jim willieSince June of 2012 I’ve been talking about Iran circumventing SWIFT and though it hurt their economy, initiating devastating inflation and great harm to the Iranian people, Iran has taken the hits from the sanctions but founded what could now be called the PETRO GOLD system.  It’s allowed Iran to sell oil to China, India and Japan for gold.
Iran was able to ship oil in shadow tankers, GPS turned off, receiving wheat, edible oils and gold in exchange. Dubai was a laundering point for the gold along with Turkey as a transhipment point the gold payments.
Iran proved this system worked and it dovetails nicely into China’s plans. This may have been one of the most important puzzle pieces that came out our sanctions.
The jailer may find he is a prisoner of his detainees when sanctions reverse course and bite the US in the a**.

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By SD Contributor AGXIIK:

Since June of 2012 I’ve been talking about Iran circumventing SWIFT and though it hurt their economy, initiating devastating inflation and great harm to the Iranian people, Iran has taken the hits from the sanctions but founded what could now be called the PETRO GOLD system.  It’s allowed Iran to sell oil to China, India and Japan for gold.

Japan was hit hard by the US for such ‘deceitful’ action.  I think Abe got hauled to the coat closet but they were also forced to buy mucho US bonds to save us during the debt limit and sequester.  There have even been conspiracy rumors that Fukushima was punishment for Japan going off the reservation. So we smack Japan for trying to gain access to oil after the nuclear plant shut downs.   Japan is dying, not just because of Fukushima.   We don’t play nice with Japan but they’ve been a whipping post for quite a while.  They are making overtures to China, Sendaku Islands notwithstanding.  There’s oil and gas in them there islands.

Iran was able to ship oil in shadow tankers, GPS turned off, receiving wheat, edible oils and gold in exchange. Dubai was a laundering point for the gold along with Turkey as a transhipment point the gold payments.

Iran proved this system worked and it dovetails nicely into China’s plans. This may have been one of the most important puzzle pieces that came out our sanctions.  The jailer may find he is a prisoner of his detainees when sanctions reverse course and bite the US in the butt.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend and Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan are the route for the nat gas and oil pipelines straight to China. We’ve been making asses of ourselves in each of these countries, one of which is a nuclear power with maybe 100 bombs.  The Paki bomb is real and a real threat.  They may even sell to Saudi Arabia if Iran gets the bomb.
I do not see anything that has happening in the ME in the last two years that has benefited us.  With Obumble in charge that does not surprise me whatsoever.
I am pretty sure that Iran will break every part of the recently inked agreement. Iranians have been dealing with the west for 2,500 years.  They are pretty good at this game.    We may have sanctions that we can put in place in short order to punish Iran but they are pretty bulletproof from attack.  They’ve dealt with these sanctions for 18 months.  They get back their $8 billion in funds and keep enriching Uranium.
Maybe Israel and Saudia Arabia can step up an attack against the nuke facilities but Iran may have enough 20% purified uraium to make a couple of bombs in short order. I would not want to be in Jerusalem to find that out.  Sun Tsu would speak to the strategic advantage of having a couple of nukes up the mullahs sleeve.
This new treaty signed last week defangs Israel since the wording of the treaty, for those who don’t read closely, is a done deal, allowing Iran 6 months in which to pursue its nuclear goals while ‘playing nice’ in the ME sandbox.  I am of the opinion that Iran plans to be the power player in the ME and the House of Saud is in real trouble since their fields are flagging and Iran has cheap and abundant oil. If Israel goes it alone they will be pushed even further into the pariah box for violating a treaty signed by the P5 plus 1.

The long term US strategy has been to create a US(large caps/saud (small caps) hegemony with control over every ME country, assimilated for their natural resources. Yes, The Borg does come to mind.
Gold is being mined in quite a few countries of the MENA area but oil is still the King.  We look at the Middle East power struggle paradigm and the Precious Metals Matrix as things nearly indecipherable as the Sphynx, which is in reality little more than an intriguing pile of sandstone.

There is an old saying in journalism, and this site is some of the alt news journalism at its best, with wise people making their voices known.
We journalists can take a page from H.L., Hearst and their cronies when they went after the news.
Follow the real money;  precious metals, and your answers will come easily.

