Black Friday brings out the worst in the American sheople annually as they routinely stampede and riot (reports this morning in Texas of a gun being pulled over a line cutter at Sears) over things such as the IPad9 and the Samsung Galaxy 16 (wait, that’s next year).  Not surprisingly, the clips of this year’s atrocious behavior by the consumer Walmart mobs are already flowing in. 

Our one question: What do you think this group of Americans’ (or similar crowds at any other Walmart across the country) riots will look like in the wake of a dollar collapse, when it is the last 3 loaves of bread being fought over?

For a preview of how a SHTF scenario will play out across Walmarts all over the US, watch the footage below:



While the sheople assault one another over discounted phones, SD readers can calmly increase their stack further in preparation of dealing with a mob such as the one above in the event of a dollar collapse via, where 2012 Silver Eagles will be $2.49 over spot, and Silver Buffalos will be $0.89 over, any quantity all day. 

  1. Though they were … a bit … more civilized in their jostling, I have vivid memories of very similar scenes from back in the late 1950s. It could have a great deal to do with my deeply abiding sense of … frugality. Perhaps it was witnessing the same sorts of events back in the mid-1800s that contributed to the huge successes of Sears and Montgomery-Ward catalogue sales. Dates and technologies change, but human impulse NEVER changes.

    • I would argue there is a general loss of civility these days, when compared to the 1950’s or even the 1990’s.  You see this most often on-line, in the comments section of blogs and news articles.

      The possible fistfights over the last remaining loaves of bread in the stores – this brings to mind the wisdom of trying to convince others to ‘see the light’ in terms of prepping & stacking.  Because when times get difficult, those folks in the local community whom you’ve spoken to about prepping & stacking…they will suddenly find themselves desperate and will remember who is prepared and has the food they can feed their starving family with.

      Perhaps it is just better to hide your stacks of silver & provisions, and cry poverty & hunger along with the unprepared masses once the SHTF.

    • It might be a bad thing if they would remember our warnings that they should be prepared against the collapse because they may be hunting us down after the SHTF. Then, we would be in more dangers after that.

    • “The run would do them all good.”

      Yep, but agree with Mary that it would likely be medical assistance pandemonium.  Not saying that would necessarily be a bad thing, though.  😉 

    • This is a great idea because these fatty Americans who always eat burgers at McDonald’s will have a wonderful opportunity to burn fatty greases! Also MaryB, there aren’t enough police to control the people who will attack the others during the race.

  2. Not going to bother and see shop riot vids. I want to see vids of the last bar of silver being spotted in some bullion banks’ vault.
    COMEX seems dependent of mine supply. What if mines found more grateful buyers, who pay above spot, for large quantities? Where will us investors get our silver from then?

    • “Girls scrabble round with no clothes on
      To borrow a pound for a condom
      If it wasn’t for chip fat they’d be frozen
      They’re not very sensible…”

      If anybody needs a translation from the British…. 

  3. Chip fat.  Love those round bottomed birds.  Too much bubble and squeak, toad in the hole, spam and eggs.  All that yummy tuck.  I loved those meals when I was staying in England—Wimpy Burgers were just a nice appetiser. Wash it all down to a good stout or Guinness.  I miss that!
    If I may offer a suggestion….  Buy several 5 gallon buckets of hard red and white winter wheat.  It has  shelf like of decades.  You can find those on   Get two grain grinders (one to break and one to keep)   Get a good solar oven or a volcano stove, heatable baking stones.  You will have bread for years of you stock 200 lbs of wheat. Be sure to have a good supply of baking soda and yeast.  Prices for wheat will jump next year.  This is a very inexpensive way to have bread, the staff of life, readily available. 
    Mary B do you have some good bread recipes to share with us?

    • AGXIIK Gawd, you’re making me all self conscious about my behind and I’ve only just stopped worrying about the size of my stack. I could murder a plate of toad in the hole plus bubble and squeak with a nice dollop of HP sauce. Mmmmm. I actually have a tin of spam in the cupboard. I wanted to see if I could stomach it. I’ve yet to find the courage to open the tin.

      As for cooking, I’d go and raid an old derelict farmhouse for a traditional wood burning oven. There’s plenty to be found. Clean the rust off…. At the moment, I use a small natural gas camping stove. The sort you can fit in a backpack. I guess I’d have to think a bit more outside the box if the SHTF.
      That home made bread sounds rustic and yummy. Excellent tip. I don’t have the space right now for a big food hoard. I camp and hike a lot, so I tend to have survival rations for a few weeks on hand. If the worst came to the worst, I could forage. Rabbits and pheasant. Mushrooms, hazel nuts, beech nuts, sweet chestnuts, blackberries, whinberries, wild strawberries, apples, damsons, etc. Plus a whole range of interesting plants like sorrel and ramsons. If the S totally HTF, it wouldn’t be hard to supplement my diet with beet, potatoes, corn, turnips, etc. To be honest, though, I can’t see society breaking down to any horrifying extent here. We’re a rural community, and barter is already commonplace.  I have a feeling we’d all get along just fine. If government broke down, I’m not sure we’d notice. : )

    • The New York Times No Knead Bread recipe can’t be beat. With no power or limited fuels flatbreads make more sense. Flour tortillas, other styles of flat bread that can be made on a flat piece of stone or metal.
      I am lucky, the farmer who has property on 2 sides of my property is organic and he rotates between wheat/corn/soy so I get buckets of wheat for $20, same for corn. Think I have 400+ pounds of wheat in storage and 200+ of corn that can be ground. Haven’t got into making my own soy oil but it isn’t hard, basically coarse grind it, coo it then press out the oil.

