Several Russian News outlets have reported that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, that currently form the Eurasian customs union, will sign an agreement in May to accelerate the formation of an economic union and a joint currency: the Altyn.
Russia’s economy is eight times smaller than the US, but by forming a new ‘empire’ on top of a vast amounts of resources, this economic block will be a serious threat for the US petrodollar.

Russia is now speaking openly about getting rid of the US dollar for trading energy, building its own payment system and closing gas export deals with China – the other Asian empire. The Eurasian Economic Union will be a powerful stab at the US dollar hegemony.
By the way, the meaning of the Turkish word “Altyn” is … gold.

Submitted by Koos Jansen, In Gold We Trust:

On the territory of several Russian principalities the currency Altyn has been circulating from the 15th century until 1991. Originally it was made of copper, the silver Altyn appeared during the times of Peter the Great.


I added English subtitles to the video below, press the ‘captions button’ to activate.




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Transcript of the video:





A new currency for the Eurasian Economic Union, “Altyn” may enter into circulation within the next five years. In May, the Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will sign an agreement on the establishment by 2015 of the Eurasian Economic Union. This unique partnership and single economic space will be a response to the European Union. It is not excluded [It is possible] that this may eventually develop into a military- political alliance which is able to compete with NATO and China. The original idea for creation of a single currency belonged to President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. In 2012, it was supported by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. It was originally planned to create a currency in 2025, but the introduction of serious economic sanctions against Russia may begin to accelerate plans for this new currency market.


Other news outlets that reported this news were and Moskovsky Komsomolets. From these leads I did some searching on official sources on the development of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and Altyn. What I found was that the EEU is in an advanced stage, on Altyn I couldn’t find much so I’m not convinced this currency will be introduced within 5 years. Presumably only an “oral agreement” between the states has been made on the joint currency.


From Wikipedia:


The Eurasian Customs Union was launched as a first step towards forming a broader European Union-type economic alliance of former Soviet states. The member states are planning to continue with economic integration and were set to remove all customs borders between each other after July 2011. On 19 November 2011, the member states put together a joint commission on fostering closer economic ties, planning to create a Eurasian Union by 2015. Since 1 January 2012, the three states are a Single Economic Space (SES) to promote further economic integration. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) is the regulatory agency for the Customs Union.


United States foreign policy opposes the Customs Union, claiming it as an attempt to “re-establish a Russian-dominated USSR-type union amongst the Post-Soviet states”



Documents from the Eurasian Economic Committee confirm the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union. Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Tajikistan may join the new financial and economic organisation. Currently the three member states are at stage III of their integration process, they aim to reach stage IVby the end of 2015. Especially Putin is keen on closing a deal to move away from the petrodollar in conjunction with allies in central Asia.




Development Eurasian Economic Union

Development Stages Eurasian Economic Union





Steps in forming the Eurasian Economic Union



As was being said in the video above the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was the first to come out with the idea to form a joint currency. According to Nazarbayev is of the opinion the US dollar is an illegal and non-competitive means of payment “the world currency was not de jure legitimate because it was never adopted by any communities or organizations. There is no such international law,… the world currency market is not a civilized market, as the system of world currency issuance is not being controlled.” He said. Nazarbayev believes the world is heading towards a new monetary system; from “defective capitalism” to “the new capitalism that would be based on a non-defective currency – self-growing global wealth.”



Fun Facts About The Eurasian Economic Union







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Commodity production by the Eurasian Economic Union EEU




Energy production by the Eurasian Economic Union EEU



Russia’s economy is eight times smaller than the US, but by forming a new ‘empire’ on top of a vast amounts of resources this economic block will be a serious threat for the US petrodollar. Russia speaks openly about getting rid of the US dollar for trading energy, it’s building its own payment system and closing gas export deals with China – the other Asian empire. The Eurasian Economic Union will be a powerful stab at the US dollar hegemony.


By the way, in Kazakhstan “Altyn” means … gold.



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  1. No real surprise here.  Both Russia and China have been telegraphing such a move for several months now.  Iran and Turkey have been in on this as well as South Africa, Brazil, India, and a few other places.  There is movement in the great stream of world finance.  It is real and it cannot be ignored.  The US had an excellent chance to guide this process but instead tried to lord it over everyone else.  They, of course, resented that.  Who wouldn’t?  We need to see other countries as equal partners in developing a greater future for all and not be so self-centered that we think that only we matter.  Doing that will be a great way to find ourselves, as a nation, on the outside looking in.  We can still be a valuable contributor to all this but we need to end the obstructionism and become a lot more creative in how we approach and solve problems that affect many different countries.

