return kingHugo Salinas Price,  Mexican business magnate, investor, and philanthropist and the president of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver, writes today that gold will soon return to its traditional role in the international monetary system.
The current melt-down of the world’s debt bubble is likely to continue in the course of the next months and Salinas believes that the salvaging all debt and derivatives might require a gold price as high as between $22,000 and $50,000 per ounce.


Submitted by Mark O’Byrne, Goldcore


He believes that gold will soon help balance international trade, discipline government budgets, and reliquefy debt that is becoming unpayable.

The secular trend to expansion of credit has morphed into contraction and liquidation. It is my opinion that the new trend is now established and no action by any of the Central Banks (CB) that issue reserve currencies will do anything at all to reverse that trend.

Salinas Price’s commentary is headlined “The Coming Revaluation of Gold” and it’s posted at the civic association’s website,, here:

LBMA Gold Prices

26 Jan: USD 1,114.70, EUR 1,028.42 and GBP 785.80 per ounce
25 Jan: USD 1,103.70, EUR 1,020.29 and GBP 773.96 per ounce
22 Jan: USD 1,097.65, EUR 1,012.55 and GBP 769.63 per ounce
21 Jan: USD 1,096.80, EUR 1,006.98 and GBP 774.99 per ounce
20 Jan: USD 1,093.20, EUR 999.73 and GBP 771.08 per ounce


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  1. A conservative $20,000 for gold and $1,000 for silver is a lot easier to imagine.

    Have any of you been grocery shopping lately?  I had to stop for a loaf of bread at a local, non-Walmart supermarket yesterday.  The cheapest store-brand was $1.79 and the better SaraLee breads were $2.75 and up.   I was standing there trying to comprehend, recalling years ago when a loaf of store brand bread was 19 cents, and the ‘good stuff’ was 39 to 49 cents a loaf.

    Cars and pickup trucks are up by a factor of more than 10.   My first house, in a better part of Denver was $11,500 in 1969.

    And a silver dollar was worth $1.

    • @Xizang yes that would be conservative. i think he is right about the $50k oz gold… that is why all the countries are trying to accumulate as much gold as they can before the reset… however.. if we were to go on JPM then we might think that silver will still be the bigger mover… $1000 oz silver probably is very conservative. 

      however, when the reset happens, i believe the usd will go away and crypto-currencies will come into play .. what we have to figure out is how we will exchange cryptos and pms. .. right now problem with bitcoin is it cannot scale.. what that means is that bitcoin is now running out of bandwidth to allow growth of new users. atm, there really is no crypto-currency options out there if bitcoin cannot scale.

    • Our banks were the cause of this fiasco in the first place, theres no way digital dream currency will stick in the US. The presidential lead contenders should scream volumes about how the American public trust the government and banks.

  2. Regardless of where gold tops out it will inflate everything. Just expect to see higher prices. The only advantage stackers will have ,especially silver holders, you will be able to stay ahead of the prices and make some gains. Be aware that taxes are also going to rise. Listen to Bernie Sanders keep saying we have to raise taxes immediately. The best bet now is to buy 90% junk silver coins that you can cash in quickly and in small quantities. These should (?) remain non taxable. Keep your purchase receipts as you may have to verify your cost basis for taxes when you cash in.

    • @ringmaster raise taxes ?? does that moron know that we are already paying #AbusiveHighTaxes already at 30%-40% for the privilege to have obamacare and them constantly wanting to take our guns from us ?? i hope the USD dies its death with as much pain as possible due to the #AbusiveHighTaxes i am forced to pay. i disagree that being patriotic means i must pay high taxes. instead, i believe being patriotic is fighting against people like bernie sanders who wants to keep proping up this joke of an economic system of “interest to infinity” debt slavery coupled with #AbusiveHighTaxes + #ObamacareHighwayRobbery … the USA needs a MAGNA CARTA to go as long with its unique constitution.


      regarding junk silver: that is good idea to keep some junk silver around. i doubt the reset is not going to happen without a lot of economic pain. we will need junk silver to barter with for awhile while they set up the new currency system which will likely be crypto-currencies of some kinds. later should be able to exchange pms at depository exchange for crypto-currencies.


      i really cannot respect someone who believes we need more taxes.. he should be removed from office immediately on grounds of being too stupid. yeah bernie we gonna keep this game of charades of raising taxes to keep a failed strategy and failed economic system going for another four to eight years cuz your the BIGTIME SHIAT .

