As many of you know, my website was pulled Friday afternoon and I could not post.
Here is a copy of the email that I received:

Submitted by Harvey Organ: 


[email protected]

Oct 10 (3 days ago)


to meblogger-dmca-n.
Hello,We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a court order regarding your blog
In accordance with the terms of the court order, we have removed content previously located at: copy of the court order we received is attached.  Thank you for your understanding.Terms of Service:
Content Policy: Google Team




I have sent 5 emails to google for the copy of the court order to no avail.


I will be creating another website of my own.  Silverdoctors has been gracious enough to allow me to post my daily updates on


All material that I use has been from public sources and I never infringe on copyright laws.


Gold:  1229.30 up  8.30

Silver:  17.29 up 4 cents


In the access market:


Gold  1236.00

silver 17.50


Today gold and silver got a huge boost this afternoon with the scare at Logan Airport

in Boston, where 5 individuals were removed with flu like symptoms.


The gold comex again had 0 notices filed for the 4th straight day, which is totally unusual for an active month. There are 5 tonnes of gold standing.


In silver, the open interest continues to remain high at 169,495 contracts. To boot, the December silver OI rose to 119,402 contracts. 


Let’s head immediately to see the data has in store for us today.




First:  GOFO rates/


we are moving closer and closer to backwardation!!


All months basically moved slightly in both directions with the various GOF) months. On the 22nd of September the LBMA stated that they will not publish GOFO rates.  However today we still received today’s GOFO rates


London good delivery bars are still quite scarce.



Oct 11 2014



1 Month Rate:  2 Month Rate   3 Month Rate   6 month rate  1 yr rate


+.02%      +.03250%        +.0450%        +.095%    +  .1825%



Oct 10 .2014:



1 Month Rate  2 Month Rate   3 Month Rate  6 month Rate      1 yr rate


+.040%         +.050%         +.060%             +.1025%  .19667









Let us now head over to the comex and assess trading over there today,

Here are today’s comex results: 




The total gold comex open interest surprisingly fell by a large 2883 contracts from  386,149 all the way down to 386,186  with gold down  $3.60 on Friday.  We are now in the active delivery month of October and generally this is a very poor month for deliveries. The October contract month actually fell by a large 182 contracts down to 1134.  We had 0 notices filed on Friday so we lost another 182  contracts or 18,200 additional oz will not  stand for the October contract month. The November contract month saw its OI fall by 16 contracts down to 296. The December contract fell by 4151 contracts down to 276,986. The estimated volume today was poor at  107,506 contracts. The confirmed volume on Friday was also poor  at 128,174.  Strangely this was the 4th consecutive day of 0 gold notices filed and only 3 out of 7 filing days had positive readings. The first two days had 98.7% of the entire total number of notices filed so far.  They must have a great difficulty finding gold to serve upon our notices.  That fact that London is also very close to backwardation kind of confirms this.





The total silver Comex OI surprisingly rose by 52 contracts despite the fact that silver was down on Friday   to the tune of 12 cents. Tonight the silver OI complex rests  at 169,495 contracts.  In ounces, this represents 847 million oz or 121.00% of silver annual production.  In commodity law generally the OI is represented by 3 to 5% of annual production. These silver contracts are in very strong hands and as I have indicated to you on countless occasions, this will continue to bring nightmares to our bankers. Probably this is as good a reason as ever for the bankers to raid on a continual basis trying to force those longs to puke their interests.No doubt that the open interest for tomorrow will be quite high.


We are in the  non active silver contract of October and here the OI rose by 6 contracts up to 184 contracts. We had 4 notices served upon yesterday so we had another  gain of 10  silver contracts or an additional 50,000 ounces will stand for delivery in October. November is also a non active delivery month and here the OI remained constant at 124 contracts.



The December silver contract is a biggy contract month and tonight it surprisingly rose to   119,402 contracts for a gain of 707 contracts. No doubt the December contract month may provide all the fireworks if our major entity tries to take delivery of much of the comex silver. In ounces, the December contract equates to 597 million oz or 85.2% of annual global production (ex China). The estimated volume today was poor at 25,151.  The confirmed volume on Friday was fair at 35,362 contracts. Both Bill Holter and I strongly believe that only one entity could possibly behind the majority of these longs and that entity is the sovereign Chinese government.



Data for the  October delivery month.


October standings


Oct 11.2014




Withdrawals from Dealers Inventory in oz


Withdrawals from Customer Inventory in oz

 3,200.000  oz  ?????(JPMorgan)

Deposits to the Dealer Inventory in oz


Deposits to the Customer Inventory, in oz

nil ( o oz)

No of oz served (contracts) today

0 contracts( zero oz)

No of oz to be served (notices)

1134 contracts (113,400 oz)

Total monthly oz gold served (contracts) so far this month

 483 contracts  (48,300 oz)

Total accumulative withdrawals  of gold from the Dealers inventory this month                       

  15,000.27 oz

Total accumulative withdrawal of gold from the Customer inventory this month


542,302.96 oz


Mexican LIbertad SDBullion

Today, we had zero dealer transactions today

total dealer withdrawal:   nil oz


total dealer deposit:  nil oz


we had 1 customer withdrawal:


i) Out of JPMorgan: 3,200.000 oz

and this is not divisible by 32.15 so it is not kilobars.  How on earth can this be possible????


total customer withdrawals: 3200.000  oz


we had 0 customer deposit:



total customer deposit:nil oz


We had 0 adjustment:



Total Dealer inventory: 945,488.206 oz   29.408 tonnes

Total gold inventory (dealer and customer) =  8.979 million oz. (279.30) tonnes)


A few weeks ago we had total gold inventory of 303 tonnes, so during this short time period 24 tonnes have been transferred out. We will be watching this closely!

Heidi Wastweet



Today, 0 notices was issued from  JPMorgan dealer account and 0 notices were issued from their client or customer account. The total of all issuance by all participants equates to 0 contracts  of which 0 notices were stopped (received) by JPMorgan dealer and 0  notices stopped by JPMorgan customer account.



