The United States exported a record amount of gold in the first 4 months of 2012.  How much did they export?  Let’s just say it was more than double the amount than it was last year.

I just looked at the current USGS Gold Mineral Industry Survey, and I have to say April, 2012 saw the most gold leave the shores of the U.S. compared to the previous months.


Of course we know that these figures are only the tip of the iceberg (according to the London Trader). But, these figures at least give us an idea of just how much gold is heading to China and Switzerland. In just the first two months of 2012, the U.S. gold exports surpassed the total for the first 4 months of 2011.

The U.S. has exported 141 metric tonnes more gold than they did in the same period last year (a 137% increase yoy). The two biggest importers were Switzerland and Hong Kong.

I would imagine as the financial situation in Europe and the United States worsens, these gold exports are only going to continue to increase at a greater clip.





  1. Doc/Steve.   There was a note on another site that money is flowing heavily from China to Hong Kong and Singapore. I am not sure if this capital fllight  is due to the potential of a rough Chinese landing, the transition of power to the new Politburo or something more sinister but China is still  hoovering up beau coup gold at 1,000 tons this year.  Interestingly enough, this is 250 tons more than we will lose this year.

      This transfer of US gold is part of the   multi thousand ton flow from the west as noted by Jim Willie.  It’s remarkable to  see a disclosed commentary showing how gold is flowing from the US at an annualized rate of 750 tons this year. It’s like the banks are telling us how much they are being robbed of.  That is not something any banker likes to disclose. 

     If Fort Knox is depleted of gold then someone is losing gold at light speed.  The bullion banks are losing gold.  GLD is probably giving it up too.  I expect that the banksters in this country would like  to save the gold for themselves as they rotate their available wealth to gold and maybe silver.  They will likely not be served as their plight is well known and they will be shoved to the end of the line.  Pure theft would be  the only resort to save gold in this country.  Thus we see JPM and the like looting bullion vaults at light speed before the crash. I might be wrong but that’s the way I connect these dots.

  2. PS  Whoever is responsible for serving up this gold transfer, whether intentional or through gross ineptitude in handling these assets, they will not be rewarded by their Chinese overlords.  The Chinese elite look unkindly on the long noses

  3. to all the nay-sayers of the burgeoning USA economy who keep complaining that we are are running a trade deficit, i say, HA!

    this is proof, PROOF i tell you, that the USA is back and better than ever.
    137% increase in this critical and growing segment of the economy: GOLD!

    where else in any nation’s economy is anyone increasing exports 137% Y-O-Y?

    and they say there are no green shoots…

  4. All part of THE plan, guys.  Once we have redeemed our debts to China, we will reveal the HUGE gold find in the western US that will dwarf ALL other gold finds combined.  Gold will become cheap and all those debts will have been settled when it was expensive.  lol

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