I enjoy reading Sun Tsu.  That he’s Chinese makes his words even more important.
I’d call him the Plato and Aristotle of  the art of war and the human condition.  If you want to know how the enemy thinks and will engage you, he has the answers for any matter in that realm.  The Art of War was required reading at our bank.  Nowadays I think required reading is Winnie the Pooh or Alice through The Looking Glass.
Eric Hoffer, our longshoreman philosopher, was quoted as saying.
What our government fears most they will use as a weapon against their enemy

Our government considers us, the vocal minority, as their adversaries, maybe even their enemies.  They ABSOLUTELY FEAR REAL MONEY and as another recent SD article puts it, the bond and currency markets have been manipulated for decades to suppress the price of precious metals.

What is best for us is the mortal enemy of our government.  Precious metals are that touchstone of truth and reality in this insane world of government propaganda, disinfo and agitprop.  Sun Tsu would have been proud of us Silver Doctor Irregulars, the army of the  people.

When a government is small, they should fear us. When a government is large, we fear the government  This is not the way it should be, particularly in this country, founded of, by and for the people.

This heinous, illegal criminal enterprise must be ripped out, root and branch, if we are to change the game, the playing field and the paradigm of what used to be America. 
This country has devolved into little more than the USSA-WTF LLC.

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  1. Iran has the right to the full fuel cycle for nuclear power for power generation. Looking at how al quaeda is stronger than ever thanks to Saudi Funding, US training and even ISRAELI support ( see syria ), nothing Iran does particularly concerns me given they haven’t attacked anyone for  years. I personally think normalizing of relations and easing sanctions are a bid to STOP the gold trading because as you say, in their haste to screw iran over, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.
    With respect to their nuclear program, the US was OK with it when their puppet the SHAH was in power. How do I know that? Simple:

    • Flawed logic, sorry.
      This is like saying that FDR and Truman with a nuke was morally equal to Hitler/Mussolini/Hirohito having nukes. No way José.
      Iran has on multiple occasions called for genocide against the Jews in Israel, has Messianic goals of overtaking the islamic world and subjugating the Sunnis, and is directly responsible for messing up Lebanon.
      The Ayatollahs with nukes is not the same as Shah Pahlavi with nukes; this is like saying Hitler with nukes is akin to Merkel with nukes. laughable at best.

    • As far as I am aware Iran hasn’t attacked anybody for 200 years. Israel however with big brother USA to back them up regularly bombs Gaza, has launched entirely unprovoked air strikes against Syria and with Saudi Arabia is providing funding and equipment for the mainly foreign mercenary “Free Syria” army operating in Syria. Israel was also most likely behind the recent bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. There are many other examples but you get the idea.
      Check out this link regarding the neo-cons plans to invade Iran in 2007.
      If you had a nutcase country like Israel nearby wouldn’t you want nuclear weapons to protect yourself?

    • @Proverbs1616,
      Flawed Logic?  Are you serious?  What is immoral about the ownership of property, no matter who owns it?  How can you assign morality to the ownership of property?  Now, what you do with your property may be immoral.  If you use your property to initiate force against another, that’s immoral.  Mere ownership is not.
      By the way, IMHO, the Iranians have the moral high ground over the US government.
      Although I would not go as far as @Canadian Dirtlump and call you an assklown, I would say that your critical thinking skills leave something to be desired.

