rocketChris Martenson has released an excellent interview with GoldMoney’s James Turk regarding the gold and silver markets after 2 years of consolidation.
Turk states he expects 2013 and 2014 to be big years for both metals, and that we are approaching the point where the cartel loses its ability to control the gold and silver markets to the upside as confidence in the fiat system is lost.
Turk states that he expects gold to achieve $8,000/$10,000/oz during the 3rd phase of it’s bull market when the public becomes involved and a mania develops, yet states that gold’s gains will be modest on a percentage basis compared to what’s in store for silver.

Chris Martenson’s full MUST WATCH interview with James Turk is below:


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    • Dirt, It is not a question of “IF” only “WHEN” will silver reach $500/oz and even higher? I expect a movement sometime in the fall. Possibly to $100/oz. Until then, mostly a non-event spring & summer. Of course that would all change if there is some kind of unforeseen situation that would shake the financial markets.

    • Snowrider, I don’t disagree.I said before calling for the silver explosion is like calling for the end of the world, you can only be right once.
      People are talking about the end of this year, but the aggravating (and quite frankly embarrassing to the silver community) incessant articles (for the last several years) talking about imminent explosions in the face of constant beat downs has grown old.
      lol. I said before, I’m all in.

    • I am totally with you Dirt on that. I have been in silver since 1965 and I grow at times somewhat bored when these silver gurus start predicting silver is going to the moon. I likewise am all in. Buried in the cold, cold ground where metal detectors can’t find. You tend to look at these guys and ask, “Are all of you reading from the script?”  

  1. Nice photograph to show – on the 27th anniversary of the explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger.
    Anyone here remember where they were when they first heard the news?
    Believe it or not – I was actually inside a bank at the time.
    RIP Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Ronald McNair; Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith Resnik

    • Mammoth, I remember exactly where I was on that day. Had just driven up to a friend’s house to visit and sat in their living room transfixed to the TV! Could not believe what I was seeing. A very sad day for all space pioneers. 

    • @Mammoth: Yes I do remember, vividly. I was reading the Orange County Register in the car before work. The science reporter from the OCR had been up at the Jet Propulsion Labratory in Pasadena waiting for the first images of Uranis from the Voyager Spacecraft. The first (UNEDITED) close up images of it’s closest moon “Miranda” were published the morning before and a friend had loaned me his newspaper. The Images were SO CLEAR. THEY WERE MIND BLOWING! The reporters and scientists were Blown Away by what they had discovered on Miranda!!! They were calling it the greatest discovery in human history. Asking questions like WTF IS THAT! IN PRINT! Then came the announcement on the radio that Challenger had exploded. The story of the the greatest discovery ever was instantly replaced by the greatest tragedy in NASA history. The story of Miranda was buried and forgotten. The images of it today have been sanitized or disappeared altogether.

    • @StackerX: Notice the structure at the top of the image. That structure that was printed in the OCR was not blurred out. It is 4 terraces one inside the other and perfectly squared on the corners but also rounded! Notice also the sides how they are “bent inward”. Think of an airliner going on a long flight. Due to the curve of the globe, the “bulge” the shortest distance is to bend around the curve rather than fly strait around. The wall of the stucture “because it is huge” does the same thing. Also notice the Giant scrathed or etched square corner at the bottom of the image. You can only see that one corner but in the image from the OCR you could see it all. It also is perfectly square and scraped into the moon. Not natural! I would challenge anyone to find the overhead pictures of these structures.  After a few years had passed I went to JPL and was allowed into their archives building where ALL images are stored. The images that were given to the OCR the night of the fly by and printed were not in the archives at JPL! I also went to the main library in Santa Ana where they keep a microphiche of the OCR daily. At least they did back then. The images that had been in the paper had been changed and some even removed. The story had also been rewritten! All over the moon there were also grid squares like tick tack toe boards etched into the moon. There are some cool pics in the August 1986  National Geographic Magazine of Miranda. After that all disscussion of Miranda ended in major MSM. You don’t have to take my word for any of this but in the center of the terraced structure was a dome! From that dome were four “I don’t really know what to call them” long Connecting Arms or long buildings or something. They seemed to be in a fixed position. At he end of these connecting arms were four half spheres tipped on edge and light was blasting out. Bright enough it lit the entire sceene. The half spheres looked almost like rocket engines that could spin the whole thing around the central dome. I didn’t see evidence that they were moving however. You can see it through the blur Nasa added later to the image I posted. But the obfuscation has destroyed the image for the most part. Oh well, I know what I saw and what the reporters and scientists saw before the cover up. The Challenger explosion took the story completely out of the news forever! Know this, that structure may be the largest building ever built. It is aprox. 300 miles on each side! There is nothing else like it anywhere!

    • @RocketsRedGlare cool stuff never heard of this before. It reminds me of Richard Hoagland’s work. His work opened my eyes to alternative thinking when I was in High School. Specifically his “Monuments of Mars” and “The Moon/Mars connection” videos. If you haven’t seen these I highly recommend them. Check them out on Youtube.

