GoldMoney has released an interview with Chairman James Turk about his study of the above-ground global gold stock, gold’s role as money, and the coming fiat currency collapse. They discuss the discrepancies between official gold stock figures and the study’s carefully calculated figures, going all the way back to Roman times and using the year 1492 as a pivotal calculation point — which was when the Spanish Empire began its imports of gold deposits discovered in the Americas. In contrast to the widely referenced number of 171,000 tonnes of above-ground gold, James’s study suggests that it is actually closer to 155,000 and therefore overstated by about 10%.

Full interview below:


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  1. I also believe this is indeed the largest transfer of wealth in human history. But, I believe there are two opposing forces. First we have TPTB robbing nations and their citizens of everything. Second you have PM investers who know what TPTB are doing and are short circuiting their plans, at least on a personal level!

    • I also believe that this is the largest transfer of wealth in human history because before, precious metals were already in connection with currencies to people didn’t have to transfer their wealth but now, all currencies became fiat so they are losing values.

  2. It’s enormously pleasing to hear that the intrinsic relationship between specie money and population is finally being reintroduced to the public’s attention. Mr. Turk’s effort is a significant milestone in that regard, because it again promotes rational calculation between Labor, media and valuation that’s absolutely indispensible for sustainable commercial foundations and rapid identification of genuine arbitrage across the entire matrix of goods-at-market.

    From my humble view, the implication of this study is of historic magnitude!

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