    • Only to a monopolist, Pat.  
      Besides, if we are digging up JP Morgan quotes, how about, “Gold is money.  All else is credit”.  😉

    • Ed_B … “Gold is money.  All else is credit”
      Tells us a lot about how ‘American’ Morgan was … underneath appearances. The Constitution mandates that silver is our standard money with gold ‘fixed’ against it. They hate silver, it’s our ‘escape hatch’ and they want it welded shut.

    • I have no idea how American or unAmerican Morgan was.  But if 1/10th of what I read on the net about him is true, he was a real SOB.  He DID know money when he saw it, though.  
      As to silver, yes, the banksters do hate it.  Yes, it too is money, but… it is cheap money and takes up a lot of vault space for what it is worth, it’s hard to ship in quantity, etc.  It’s not enough that they have most of the money in the world, they want ALL of it.  And if they can’t get it, they definitely do not want any of us to have any of it.  Well, F them… and the flea-bitten, sway-backed, knock-kneed, mangy, escapee from the glue factory they rode in on too.

    • absolutely correct
      that’s why we call it Global Currency Reset… not Global Currency Shutdown
      but when global nuclear war ended, the case are different
      maybe we will literally using coin ( and commodity barter )
      and an existing paper will not have value, because of backed by who ?

    • ronym … “existing paper will not have value, because of backed by who ?”
      That’s the problem right there. ‘Who’ stands to ‘back’ this Plantation Scrip crap is the delusion ‘in a nutshell’. It’s how we get bold-faced puffy bravado and slick, motor-mouthed, so called ‘persons of esteem’, paying Peoples for their Labor in junky little stamps!

      ‘What’ underlies money is the truly central consideration. The highest quality money carries its own naturally derived value in itself.

      And, yes … coin is the zenith form of barter … which is the zenith form of trade, because all debt between the parties is absolutely extinguished. Each walks away totally free of obligation and most importantly … full, unchallengeable Title to the good acquired.

  2. Everyone probably noticed that while declaring sanctions against Russian banks we haven’t seen the Central Bank of Russia on the list. Indeed, it doesn’t make any sense for American McDonalds to declare sanctions against it’s Russian subsidiary. Something has happened in the past several days that has not been given a due attention.

    Bank Rossia just stopped operating with US Dollars and Euro. In the clip they say (the lady in black) that “for the first time we have a national bank that is going to operate on the domestic market”. Man after her said: “This is going to be the first commercial bank protected from foreign influence, which will create additional guarantee for investors and depositors of the bank.” The first guy after Putin said that Russia has to sell its resources for Rubles as well as buy foreign goods for Rubles, then we are going to enjoy all the benefits of the fully convertible Ruble. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a feeling that Russia has just ditched the Rothschild’s subsidiary, aka the Central Bank of Russia.

    • PrometeyBezkrilov … “I have a feeling that Russia has just ditched the Rothschild’s subsidiary, aka the Central Bank of Russia.”
      Banknotes are banknotes are banknotes. Regardless if they’re ‘dollars’. ‘pounds’, ‘euros’, ‘renminbi’ or ‘rubles’. The promotion was … the scheme only works if it’s universal … ever heard THAT phrase before? Well here it is … universal banknote usage in every country on the planet … and STILL it’s in the process of destroying the world’s economy. That’s because the notion is inherently self-destructive.

      The reason is that to (try to) prevent currency inflation from causing damage, interest rates have to be centrally controlled and co-ordinated, accommodating naturally varying ‘macro-economic’ conditions. But the … cumulative … gross world debt eventually exceeds the capability of interest rate control to raise sufficient interest service funding because there comes a point where People become sick of being in debt and stop borrowing. That’s why, America, England, China and Russia have printed up gargantuan amounts of banknotes that no one actually borrowed into existence. The banknote scheme is ONE SINGLE THING that different ‘country currencies’ are intended to cleverly mask.

      Banking families may have been the scheme’s designers and still enjoy as its greatest beneficiaries, but without ‘central bank’ control of interest rates, the whole ‘ball of wax’ melts down into a pool of tallow.

