Paul Mylchreest has released the December Thunder Road Report, titled Inflationary Deflation: Creating a Bubble in New Money. The report is 75 MUST READ pages detailing the END GAME to the largest debt bubble in the history of the world: a massive cost-push hyperinflationary collapse of the US dollar.

This is the biggest debt bubble in history. Each time DEFLATIONARY forces re-assert themselves, offsetting INFLATIONARY forces (monetary stimulus in some form) have to be correspondingly more aggressive to keep systemic failure at bay. The avoidance of a typical deflationary resolution of this Long Wave is incubating a coming wave of inflation.   This will not be the conventional demand pull inflation understood by most economists.
The end game is an inflationary/currency crisis, dislocation across credit and derivatives markets, and the transition to a new monetary system, with a new reserve currency replacing the dollarThis makes gold and silver the go-to assets for capital preservation

Full 75 page December Thunder Road Report below:


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Thunder Road – December

  1. Anyyone who is not part of TPTB gang should look at everyday as a opportunity. A very real and serious as a heart attack opportunity. An opportunity to prepare for what is coming. We who see it are so few among so many. We haven’t the numbers or the power to stop any of it. The best we can do is warn others and prepare. That’s it! If others can’t shake themselves from their normalcy bias no matter what, they will be lost to us. What will happen to them, I don’t know. I don’t know what will happen to me! I do know this. I would rather be me than them! So, the longer it takes “the gang” to do whatever it is they intend to do, I must take that as the real opportunity that it is for myself and my family to survive it! It’s only a game to “the gang”. For the rest of us, it’s survival of the fittest.

        SKOOKUM piece, covers it all, and  helped me remind myself where I lost the trail of the K-Waves, it was in the thickets of money global authorities created, which of course skewed the curves.  This piece should be read by EVERYONE that can.  Remember, 3 of 4 people in the world cannot read, so take advantage of your advantage.
      As many others before it, it is the “Alarm Bell in the Night” and should be taken very seriously.  Normality as we know it, will kill everyone that fails to take action.
       Sinclair today has an excellent but scary piece as well.  Here is a truncated quote that is of concern to everyone, as he talks about the pending revaluations they are gonna use to inflate away the debt : “It will also cure the health cost problem by removing ……… the pensioner, by accelerated attrition.”    PENSIONERS WILL UNDERGO ACCELERATED ATTRITION ?  Do ya get that that means ? It means killing people on pensions by starving them financially, by inflating the way out of the debt and matching the domestic currency to to New Virtual International Reserve Currency.    If your on a pension, you will get the same amount, but if its say $1K a month, whereas you could buy food and pay utilities, now you may be able to buy a newspaper and a pack of chewing gum.  Pensions will stay the same but prices won’t and pensioner’s will be starved.  THIS AIN’T NO JOKE !

    • They are already doing it, 1.7% Social Security raise next year when real inflation on things retired people use is closer to 20%. Food is up, my part D insurance went up 26% with no explanation of why, utility bills are up even though fuel costs for utilities are down, the list is long.


      Actually, it IS a joke… a colossal joke… and it’s on us!  TPTB will not be harmed by their “culling process”.  They are already WELL prepared.  Those of us who are not among that sorry doomed-to-hell lot are prepping as best we can.  Will that be enough?  Who knows?  But if it is ALL we can do, it will HAVE to be because there is no more we CAN do.

      My wife has a state pension for being a teacher.  It is not lavish.  It IS enough to scrape by on if one is careful.  It would please me immensely if she would buy some gold or silver… even if it was just jewelry… but she won’t and that is quite worrisome.  My silver stack is up to 1404 ozt. now so maybe that will be enough.  I’m not done stacking by any means, however, and plan to continue the stack to at least 2,000 ozt.  Hopefully by the fall of 2013.  TPTB would crap themselves if they knew that some of us were using our SS checks to buy PMs.  lol

      Am also stacking food, ammo, meds, water, firewood, fuel, etc.  This is gonna get REAL UGLY before it gets better.

    • Dang, that may be the case right now but sooner or later foreign countries will get fed up with the US devaluing the foreign exchange reserves they hold in US dollars and will dump them on the market in favor of an alternative currency.  I posted this on another article but I believe it is important enough to restate. 

      There is approximately $3.6 trillion in US dollars held by foreign countries compared to roughly $10 trillion in M2 ($15 tillion M3).  If countries abandon 33% of M2 we will see crippling inflation in a very short period of time. 

    • “Dang, that may be the case right now but sooner or later foreign countries will get fed up with the US devaluing the foreign exchange reserves they hold in US dollars and will dump them on the market in favor of an alternative currency.”

      My guess is that they will go on a huge buying spree with those dollars and will be buying up every REAL asset they can lay their hands on.  This will include:  gold, silver, farmland, ranches, successful businesses, crops, meat, oil and oil wells, mines, fishing fleets, and anything else that is worth something… anything to dump those dollars BEFORE they melt away.  Who can blame them?  By stacking PMs, we’re doing the very same thing.

  3. Excellent report by Paul Mylchreest. Looks like precious metals really are the place to be whether we have the normal deflationary depression or inflationary depression. Unusually for a winter cycle the energy and agricultural sectors should also outperform as the game by the central banks this time is an attempt to inflate the debt away.

    • Your comment does bring up a great point, Les.  Since we not only don’t know but can’t know the future, we need to be prepared for bad economic times in general.  Inflationary depression or deflationary depression?  No one knows for sure.  Because of this, we need to keep ourselves diversified by owing some PMs, some commodities, some cash, and some BIG company stocks in our own names.  This is not an all-or-nothing, my-way-or-the-highway kind of thing.  It will be bizarre and that is about all we can be sure about.  During deflation, money is king.  If you have money and prices fall, no problem, because your money goes a LOT further than it would with higher prices.  Will the dollar collapse?  Probably but that is not guaranteed.  The least of the guarantees comes in the form of “when” and that is something that no one knows.  Inflationary depression?  Money is worth less and less very quickly here but commodities, PMs, and the stocks of large cap / dividend paying companies will be good hedges against inflation.  Bonds?  Fuggeddabboutit!  They will be toast in virtually all scenarios anyone can imagine.  They are already paying significantly less than the cooked-book rate of inflation, let alone the REAL rate of inflation… and then we get to pay taxes on the imaginary “gains”!


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