Image: Jonny O’Callaghan

In his latest update, Greg Mannarino dissects Bernanke’s intentions with QE∞, and what the Fed is REALLY trying to accomplish.

Mannarino states that Bernanke is attempting to manipulate asset prices by trying to force capital into certain asset classes such as equities and housing to re-inflate both of these bubbles Bernanke does NOT want people to save, and he does not want American’s to own precious metals, as evidenced by his response to Ron Paul last year in which he claimed gold is no longer money, even though the Central Banks are hoarding gold and silver in an environment where they are printing epic amounts of fiat currency.

Mannarino states that The Fed is keeping the economy afloat merely by perception, and they are attempting to ALTER REALITY through the reporting by mainstream media outlets.

He states we are now moving into a new phase of market manipulation as the Fed attempts to manipulate interest rates, equities, housing, and the availability of company shares to make the illusion appear real.  A TIDAL WAVE OF MARKET MANIPULATION IS IMMINENT AS THE END GAME APPROACHES!!

  1. The waves of manipulations won’t stay powerful forever because people will soon realize it. Inflation will drive away US dollars holders into alternative ways to protect their purchasing power which are with gold and silver. I wish that the end game would soon arrive to that I can proof everyone around me that I was right all along!

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