    • Well I learned long ago that if you can’t refute the content, attack the person. Nothing new there. I’ll just address the content.
      First of all, my opinions aren’t based on Libertarian websites, but on facts. Israel warned Syria through diplomatic channels not to send Hezbollah in Lebanon weapons shipments. Assad, who is the Ayatollahs’ and the Kremlin’s ($$$$$ weapons sales baby) puppet, who along with his daddy Hafez has been helping and arming AMAL and then Hezbollah for decades (not to mention Hamas,Jihad Islami, PFLP, etc.), listen to his Shiite and Russkie overlords and decided to send Hezbollah weapons anyway. So KABOOM went those shipments and weapons facilities.
      Israel has shown great restraint after several provocations from the Syrian army on the Golan, which should focus on Al-Qaeda, not goading Israel into war.
      As for Iran never attacking anyone, do you seriously understand so little about geo-politics? Iran is one of the world’s chief terror sponsors (along with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan).
      I personally know Lebanese who have had to deal with Assad’s forces and Hezbollah, and have seen their lovely country ruined by Syria/Iran, and I guarantee you that they share my “critical thinking” skills. In fact, they’re more extreme than me, telling ME that the only way to cleanse the whole region is to drop a few nukes to turn into a glowing sand dune parking lot, and are asking ME (as if I have anything to do with it) why Israel is too restrained and doing nothing to blow these nuts to smitherines.
      Not to mention the Iranians I’ve known that are CRAVING an intervention to depose the Ayatollahs. I am less gungho about nuking the region than Lebanese and Iranians who come from there and who still have family there.
      But sitting at your keyboard and attending your libertarian rallies and blogging on libertarian websites, you know more about Middle-Eastern geopolitics than the Lebanese or Israelis or Iranians. Congratulations. This is impressive. You realize that some of the info your websites have are SVR propaganda right? Not just CIA or Mossad use propaganda, you know this, right?
      As for Canadian Dirtlump, hehe, I know more about sensitive, high-level secrets in your country than you’ll ever dream about. So settle down and be nice by addressing issues and leaving the mean personal stuff aside.

    • Have we all forgotten about North Korea?
      At least they’re atheist wackos who want to live because there is no after life according to them.
      As for everyone having a right to nukes, that’s silly. Hitler and Hirohito with nukes would have been tragic.

    • les paul and hromano,
      keep it in context, proverbs 1616 is in every sense the worst poster on this site. Every post he makes circles around his unwavering support for israel ans their apartheid / genocide system, as well as in an ancialliary fashion, whines about russia being a menace, and iran being out of control. It really is sad.
      Israel exists because billions are poured into it every year and they play the perpetual guilt card. They are largely card carrying racists.
      Israel mulling genetic testing for people moving their, yet many jewish activists are behind the multicultural immigration push in other countries.
      You’re a sad sack proverbs, thanks in advance for never replying to anything I say ever again> I don’t need your stink washing off on me.

    • 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMIA_bombing
      “On October 25, 2006, Argentine prosecutors Alberto Nisman and Marcelo Martínez Burgos formally accused the government of Iran of directing the bombing, and the Hezbollah militia of carrying it out.[7][8] According to the prosecution’s claims in 2006,
      Argentina had been targeted by Iran after Buenos Aires’ decision to suspend a nuclear technology transfer contract to Tehran.[9]
      2. Hezbollah  is   Iran – which founded it.
      Hezbollah proudly started the war against Israel in July 2006,
      following the declaration of its leader Nassrallah earlier that year he will wage war on Israel that summer.
      The first move in the war was Hezbollah set up its own military positions inside Israel.
      The second move was Hazbollah attacked and killed Israeli soldiers patrolling inside Israel.
      3. Hezbollah is the military arm of Narcotics cartels throughout the Americas:
      4. Iran is behind the war in Yemen.
      5. Iran built and operated a military naval base in port Sudan:

    • In the words of President Reagan, “There you go again” 🙂
      And to almost quote Holmes, “Content, my Dear Watson”

    • “Hitler and Hirohito with nukes would have been tragic.”
      Perhaps.  It should be noted that Nazi Germany had a lot of poison gas weapons in WW-II but did not use them.  They did not use them for the simple reason that the Brits also had such weapons and would have gassed German cities in retaliation for any use of gas against the allies.  It is not a great leap to extend this to nukes.  Fearing retaliation, it is unlikely that either Germany or Japan would have used any nukes, if they had them… unless, their enemies did not have any.
      While Hitler was definitely in charge of the German war effort in WW-II, Hirohito was not.  Tojo, an army general, was his Minister of War and was solely in charge of prosecuting the war.  The Japanese Emperor had very little to do with either war operations or planning.

    • @Proverbs1616,

      Seeing that I have been living and working in the mid east for the last 10 years and have numerous friends and colleagues from all over the area, including Iran, yes I would say that I have an understanding of the geopolitics in the area. More than likely, a great deal more than you. Really, why do you think these countries hate Israel and the US? Is it because they are so good and prosperous that the middle east countries want to destroy them out of jealousy? LMAO. Are you so blind that you cannot see the evil that is perpetrated by the US and Israel on not only these countries but the entire world?