 We had 0 notices served upon our longs for 0  oz of gold.  In order to calculate what will be  standing for delivery in September, I take the number of contracts served so far  this month at 483 x 100 oz  = 48,300 oz,to which I add the difference between the open interest for the front month of October (1134  )  minus the number of notices served upon today (0)  x 100 oz  =  161,700 oz or 5.02 tonnes.


We lost 18,200 oz of gold standing tonight.


Thus: October  standings:

483 contracts x 100 oz =  48,300 oz +  (1134 ) – (0)x 100     =  161,700 oz or 5.02 tonnes




Oct 11/2014:

 October silver:  Initial standings



Withdrawals from Dealers Inventory  nil
Withdrawals from Customer Inventory  2,000.000 oz (Delaware)?????
Deposits to the Dealer Inventory  nil
Deposits to the Customer Inventory  586,986.7 oz  (JPMorgan)
No of oz served (contracts) 0 contracts  (nil oz)
No of oz to be served (notices) 184 contracts (920,000 oz)
Total monthly oz silver served (contracts) 532 contracts (2,660,000 oz)
Total accumulative withdrawal of silver from the Dealers inventory this month 1,783,683.3
Total accumulative withdrawal  of silver from the Customer inventory this month 2,456,312.4 oz


Today, we had 0 deposits into the dealer account:




 total dealer deposit:nil oz


we had 0 dealer withdrawal:


total  dealer withdrawal: nil oz






We had 1 customer withdrawals:


i) out of Delaware an exact 2,000.000 oz

how can this be possible???


total customer withdrawal 2,000.000   oz  ???




We had 1 customer deposit:


i) Into JPMorgan; 586,986.700 oz  oz


total customer deposits: 586,986.700    oz


we had 0 adjustment:





Total dealer inventory:  66.633 million oz

Total of all silver inventory (dealer and customer)   184.102 million oz.


The CME reported that we had 0 notices filed for nil oz today. To calculate what will stand for this  active delivery month of October, I take the number of contracts served for the entire  month at 532 x 5,000 oz per contract or 2,660,000 ounces upon which I add the difference between the open interest for the front month of October (184) – the number of notices served upon today (0) x 5000 oz per contract


Thus Oct.  standings for silver:  532 notices x 5,000 oz per notice or 2,660,000 oz + (184) –  (0) x 5,000 oz  =  3,580,000 oz


we gained an additional 50,000 silver ounces that will stand for silver at the Comex for the October delivery month.


this level will continue to rise as the month progresses.




It looks like China is still in a holding pattern ready to pounce when needed.

The open interest on silver is  still highly elevated.  Gold has a low OI with a low gold price.  Silver has a high OI with a low silver price.  Something has got to give!!


As far as the silver inventory, it looks compromised as well.  Shanghai is in complete silver backwardation and yet comex seems to import huge amounts of silver.




The two ETF’s that I follow are the GLD and SLV. You must be very careful in trading these vehicles as these funds do not have any beneficial gold or silver behind them. They probably have only paper claims and when the dust settles, on a collapse, there will be countless class action lawsuits trying to recover your lost investment.

There is now evidence that the GLD and SLV are paper settling on the comex.

***I do not think that the GLD will head to zero as we still have some GLD shareholders who think that gold is the right vehicle to be in even though they do not understand the difference between paper gold and physical gold.  I can visualize demand coming to the buyers side:

i) demand from paper gold shareholders

ii) demand from the bankers who then redeem for gold to send this gold onto China


vs no sellers of GLD paper.




And now the Gold inventory at the GLD:


Oct 11.2014:  this is good/it is quite possible that the gold has finally hit empty  (due to gold near backwardation)


GLD  761.23 tonnes up 1.79 tonnes today.


Oct 10.2014: we lost 2.64 tonnes of gold from the GLD and this gold will head to Shanghai/inventory 759.44 tonnes


Oct 8.2014: we lost 5.39 tonnes of gold today and this gold will be heading to the friendly confines of Shanghai, China /New inventory 762.08 tonnes

oct 7.2014: as of 6 pm est, no change in gold inventory/767.47 tonnes

oct 6.2014: as of 6 pm est no change in inventory/767.47 tonnes


Oct 3.2014: as of 5 pm est no change in inventory/767.47 tonnes


Oct 2.2014: we lost another 1.19 tonnes of gold inventory heading towards Shanghai.  (inventory 767.47 tonnes)


Oct 1.2014: we lost another 1.20 tonnes of gold inventory heading towards Shanghai.  (inventory: 768.66 tonnes)
sept 30.2014: we lost another 2.39 tonnes of gold inventory heading towards Shanghai.  (inventory 769.86 tonnes)

sept 29.2014: we lost another 1.2 tonnes of gold inventory heading straight to Shanghai.  Later in this report you will see that 50 tonnes of gold exited SGE.  Thus the 1.2 tonnes is a drop in the bucket as to the inventory needed.  No doubt much of the gold will now come from the FRBNY:

current inventory: 772.25 tonnes.

sept 26.2014: no change in inventory/773.45 tonnes

sept 25  no change in gold inventory/773.45 tonnes

Sept 24.2014: no change in gold inventory/773.45 tonnes



Today we had a huge addition of  gold  inventory at GLD to the tune of 1.79 tonnes  ( Inventory:  761.23 tonnes).



The registered  vaults at the GLD will eventually become a crime scene as real physical gold  departs for eastern shores leaving behind paper obligations to the remaining shareholders.   There is no doubt in my mind that GLD has nowhere near the gold that say they have and this will eventually lead to the default at the LBMA and then onto the comex in a heartbeat  (same banks). 


GLD gold:  761.23 tonnes.







And now for silver:



Oct 11.2014: no change in silver inventory so far:


345.766 million oz


oct 10.2014: we lost a massive 3.25 million oz of silver leaving the SLV. Inventory 345.766 million oz





Oct.8/2014 no change in silver inventory 349.071 million oz



Oct 7.2014: a  reduction of silver inventory to the tune of 863,000 oz/new inventory at SLV  349.071 million oz

Oct 6.2014:  no change in inventory/349.934 million oz.