    • “Wash it all down to a good stout or Guinness.  I miss that!”

      Indeed so, AG.  My favorite was a chicken pasty and a pint of Cornish Creme.  That brew is so good it’s almost like a drinkable dessert.  😀
      As to bread, yeah, easy and fun to make no doubt.  If sheeple are killing each other over a loaf or two, I will show up soon thereafter with a whole basket of loaves to sell to the highest bidders.

      Have grain elevators around here, so if you know someone who works there it is easy to get half a pickup load for free.  Yeah, a lot of it is floor sweepings but what the hey.  Fixing that problem is what winnowing is all about. Shaking several pounds of grain with a pound of clean sand for a couple of minutes will work too.  After that, just pour onto a fine screen and shake a little to remove the sand.   😉

  4. It sounds like you have your food stocks well in hand Tawnyard.  I have a fondness for Worchestershire Sauce, HP and Bovril, developed in my time in the UK.   In 1972 I spend about 6 months bouncing around the continent with a good bit of time in England. 
    After helping organize the Windsor Royal Sex Olympics, a small rock concert patterned after the Isle of Mann festival and royally pissing of HRH E II with our antics, Scotland yard gave us the boot and told us never to come back. A few of my friends went down the road a ways near Chobham Common to live with the gypsies. We all wanted  jobs.  A local highway contractor needed drivers for the earth haulers.  I was a Teamster and had some decent driving skills so hired on as a foreign worker.
    2 Quid an hour and half went to taxes.     We were up at 5 AM, at work by 7 and by 10 AM we all stopped for brekkie at a local cafe.  There I found the joys of the Monty Python Song of Spam breakfast, dubbed the heart attack on a plate.  That was our main meal for the day until we got off work and went to the pub to drink our paychecks.  It was a great deal of fun working with the drivers.  Living with the gyppo’s was another story.  Spam still occupies a space in the cupboard and with a couple of egsgs, toast and a bit of strawberry jam, butter and boilerplate coffee, I recall with fondness those times in GB.

    • I wouldn’t go that far, AGXIIK. A true prepper would have at least 6 months supply to hand. I just don’t think it’s going to get that bad here, in rural Wales. If anything bad does happen, though, I’ll do the best I can. Free food is my specialty. I’m usually off somewhere in the hills and mountains, stuffing my face with free food. : )

      I have Worcester Sauce, HP and Bovril in my kitchen. And a weird thing called Mushroom Ketchup. It’s actually a brown, runny liquid, like soy sauce. I definitely have to have some in my hoard. And, talking of soy sauce, I’ve got to have Kikkoman’s soy sauce and Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Marinade. And jars and jars of Branston Pickle. I wonder if black pepper will, once again, be worth its weight in gold?

      Your anecdotes are awesome, keep ’em coming. Has it really been 40 years since you were in the UK?   Blimey. Socialist government at that time, IIRC. And the dreaded changeover from pounds, shillings and pence to decimal currency. How we suffered! Chobham Common rang a bell, so I Googled it.  A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with someone who works a mile or so from Chobham Common.  He didn’t look like a gypsy, though. It’s a small, small world…

      Oops, time to hit the hay. Nite all! 

    • I buy bulk spices from their black pepper is very fresh and the prices are good too. Buy a couple pounds each order. Their onion and garlic powder should be a staple too. Other whole seeds can keep years, whole herbs a year, ground starts to lose freshness in 6 months.

    • I do it every year Tawnyard. I go through a lot of black pepper, it is one of my favorite spices. Think I used 2 pounds last year just for myself.

    • LOL! That was funny like always! That’s what I was expecting from Mark Dice and I like his commentaries. He’s pointing out the smart things that make these people look like a bunch of savages. I never went on a Black Friday so I don’t know how things work inside the shops.

  5. Hahahahahaha! Living the American dream? Next the plebs will be wanting Obama phones and more food stamps. I’ve never agreed with the elimination of the useless eaters but after watching these scumbags I’m starting to favour the concentration camps. Imagine what would happen if the people that don’t contribute anything to society were disappeared, there would be no unemployment and no need for social security, the Streets would be safe and crime would be way down.. Can you say FEMA camp anyone? Bring them on!!!!! 

    • @Bigrsoul

      My patience with holier-than-thou, self-aggrandizing egotists is rubbing paper thin. Those ‘scumbags’ are pressed into their conditions by government monetary and commercial ‘policy’, incessantly reinforced by their propagandist ‘news’ brainwash. That their passions and notions are so degraded by it ought to incite even greater outrage over the forces of CAUSE, rather than RESULT.