    • @hromano1030
      Really, that is neat, maybe some day we can get together for some arabic coffee, baklava (that’s Hebrew for baklawa), but unfortunately I’ve quit smoking, so no shisha.
      Perpetrated? Meh, that’s relative.
      If you really live in that area, then you know that it’s a tough neighbourhood that Westerners just don’t get. And tough neighbourhoods require tough measures.
      And, well yes, the Arabs ARE jealous of the Jews. I’ll tell you why they hate Israel, it is because of a 4500 year old family feud. The Bible talk a lot about Esau and Ishmael (Arabs) and their blood-boiling hatred of God’s people. There was no Rothschild banking or ARAMCO stuff back then. Camels were not cigarettes but sand-ferraris, and Arabs were polytheist heathens who worshiped the quba stone on Mecca.
      Anywho, young Arab (and by default of the Arab religion called Islam, Muslims) children hate Jews because their ancestors have a 4500 year old brainwashing streak of hatred that keeps repeating itself in each generation. This is why Christians Arabs in Lebanon were taught to hate Israelis, until the Israelis saved their bacon by invading Lebanon in the early 80’s and helped them fend off the Muslims.
      Ah, and ask your Muslim colleagues about what the Qur’an says about Allah protecting Dar al Islam from becoming Dar al Harb under “kafir” control. As long as Israel exists, it is a slap in the face of the Qur’an and Allah who promised that Muslim lands could not be reconquered by “infidels”. Or if you’re bored, just hold up a sign in front of a Masjid which says “Inch’Isa”, or even better, “I Love Isa Bin Allah”. See how “tolerant” that society will be toward you 😉

    • Sorry @Proverbs1616,

      Baklava is not Hebrew. Turkish probably, Persian maybe.


      If I really live in the area? So, what is that? A caveat that I might be lying to you? If that’s the case, you can fuckoff.


      Tough neighborhoods require tough measures? Relative measures perpetrated by the US, LMFAO? How about what is required is staying out of tough neighborhoods and minding our own business? How about that?


      Yes, I very well know the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. So I really don’t need a history lesson from an incompetent and ignorant fuk such as yourself. And what exactly does their 4000 year rivalry have to do with the United States. What exactly do you think the US can do about it? Do you suggest that we bomb the hatred out of them, you sick malignant ass. How about we mind our own business and quit PERPETRATING evil on the Arabs. If we minded our own business and instead of exporting war and force in their countries, we exported peace and free trade with them, they might not be so keen for our destruction. And if you believe in prophecy, as I suspect you might, God does not need the help of the US to defeat the armies arrayed against him and his people.


      “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?”


      As for having coffee with you, I would venture to guess that the chances are very slim. I don’t typically break bread with those who advocate the murder of innocent women and children, whose philosophy is that of war and aggression. I would venture to guess that our Lord, Yehoshua, would not advocate these philosophies as well.


      Alaikum salam


      @Candian Dirtlump, copied you; thought you might enjoy the response.