Oct 3.2014/ we had a minor loss of 152,000 oz and this is usually to pay for fees./Inventory 349.934

oct 2.2014: no change in silver inventory/350.086 million oz.


Oct 1  late last night at 11 pm I was notified by Fred that they added a remarkably high 4.075 million oz of silver inventory at the SLV.


new inventory: 350.086 million oz.

sept 30.2104: no change in inventory/inventory 346.011 million oz


sept 29.2014: an addition of 767,000 oz/new inventory  346.011 million oz



sept 26 no change in inventory/remains at 345.244 million oz.


sept 25 another huge addition of 2.398 million oz of silver was added late last night (after I posted).  New inventory 345.244 million oz.


Sept 24.2014: no change in silver inventory at the SLV/remains at 342.846 million oz.


Sept 23.2014: another gain of 2.397 million oz of silver into the SLV/inventory 342.846 million oz  (note the difference between GLD and SLV movements)


sept 22.2014:  strange again/inventory remains the same:  340.449 million oz


Sept 19.2014:  inventory remains constant at 340.449 million oz


Sept 18.2014: late last night we picked up another 960,000 oz/inventory now 340.449 million oz



sept 17.2014: no change in silver inventory 339.489  million oz


Sept 16.2014: no change in silver inventory at the slv/339.489 million oz


Today, Oct 11.2014


Inventory tonight no change  345.766 million oz







And now for our premiums to NAV for the funds I follow:




Note:  Sprott silver fund now deeply into the positive to NAV



Sprott and Central Fund of Canada. 



(both of these funds have 100% physical metal behind them and unencumbered and I can vouch for that)


1. Central Fund of Canada: traded  at Negative 8.2% percent to NAV in usa funds and Negative 8.3%  to NAV for Cdn funds

Percentage of fund in gold  60.50%

Percentage of fund in silver:38.90%

cash .6%

.( Oct 10/2014)   holiday i n Canada today

2. Sprott silver fund (PSLV): Premium to NAV rises to positive 3.97% NAV (Oct 10/2014)  will pick up later 

3. Sprott gold fund (PHYS): premium to NAV  falls to negative -0.48% to NAV(Oct 10/2014) will pick up later. 

Note: Sprott silver trust back hugely into positive territory at 3.97%. 

Sprott physical gold trust is back in negative territory at  -0.48%

Central fund of Canada’s is still in jail.


And now for your major data points today:


Portuguese 10 yr bond yield:  2.94  down 1  in basis points  from Friday night.

(Portugal imploding)

Your closing Portuguese 10 year bond yield Monday night: up  8  in basis points on the day 

Portuguese 10 year bond yield:  3.04%  

Your closing Japanese yield Monday up 1 in basis points from 

Friday night:

 yield .51%  


Japanese 10 year bond yield:  .51% 

And now for your closing Japanese 10 year bond yield / par  in   basis points from the morning: ( Japanese markets imploding)

 Japanese 10 year bond yield:  .51%



Your opening currency crosses for Monday morning:

EUR/USA:  1.2678  up .0054


USA/JAPAN YEN  107.29   down .27


GBP/USA  1.6083 up .0010


USA/CAN  1.1206 up .0016

This morning the Euro is  up , trading now above  the 1.26 level at 1.2678 as Europe continues to face deflation.  The yen is up a lot and It closed in Japan rising by 27 basis points at 107.29 yen to the dollar .  The pound is up from Friday as it now trades just below the 1.61 level  to 1.6083.  The Canadian dollar is down  this morning with its cross at 1.1206 to the USA dollar.

Your closing Spanish 10 year government bond Monday/ down 2 in basis points in yield from Friday night.  

Spanish 10 year bond yield:  2.08% !!!!!!  


 Your Monday closing Italian 10 year bond yield up 1 in basis points and trading  25 in basis points above Spain./

Italian  10 year bond yield;  2.33% 


 Early Monday morning USA 10 year bond yield:  2.28% !!!  down 1 in  basis points from  Friday night/   (USA economy not doing so well with this low yield) wow!!

USA dollar Index early Monday morning: 85.52 down 39 cents from Friday’s close



Closing currency crosses for Monday night/USA dollar index/USA 10 yr bond:   Europe falling apart this afternoon


Euro/USA:  1.2754  up .0130  (huge move)

USA/Japan:  106.79 down  .870  (huge move) 

Great Britain/USA:  1.6081  up 0.0007 


USA/Canada:  1.1193 down .0002 



The euro rose sharply  in value during this afternoon’s  session, and it was 

up hugely on the day , closing well above the 1.27 level to 1.2754.  The yen was up strongly  during the afternoon session,and it gained 87 basis points on the day closing just above the 106 cross at 106.79.   The British pound gained some ground  during the afternoon session and it was  up for the day as it closed at 1.6081


. The Canadian dollar was well up during the afternoon session, and it was up on the day closing at 1.1193. 


Your closing USA dollar index:


85.19 down 71 cents  on the day  

your 10 year USA bond yield, a fall of 1 basis points: 2.28%!!!!



European and Dow Jones stock index closes: closed before NY slaughter)


England FTSE up  26.27 or 0.41%

Paris CAC  up  4.99 or 0.12%

German Dax  up  23.62 or 0.27%

Spain’s Ibex 35 up 36.80 or  0.36% 


Italian FTSE-MIB  down 61.89   or 0.32%

The Dow: down 223.03 or 1.35%

Nasdaq; down 62.58  or 1.46%


OIl:  WTI  85.05

        Brent:  88.14




Well that is all for today.  We are getting close to the end game

And I again would like to extend my sincere gratitude to The Doc & JB for hosting my site until my new site is ready.



End of the Line
Secure the Final Release in the 4 Coin Banksters Series Now!


    • Dido!  Harvey can you do another video explaining slowly how this will all unfold.  Love your work, but it’s a little over my head. And of corse the bankster manipulation keeps it confusing as all hell.

