jim-sinclairFrom Greg Hunter:

In perhaps the most important interview of the year, Legendary gold expert Jim Sinclair warns,
“Markets do not exist anymore – and you can’t time what does not exist.”
Sinclair contends a huge transition is underway, and the old system cannot be fixed. A new one is on the way, and the old one is going to end with a bang. 

The over-the-counter derivatives have grown massively beyond world money availability. This has no precedent.  We have killed capitalism.  IT’S OVER…


When it’s all said and done, there will be a catastrophic big bang, and then the only thing that will be left is your savings account. Your savings account is not silver, although it will outperform gold, your savings account is going to be gold.  It’s going to happen because all currencies, even the roaring dollar, are falling in terms of being a storehouse of value.  Capitalism is finished.  I can’t tell you what the next system will be, but capitalism is over because the heart of capitalism is markets.  Without markets, you cannot have a capitalistic system—it’s over.

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  1. I’ve been giving Sinclair a lot of grief over the past couple of years but this was actually an excellent interview. I agree 110% with his declaration that “markets no longer exist.” I accepted this reality about two years ago. There are no markets, there are only determined prices.

    • gogetter1132: I would go further.  Capitalism as practiced by our forefathers has been dead and long gone for the past 20-30 years.  It has all been a manipulation with increasing frequency and amplitude (the latter because it takes more oomph to set the “market” straight every time it gets out of whack).  I do not think the machine is controlled by the Clintons alone; instead a cartel of banks, financial entities and governments/politicians are involved with this scam.  With Trump, the possibility of turning things around in a semi-honest way will be killed in its tracks by the above interests.  Jim, why do you think the market did a 180 turnaround overseas after Trump make his appearance at 3 am Wednesday?  The answer is probably that the cabal wanted to make sure the market turmoil is going to occur completely on the Trump watch, and especially to make sure the good Democrats do not get the blame.  They will make sure from now on the good people of the US of A never make this kind of a choice again!

      This is I fear the real untold story.

    • That’s correct, the whole financial system is a charade of talking head clowns pretending to explain and make sense of the insanity.

      The GOLD STANDARD will return when either of one of these two events happens

      1. All assets tumble (deflate) in value to 1/50th (/50) of current inflated prices and gold remains at current price. OR
      2. Gold is repriced x50 

      BUT this assumes that the Cyber money printing is ended… stopped, Central banks are eliminated and all Currency Notes are again redeemable in PM.

      Else even this harse x50 will only last but a few months as they return to their thieving corrupt explosive note printing once again.

      The Trumpster must AUDIT THE FED and shut it down


    • “… and especially to make sure the good Democrats do not get the blame.”

      Good Democrats?  Just who would they be?  Certainly no one in their extremely corrupt “leadership”.


  2. When the market crashes some buddy is there to pick up those assets for pennies on the dollar.  Oh I wonder wonder who. As it stands what ever they knock the price down to is a oh k with me. Why buy Silver now?  Simple minds want to know. Just standing my ground and stacking more.

  3. I’ve been wracking my 7 remaining neurons to think of something, some asset, that has no counterparty risk   It was necessary to exclude just about every asset, solid, digital or FIAT because they have one or more counter party risks (CPR)

    1.  Real estate.  Several including the  price, cost of taxes, mortgage, insurance and lack of portability

    2.  Stocks.  You don’t own them w/o the shares in hand, otherwise they’re derivatives with 0 value.

    3.  Bonds. Paper asset with value driven by rates and/or default by sovereign,  CB, bank and corporate debt

    4.  Cash.  Subject to seizure, demonetization and extreme devaluations.

    5.  Debt.  Debt?!omeone owns your ass. Nuff said.

    6.  Personal or company assets.  Value can go to zero depending on the economy. Lacks portability.

    7. Personal well being.  Subject to the overarching environment that allows you to survive

    There is little in the world that doesn’t have counter party risk.

    Gold is the best asset to avoid virtually all counter party risks, even when governments go rogue

    Silver is second to gold.

    Guns, ammo and portable food are right there, allowing you to protect your precious metals

    I have plenty of assets 1-7, with their attendant counter party risk because I live in this world and not a cave off grid in the highland.  
    I have plenty of the last 3 because I live in a world filled with counter party risk.



      as the [email protected]$ used to say, how do you do it after a bottle of Jamiesons (spl)?


      It took me about 5-6 goes to get my comment even readable after 1 Bottle of red. he he, but I still wouldn’t be dead for Quids or even Dollars, even LIRA _JLG. 

  4. Good point, Jim.

    That’s fantastic, Jim.  Now we can get back to being obese and opinionated with a new medium of exchange.  Perhaps Kit Kats and Bazooka bubble gum will be the replacement.

    Vive la dictatoria ~ Land of the Fee, Home of the Slave

    • I was right ! Gold had the sheet kicked out of it hard by the Crimex folks.  As soon as the market opened, they dumped around $4B of gold onto the market in 3 milli-seconds, dropped the stops to under $1158.

      Who the hell trades like that ?

      What a cluster.

    • “Who the hell trades like that ?”

      NO ONE!  That’s how we know that all this paper dumping / naked shorting nonsense is a SCAM.

    • Maybe that’s exactly their problem?  No one HAS any money in them.  They are just shells, devoid of any and all value… or even currency.

  5. Santa Sinclair also said this would be the rally you would not sell. How is that working out since his last call? Gold is nowhere near $1,900. He is right about gold in the end, but he has been a terrible guide throughout the innings.

    At least gold investors can look humble around the Christmas tree. Everyone else will be talking about their huge gains from equities and a comfortable retirement.