    • I never advocated killing women and children, the Muslims are doing a fine job of that.
      And please, since you claim to live in the region, you understand how islamists work… islamists are not standing armies in the field, they are like cockroaches infesting houses… their jihad includes using women and kids as human shields. You know this, or should know this. What do Egypt’s Copts have to do with America, or Lebanon’s Druze ??? You don’t see drones picking off Copts, Druze, or Assyrian Christians in Northern Iraq. Muslim Brotherhood is picking off the Copts, Hezbollah and Jihad Islami and Syrian Army picked off the Druze and Christians in Southern Lebanon, and the Sunni Kurds are the ones slaughtering the Assyrian Christians. These people don’t hate America (in fact, the Druze love Israel, France and America for helping them in the 80’s to fight off the Syrians and jihadists).
      So, point being, I believe you are oversimplifying things and demonizing America too much and letting the Muslims off too easily. The Middle East is much more complex than “Zionists and Yankees are oppressing poor Arabs”. I’m not supporting everything America does, but the region has always been a mess and will always be.
      As for Arabs and their homogenous racism, meh, they are hateful and God will judge them for it.
      Oh, since you live in the region, you surely know that the Persians look down their noses at Arabs and vice versa. The whole region is very racist and makes the KKK look friendly. Just look at their abuse of Indians in Saudi and Dubai and their use of Filipinos. Thye have zero respect for these workers.
      As for America minding its business, uhm, hmmm, ok, are you serious about that? Because Russia minds the Middle East quite a bit, and so do China, so does Iran, so does Europe, so does North Africa and Turkey… the whole region is minded by the whole world. So, with all due respect, that’s cute, but the 18th Century is over and technologies and globalism have changed everything. Actually, even in 1812, America was meddling in Europe’s politics by helping Napoleon take over, and those wonderful Brits imposed an embargo and ended up whipping the Americans (hmm, I am digressing lol). Anyway, isolationism is impossible… even North Korea imports lots of Cognac from France. We might not like the Masonic rulers of America and all their policies, but with globalism, America must be involved. Sorry Ron Paul.
      And as for coffee and baklava (wa), hey, can’t say I didn’t offer 😉
      Canadian Dirtlump ….. @hromano1030 you had spelled it wrong before btw.
      As for South Africa, Mandela was a communist cockroach who helped the soviets and Cubans in Angola etc., and my buddy who fought in the South African Army back in the day said they were always encountering Cubans… Why would Israel honour such a loser? He was racist against whites and convinced the world to hate and boycott the Middle East’s freest and most racially heterogeneous Country and labelled it Apartheid. Nonsense. Israel and Stephen Harper (Peace be upon him) were right to boycott Durban and Peres/Netanyahu were right to boycott the anti-White, anti-Israel Communist Mandela.

  2. Bravo on your written piece, AGXIIK.
    I am old enough to remember just how badly iran fvcked America back in 1979 when they took the hostages.
    We should’ve given them one week to set the hostages free, and then bombed the hell out of them if they didn’t.  Just completely wipe out a few cities and show them, and the rest of the wworld not to mess with this country.
    But because the US did not show force, iran basically rubbed America’s nose in sh!t for the whole world to see.
    And in their medieval mindset, the islamic world perceived America as weak.  The US has never regained its posture since then.
    So if Israel bombs the hell out of iran I will not feel sorry for the bastards – not one bit.

    • Sorry Mammoth but you must remember that those bombs would kill more women, children and babies than important militarily targeted individuals. All due respect once again…my take is bombs are never a good thing unless used to service avalanche sites or to loosen silver from the stone.

    • I agree with Mammoth.
      Iran keeps on calling for genocide against the Jews of Israel, has a track record of funding, training, equipping, helping Hezbollah in Lebanon and runs massive drugs rings (you think only the CIA knows how to run those lol?) in Latin America.
      Read the book of Esther: rules for warfare for Israel are not the Geneva Convention. God doesn’t apply Christian interpersonal ethics to Middle Eastern geopolitical warfare. I hate to see women and children die, but if/when they do, it will be because of the Messianic/Genocidal nuts running their country. In Esther, God allowed the Jews to totally wipe out their enemies.
      And for the record, as sad as women. children, and innocent men dying is, let’s not forget who sent thousands upon thousands of their own children into Saddam’s mine fields to die “martyrs” deaths with the promise of paradise from Allah… Ayatollah-run Iran.
      So yes, when Israel bombs the living daylights out of Iran, it will be so sad, yet so necessary. Of course, AS ALWAYS, the Jews will be scapegoated for being the obstacle to “world peace” (I have not seen the Jews drop one A-bomb in 40 years, nor have I seen waves of Jewish children being sent to their deaths in the name of Jehovah to clear minefields)

    • War is inevitable.  It is the nature of human beings.  No amount of indoctrination, manipulation, brain washing will ever change that fact.  It cannot be wished or legislated away. There is no such thing as a clean war.  Everyone dies or are turned into slaves.  History does repeat itself.  We are due for another war.  Ask Kyle Bass.  The Fourth Turning is upon us. 
      Great article AG. Love your perspective. 

    • Really @Mammoth, bomb Iran?  So your idea is to bomb a peaceful country that has not attacked another country in over 250 years. I have friends in Iran, innocent of any crime.  What charge would you bring to justify their murder?  What a sick, pathetic, perverse ass you are.  Your patriotic BS doesn’t fly with me.  America is the bully on the block.  I suppose you forget it was our CIA that toppled the “legitimate” government in Iran and installed the Shaw.  I suppose you forget that the US supported Iraq in their attack of Iran.  Iran would have no issues with the US if we didn’t insist on [email protected]#%ing with them and meddling in their affairs.  Of course we need to complain that Iran does not want to trade their oil for the dollars that America prints into infinity.  They should just get in line and take the same ass [email protected]#%ing we’re giving to the rest of the world. 

