indian goldInstitutional adviser Jayant Bhandari discusses why Indians remain desperate for gold, despite the Indian government’s efforts to ban gold imports.
Bhandari states that Indians are desperate for gold because they know their rulers are thieves.
Which begs the question, if Indian rulers are thieves, just what exactly are the Federal Reserve, TBTF banks, and the rest of the American rulers?

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  1. Indians Are Desperate For Gold Because They Know Their Rulers Are Thieves
    –  –  –
    Did they mean ‘Dot-Indians’ or ‘Feather-Indians?’
    The leaders of both of these groups’ countries are indeed thieves.

  2. Americans are desperate for FIAT because they know their slavemasters are thieves.
     First I typed leaders and then changed it to rulers and then changed it to slave masters.  that was a close call IMO.

    • Brother AGXIIK
      ? Indentured Servant more likely ?
      Reason being once you earn or acquire enough $$$$$$ you are then freer than the average J6P    

    • Slave Master in the District of Criminals created the debt so they can pay it back. I no longer acknowledge them as the leaders of this country.

  3. Does it really matter? Massive physical demand yet the price of gold keeps getting hammered down. Until inventory actually dries up it will be business as usual. ANY other product/commodity/sector with  high demand would equal higher prices, but not the PM market.

  4. da yooper.  I see your point
      I served my time in steerage and  as indentured servant (Teamster class)
     Then I got my emancipation and went to work on the FIAT slave plantation.
    That was so comfortable that I never realized I was a  FIAT TAX slave until Pat Fields and others gave me a swift  kick in the derriere.  
    The gulag is not so comfortable any more

    • @AGXIIK
      “The gulag is not so comfortable any more”
      Serves you right, AG, for daring to peek behind the curtain while the “Great OZ” is at work.  😉

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