    • Ranger, the earth is pushing back and people are running to the safety of Au and Ag.  My dinky lcs has been moving product like wildfire.   In Nov., full monster boxes everyday and a few more.  That did not include the misc. sales of 5, 10, 50, 100, 200…Gold in excess of 200 ozs.  Dec. nearly the same.  Jan. has been steady.

      True supply and demand is how it works…got a good product that few can produce, price goes up.  That is how it has always worked and should work.  Ya, I know it hasn’t for a while but hell, us honest folk who are hanging tough have earned the truth.

      I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but some of us must believe in a return to real, honest value.

    • @ Ranger

      “Anybody have an I D why Gold and Silver is rising? Stock market up well over 200 and the metals never perform well. Is the Comex busted? What’s going on?”

      I’m surprised also and I’ve been waiting for the Comex  to take it back down. But there’s still time left in the day – an hour and half before the market closes. So we’ll have to wait and see what the algorithms do.

  3. @ranger   the swell of buying into PMs is increasing substantially.  There are several metrics on this ranging from draw downs on the bullion banks, fear of debt and currency crashes and perception of shortages as in “I’m going to get mine now’   This sentiment is happening with large scale buyers who are seeing alternative assets as a good strategy for reallocation of cash, stocks, bonds, paper and other assets with substantial counter party risks

    The price up ticks are tiny but that is a slight possibility that we will see larger higher price breaks.  This might encourage a cascade to PM buying but I dont think this rally will hold.  There is likely other price down ticks if the prices get out of hand.

    • @dealmaker i just observed your avatar is two stacks of chips, lmao! All this time I thought they were two long watermelons, skinned from some foreign country Ive never been to hahaha!

      My bad! Good point about walmarts net openings.

    • @dealmaker

      “we’ll throw a few hundreds of millions or billions of $ and do an experiment. if it doesn’t work, at least we can say we tried”.

      this is not the way big business does business. your words look like a walmart PR campaign.

      it was a failure because the economy is tanking and the stores could not turn a (decent) profit.

      as for the claim that 200-300 more stores opened than were closed, i do not know. but i treat that claim with a healthy dose of skepticism – i do not blindly believe online comments. i won’t bother going off to verify that claim, but knowing how dismal the economy been i’m finding it hard to believe.

    • I think Walmart has done the same thing McDonald’s did 30 years ago:   They finally got to such market saturation than each time they opened a new store, it was taking business away from existing neighboring stores.   When you’re so dominant that your only competition is yourself, then you’re maxed out.

  4. So I’m just waiting for what the boys call the “golden sombrero.” I.e. the metals rising plateauing, then smashing down in the shape of a sombrero.

    I myself call it the satanic fedora. The rise is gradual, then it plateaus, then WHAM straight down. In the shape of a fedora more than a sombrero.

  5. Wheres our local “Genius”? Didnt he just rail the last expert about derivitaves ZEROing eachother out, and exclaim that it is a “zero sum game with no actual losses”?

    Why do pm anaylists AND MSM BOTH scream about all these silly, harmless derivitaves? Dont they ALL know how CLUELESS they are? Why, we have our own expert here on SD who will tell them just how stupid they are….(digs around the cluttered SD drawer) …..ok SD Guru…HIT IT!

    (Plays “it takes two to make a thing go right” as an intro…)

    • I’ve stopped listening to experts, and have found it more cathartic to start listening to supermodels farting into walkie talkies.