    • @MaryB
      A bit rough, don’t you think? So should we assume all these innocents are evil and just glaze the whole country over??? One of those children could grow up to be someone who saves the world so to speak. This kind of thinking is so USA like, we are always the good guys who have to obliterate those whom we deem dangerous. We are more dangerous to the entire globe, we attack anyone we want like the corrupt policemen of the world, using lies to gain support for such actions. Sorry but I prefer to see all children as the hope for the world. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • @hromano1030 , @proverbs1616 said it better than I was able to.  The danger of a Bomb in iran’s hands is they will hand it off to Hezbollah, and they will use it on Israel.
      Agreed, that the US needs to stop meddling so much in other country’s affairs.
      And finally, if it makes you feel like a real man to sit behind your keyboard, childishly spew insults and call people names, go right ahead.  @SilverSlicker and others here may disagree with my opinions, but they are capable of showing a little bit of class here, rather than using words one would not dare to use in a face-to-face conversation.

    • @Mammoth, not sure what you expect to be called when you advocate the murder of innocent women and children.  I personally adhere to a non-aggression policy.  That means I mind my own business and don’t initiate force on others.  Don’t think I can tell you face to face?  Send me your address, I’ll stop by next time I fly into the US.

  3. Considering Irans national interest, the Petro Gold system is a good move.
    Recall what happened to Gadaffi, when he was pushing to sell oil in gold Dinars.The imperialists stole Libya’s 144 tons of gold, and left the country in chaos, with one faction fighting another ….good luck getting the gold back.
    The only thing that the imperialists understand is a nuclear “big stick”, it seems to me that Iran needs nukes for its own self-defense….sorry to say. Too bad they are so crazy.

  4. It can be pretty scary how hard we hit leaders and countries that try to use gold for their trading systems. We wake up in the morning and another one’s bit the dust.  Special punishment is reserved for stackers though.  The Military can only kill you once.  Price manipulation is the death of a thousand insults. Gold for oil kicks over some serious hornet nests.
     We stackers just irritate the bejabbers out of TPTB. That state of affairs makes me happier than a bucket of fuzzy ducks.
    We stackers are hit daily, with a $26 FRN drop in price today, and for what reason?  Maybe those reasons are not so important as the opportunity for those who enjoy gold and silver to buy it at a more reasonable price, whether they are early or late to the game, expands the game for more people to join the party. 
    Note the cost of gas at the pump, down $1 a gallon in come cases.  This is a good thing, maybe a result of the reduction of stresses in the Middle East, yielding less stress to the lives of people who fill their tanks regularly.
     All the angst and strife in the ME seems to be down a bit, making oil prices lower, for a while.  Is gold reflecting the lower oil price?  Steve DeAngelo might add his thoughts to that.
      Maybe we should consider ourselves fortunate to have the paper trading schemes as the preferred weapons used against us, silver and gold and not drones and bombs. 
    Hussein and Khadaffi, neither of who was a REAL threat, were killed via our actions for the reason that they tried to sell oil for gold or so the story goes. 
    Willnotbeaslave  and others can opine on that topic. 
    The story about Iran is one of a substantial ME power.
    Iran is an immense country.  It’s 70,000,000 people, mostly Shiite, cultured, favorably inclined to the west, with a GDP of $700 billion, twice the size of Texas and possessing the second, or is it the fourth largest oil reserves, cannot be pushed around without consequences.  They have some solid allies, Russian being one.  China is another.
      That story  about oil for gold is not spoken about very often. I think it scares the west. 
     The attacks by us or our proxies was all  couched in WMDs, evil dictators and whether the Muslim Brotherhood should be allowed to remain in power.  It seems to me that gold was part of the real story.
    Funny how the Shah of Iran, Mubarak of Egypt and Hussein were roundly excoriated as SOBs when it was in our interest to level charges against them.  But back in the day, they were our SOBs.  Funny how that worked out.  Like the diplomat said, ‘It’s dangerous to be an enemy of the US.  But being an ally can really be bad for your health’  Or words to that effect
    Follow the Real Money. See who’s frightened by it.   May we live in interesting times

    • “May we live in interesting times”
      Not a problem, AG.  We ARE living in “interesting times”… and, for the most part, they SUCK!

