HEROES SDWC D-Day- Launches NOW at SDBullion!  

10,000 Brilliant Uncirculated 1 oz Coins– in honor of the 10,000 Allied casualties suffered on D-Day
1,557 Proof 1 oz Coins– in honor of the 1,557 MIA Americans whose names are inscribed on the memorial
wall in the Normandy American Cemetery Garden of the Missing.

Each of the individually numbered COA’s will specifically honor one of the 1,557 American Heroes MIA on D-Day, including their Rank, Name, Unit, Home State, & Decorations.

HEROES SDWC D-Day: Launches NOW At SDBullion!  
Don’t Let Them Die in Vain!

Doc discusses the HEROES SDWC project with T. Ferguson of TFMetalsReport on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day:
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  1. Both my grandfathers were involved in WWII, yet I have mixed emotions. 
    Sure, it’s another big number since the day. Indeed, there were heroes in their own ways. However the timing and intentions from the top to invade may have been less than ideal.
    An army by the same name is still invading countries. Barely losing a soldier, most actually kill themselves, a new phenomenon. And unique to the US military as far as I am aware. 
    New also is that the real dirty work is now done by private military, mostly ex-US army, or at least recruited by such ilk. Still, the current US soldiers are on the same side as Hitler in WWII, US in Vietnam, US in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, need I continue? Now the might off the US squashing the Ukraine between itself, EU and Russia. 

    Heroes nowadays are falling at the hands of the US. There are more victims than heroes, and recent US veterans are now #1 terrorist suspects.

    70 years ago. Most of use still remember family members who fought and/or died. On either side.

    I think it overshadows current affairs to think too much about 2-3 generations ago. Thinking of 70 years ago, heroes…easily allows for the mistaken identity of current US forces as heroes. Such mistake is to be prevented at all cost. 
    See the wiki leaked vids of US soldiers having a ball mowing down unsuspecting unarmed Iraqi civilians. Including women. The blood thirst. The one that leaked it was the real hero(in). And likely one that came back home in a bag, family disgraced by their “cowardism”.

    Much more apt, 70 years after D-Day would be a series about victims of the post-WWII anglosaxan/jesuit supremacy. How many fell? How many were starved? How many disgranted medical attention? Disfigured from uranium poisoning? Countries brought down from prosperity to max max SHTF?
    All to preserve the American Dream of US Citizen on US soil, and Israeli citizen expanding their soil at the cost of rightful neighbors’ (lives). US citizen living big on funny money while the rest of the world is being prevented opportunity to prosper. Economic sanctions over invented threats/infractions/events.
    Why dare mint a series called “American Dream – Over dead bodies”? First in the series could be JFK. Then, countries. Truth itself. 

    I applaud privately minted series. I applaud expressing feelings. 
    However, “Heroes”, such a self-lauding concept. And so out of date in so many ways.

    Those who fell, looking down on today’s reality will feel they fell for nothing. That D-Day brought a power shift which barely was for the better. A lesser evil at best. One baseless genocide was traded for many new ones. Actually, Hitler’s motives seem to have been substantiated to a degree by what came after WWII. Death is never OK, let alone genocide. But if Hitler fought against elitists seeking only wealth for themselves, he may have been a very rogue, very ruthless, criminally insane, but right in a way. And that the international intelligence community protected him, helped flee Europe and die of natural causes, makes us scratch our heads. Why. And what is left of those who did. Which strings do they pull?

    Nazi forces took over Ukraine.
    USA sponsored the operation. Wants to start more bases in Eastern Europe.
    Who are the heroes today?
    Those who commit mutiny. Those who post to wikileaks. Those who takee their own lives to not have to take civilians’.

    Times have changed, heroes have changed. And they mostly fight the opposite side of MANY wars.

    Flame me.

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