You won’t even be able to fill up your car without a credit or debit card in Italy beginning in 2013, as the Italian Council of Ministers has voted to increase the current capital controls banning the use of cash on transactions over €1,000, down to any transaction over €50!

As we stated when Italy first announced capital controls and caps on cash transactions several months ago, expect bans on cash transactions to be coming to a neighborhood near you in the next 2-3 years.


Courtesy Google Translate:

Rome – The technical Rome government wants to limit cash transactions in Italy.

From 2013, citizens may pay amounts in excess of 50 euros only by credit or debit card. That the Council of Ministers decided today.

The measure is intended to reflect the money laundering and black money payments to clamp down. Since July, the government has banned cash transactions over 1,000 euros.

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  1. This is another one of those BS Monti (GS Drone) plans.  If there was anything that tells me more these SOBs are completely desperate to reign in the Italian people, cow them and put them under the yoke of TPTB in Belgium and Germany this is the sign. 
    In less than 4 months the average Italian will be screwed.  If this is the type of regulation Italians are subject to do, then all is lost. The Italians work on cash. Their economy works on cash transactions. This is a blatant attempt to get the cashless economy in the gunsights of the tax Nazis.  Monti is a tax bastard from the git go and his ruthlessness will cause more damage to Italy that anything else I can think of.  There are already thousands of cash to gold outlets. Once this system is place the economy will be even worse off. The Italians will be worse off than the Portugese in that Portugal got a majow bailout and it did not work–it made things worse.
    The Mafia is now the largest banking system in Italy at over $150 billion in volume.  Gold will flood out of people’s personal vaults to be cashed in so that they can buy food and fuel. Or it will be exported in the linings of the people’s coats and pants. Banks will fail due to the dramatic reduction of cash flow through their vaults as people are forced to rely on transactions external to the corrupt banking system.  The banks will also shut down their ATMS and branched due to lack of volume    Remember the large Italian Bank that was completely shut down in June-July?   This will happen country-wide. 
    The economy will go backwards at light speed and tax revenues will collapse at an equal rate. See Greece. Just like Spain is seeing $100 billion monthly bank runs, the Italian banks, badly capitalized at best in the present moment, will see huge runs on their deposits as people close their accounts.
    Just like Wall Street is seeing 40-50% drops in volume as the retail accounts have withdrawn $140 billion in funds YOY, the Italians will run to the border with their money. They’ve had 2,000 years of practice getting their money out of Dodge. Monti is an unelected dictator forced on the Italian people by the Belgium Mafia and Goldman Sach in order to protect their investments and loans along with their desire to force the Italians to give up their 2,400 tons of gold Good luck with that Monti.

  2. That is truly disturbing.  A cashless society is only appealing to psychopath control freaks.  If I were in Italy, I’d start stocking up on things to barter with quick.  Amazing the audacity.  Oh sure, I trust those ones and zeroes floating in space so much … Fiat physical paper (LOL) seems down right sound by comparison!  *Barf!!*

  3. This is tyranny! Who is the government to tell us about what we should do with our cash? If I was an Italian, I would of start stocking a lot of silvers since you can still buy 1 ounce of silver with less than 50 euros. Then, when the government bans all cash transactions, I would start using the silvers as money.

  4. Ironic that the NWO should begin in the land that the houses The Pope.  I have to ask – what is the point of a cashless society?  So the Illuminati can take money from our accounts without our consent, so that every man, woman and child has to conform to the beast to survive?  And what does Italy as a country have to gain of a cashless society?  Do officials feel they will be able to save more by not printing fiat?  Or is this a way to fiatize the fiat — you know, like an out of sight out of mind sort of thing.

  5. Go cashless and it is easier to sieze what little money people have left. They do it here I will snub my nose, my car takes $30 to fill. I get a lot of my food from a friend who has a CSA and a local farmer for beef, chicken and pork. Deals outside normal business will still take cash and those that don’t will maybe trade for silver.

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