  5. “…Iran may have enough 20% purified uraium to make a couple of bombs in short order.  Stick to a topic you know about.  You can’t make a nuke with 20% enriched uranium.  Needs to be 90-95% enriched.  And no, you can’t put uranium in a blender and spin it faster for enrichment.  Geez 

    • But Robert,
      What if the Iranians have “a friend in the business” who can refine it for them and the 20% level is just a prerequisite?  I’m thinking “plausible deniability” here.  Has there ever been, limited to modern history, any government whose policy, whether domestic or foreign, was exactly according to the public statements about it?  No, I don’t think so, ours included.  If Iran says it isn’t doing any refining for purposes of nucweaps productions, then technically, but only on the surface, are they being honest about it, and I wouldn’t put it past them, given the impressive craftiness they employed getting around sanctions.  Then again, I could be wrong.  What if they say that making the bomb isn’t part of their program because they have other technology up their sleeve, which has been alluded to, which is far more deadly and accurate than lobbing missiles down the block at their enemies.  This would of course, only apply in the case where they are being straight up, which brings me back to a previous point.  If you have to lie as a matter of course in the day to day functions of government, it begs the question who that government actually serves:  the people of that country, or the “father of lies”.  Methinks it’s the latter; world leaders take note.

  6. The United States didn`t enter into talks with Iran because the sanctions had them ready to yell UNCLE. The sanctions didn`t work, the alternative is war, and American citizens are NOT GONNA SIT STILL FOR THAT ANY MORE. No more sons and daughters sacrificed for Exxon Mobil, Shell, and the before mentioned “Millitary Industrial Complex”. I just can`t believe we would allow that.
    Something to think about: If you were either American, or Afgan, on 9-11-01, and at the time you were 6 years old on that day.
    Your on the battlefield now. Think about that.  Keep voting for Democrats and Republicans, with a track record like that, how can you miss.

  7. “Iran was able to ship oil in shadow tankers, GPS turned off, receiving wheat, edible oils and gold in exchange.”
    They probably did.  But don’t for a moment think that the US Navy isn’t tracking every single ship in the world via the uber high-res video cams of KH-11 and better spy satellites plus a computer system that is fully equal to that of the NSA.  The US Gov KNOWS what ships are where, where they came from, and where they are coming into port.  Whether or not they choose to do anything about it is a whole ‘nother question.  This is very likely to be a case of “We don’t get mad but we DO get even!“.
    “Maybe Israel and Saudia Arabia can step up an attack against the nuke facilities but Iran may have enough 20% purified uraium to make a couple of bombs in short order.”
    There are significant purification hurdles between 20% enriched uranium and the 90-95% enriched weapons-grade uranium needed for a nuclear warhead.  Being able to enrich to the 20% level IS a significant step in the process, however.
    “If Israel goes it alone they will be pushed even further into the pariah box for violating a treaty signed by the P5 plus 1.”
    It is pretty clear to one and all that Israel IS a nuclear power.  I have read articles on this that vary in their assessments of Israel’s nuclear capability, but the average suggests that they may have constructed as many as 300 nuclear warheads, mostly deployed as gravity bombs. Whether they can mount such warheads on a Jericho III ballistic missile seems possible but is not known for sure.  If they can, then it becomes possible to strike nuclear facilities in Iran without over-flying other countries with jet aircraft and all their attendant range, refueling, and susceptibility to anti-aircraft fire limitations.
    Regardless of the agreements of others, Israel WILL strike Iran to end the threat of nuclear annihilation, if they have to.  Using their own nuclear weapons is not impossible, considering how well fortified these sites seem to be.  Yes, they would take a lot of crap from other countries but any number of countries in the ME would be cheering… quietly… for such an event, if it defanged Iran.

    • About the uranium enrichment:
      Natural uranium has .72% U235 (the stuff needed for bombs), at 20% enrichment, that is an enrichment  ratio of 27 times….
      To get bomb grade, it seems that they need to enrich 4.5 times more or so…..seems well within their capability, and should not take too long to do this.