    • For anybody who questions what is going on the world goes dark.Every night just before I visit the land of nod I read you daily report Harvey to see the latest news from the continual creation known in film terms as ” Carry on Banking ” or in other terms as the International Financial System.I should like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into revealing present,past and future crime scenes.Many thanks once again and take care Harvey.

      As you can see below distrust of the banks can be quite uncomfortable but is ultimately essential.

    • @Nanigirl, there are details to the basics, but it does not have to be complicared.


      If you want to quickly get the standing for delivery numbers first go to this page and see the MTD total (this represents contracts of metal that have been delivered so far)

      Then go here and read the open interest in the first contract (October here):


      Add those two together and you have the current amount of OZ that could currently stand for delivery.


      If you look at silver and the total Dec OI, that is what harvey is on about.  It is big, but in my opinion it is not too much bigger than any historical year.  I think too much of the OI is speculator.  If it were really china one needs to take into account the backwardation in that exchange, by the time one could execute their december silver it will be late Jan/early feb, at that point silver on shanghai is trading about  $19.50 an ounce.  Throw shipping/insurance costs on the silver and the fact it is 995 vs 999 and I dont think it will work (maybe harvey is right, maybe not, this is a point of opinion that is just that, opinion).  So the speculators will roll and it is my opinion we will see less than 5,000 contracts physically stand for delivery.


      Note. i am not trying to sell you anything or convince you of anything, just another opinion, and I will conclude with the obvious… I could be wrong!

    • Harvey must be on to something. All of a sudden his website was just taken down. I didn’t read the court order because I’m sure it was full of BS.


      Anyway glad to Harvey back and I miss Bill Holter commentaries.

  1. Good show Doc and Tyler for giving Harvey a platform for his work   It may be a bit before he has all the extra portions including GATA, ZH, Holter, Koos and the others embedded within his body of work. So much for Google and their attempts to silence one of the good guys

    • @ Ranger

      This is why conservatives are creating their own social media because Google, Facebook and others are all run by silicon valley liberals who have no problem banning free speech.

      The original Reaganbook was killed by liberal activists posting porn but is now up and running with moderation of comments.

    • GUCK FOOGLE!!!



      I hope they choke on this.
      F’ed Gubment A$$ Ki$$er$, Anyway!!!

      Now, on to the Important Things   😀

      Welcome Aboard, HARVEY ORGAN!!
      Most (or nearly ALL) of the “gurus” around here catch a bit (or a LOT!) of grief from time to time,
      but I have noticed a substantial void of criticism leveled at you! MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!!
      Welcome to SD, from a true “Old Timer”
      {been here longer than RANGER}

    • Edit feature… YES!  🙂


      Harvey O alive and well… YES!


      A big thumbs up to The Doc and the SD guys and gals for giving Harvey  O a place to roost.


      I thought that the “copyrighted material” beef was a complete sham.  I haven’t spent lots of time on his site, unlike Brother AG, but I have never seen anything that looked even remotely like  copyrighted material on his site.  My suspicion is further aggravated by the fact that no copy of the alleged “court order” was sent to Harvey O… as it should have been.  At the VERY least, a page showing the name of the judge involved, the court and its location, and the case name and number would have been highly appropriate.


      As we all know, it is VERY common in the blog-o-sphere to include the blogs of others that are pertinent to specific points in our own comments.  These are in the public domain, so no problem to use and quote freely.  It is common courtesy to give the original blogger full credit for their comments and this is observed on MANY blog sites.


      Because of all this, I smell a rat and the little squeaker likely works for the US Gov, one of the NY banks, or the Fed.  None of these has any interest in Harvey O continuing his watchful work and would be delighted if he were to stop doing it.  IMO, Google seems awfully friendly with the NSA and other US Gov branches.  All of this appears to come together rather neatly as a plan to silence Harvey O by as simple and expeditious a method as can be arranged.  This apparently has occurred but it has also failed.  I doubt that this is the end of this effort, IMO.  Be vigilant and careful out there, Harvey.  We would not want to see any mysterious “accidents” happen to you.


  2. Harvey, there’s a lot of noise about the “dealer” and “customer” terminology that you use. Could you post a simple explanation of why those names work for you and why you think they are appropriate. Nice to hear from you 🙂

    • Art005, i would love to hear it as well.


      I will tell you why it doesn’t work for anyone else i have ever talked with about the futures markets.

      There is registered gold (harvey’s dealer) and eligible gold (harvey’s customer)

      Registered gold can belong to. anyone, JP Morgan, a ‘dealer’, a ‘customer’ or even you or I if we held a futures account.

      Eligible gold can belong to. anyone, JP Morgan, a ‘dealer’, a ‘customer’ or even you or I if we held a futures account.


      Hence to call one ‘dealer’ and one ‘customer’ seems to be misleading at best.

  3. So much for free speech in America.  F’n corrupt banking cabal is in to silencing anyone with an opinion.  That, my friends, is the definition of fascism.  What was Harvey in breach of?  What were the reasons for silencing him?

    I’m sure they’ll claim he copied their data and didn’t cite the source.


    Otherwise, what have you to hide, JPM / Fed / HSBC / Scotia?



    • @jerry,”so much for free speech in america”. yep,you got that right.been a year since i was banned from the fascist rag owned by a hag, ariana huffington and her muppet the felon who runs business insider ,just for two sentences about silver.most “alternative media” have become facist .

  4. Bet the NSA could initiate millions of court ordered site closures with no recourse.  Many site holders could not or would not spend the money to fight the closure.  Just incredible that no explanation  was given by Google.

    • @dan daley,looked at my account and saw you made a comment about your black beauty.if i ever figure out how to respond to one another when i get an alert of a message,i’l just have to find you guys on a thread.if it’s earlier than the 1970’s it’s worth some good coin.if it’s ingraved,could be worth a whole lot more.if it has a sticker from “franks drum shop”,or drums ltd. on it you can add an extra 150.bucks.condition,as you know plays a big part.i collect snares.if you send me some photo’s i can appraise it for you,thats what i grew up doing at those two drum shops.unfortunately,i still live here in chicago,just a stones throw away from the old ludwig mansion,he was one of my mentors’ when i was a young buck.please feel free to ask anything.chris.