      Can’t you see that the attitude you’re justifying to yourself is as much a Pavlovian subliminal conditioning as has befallen those ‘scumbags’? I condemn your arrogance! These are your fellowmen! CHECK YOURSELF OUT!  

    • @Bigrsoul We don’t know that these people don’t contribute to society. We don’t know anything about them, except that they were looking to buy a discounted phone and some of them don’t know how to behave. It’s clear that many were innocent shoppers caught up in an unpleasant situation. Have you thought about talking to your fellow countrymen about what is happening to society? You can put it in plain English without patronising people. I chat with many people every week about ‘the economy’ and the things they can do to combat the steady erosion of their wealth and their rights. I see it as my duty to spread the word and wake people up to reality. Some people don’t want to be woken up. I have learnt to stop wasting time on them. Give it to them straight. Red pill or blue pill, baby?

        @PatFields Hear hear.

    • @PatFields.  Well, we have something in common, my patience is also rubbing paper thin but not with holier-than-thou types (although you do sound an awful lot like one) but with your whining liberal bombastry. Talk about a Pavlovian response, as soon as someone has the audacity to say something that you don’t like you instantly jump on you high horse and “condem MY arrogance” , well you could not be more arrogant and ignorant with that statment ,even if you were smart enough to understand what you are writing ,and as far as those scumbags being my “fellow men” well I’m afraid you are also wrong on that account too, you may associate with that type of person but I certainly don’t. Learn to respect other people’s point of view with some humility instead of your condescending haughtiness and have a real close look at yourself friend.

    • @Tawnyard. You seem to have a very big and generous heart, i hope it helps when the SHTF and those people that “don’t know how to behave” are breaking into your home. Perhaps you could just speak to them in a non patronising way, you know, just to educate them, and they will not murder your family and steal all your valuables. Good luck with that! 

    • @Bigrsoul On reflection, I’ve decided that you’re quite right. I’m sorry. We should build concentration camps for those that ‘don’t contribute to society’ in the way that you believe they ought. Make them disappear.

      Do you think we should make them wear badges that say ‘Pleb’, or do you think ‘Scumbag’ would be more fitting? 

      Since we’re going to save all that social security and unemployment benefit, might I suggest we can go one better and save on disability allowance and pensions too? We’ll simply ship the mentally and physically disabled to prison camps where the elderly can look after them.

      If you’re not busy contributing to society, perhaps you’d like to stand on the platform and cheer the trains on?

      “The world will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”  Albert Einstein 

    • @Tawnyard.  I’m glad that you have decided that I am right,but really,there is no need to apologise. Whether or not people wear badges il leave up to your obviously ripe imagination alongside the pictures in your head of disabled people being looked after by pensioners. What a strange and fascinating world you must live in to be able to imagine all that you have written in your last post. Perhaps you can imagine me waving to you as the ” over active imagination express” leaves the station…….Get your facts first,and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain.

    • “Hahahahahaha! Living the American dream? Next the plebs will be wanting Obama phones and more food stamps. I’ve never agreed with the elimination of the useless eaters but after watching these scumbags I’m starting to favour the concentration camps. Imagine what would happen if the people that don’t contribute anything to society were disappeared, there would be no unemployment and no need for social security, the Streets would be safe and crime would be way down.. Can you say FEMA camp anyone? Bring them on!!!!!” – Bigrsoul, November 24, at 9.28pm

      Oh, I got my facts. This is what you wrote, isn’t it?  If you’d care to elaborate on how you think the concentration camps should be implemented, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

      I detect the indignation of the embarrassed. It’s one thing to mock the sheeple, but to express a belief in – much less a desire for – FEMA camps is astounding. Whatever next? 

    • The American dream is now gone. People should be in prosperity in order to have the American dream and prosperity is gone because the economy is doing bad and inflation is destroying people financially. It’s a sweet that is now gone. Now, the only thing that we can do is dream about the American dream.

  6. @Bigrsoul … “my patience is also rubbing paper thin … with your whining liberal bombastry.”

    I consider myself every bit as conservative as you must consider yourself. The diametric contrast lay in that I’m adamantly conservative of the … Jeffersonian American Ideal, whereas you conserve the … Hamiltonian view of American Impirialism … which has hung on the neck of The People like a millstone since the very birth of our country. If that SOB hadn’t been shot by our honorable Friend, Mr. Burr, God only knows how much WORSE things would be than they are.

    “I know of no safe repository of the ultimate power of society but the people. And if we think them not enlightened enough, the remedy is not to take the power from them, but to inform them by education.” –Thomas Jefferson

  7. Ladies and gentlemen, in this video, may I present you, the people of the USA, the United States of Animals! I think after the collapse of the US dollar, people would be using their Second Amendment for bad purposes such as killing others to get the loaf of breads. So if you ever have to go to the grocery store after the collapse, I highly recommend everyone to bring in a gun for personal defense purposes.

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