Our friend Sean from SGTreport.com has released another excellent interview with LPAC spokesman Harley Schlanger.
Harley discusses the suicidal policies of the EU and Mario Draghi, which he calls extremely “hyper-inflationary”. Harley also warns that Greece is very close to a DEFAULT which will trigger a domino-like collapse.

Harley also states that if Goldman’s Mario Draghi isn’t “dethroned” from the ECB AND if Obama is re-elected, we are doomedIf these madmen are not stopped, they will destroy the EU and the United States with hyperinflation of the currencies.
Harley also calls for the immediate ARREST of Tim Geithner for his massive crimes.

Full interview below:


Part 2

  1. So if Obama is re-elected, we will experience massive hyperinflation?  So if Romney becomes our next president, I take it we will not see any hyperinflation.

    This sounds like an oversimplified, politically-tainted assumption.  Can anybody here back this up?

    I would argue that we have already passed the tipping point, the massive debt that is out there is already unsustainable, some sort of ‘trigger-event’ has the potential to put things into a panic, and no matter who our next president is – we are just as likely to experience hyperinflation.

  2. It doesn’t matter if Obama and Draghi still keep their job because even if other people replace them, the US and Europe’s collapse will still happen. The video below explains why it is guaranteed that there will be a global economic collapse. 

  3. It doesn’t matter who our next President will be if our national debt remains over $16Trillion dollars and the interest rate on that debt rises. Do we believe they can sustain a Zero Interest Rate Policy into infinity? The answer is NOPE! Eventually the US will collapse.

  4. We are past the tipping point. It doesn’t matter who is elected because things have been set into motion that can’t be undone short of a global debt wipe and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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