  5. Anon123   On Friday Harvey Organ’s blogspot was shut down by Google in Canada due to a court order regarding copy right violations.  The court order apparently was not sent to Harvey after repeated requests.  Several sites were up and running with this news including The News Doctors, Cafe Americaine, Silver Doctors to mention a few.

    From my standpoint Harvey spoke out against the corruption and the criminal cartels that subject us all to abuse.  He had Zero Hedge, King World News, Miles Franklin, GATA, Koos, Bill Holter and many others provide him content to post on his site.

    He was probably a soft target and when the governgooglement sigularity focussed in on his offenses his site was taken down.

  6. So I’m thinking that the real news of the day was the late sell off in the Dow and S&P, and Bo Polny being right about gold going up until Tuesday proving the triple bottom.

    • To be clear,

      both post a bar list (one fund daily, one fund not since over a year ago)

      Both say they have regular audits (one fund posts the results of those audits, the other does not)

      One is a closed end fund, the other is not (on the closed end fund, when the NAV trades above 0% it means there is value in the share unbacked by physical metal with no way to arbitrage)


      The funds in each instance above that have features. i would say are more transparent belong to SLV and GLD, not the sprott funds.

    • mikeyj80

      In case Harvey doesn’t answer.  GLD is a bit of an odd duck to call it a gold fund. Few people are qualified or allowed to sell their shares for phys.

      “First, to qualify to redeem GLD shares for physical gold, special permission is required from the trustee of GLD. This permission is typically reserved for brokers and major institutional players. Second, shares can only be redeemed in batches of 100,000 (approx. 0.1 oz), which equates to roughly $13 million at todays prices. Third, according to GLD’s prospectus, the fund retains the right to settle gold requests in cash rather than in the physical metal. So even if you owned 100,000 shares and had permission to redeem them, you still might not receive your physical bullion.”

      Knowing most people can’t redeem for phys creates some wiggle room that GLD might decide actually acquiring 100% of phys investment isn’t necessary.  And how would people know, they can’t redeem for phys anyway.  GLD has been a suspected target to raid for phys.  Drive down price, cause people to sell their GLD, pay them in fiat, then transfer their phys to people desperate for delivery.  That works as long as the phys was purchased in relation to people’s original purchase of GLD shares.

      But don’t knock GLD, it is a demand center for phys due to people looking for some small or entry way to invest in gold…..but they will never touch an ounce of gold via their GLD investments.

    • @Art005

      Fund may not be the right word, but it is widely referred to as an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)


      You are correct in your assessment of who can and cannot get physical, the list is small.


      As far as wiggle room to have all the gold or not… if only there was a list of every bar the ‘fund’ owned that we could compare to shares outstanding then we might be able to see if they had enough gold.  And if only that was published every day…


      Again, for one ‘fund’ it is, for the other it is not.


      Also, as far as redemption, the sprott fund requires you to take 10,000 oz at once, so hardly for the average joe either.

    • SPROTT is a pro-PM stacker, and is supposed to have 1 for 1 in ounces, i.e. 100% PHYZZZ


      SLV and GLD have repeatedly been accused of rehypothecation, paper selling and like practices.

      AFAIK, Sprott was founded counter to these practices, but I will not hold “remote PMs” with ANYONE.

      Even people I trust, unless they are on my B.O.L. list…

    • @mikeyj80

      At least one key difference is that the Sprott funds ONLY hold physical metal while SLV and GLD can hold futures and options instead.

      Additionally only very large participants (banks) can withdraw physical from SLV or GLD, everyone else gets settled in cash.  If there ever was a significant premium on physical vs. futures it would become problematic.

      With Sprott’s funds, you can redeem physical in much smaller amounts … for example with PSLV you could withdraw a 1,000 oz bar if you wanted.  If your redemption is less than 10,000 ounces you have to wait for it to be combined with others to reach the 10,000 ounce threshold, but it is possible.  Even in the even of a disconnect between futures vs. premium (i.e., extreme backwardation) you should be able to redeem physical from PSLV

    • @SoL

      Please point to your evidence that gld and slv hold gold futures.  The mechanism for creation of a basket of shares is that the AP (the banks you mention) deposits physical gold bars (not futures) and is given shares they can sell.


      As far as premiums/discounts, you are right, if gld drops compared to nav that is a problem, but since the AP benefits by buying shares and selling physical, the discount to nav is small.  The bigger risk with Pslv is owning at a premium to nav, in that case the premium is unbacked by physical metal due to the fund being closed ended.  If you buy at a high premium you are buying a percentage of ‘air’ at gold price with every share you buy.  There is no mechanism to keep that premium in check to the upside, good if you can sell your paper share, not so good if you buy (there have been instances of huge premiums in pslv as the greater fools just buy without regard for what they are buying and end up slaughtered).


      And as for using it to source silver, sure it can be done, but why go to the effort unless the pslv trades at a huge discount?



      If the sprott funds are 100% physical why have they not updated their bar list in over a year?  Why have they never reported the results of an audit, or even that they have had an audit?  I imagine that they probably have all the gold and silver they say they do, but i can’t find anything to support that.


      It is incredibly fascinating to me that one would blast gld and slv and praise pslv… both are largely the same tool (a way to turn paper money to paper gold and back again).  It seems to me that one would be against both, or ok with both.  And based on the transparency of slv and gld I would have bet that if you would give favor to one or the other you would give it to the one that provides the most transparency vs the one with a stacker celeb endorsement.


    • Maybe futures was the wrong word but it is inconsequential.  You clearly have an axe to grind and you dismiss my actual point by focusing on a semantic detail.

      Read the prospectus and find that SLV  and GLD are not what you are making them out to be.  They are most certainly NOT the same as the Sprott trusts.  The SLV and GLD prospectus’ disclaim any accountability for the loss of trust assets, and explicitly say that Custodian assets are not segregated from Trust assets.  If the Custodians are the same entities operating via fractional reserve in the futures markets, how can you assert that SLV and GLD assets are not involved in futures trading?

