India without electricity, without computers, without light, without trains, without industry …
Main stream medias, as usual, are telling fairy tales to the public.
A lack of rain, which forced farmers to pump into the groundwater, triggering an over-consumption of electricity, which has unbalanced the Indian power grid. Then, dominoes fell bringing the country into darkness.
India is the 6th largest electricity producer in the world, but its population and economic growth are such that production is struggling to meet demand. India knows an energy deficit of 8 to 12%. This is probably India’s Achilles’ heel.

India recently defied US Iranian oil sanctions by purchasing Iranian crude with GOLD.
On the night of Sunday to Monday, from 29 to 30 July, a giant power outage blocked much of the country. 48 hours later, a new black-out created a real chaos….. Pure chance?


Submitted in English to SD by French analyst Menthalo

A few weeks ago, India defied Washington and circumvented the Iranian trade ban given by the US Empire to trade with Iran by barter: Iranian gas for Indian gold. Doing so, India was playing the monetary policy advocated by China and the rebels to the hegemony of the dollar. The Indian electric breakdown was Washington’s answer .

There are 1000 ways to make war without waking the sheep-like mass.
Israel and the U.S. have developed a series of computer viruses to attack Iranian nuclear power plants. This is not the scenario of a new James Bond, but the real information revealed by the New York Times. According to experts of the “Stuxnet” who developed the virus, this virus’ attack would have to postpone for five years the implementation of Iran’s nuclear program. Moshe Yaalon, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs acknowledged the facts: “it is justified, for anyone who believes the Iranian threat as a significant threat to take various measures, including this one, to stop it.” Since new viruses have been discovered, “Flame” and recently “Duqu”, both viruses derived from Stuxnet and therefore developed by the same teams.

War with Iran has nothing to do with any Iranian nuclear threat. Iran is classified as a “terrorist” state, because it denounced the U.S. oil agreements of 73, requiring that oil should be traded in US Dollars.
Six years ago, Iran declared they would trade their oil and natural gas in Yen, Euro, Yuan or Rupee depending on the currency of its buyers. In doing so, Iran has created a crack in the dam, created to protect America’s fiat money. This crack has since become a big hole and today, it is the entire Western monetary system that is collapsing before our eyes.
Yesterday’s World Masters does not intend to fall from their thrones without a fight. Using their arsenal of computer viruses, it has been easy for Washington to break down Indian nuclear power plants, creating instantly a total chaos for 700 millions Indians.

India is a leader in software engineering. This sector represents more than two millions direct jobs and 4 to 6 million indirect jobs. Bangalore, called Silicon City, is the Mecca of Indian IT. A $ 76 billions business in 2010, aiming $ 225 B in 2020. Indian companies engineered a great part of American Banks ‘s trading programs.
Two days after a cyber-attack against the Indian nuclear power plants, one of the biggest players in Wall Street’s electronic trading, Knight Capital Corp., saw its trading software create chaos in the ratings of 140 shares on NYSE. I bet your hot dog against my lamb curry, that Knight’s software has been “made in India”.

Most programmers use to keep a “back door”, a secret entrance to update their program. Microsoft offered a back door to the American secret services, who use and abuse of it. It seems fair to me, that India played the same game Tuesday. Knight on Tuesday lost $ 440 million, three times their annual margin. Knight had to close their computers this week. Knight is dead.
Who will be the next victim?

Menthalo is a French analyst and blogger, who just published a book: “Gold, Silver & the next monetary reform”.

  1. At this point in time few things surprise me.  The events of the last few weeks would make a believer of nearly anyone if you connect the dots.  For a nation of 1.2 billion people to lose half their electrical grid (the night time photo of a very dark India is stark) begs the simplest dscription. It was likely an act of war.  Knight Securities was just an accident going somewhere to happen.  Cocky, arrogant management dissing the big dogs while processing their orders to the tune of billions of trades a month then trying to implement some half asses HFT program without testing.  Screw with the Bull, you get the horn.  There is an old saying ‘There are no coincidences in this world’  If it happens, there was a reason for it.  FDR said it best.  There are no accidents in politics.  And everything is political now that the elites and PTB are threatened by disclosures that show them for that they are.

  2. After all I have learned about the US and Westen Goverments since my personal wake up, (things i wouldn’t have thought possible just a few years ago) there is little that would suprise me, but this qualifies! What the PTB are willing to do or order our governments to do on their behalf is just beyond all civilized behavior! The only word that comes to mind is shear evil and or madness,. Nothing else fits! If this is true and the west attacked the Indian power grid, it would be a completly unprovoked act of war! How many may have died during this power loss may never be know but be assured it”s a lot! If the Indian government ever finds proof  our governments did it…. Well if we were them, what would we do? A massive retaliation at the very least! The rabbit hole just goes deeper every day.

  3. Your comments are a crock.

    South India was unaffected by any power outages.
    And India did not buy Oil with Gold, because the India Government has no Gold,  The coffers are empty.
    The only people with gold in India, are the people, and they hold it close, usually around their wives necks.
    A wishy washy garbage post, from someone who watches too much Fox news, and transports this misinformation to Docs blog
    Also your comments on Knight are again off track.  Knights downfall is a Wall Street Payback for Knight threatening to sue weeks earlier.  Their software was infiltrated, there was no glitch, it was a payback.
  4. Well, WWIII has begun and it started with the U.S. setting that Earthquake in Japan. The currency wars are all over the world. The Federal Reserve along with the European Central Bank leading the way with their Masters calling all the shots. Harry Reid you better make sure Romney does not receive the Republican Nomination to run for President of the United States. Reid has stated in front of Senate that Romney has not paid his taxes in the last 10 years. Therefore the only man for the job. Congressman Ron Paul, who has President Obama so scared that his administration is suing the state of Ohio to stop active duty personnel, Not having a right to vote in this coming election. One they are for Congressman Ron Paul. 

    The Obama Administration just may know already that they are going against Ron Paul. This is why they would stoop this low to do what they attempting to get away with. Whomever, the judge that overseas this ridiculous request. Throw it out!!!
  5.   So Knight made a mistake, and instead of trying to correct it and take the loss, they just cut to the bankruptcy.  How come I didn’t get the list of 150 stocks to “pre-load” ahead of the flash spike.  A new type of theft has emerged.  They keep getting more creative.

  6. Here is a thought.  If China wanted to test a large cyber warfare  system  and not give away its hand, testing this  worm or software on India might make sense to the Chinese.  India is less likely to retaliate.  Given it’s rickity power grid, its systems could be managed better into a full shutdown  than ours.  In order to guage the effect of the cyber attack, with plausible deniability on the part of the Chinese engineers, the soft ware could have a self destruct feature. The Chinese have been poking around our power infrastructure for a few years.  This might be the test they needed to vet a solid means of attacking our systems.  Anyone hurt in India would be collateral damage, not something all that worrisome to the Chinese military.

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