  2. How many times do I have to explain this? It’s something Mr. Turk OUGHT to have ascertained on his OWN, since he’s one heck of a lot more spohisticated and knowledgable than I am.
    Gold and silver DO EXHIBIT A NATURAL RETURN of about a quarter percent per year, because the average mine recovery rate lags growth of humanity by about that percentage. I call it the ‘Population Demand Factor’. Metallic Money Gains Value By Natural Coincidence!!!!

  3. Turk states that he expects gold to achieve $8,000/$10,000/oz during the 3rd phase of it’s bull market when the public becomes involved and a mania develops, yet states that gold’s gains will be modest on a percentage basis compared to what’s in store for silver. I underline EXPECTS, because there is no WILL. All articles here are pure speculation.
    Insofar as The Challenger tragedy, not one person EXPECTED that only it would fly.
    Bless those who went with it!

  4. While I am convinced that precious metals will increase substantially in value, I’m also reminded of the early attempts by the US to build rockets that would fire into space.  One failure had a reporter quip  “Dave Crockett, there’s your rocket”  It was the splat hear round the world. 
    IMO, we will see very serious fiscal battles, currency wars, market equity crashes,  food shortages, sovereign defaults and bond failures coupled with small and large regional wars before these PMs take off.  Fear will help the PM price before serious shortages rear their ugly heads.  When governments, equity funds, pension investors and the public see bond values crash as rates rise, maybe even double their present rates, that money will fly to hard assets.  PMs are one of the safe harbors for these funds
    The lies produced by the governments on a global basis are going to come to a head soon as the people realize that they have been lied to, lose faith in their currencies and face some very serious inflation ripping into their pocketbooks.

    • AG,
      Total agreement with you. Perhaps Doc should just send out email alerts when things really start to happen.
      I am tiring of the same dancing partner constantly stepping on my feet! No article writer has yet to set out a Chronology of  events that will connect the dates and the dots.

    • I think things may come to  ahead much faster if Obama keeps pushing  a gun ban. People are waking up and enough of us will not comply with any laws he gets passed. Illegal president/illegal laws.
      We need one sharp shock to the system to break prices loose. Be it war, a currency failure, or even rampant inflation.

    • @MaryB
      It’s important to recognize that the statute ‘baning’ ‘FIREARMS’ is both legal and Lawful. That statute DEFINES … FIREARMS … as sawed-off shotguns and rifles or starter guns that load shot-gun shells. Moreover, it’s ‘enacting clause’ is in the Title 26 Tax Code … ITSELF, NEVER ENACTED INTO POSITIVE LAW!
      What makes the boondoggle ‘legal and Lawful’ is that it CAN ONLY PERTAIN to exclusively federal DISTRICT JURISDICTION (such as District of Columbis, or say District of Ohio, District of Montana, etc.. By PRESUMING that you occupy exclusive federal District jurisdiction, you trick your own self into VOLUNTEERING into compliance based on the FURTHER PRESUMPTION that ypur plain old ordinary gun is SELF-DEFINED ON A FORM, IN WRITING, THAT YOU SIGN … as a ‘FIREARM”

  5. So if gold goes to 10,000.00 for one troy ounce from today’s 1660.00, then will a gallon of milk also go to 400.00 a gallon from 4.00? Are we really saying the USD will loose value where it will take 10k to buy an ounce of gold in the future? Or are we saying the USD Index will remain unchanged and an ounce of gold at 10k will buy 2500 gallons of milk? 25 or 2500 gallons of milk…which is it?

    • Maybe we should just price gold and silver in Chinese Yuan to save argument.

      Spot gold in CNY is 10280. Turk says it will go to 100280 Chinese Yuan. Yea right?
      Spot silver in Chinese Yuan is 191
      Which is it? US Dollars and debasement or  a fixed Chinese Yuan?

    • 1 oz of Gold at $1,660 / 4.00 = 415 Gallons of milk.
      1 oz of Gold at $10,000 / 415 = $24 / Gallon of milk.
      So, milk could cost $24 per Gallon by the time Gold hits $10,000 per oz, not unrealistinc or unreasonable.  Silver by then would be at least $500 per oz.
      Gold = $1,660 –> $10,000/oz = 600% price appreciation ($5,000 in Gold will be $30,000 then).
      Silver = $31 –> $500/oz = 1,600% price appreciation ($5,000 in Silver will be $80,000 then).
      (75% Silver+25% Gold = $3,750 in Silver+$1,250 in Gold = $5,000 will be $60,000+$7,500 = $67,500 then).
      $5,000 / 4.00 = 1,250 Gallons of milk (now).
      $67,500 / 24 = 2,800 Gallons of milk (then).

  6. James Turk is probably a nice guy and all.  And, very knowledgeable on metals.  But, I think he should give the long term price predictions a rest.  He’s been saying this for years.  He predicts that every year will be a great year for gold.  He’s not losing his credibility in my mind, hes just starting to sound like a broken record.  Eventually he is going to mess up his reputation as he is starting to sound like Lindsay Williams.  Give it a rest Mr Turk.  Gold and silver will have thier day, just not on our time schedule.  And, Turk is only making educational guesses.  Nothing is happening right now that makes any sense.  It is a waiting game.