      Sprott’s trusts are held fully backed in the Royal Canadian Mint, 100% allocated and for which the Mint has full responsibility in the event of loss.

      If you can’t see the difference between those two situations, you are delusional or just trolling.

      Also, pray tell, how is it possible for shorting of GLD and SLV occur if shares can only be created by being backed by physical deposits from APs?

    • @SoL

      My only axe is that the slv and gld are fully transparent, while sprott is not.


      Lets not argue semantics, i agree, but you were the one that brought it up, not me.


      The reason. i assert they are not involved in futures trading is by reading the very prospectus you mention.  I have no position in either sprott or slv/gld right now, but before I bought gld, and before I shorted pslv, i read both prospecti multiple times to make sure i did know what i was getting into.


      As for how SLV and GLD have shares to short, why that is due to the same mechanics by which I can short PSLV if I want.

    • Really, the heart to me comes back to what i mentioned, i understand people wanting no part of etfs, what is shocking is to call one good and one bad when they are so very similar, and the one he claims has no assets posts them every day along with regular third party audits, the one he claims has 100% of their assets hasn’t updated them publicly in over a year.


      So in stacker terms, one is akin to fort knox!

    • @mikeyj80

      Ok, last response you get from me.

      Here’s why shorting SLV and GLD means that ‘fully backed by physical deposited by APs’ is complete bullshit.

      1) Investor A buys 1,000 oz equivalent of SLV.  Supposedly backed by 1 bar that was previously deposited by APs.  Held in Investor A’s brokerage account with certificates at DTCC.

      2) Investor B shorts 1,000 oz equivalent of SLV.  They ‘borrow’ Investor A’s shares (unbeknownest to Investor A) and sell them into the market.

      3) Investor C buys the shares sold into the market (because every transaction has to have a buyer and a seller), without any knowledge that they are buying ‘borrowed’ shares.

      Now you have 2 SLV longs who both supposedly have 1 claim each on an SLV bar.  Clearly, though, there is still only 1 bar.  Effectively SLV is a vehicle for creating indirect derivatives.

      IMO that’s just one reason why you should trust a closed ended fund MORE than the fraud that is SLV or GLD.  And for the record I don’t believe GLD and SLV have hardly any secure metal, I think it all has been criminally mismanaged (since the prospectus says clearly that even in the event of theft or fraud the Custodian is not liable).

    • @SoL

      We may agree to disagree, but i do want to point out that you could re-type your argument and replace ‘slv and gld’ with ‘pslv and pgld’  but the argument is still not correct.


      When shares are lent for shorting you lose the right to the stock, and thus to the underlying.  Someone borrowed your shares and sold them to someone else, that someone else has the claim, you do not.  You do, however, have collateral.  If you want your shares back you go ask for them back, you get them or keep the collateral (note you would do this prior to the value of the collateral being exceeded by a move in the shares, and you may just ask for more collateral.


      Shorting is a philosophical argument, but it does not create new interest out of thin air.  If you still believe it does, do know pslv and pgld can be shorted too.


      Also, i went looking for the part in the prospectus where it says that the rcm will guarantee the ohysical held by the trust, I must have missed that part.  I did read something interesting about the redemption process that I did not realize, you are entitled to redeem for silver an amount equal to either 95% of the share price, or 95% of the NAV, whichever is lower.

  7. “London good delivery bars are still quite scarce.”


    One can well imagine that many of these have been sent to Switzerland to be refined into kilogram gold bars for China.


    “There is now evidence that the GLD and SLV are paper settling on the comex.”


    Excellent.  Can we see it?



    • @Ed_B


      I too would love to see the evidence of this.  The quote doesn’t make much sense to me.  GLD doesn’t settle to anything.  It has a NAV, and people trade shares.  AP’s arbitrage the fringes (when gld is too cheap they buy gld shares, redeem the physical and sell to the market,.  when gld is too high they buy physical gold, create shares, then sell them).


      If it implies that comex is settling futures with gld certs that is just not true.  GLD can’t be delivered in satisfaction of a short futures contract.  Furthermore , the physical gold owned by the fund is in 400oz bars, also which are not deliverable in satisfaction of a comex contract, normare they stored in a comex approved warehouse.


      Same mechanics in SLV, however some of their holdings are in comex approved weights (i have never checked brands in depth, but surely some/a lot of overlap with approved brands) and in comex approved warehouses.  So, you couldn’t paper settle anything, but if you were an AP you could redeem slv shares for physical, if that physical is in NY you could use it to deliver against a short silver futures contract, all without having to move one physical bar of silver.


      So, yes, let’s see the evidence.

    • @mikeyj80


      Some of the folks in the stacking community have never really gotten over the fact that GLD and SLV are NOT mechanisms by which small investors can receive physical gold and silver.  They are not set up for this and it is stated in the prospectus for each of these ETFs, although perhaps not as clearly as is needed.


      What they are is a way to invest fiat in an entity that tracts the prices of gold and silver and that investors can buy via the Internet and their brokerage accounts with a few mouse clicks.  This is VERY handy and convenient because it also means that we can sell them just as fast, if necessary.


      You kindly explained what an AP was some time ago but a refresher might be good.  🙂



    • @Ed_B

      The APs are the Authorized Participants, the large bullion banks.  Obviously they profit from the arbitrage, but that is OK as it allows the fund to track with the price of the underlying.  When it gets out of line they have a financial incentive to put it back in line.


      As far as the redemption process, If you read the prospectus it is really not hard to find the details, but then you have to study what you invest in.  You and i are no stranger to that.

    • @mikeyj80


      “The APs are the Authorized Participants, the large bullion banks.”


      Ah, yes.  I did not remember specifically that they were the large bullion banks, so thanks for the reminder.  Could these also be hedge funds or other LARGE investors?


      “Obviously they profit from the arbitrage, but that is OK as it allows the fund to track with the price of the underlying.  When it gets out of line they have a financial incentive to put it back in line.”


