Wednesday we alerted readers to a cyber bank raid affecting at least 60 institutions across Europe and North Americathat had already siphoned $2.5 billion out of thousands of accounts.

Steve Quayle has released an urgent alert regarding the matter, stating that his inside sources have confirmed the algorithm used in the operation is highly advanced and that ‘they have never seen anything like this‘.
Quayle concludes (which as we mentioned was one of the most likely scenarios when we first broke the news) that the evidence is mounting that the operation is a FALSE FLAG banking attack as a pretext for a broad banking system shut down.

This is an inside job that is done by an International Banking/ Intelligence Agency conglomerate who would have the accessibility, the infrastructure and means to pull this off.

From Steve Quayle:

Right now banking systems the world over are going into meltdown due to this global siphoning hack that is occurring in over 60 banks worldwide with untold losses in the billions of dollars and counting.

What I want all of you to know is this. It is DAMN impossible for any one hacking group or individual to pull this off. The sheer speed and scope of the operation as well as the precision through which it is being carried out leads me to believe an advanced source is at play.

Look you can not simply hack this many accounts in this many banks simultaneously without leaving any tracks and yet there are no tracks left behind just a bunch of dead end false leads that lead no where.

My sources have told me that the algorithm used in this operation is very very advanced and “they have never seen anything like this.” This leads me to one conclusion. A false flag, an inside job designed as a pretext to a broader event. I have been warning about a financial collapse for some time, I have also warned of an impending bank holiday as well as the market indicators pointing to World War Three. I strongly believe this event would be used in any one of these ways.

All of our banking software has back doors built into them for the anonymous power brokers/masters to use as they deem fit. This is an inside job that is done by an International Banking/ Intelligence Agency conglomerate who would have the accessibility, the infrastructure and means to pull this off.

I fear this is a huge prelude to a massive event. I have told many of you through this web site to get your money out…What are you waiting for?



  1. I was the first to mention this days ago,  I suspected the Banksters working on the inside to pull funds from their big customers on the pretense of a “Virus”.  They must really think we are stupid to believe their engineered crap.  Banksters you are frauds, and our money is no longer in your banks…  See us on the other side of a Silver Coin you vampires!!

  2. When we look at all the sick;  very sick things going on today such as bank runs both personal/on the street types as well as corporate and private money;  the shut down of several banks in Ireland, Italy and Portugal along with this Stuxnet level stripmining of banking systems, nothing surprises me at this time.
    If the US and Israel with Seimens Corp can craft worms and viruses capable of doing the damage done thus far to Iran’s centrifuges, this sort of deep covert work in the banking system does not surprise me.  How the ultimate collapse happens, this convinces me that no bank account is sale.  The European financial fiascos appear to make them more vulnerable since bank runs and these computerized extractions have similar qualities–removal of FIAT where and when it can be done.  You are right when you think that you are not safe.  It will get even more interesting when our banks and brokerage accounts are hit.

  3. makes me wonder if you’d even be safe going with more of a local “safe” credit union type account for at least some stuff to pay bills and such.  I’ll bet even they are tied into the global mess somehow, and therefore ultimately susceptible

  4. proof is in the pudding, money is in the…. nvm bad analogy =).  That is some seriously sophisticated, coordinated and untraceable hack imposed on the multitudes of banks globally.  I’m waiting for the scapegoat to be revealed…

  5. Doc,

    You left off one of the key points. If you ever saw the movie sneakers with robert Redford back in the nineties I think,it was about software that was developed to open any back door of highly encrypted computers. “No More Secrets”. Anyway the movie was really about Inslaw who developed  Promis Software that could break any encrypted codes period. All you need to know is that the Meese doj took over the company in the 80’s and handed out the software to doj and several other cabinets then. Try a search on Promis Software
    Old miner 
  6. I’m not surprised, I said a few days ago the Elite are involved, they want the banks to crash so they can control everything. Banks will need a bailout after this and who will be paying them the ones they stole from, US. Get the Countries and Towns in debt and who will be controlling them after they default ? The Elite of course. One World Progressive Order is their cry and it’s moving fast. Scary Shit Folks.

  7. Just an aside to this current topic.
    How does this phyzz stack leader board thing actually work ?
    I’m not talking about how it’s supposed to work, which I expect is along the lines of you get a coin for relavence, originallity or quality of content.
    I’m sure at the outset the intention was commendable but WTF is going on now ?
    Read through the comments made and have a look at the self gratification identified by the coining going on. Some of the coinings reflect vertual masterbation, get your friggin hand off it !!
    We do have a true comminity here, a reflection of the population, opportunists are everywhere and when there is a reward which rings with a certain personallity ($$ for the greedy, esteme for the selfrightious, adulation for the vain etc) you will get those working towards their goals.
    Anyone out there watch people ? Look at their actions and not their words ? It’s the fastest way I use to align myself with others.
    So what’s going on here ? How do you get this –
    4 coins for claiming first place, cough – bullshit – cough
    9 coins handed out for claiming 0 bank balance
    and 3 for a certain calmness
    You’re kidding me !! Really !
    AGX, always providing a pertinant view, original and with substance. Nice work bud.
    The system is becoming selfserving and reflecting the target of the web site – banksters, corrupt pollies and corporation pirates. Get back on track ladies.
    This is just the example I’ve chosen to run with. Not an attack on individuals, it’s a statement of observation of an increasing lean to the center, the selfcenter.
    Keep stackin

  8. Agree, Clambake.  Web sites sometimes get ingrown (inbred?), cliques form, and outsiders are tolerated but rarely,if ever, responded to.  Too bad, too, as this is an interesting site that could be a LOT better.  Oh, well.

  9. Ed_B

    I have responded to you before and never got any response back. Some of the problems are a lot of the members that communicate on hear are east coast as is the site. Im west coast and most of the time I do not go to the back pages unless I see it in the recent comment column. You do post vary late your always at the bottom of thread. I do read what you have to say and coin you all the time because I like it. Doc post so much stuff that comments get lost in the shuffle.
    Anyway if you respond to this grate,  if not it shows why I do not put the effort out. But it would be good to have someone around in my time frame.
  10. Clambake,

    Check out your forum topic. Hope I somewhat answered your concerns. Ed_B, you are right and wrong about a couple of things. “Tolerated” is definitely the wrong word. You may notice (or not) how many times the “Welcome aboard” is given to a new member. This IS the best site, not could be. I have coined both you and Clambake as you both have what I consider great comments that affect my personal situation. Keep contributing and stacking. Coin me or not is irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. I am here to learn and hopefully help someone too. You are, however, right to ask about the coining process. Hang in there and I think you’ll see what I mean. Tremendous knowledge and super comraderie are here. Thanks for asking.

  11. Hey 2 OZ,
    The site brings together the content I used to surf for, when it was a blog the comments were even more interesting to me than the headlines in many cases.
    I generally don’t waste words, and I hate sifting for gems. All I’m saying is this is a great site, don’t wreck it with this “game”.
    Keep preppin

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