    • You’re absolutely right Ed.  I’ve been to Israel.  They are a screwed up country just like the U.S., very secular, politics are a mess, and their youth don’t have a clue.  But, they all agree on one thing to the last man.  It’s their country and “Never again”.  Talked with gov’t officials and people all over their country.  I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty, the feeling is universal.  If backed to the wall with loss of their country eminent, they will take everyone else with them.  They will launch their nukes and let God sort out the mess.

    • @spaniel
      “Natural uranium has .72% U235 (the stuff needed for bombs), at 20% enrichment, that is an enrichment  ratio of 27 times….”
      Yes, I know.  I am a retired physical chemist and have had an interest in the science of nuclear weapons for decades. 🙂
      “To get bomb grade, it seems that they need to enrich 4.5 times more or so…..seems well within their capability, and should not take too long to do this.”
      Perhaps.  This will largely depend upon the nature of the process that is used.  If they can continue to enrich their uranium via the same process as was used to create the 20% enriched material, as would be the case if multiple iterations of the same process continued to result in a more highly U235 enriched product, I would agree.  But if a different process is required for this, then it might not be so quick or easy to do.  Both chemical and physical methods of enrichment are possible.  All are relatively messy and inefficient but they do work.  There will be technical obstacles to this but nothing that cannot be overcome via brain-power, effort, money, and the political will to carry it through.  Iran has access to all of these plus advisers from North Korea.  If left to their own devices, Iran certainly can produce a uranium fission weapon.  It is also possible that they might use nuclear reactors to generate plutonium-239.  Once suitably enriched, it could serve as a nuclear weapons core.
      One key in all this seems to be the political aspects.  Are the Western countries and Israel absolutely opposed to Iran going nuclear?  If so, are they willing to do what is necessary in military terms to stop them from making nukes?  Does that include nuking Tehran or at least decapitating its leadership?  Does it include a massive ground invasion of Iran?  If the answers to these questions are “yes”, then the Iranian government won’t get nukes.  If it is “no”, then they just might.  Considering all the oil wealth Iran has, it surprises me somewhat that they have not bought a few nukes from Pakistan to use as leverage against anyone contemplating a large scale attack on either their nuclear facilities or their leadership. Perhaps Iran and Pakistan are not sufficiently friendly for this to occur?

    • @UglyDog
      Thanks for the confirmation.  I have not been to Israel and won’t unless I can pack an Uzi like many of them do.  lol
      Still, it is very nice to hear from those who have been there, done that, talked to people, and seen things that most of us have not.  Thanks for the info.

  8. Yeah Ag, once again with the Iran sanctions we witness the unintended consequences of poor gov’t policy.  Now, instead of the U.S. being the big dog in control of international payments with the SWIFT system, the world has created an alternate.  Well done Wash. DC. 

  9. I love the mongoloids parroting the bullsh1t that iran is imminently going to have a bomb. I don’t think it is their primary goal, but if I were them, with mad dog israel breathing down their neck, Saudi Arabia aka Al quaeda breathing down their neck, and the US circling them as israel’s attack dog, I would want a bomb.

  10. Palestine was annexed (tens of thousands murdered, hundreds of thousands driven out into desert tent cities, and the rest enslaved in their own land for 60+ years… and the ingrates are still pissed?) and Israel was created by the Banksters and for the Banksters.
    Israel was then fully militarized, as the key to decades of destabilization of the the oil rich ME, giving the “US of Banksters” cover to rape and pillage all who refuse to play by imposed (by force or threat of same) rules… set by the banksters of course.
    Iran is simply another chapter of the same tired old play… using the threat of nuclear proliferation to protect an illegitimate country actually (as opposed to yet another WMD fantasy) guilty of the same crime (along with a very long laundry list of other heinous crimes not spoken of in public for obvious personal and/or professional preservation issues).
     * BTW… only JFK spoke out against the Israeli nuclear development in the sixties…hmmmm!
    But… there are signs of significant cracks in the plan, and the world will surely be a better place should they continue to fracture.
    Proverbs1616 (that is you slumming again isn’t it Mr. Kristol)…  I think it’s one of those annoying Koch Bros for you on line 2… something about when they get that war you promised!!!!

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