      Indeed.  The market can use ALL of the self-correcting functions it can get.  When the Fed and the Gov interfere with the markets, these are sometimes among the first casualties.  When they are, it can lead to some very large and dangerous market swings that can threaten the market itself and not just some of the participants.


      I really think that the self-correcting mechanisms inherent in a capitalist system should be encouraged to the extent possible and not manipulated into dysfunctionality.  Doing that might provide some small short-term benefits (read political) at the risk of creating some major long-term problems (read economic). I would think that this was a major contributor to the 2008 market crash… one of those “unintended consequences” that are so often mentioned, so seldom understood, and almost never recognized as a problem until they cause a lot of trouble.


      “You and i are no stranger to that.”


      No, we’re not… but then, there are times when so much is going on in our lives that we do not dedicate the time to this that we should.  At least, I have found that to be the case on occasion.  Being aware of this means that I am on guard against this, so have reduced this tendency in the past few years.  I thought that the SLV prospectus was about as poorly written as any I have seen… the term convoluted comes to mind.  I only glanced at the GLD prospectus so can’t say for sure if it was similar but it would not surprise me if it was.


    • Studying these paper trading questions is like taking a doctorate course taught by the


      Upon completion, you will be a Doctor of B.S.



    • @Ed_B

      To be an AP you have to be a registered broker/dealer and member of some other thing, can’t recall off the top of my head, so in a simple answer, yes you have to be a bank, with likely only a few exceptions.


      GLD and SLV have very similar prospecti, as you mention not the best written.  You can find the highpoints easy enough, but the devil is always in the details.



      I suppose that means harvey is the professor?

    • @mikeyj80


      “… so in a simple answer, yes you have to be a bank, with likely only a few exceptions.”


      IIRC, Soros was one of those exceptions.  Maybe not but I thought that I read that somewhere.


      “… but the devil is always in the details.”


      Amen to that.


    • @mikeyj80




      You know I tolerate your tolerance of the CRIMEX, and one day one of us will have the succinct LAST LAUGH.

      But I doubt either of us will be lording it over the other… Stay Vigilant, little bro!

      PS: It seems to me Mr. Harry Organ is like the doctor seeking a cure for the whole mess, but not an actual participant.

  8. Harvey-

    Thank you for going up against the CFTC and staying in the battle!

    For those REAL cowards on this site (Mac-n-Cheese, et. al.) who have never taken a stand for anything and were so quick to pass judgment, I can only say- pathetic cowering adult children.

    Thanks Doc/EDubin for bringing him in!

    • Aux15,

      It’s a toss up as to who may be the bigger drama queen, but I’m giving the nod to Harvey for now.
      Harvey’s “thesis” –

      1 – 1,800 tons/year deficit has been secretly supplied into the Comex and LBMA markets by the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve and other central banks for the purpose of suppressing the price of gold.
      *** They CASH Settle, as do GLD & SLV if need be. It is know to anyone who makes the effort to review the daily settlements on any of these exchanges, immense leverage is employed and has been for decades, going back to the mid 1960s.It is a very effective mechanism for price suppression – This FACT has been apparent for a very long time, long before Harvey began Blogging.

      2 – Knowing the amount of gold that is secretly removed from the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and other central banks, and knowing what those institutions probably hold as their previous and current gold supply, Mr. Organ calculates that those institutions, plus Comex and the LBMA markets will be completely devoid of physical gold by  about November of this year.
      ***And since the forensic evidence of – calling for the end of manipulation, just around the corner, any day now has vanished, perhaps astute readers of Harvey’s former Blog would care to post on how man times this has been purported over YEARS by Harvey. At least 3 years running as I recall. ANd now it’s November based on a mis-interpretation of Supply/Demand on the SGE. China effectively mines Silver for $9.20 per ounce, this there reported “all-in” cost by their largest mines on average.Harvey has repeatedly mis-stated the mechanics of exchange.

      3 – Without the secret supply of gold (from the US Treasury, Fed, etc.) to back the Comex & LBMA paper gold markets, those markets will be unable to deliver physical gold to settle their accounts. That inability to deliver will constitute a default. Once the markets for Â gold default on delivery of physical gold, the systems ability to manipulate and suppress the price of gold prices will end.
      ***Please tell – the “Secret Supply” is ? Since Harvey has projected $4,000 in December and $10,000 in January, we shall see IF these events come to pass. I remain highly skeptical, of any of Harvey’s projections coming to pass.

      4) – Once the paper-gold price manipulation scheme ends, the price will skyrocket.
      ***I’d sugest the Pen is as mighty as the sword and like the sword, the Pen may cut both ways. History is replete with examples of confiscations. In principle this would come to pass under normal conditions… would you believe this is where we reside? Under “Normal” conditions. “Skyrocket” appears quite dramatic, but then this emotionally charged space is full of drama queens who get off on their personas. I’d place Harvey in the Jim Willie & Ted Butler camps of peat and repeat, each revelation becoming increasingly more sporadic, effusive on fact and monumentally more absurd, drama filled and desperate.
      I’m not singling out Harvey, there are a great many “Gold Advisor’s” who prattle on about price, demand, supply and proceed to project some level of understanding of manipulated of markets… and then project the future outcome with dates and price. 3.5 years of very poor projections… very poor.

      Ask yourself how many times have you seen this repeated, be honest.

      I’m all for honest money, but we crossed the Rubicon long ago – we shall see where it ends up. It does not appear to be anything other than yet another chapter in our Dark Anthropology.


    • Boy I just can’t shake you… I was trying to be discrete “Mac-n-Cheese”… now go away please.

      Wait, I get it… you’re finally “making a stand for something”!

      Bravo- Big Mac!  Bravo.

    • One ounce of Gold says Harvey is dead ass wrong in his prediction.

      $15 silver &  $1100 Gold by end of year will be closer to reality, far closer to reality than the purported “Drama Default”

      Will accept up to 50 takers – Stand up, put up iF you so believe.

      2x odds that Aux15 will fail to do so.



    • @Au15xAg : Now that’s hizzzzlarious but doubt it will go away that easy.