      I understand and genuinely respect your sense of ‘national pride’, but I have to say Prometey, we’re ALL being led to the shearing house by this Puppet Show. The banknote scheme is about government plunder of the common folks … no matter what phony ‘philosophy’ those governments pretend to hold … banknotes commit the crime of economically enslaving a country’s Peoples and EVERY government perpetuating that scheme is … guilty as charged.

  3. To PrometeyBezkrilov and Patfields
    Nations are the flag of human cultures, themselves all different. Gold is only a universal mean of exhange..
    So i agree with Prometey. it’s not a question of proudness, a negative sentiment, it’s also a question of culture and power and economical power, as we all know !
    So this is the firstep, coming back to the money of one’s community. Then you will have the opportunity to build it stronger with backing it to somethoinf strong, and i’m sure Russia and alli willl do it.
    I’m french, and i use a strange money, euro. I don’t feel it serves my community.
    Thank you Prometey for your link and your thoughts, we’re with you, as human beings willling to be human..

  4. Oh…….they laughed so hard at Ron Paul for even suggesting such a thing!
    “Gold backed currency? Bwahahahahahaha”, they all said…..
    “Ron Paul is such a nut case”……they all said.
    Well, I have to believe that had Ron become president, this country would not be in quite as rough shape as it is now. Only problem would have been that he would have been taken out in short order.

    • “Well, I have to believe that had Ron become president, this country would not be in quite as rough shape as it is now.  Only problem would have been that he would have been taken out in short order.”
      Agreed.  These banksters are just as cut-throat as any 18th century Caribbean pirate ever was.  Like Lincoln and Kennedy found out, one does not mess with these banksters UNLESS they quit playing nice and round them ALL up at once.  So far, none of them have done that and some have paid a heavy price for underestimating their enemies.

  5. Russia Made a Medal Before the War Began–politics.html

    “On one side of the silver medallion is a raised image of the outline of the Crimean peninsula. The controversy, though, is on the flipside of the coin. On that side, there’s an emblem of the Russian Federation’s ministry of defense. Below that, this inscription: “For the return of Crimea 20.02.14 – 03.18.14.” Yet how could the dates of Crimea’s “liberation” have begun on February 20th?  An image of the medal was quickly removed from the Russian defense ministry’s website after the ceremony on March 25, but the damage was done. How could Crimea have been “liberated” in an operation beginning on February 20, the day on which a bloody assault against the Maidan protesters began in Kiev, killing nearly 100 people? Even more perplexing is that Viktor Yanukovych was still officially the president of Ukraine and Crimea on February 20. So how could this operation have begun on that day, while he was still president—or more importantly, why?”

    In my opinion Putin is worse than the Rothschilds (“Red Shields” … get it?). Not only does he squash free media, he also jails any political opponent. That’s Russian “Freedom” for you. As for those gold backed Rubles or whatever, it is illegal to export gold (or silver) from the country except by Putin’s expressed permission, all that you see was smuggled out, so don’t expect to benefit from it.

  6. Cyberspace Void … “You people … just don’t know Russia or Putin like I do.”
    What’s there to know? It’s a government captured land subjected under its plunder by fat self-aggrandizing politicians. They’re all the same throughout history.

    I’ve been saying the whole way along, this ‘war talk’ is an inter-governmentally co-ordinated Punch & Judy Puppet Show to scare the be-jezus out of the Serf-Herds because government worldwide is looking more and more foolish and bumbling as time goes on. This little glimpse is a peek behind their curtain that has its duplicate counterparts elsewhere to be sure. How long now have these countries had ‘replacement’ currencies sitting on the shelves … two-three years? The ‘stock-in-trade’ of politics is grandiose theatrics.

  7. If the whole world were indeed run by a single group of ‘all-powerful’ few, then perhaps all hope for the cause of liberty is lost, and no one should bother in the struggle for freedom.  But history is replete with prophecies of warring nations and peoples, each fighting for their causes.  No single entity has control over all.  Humans have free will after all.
    In ancient Rome, it is said that rules were considered at one time to have all slaves identify themselves by wearing some form of visible identification; but the rule was quickly set aside for fear that the slaves would suddenly see their own numbers, and become invigorated to rise up against their offenders, for the number of slaves was indeed large.  The same applies today.  The few who understand the system feel small in numbers and isolated, ‘hopeless’ that some sort of ‘all-powerful’ entity is in control of all things at all times.  But in fact the truth may be far from so.  The world may be at the cusp of a historic paradigm shift.

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