 for 16 years.  Real estate investments were problematic since their prices went up and down in that time period. 
    Precious metals were the exception. In ten years, their prices vaulting upwards  by a factor of 1,000 to 2,000 percent . 
    This  historical time period gives us some meaure of what we can expect from the QE 3 printing, ZIRP and systemic embedded inflation coming down the road. We were fortunate that civil disruptions did not flow our way during this time period.
      We stackers may be some of the very few who were early adopters of PM purchasing at reasonable prices.  We may end up having  enough resources to weather this coming storm of stagflation that will dwarf the 1970’s   The civil disruptions we saw in the Arab Spring will happen here in a way we have never seen in our lifetimes and I hope that our stacks give us some flexibility in fend off the worst that will come our way. 

    Thx for the welcome. Totally agree and I have a real knot inside my chest thinking about all the above. Could also be because I’m right in the middle of that Arab Spring region….I think the knot could be in anticipation of the Arab Fall 🙁 The term Arab Spring sounds almost cheerful does it not [But it wasn’t of course] Arab Fall sounds like it could be much worse.
    Yes will be my pleasure to keep SD members up to date with the GoldMoney Foundation. Will also be my pleasure to answer any questions from anyone considering it. Will answer to the best of my ability given my experience so far.
    Presently I have my ounces distributed between 4 vaults with GM [all non-bank related] Mr Turks company offers 5 vaults for Silver in 4 different jurisdictions, London ViaMAT. Switzerland ViaMAT. Canada Brinks and Hong Kong ViaMAT and G4S. I’ve avoided the Swiss one as the storage charges are double the other countries. FYI they currently don’t offer any storage facility in Singapore.
    One last point as a ref. You know how you occasionally hear the mantra Gold and Silver are in a bubble and have already hit their highs, not a chance. Within my circle of friends family and work colleagues I know of only two other stacker’s and both are only toes in the water starters with very small holdings. Both of which were pointed in the right direction by myself. Everyone else that I know are either uninterested or just don’t get it and think I’m raving mad, even at this late stage of the game with the writing so large on the wall. We are still a million miles from bubble territory from what I see in my reality.

  5. The Ag market is so tight and volatile already that when manufacturing companies see what is happening and abandon the “just in time” supply chain and try to stockpile what they need for production the price could go right on by 400$ per Oz!

  6. Please do study, when push comes to pull, history way back before Andrew Jackson’s time by a Secret Society called the “Pilgrims Society.”  The anti-silver-club.  Research more: THE-SILVER-STEALERS.PDF  Author: Charles Savoie in January 2011.  Knowledge is power, stupidity is free.  Internet is is the new Gutenberg.  Silver is an undevalued asset and society of the world will help it back to its original price.

  7. We all know the outcome for the current decisions making the headlines. In the past, there have been events that have saved the decision makers from total financial ruin. So knowing that QEfinity is a dead end, what event could come in and change it all around? Wipe the slate clean? Certainly not a world war.

    1)Planet X and and a major catastrophic systemic world extinction event.

    2)Iran attacks the US with an EMP, or should I say, our own spook agencies, then blame Iran whereas the world then blames Israel for attacking Iran which started it all.  Power grid down for months, localized extinction event.

    3)Sun flare that is in of itself an EMP event causing a hemispheric extinction event.

    All three scenarios are weeks away according to the chatter. Either event would wipe away all sins of this generation with enough stored wealth and secret agreements, after the fact, to rebuild the fascist new world government they crave.

    Ok, so what does that mean to me? All the talk I hear from experts is that if all things remain the same, then our world exists to predictable outcomes. What if nothing remains the same? What clue could we possibly have that tells us that the above scenes will play out? The world will not remain the same as we know it, in my estimation, thus this current 30 year build up for collapse. Planet X was confirmed in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

    There is no way the Powers That Be, including the Queen, will leave THAT much money on the stock exchanges. There will be a colossal collapse in the stock markets where they will take all they can, electronically. They will then allow enough time to digest the settlement dates, maybe buy some more gold, THEN the big one will happen. This is my canary in the coal mine. If nothing else, the PTB are greedy and predictable when it comes to greed.

    That said, if the power goes out, what good is your PM’s stored miles away in a warehouse? There will be no more dealer premiums on buying and selling either as the infrastructure is gone. Each stacker could be the next localized central banker in the next realm, that is, if we can survive 10 months without electricity.

    So welcome mate, but if you ask me, I am stacking for the system to totally collapse with many dead, including me, because the way the PTB have been setting this thing up, they know the final outcome will be a massive event that will render 700 trillion or so in derivatives a moot point. If I should survive, I will buy my own army and pay them in silver, just as Napolean and Sun Tzu did as well as the Roman emperors.

    I really miss Jake. He was spot on when he called silver a store of LABOR. Jake, where are you? 

    • It won’t be any of the above, the derivatives market is unraveling bit by bit and when it crashes it is taking the entire worlds economy with it. All we can do is stack as much as we can and not just silver and gold. Food, water, guns, and ammo will all be hard to come by when the crash happens. I see at least a year before the government gets things started back to some semblance of normal.

  8. The bottom line is this.  Silver and gold have unlimited upside potential because the US dollar has unlimited downside potential from massive over-printing.  While no one knows the timing by which the future unfolds, we do know from various trends that silver is under-valued, that the developed ore fields are declining in ozs/ton of silver and gold, that most of the silver ever mined has been consumed and dispersed, and that unbacked paper money is going the way of the dodo at some point.  Exactly when that is, however, is anyone’s guess.  My guess is that it will be sometime in 2014-15.  Could I be wrong?  Absolutely!  And I have no problem with that because I am not selling my “knowledge of the future” to anyone sufficiently gullible to buy it.

    Personally, I think that the guys in the PM business who talk about an imminent end-game only do so to goad the Sheeple off the fence and into stacking.  That’s fine with me.  Anything that gets people out of dying fiat paper currencies and into REAL money is a good thing… even if they have to hype it a bit to do so.

  9. ED, you make a good point about getting people into physical metals. Whatever it takes short of illegal activities. I would see people spend their money with good bullion people than the stock market casino.
     At least you get a good story, some intel and maybe background and historical information about all these factors AND a chance to buy PMs at low markups.  
     It still amazes me that these bullion sites sell  raw PMs for such thin margins. One mistake and your profit for the day or week is wiped out.  Ask Doc.  I think that many of the bullion folks selling PMs and/or info do so at a reason and relatively low cost.  A few subscriptions, a couple of sheckels in donations, a lot of free data that you can cull from the websites and blogs will give a person a well rounded schooling in economics, finance, banking, commodities and precious metals.
    On the other post with my rant over the 28% cap gain taxes on bullion and keeping it under the radar:  That subject I have researched to the extreme.  Rest assured I have systems work.
    Until TPTB make ownership or sales of PMs illegal or immensely difficult to transact, I have sources prepositioned to accomplish that.  That’s another skill learned on the good old internet. 

  10. Two quick thoughts:
    First–I don’t care about the guesses people make as to price…I only care about how many oz I have…
    Second—ASE’s  makes a fantatic Christams gift for just about anyone….

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