Silver was just smashed under $33 to $32.81 , while the cartel has just succeeded in stuffing gold under $1710, with a likely target of a 16 handle.

With the December FOMC statement due tomorrow and nearly the entire market expecting a new $45 billion/month in quantitative easing, the cartel appears to be hoping to make the announcement with silver near $32.50 and gold under $1700.

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Silver’s daily COMEX open cliff-dive plunge:


After initially refusing to break down, Gold successfully sent through $1710 on the 2nd wave of the attack:


As we fully expect additional QE to be announced tomorrow, this is an excellent opportunity to STACK THE SMACK!!

  1. It’s Tuesday. Smackdown time again! I’m waiting for tomorrows FOMC takedown. I set my watch by it! I better hook up the fishing boat today and get an early start tomorrow! The silverfish are biting this time of year you know! When I put a slippery mercury dime on the hook 9 times out of 10 they steal the bate! 🙁 :-(

  2. Silver is the Achilles’ Heel of the central bankers.  Before they were able to achieve fiat, they first de-monetized silver (the money of the common people) and thereby stole the common man’s wealth and his independence.  Then they had strict control of gold, and it was only a matter of time before they carried out their plans to unofficially de-monetize gold as well.  However, notice how the central bankers still treat gold as money (even if they lie verbally, their actions speak otherwise), and it is their GOAL to have GOLD be the ONLY valid MONEY.  But the people will speak up, and the restoration of SILVER as MONEY will be inevitable.  It is ALREADY HAPPENING.
    Day by day, the common man throughout the world is acquiring and holding silver as a store of wealth, and by their actions alone SILVER is RESTORED as MONEY once again.  The common man is a great multitude, and even if only a small portion acquire silver, the impacts will be felt.  The fact that silver prices have risen from less than $5/oz is a testament to the failure of central bankers to prevent silver from being treated as MONEY BY THE PEOPLE.  Make no mistake, the sheer number of PEOPLE BUYING SILVER alone will guarantee the defeat of central bankers throughout the whole Planet EARTH.  The restoration of SILVER AS MONEY will finally MAKE ATONEMENT in restoring the wealth stolen by the central bankers back into the hands of the common people once again.

    • Exactly! The central bankers don’t own any physical silver so they can’t manipulate the physical silver’s market and as for gold, they own them a lot in form of physicals so they can manipulate the physical gold’s market a lot more easily.

  3. If there was ever any question as to whether or not our political / economic ruling class were in it for themselves, are above the law, and are a bunch of rabid, morally bankrupt c*cksuckers, then it was never more evident at times like this.
    Meanwhile.. the vast majority of dumbed down idiots are watching honey boo boo, leafing through the latest best buy flyer, or waiting for their EBT card to be re filled.

    • Exactly! These banksters, the politicians, the elites and more people are just a bunch of corrupted, nuisance and arrogant jerks! The world will be a lot better without these useless people. The worst part is that the sheople don’t even care about that!

    • theoretically I would say – assuming the people playing the futures market (rife with outright fraud) all bolt into physical. I’m not prescient enough to even guess the mechanics.. But I do know that thank goodness I’ve added 125oz to the bottom of the lake since August.
      p.s. I’m buying Blythe stage 4 cancer of the lymphatic system for christmas, anyone want to pitch in.

  4. NEWSFLASH: Silver down less than 1%, and gold down about .5% is not a “Waterfall.”  At some point don’t you have to stop daytrading this stuff and look for REAL moves to get interested in?  I read the comments here and am amazed at the level of drama, “conspiracy” talk, and hyperbole over such tiny, fractional moves.   Do you people REALLY “load up” or “stack” or whatever you call it on 1% “waterfall” moves?  If so, the “cost to carry” and opportunity-cost, and shipping, etc alone make that a terrible idea.  If you do NOT “stack” or whatever you call it on these moves, what’s the big deal?  You do realize that on any given day silver and gold move with a higher beta (look it up) than the market, and this is historically true.  So, on any given day you should EXPECT some volatility.  

    Oh, wait. I’m sorry.  I forgot the script…

    …DAMN THOSE BANKSTERS!  They did it again!!!! 

    • You are right! These kinds of drops in gold and silver’s prices are almost nothing compare to how the precious metals have dropped in one shot about one year ago. These price drops are so small that the dealers don’t even bother to adjust the prices at my local coin shops. 

  5. FYI: The average open over the last week for silver is down .12%.  Note, POINT 12 percent.  As in, if you had $100 dollars in your change drawer at the close one day, the next morning you had $99.88.  The average “smack down” from close to open the next day in the last four weeks was .16%.  Again, not even remotely worth a mention.  Over the last YEAR, the “waterfall” from close to open the next day is only .03%.  POINT ZERO THREE percent.

    Not surprsingly, silver is up about .5% over the last year.  JUST what you would expect with so few “smack downs” and “waterfalls.” 

  6. Gold and silver went down again today after these smashes. It looks like this week, it is our stacking opportunity and I hope that it continues like that also during this weekend. The best part is that I’m receiving more fiat dollars tomorrow! 🙂

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