      In other news I think I’ll end up getting a tube of 2016 maples for no other reason than I want some here this week. With the caandian dollar surging with silver the prices tend to not fluctuate here a lot.

  6. More like 50 million an ounce.  Are you going to settle for 50 grand when outstanding derivatives are over 2 quadrillion?  Hell yeah.  Like it was said earlier how much for a loaf of bread in that environment? I would sell it a teency weency bit at a time and call it trickle down economics.

  7. Derivatives aren’t the problem right now.  If they pile on to the debt crash party it won’t make a whole bunch of difference.  Just 20% of the global debt, $40 trillion out of $200 trillion, will be enough to crash the world.  $40 trillion alone is more than what nearly took down the worldwide banking system when banks locked up, deciding to not loan to anyone, particularly other banks.  That was one of the biggest problems.  Banks not trusting banks and for good reason.

  8. Regarding revaluing Gold, I always have been of the mind that there are 2 avenues to look at.

    1) complete implosion revaluation to cover the existing debt resulting in 4 quillion dollar gold and 900 dollar super big gulps. That is what we’re talking about here.

    2) a market disruption caused by the revalation or realization that the market has been distorted for years, and that there is a great amount of dumb and dumber style “IOUs” for gold in place of thousands of 400oz good delivery bars which appear on government balance sheets. This would be explosive bubt would not necessarily be accompanied by 450 dollar cans of tomato soup. By the market manipulation and lies about supply alone, you can paint a zero on the back of both gold and silver’s prices without any trouble IMO.

    • Agreed, if gold were revalued to cover the balance sheets, making currencies solvent again, the aside from a common depression, the cost of everuthing would remain pretty much where itis, with gold being ramped up solely on the predication of balancing the balance sheets which currently have no assets backing them. (Aside from inflated assets and companies stocks selling at a 200-1 price/earnings ratio. Those assets are overvalued grossly, and there is nothing of real worth to use to hold together trust and balance.

      Gold = financial balance.

      Now that everyones gotten drunk on cheap money, its time for the hangover, and Gold is the aspirin we will be taking

  9. While I think gold is going up, seriously, I think 22k- 50k is is an overshoot based on ALL debt being payable.  Clearly a LOT of debt is going to be written off, and thus I think we’ll see gold eventually on the low side of Price’s article….in the 10k or less range.

    One thing I’m fairly sure of, assuming the world doesn’t go Mad Max……gold at current levels is a bargain.

  10. Actually the cartoon with all the money of $100 bills every where isn’t so far fetched. As to totally destroy the dollars value everybody has to have it. You have to actually have to  it laying on the ground. It has to be so many of them the currency has no balance of any trade, its done dead. For the new world currency to take effect and have any chance of coming on line. I believe it will get that bad. But what is going to back the new world currency with to make people believe its worth something? The bullion theory I had of all the big gov of the world buying  all these years of low confiscation prices to be used for the new world order bank of trust. 25% plausible maybe. So what else do we have? Base all the new money for that country on all the taxable revenue of land and assets of the people. Could this be it. 75% plausible. This could work but would have to take off any liabilities owed to the bank. Other wise the money base would not be there

  11. He is a down-to-earth fellow, he even exchanged emails with me. But I don’t need anyone telling me what my PMs are worth. I already have a sale price. $2250/oz for my gold and $125/oz for the silver. If conditions worsen, the price reflects that and rises. Btw: the fact that other goods will also rise in price is exactly why one needs to hold PMs…unless you think your paper $100 bill will “magically” turn into ten of them when hyperinflation hits. Gold and silver have that “magic” reset BUILT IN.

  12. I only care about square meters of great location farmland per ounce. Like Italian vineyard land.
    I am happy for real estate to crash like a brick 20-fold, if silver stays at this level. Or silver could go x4 while real estate goes /5. The Euros or Dollars involved don’t matter much. Hoping for a metal to land transaction anyway.

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