    • He, he good one SilverStrong….I don’t celebrate Christmas since it’s a babylonian sun worshiping ritual, but if I did I’d be wearing golden/silver egg on my face amongst my friends and relatives…I’d be listening to them gloat about how many g-notes they made from their equities, and they’d give each other knowing glances and nod in my direction…the golden fool who listened to all these self-proclaimed  experts who are really just PM hucksters.

      I stated two years ago on this website that it would be the people of India that might eventually put gold/silver back in the spotlight, and it looks like that might come to pass. I’ve suddenly realized that I know a lot more than most of these guru jokers, excepting Sinclair and a few others, and I should have just listened to myself in the first place.

      As for Mr Sinclair, honestly you should tell your partner Holter to shut up with his continuously wrong predictions. He’s an embarrassment.

    • These things are not mutually exclusive.  It IS possible to own gold, silver, AND stocks, all at the same time but for entirely different reasons.  🙂


  6. Never, ever, trust a Jew.

    Capitalism and Communism are the same sides of a Jewish shekel; one a monopoly of capital, the other, a monopoly of death.  The outcomes of which are exactly the same: Jewish hegemony, the perversion and eventual abolition of Christianity, and the ultimate genocide of the White race.

    All ten planks of Marx’s Communist manifesto are in place. Sinclair (Salinger) would know this better than anyone, but he would prefer to stay loyal to his death-dealers.

    It’s the same blithering idiots who repeat over and over that the US is a ‘Fascist’ state, when Fascism was a response to Jewish usury, banking, exploitation, and foreclosure.

    We are living under a Jewish dictatorship, not a Fascist dictatorship. If the latter were true, Jews would not have 1/100th of the influence and over-representation which has decimated Western nations and Western people everywhere.

    If people still don’t see this, then all I can say is that this is why Jews enjoy their current status: STUPID WHITE PEOPLE! The vast majority of whom are being led like lambs to the slaughter.


  7. Yes Baby, Take it down I’ve got more DIGITALS & PLASTIC folding stuff to convert into REAL WEALTH before the COLLAPSE.  


    Thanks to the GUYS & GALS working overtime in the Plunge Protection Team (PPT)  


    I’ve been known to call them (the PPT) the CONDOMS, – but that’s another story he he _JLG. 

    • Oh Ma, We gonna have to shut the Internet down, because these Ruskies keep talkin’ ’bout PIZZAGATE.  

      Clintons, Podesta, (alleged) Paedophilia, Lolita Express, Allegedly all alleged stuff – up to 30,000 alleged Wikileaks emails (allegedly) 

       Now these Ruskies have managed to infiltrate the ITALIAN Vote Ha Ha 

      There’s another list to be on @AGXIIK  I think I’m ahead of you now. _JOHNLGALT. (not my real name) and one more (allegedly) for good luck. 


    • p.s. Nobody injured ……………………………  Is this FAKE NEWS to try to discredit we the people who are at the cutting edge of stuff.


      Sort it out for yourself. _JLG, 

    • The cop said the male entered the Comet Pizza with an assault rifle, the English derivative type witness said “he seemed to have a shotgun or rifle type affair”  
      Sorry I did a print Screen before the last line  
      This is the full text on the screen (allegedly) ha, ha eff*ng ha _JLG.  


    • It’s always a problem when you are time limited to edit stuff INNUT?

      Hope this is better. JLG.
      The cop said the male entered the Comet Pizza with an assault rifle, the English derivative type witness said “he seemed to have a shotgun or rifle type affair”       Sorry I did a print Screen before the last line      This is the full text on the screen (allegedly) ha, ha eff*ng ha _JLG.   

  8. At about the 22 minute mark in the Video, the following;

    “China and Russia are gonna run the world” (because of gold ownership) 

    and he left out India. 

    Somebody was wondering why Jim was looking left and right, just a guess but

    If I had about the most gold owned by an individual in the world, I’d be doing the same _JLG. 

    • This is Sinclair’s  Way of explaining why he’s been dead wrong and why he hasn’t got a clue what comes next! At least his moronic sidekick is keeping a low profile since his spectacular prognostications over the election which needless to say came to nothing.  Between them they’re a right pair!

    • AG, Naw Jimmie Joe is fairly over his ownself. Love to know a source to confirm the floor traders count.

      You may not remember Jimmie Joe latching on to Blo Pony a couple of years back like he has now with Bill Holter. Matter of fact after he snared Holter into his Bullshit net, Holter has all but disappeared!

      I would fashion to say that Bill Holter has more on the ball than Jimmie Joe, and when Holter is interviewed he is not looking right to left or vice versa, thinking someone is sneaking up on him.

      Guess Holter is pounding sand somewhere?

    • I honestly think he has some kind of medical condition that makes it difficult to express himself. His written comments have always seemed a little bit odd.

  9. Santa Sinclair maybe no longer knows how to read the pulse of the gold market. CIGAs have been hurting since 2011. Maybe he is just too old. Or maybe he is just outdated. Plenty of other old rich guys in their 70s and 80s painting the charts and hoarding physical gold. They are much more successful and honest to their investors.

    Santa Sinclair has all this experience in the mining industry, but his company looks like junk grade. There are much more attractive explorers. Santa Sinclair has been handing out nothing but coal since 2011. Martin Armstrong barely survived the gulag and is having a hearty laugh now.

    Anyone investing in Tanzania Royalty? Especially the middle aged children who still believe in Santa.

  10. Bill Holter seems to have faded from view shortly after claiming that several industrial and military accidents were actually tactical nuclear explosions.

    There were pictures available of some of them, and it was obvious that none even remotely resembled a nuke.

    Yup, had not even heard the name for about a year until you guys brought it up.

    Maybe Holter is smarter than some others who simply continue to rant and don’t realize it.

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