    • “…But, I think he should give the long term price predictions a rest.  He’s been saying this for years.  He predicts that every year will be a great year for gold.  He’s not losing his credibility in my mind, hes just starting to sound like a broken record…”
      Actually, every year for the past 12 years or so have been great years for Gold, with positive price appreciation each and every year.  Very few assets could make the same claim.  Silver is doing better overall, but it has been more volatile, and some years have had price drops.  Mr. Turk has compared investing in Gold to riding in a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, a nice smooth, comfortable ride.  Investing in Silver is likened to flying a combat jet like an F-16, where one experiences large G-forces, both positive and negative, from the fierce ride.
      The long-term forecasts have been right, even if the timing is not exact.  Compare this with the MSM propaganda for the past 12 years, where the message has been consistently a mindless ‘Gold is a bubble’ chant (all the while never having actually predicted any financial bubbles at all).  And the MSM doesn’t even dare speak the word ‘Silver’, because they know that Silver is the one thing through which the common man can fight back against the debt-based fiat paper money system.  Go for 75% Silver and 25% Gold, if one has the courage.

  7. Enough with predictions.  Here is mine:
    What we recently saw – the shortage of silver planchets twice causing a stoppage in the production of American Silver Eagles – was only the first solid indicator of the coming shortage of physical Silver.  As much as some folks would like those incidents to bring about an immediate parabolic rise in pricing, the reality is it will need to occur a number of times – and for longer periods – before the MSM & General Public actually takes notice.
    A good analogy would be that first chilly day at the end of summer, when a person first feels that fall is in the air.  But that cold day passes, and then it is warm again.  Eventually there are more and more chilly days – and then it can’t be denied that the season has indeed changed.
    Same thing with Silver.  We all know what is coming, but unlike with the regular changing of the seasons, nobody knows when that parabolic rise will occur.  Not even Turk, or Sinclair, or any of us here.

    • Right on the money mammoth. we are seeing clear evidence that something is “fucky” in the market but calling the break out will be futile.
      I dearly hope that the US mint continues a pattern of running out which will put more pressure on canadian maples which will eventually cause them to dry up or become severely rationed. I hope junk silver continues to be a memory (thanks to mammoth buying it all) This will garner media attention, as well as light a fire under current stackers ( be them aggressive or casual ) asses.
      With respect of “how much will milk cost if silver was 500 dollars.” This in a way is fair, but in another way is disingenuous. Silver is so badly manipulated now that 100 bucks an ounce would be a totally fair price in a normal functioning economy IMO. However, given that we have satanic sociopathic mongoloids in power, they won’t stop until they have to stop, so sadly it is looking more and more like an explosion in silver will be in lock step with the shit hitting the fan.

  8. lol…Reading these “alerts” and “reports” is starting to remind me of when I was a kid and read the funny papers.  It’s starting to feel like the gold and silver bugs have their own “Powers That Be”.  It’s hard to find real, common-sense news anymore. 

  9. Meanwhile, we have fallen through $31 again and it’s looking like we are going to test $30. The trend continues, takes weeks to rise but only a couple a days to crumble. Look what has happened to all of the miners recently. They have gotten smacked down worse that the underlying metals. I venture to say that they are bottoming out but who knows they could fall another 10% at this rate. 

    • Besides real cost increases for some miners, this appears to coincide with the clarion call to stocks where gold and silver miners are bad, bullion is bad, NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ is good. They are obviously steering the sheeple to slaughter in stocks.
      Therefore, with my base of bullion, to mining stocks I go. I will get all of the Sinclair Blowoff and whether in USD or CNY, I quadruple my balance sheet.
      No problem…with the Asia Bullion markets as ballast, how can I possibly go down further! That’s It!

    • The DOW and S&P look ripe for a 10% correction to the downside while the metals are due for a 10% correction to the upside. What will be interesting to see is if the mining shares follow stocks down or follow the base metals up. 

  10. Gold, silver and copper are the best ways for preserving wealth.. Silver and copper are better since they are becoming more rare and still somewhat available to purchase locally under the radar. Supply and demand will play on silver and copper since they are an industrial commodity. Since they are becoming more rare and demand is increasing then they can be seen an investment. Other than having income producing properties or businesses I see no other alternative to invest/maintain value in than silver, copper, platinum, or any other commodity you can hold in your hand. Gold is not an investment, probably never will be, it’s only purpose is to maintain value. Some may argue that copper isn’t that rare, but it will not take much industrial activity to increase it’s real value considering the increasing population. Aluminum is plentiful but it’s value is based on energy costs. Nickel, zinc, lead, uranium, palladium, etc. are considerations, but I have little insight into them as an investment. I have been saving scrap copper, aluminum and electronic boards for many years. The copper costs only my labor, and the boards are my future mining expedition if they happen to pan out. I also have a large storage of used motor oil.

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