      My input is Rob Kirby, Harvey Organ and Precious Metal Pete are all on the same page about an upcoming revaluation.  From past history I am skeptical it will happen in 2014 simply because TBTF makes all the rules and guessing the Cat-And-The-Hat plus Thing One and Thing Two have a couple more tricks up their sleeves.  Maybe another Corzine should all else fail?  I hope Harvey and the crew are correct for 2014 but if not they’ll be correct soon enough.


    • Sir PowerBall,

      I appreciate the affirmation, but I must move on. My boy is starting to snap and I wish him no ill-will.

      Mac-n-Cheese, please go back home now. You play too rough.

      *Note: for the latest dialogue between me and the “Big Mac”, please click on Au15xAg for a free 10-day trial and get all the latest.


    • @J Mackenzie


      Thoughtful points all.  Thank you for posting them.


      As to cash settlement, this is common because many of the participants in the futures markets are either speculators or people hedging their silver use.  Most of these futures contracts are settled in fiat because that is what the participants are primarily after.  They don’t want metal, they only want to profit from it and they want those profits in hand as cash.  Either that or they are rolling their old contracts into new contracts.  The numbers vary but the gist of it is that only about 1-1.5% of those buying futures contracts actually want to take delivery of physical metal.  They seem to be able to get that since their take is so small compared to the rest of the market.  But… if this small amount increases, it won’t be long before they will exceed the ability of the futures market to supply it.  The leveraged / derivative nature of the silver market, and perhaps the gold market as well, means that there are a lot paper claims made on metal that doesn’t exist.  As long as those claims can be cash settled, no problem.  But if they stand for delivery in more than small numbers, BIG problem.


    • @Ed_B

      US Bullion Depositories in order of reported holdings in Short Tons

      US Federal Reserve BNY – 7716 *

      Fort Knox – 5046

      This is against a reported ∑ – 8171 Short Tons reported including Fort Knox.

      * 98.24% of holdings are Foreign holdings.

      Possession is 10/10ths, who knows precisely how much gold the US Holds, no one knows.

      The Philippines Gold Hoard is estimated to be ten to twelve fold US holdings at it’s peak in 1941.

      NO ONE knows how much Metal has been mined in China and Russia, it has NEVER been reported.

      To suggest there are no alternate sources and the game is just about up… we have all heard this for many years, yet it has not occurred.

      There are very clearly road signs which point to an issue with international settlement of Gold Accounts.

      And there are clearly alternatives to Gold for Gold settlement outside of “Paper” – witness Chinas Economic Zones in the USA… as well as a great many other holdings. At some point this will end, but at what costs?

      I’ll venture a guess it will be a world in which we will probably not enjoy living nearly as much as we did, regardless of the price of gold and silver.

      You’ll notice for all the prognostications, No One took me up on the year end price of Gold.

      Actions do indeed speak louder than those who proclaim truth, understanding and belief, those are merely words.

      Cowardice comes to mind – lack of conviction.




    • @J Mackenzie


      “Possession is 10/10ths, who knows precisely how much gold the US Holds, no one knows.”


      It sure is, as the Germans have discovered.


      No one knows because those who COULD tell us are afraid of what would happen to them if we found out.  This has not been audited in almost 60 years, so it is pretty clear that they do not want this number to become known.  Of course, refusing to audit the gold supply is pretty indicative of what has been going on with the US gold hoard for some time now.  The likelihood is that it has been sold off and is either MUCH smaller now or doesn’t exist at all.


      “The Philippines Gold Hoard is estimated to be ten to twelve fold US holdings at it’s peak in 1941.”


      It’s difficult to imagine that the Philippines has much of a gold hoard, let alone that it is 10-12 times the size of the US 20,000 tons in the mid-1940s.  This has been a colony for a long time and to this day doesn’t have the economic strength to be stacking gold at that level.  Neither is it reasonable to think that they mined it all themselves.  Any idea as to the source of such a large gold hoard?  Seems to me that if they had this, they would be selling some and repairing the crumbling infrastructure in their own capitol city.


      “NO ONE knows how much Metal has been mined in China and Russia, it has NEVER been reported.”


      No, we don’t and even if they tell us a number, we still won’t know for sure.  Both Russia and China view their gold holdings as both a national asset and as strategic information.  They would no more release that info than they would publish how many missiles and nukes they have.


      “I’ll venture a guess it will be a world in which we will probably not enjoy living nearly as much as we did, regardless of the price of gold and silver.”


      Agreed.  It will be a hulluva place to live, but… try living there without any gold or silver and see how that works.  My guess is that it would be extremely difficult.  As has often been done when considering what a collapsed US would look like, we can get examples from Zimbabwe.  This was once a wealthy country that had the most productive farmers in all of Africa.  It exported foods to several other African countries and made good money doing it.  After their collapse, there were no jobs, the mostly white farmers were kicked out, and people were digging holes everywhere or panning in rivers, searching for a few grains of gold with which to buy their daily food.  Food was available but to get it people HAD to have gold, US$, or Euros.  Nothing else was accepted by those who had food to sell.  I suppose that silver could have been acceptable as well but with no silver in that country, it might not have come up in conversation.  Looks as if the choice here is not between good and bad but between bad and worse.


      “You’ll notice for all the prognostications, No One took me up on the year end price of Gold.”


      Nope, didn’t notice that.  Must not have seen that comment.  But then, prognostications are just guesses, sometimes educated ones but sometimes not.  Like any opinion, we all have our own.


  9. Play with swords, your going to get cut. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Regret nothing. Fight the good fight, become a martyr. You won’t win, but if your fighting the good fight, with meaning and purpose, for honour and virtue, then you will die a happy content man.


    Keep stacking, stop stacking, but never sell. Not yet.


    Waiting, like a croc.

    • AU15xag   Having listened to and reading more than a bit Rickards, I am of the opinion that he is a convenient mouthpiece for the elites.  He is mortal, wealthy and can be gotten too. He sold out and was given the opportunity to be this mouthpiece, offering what, of the surface, is plausible and made as a disclosure to people like us, thirsting for some intelligence. But he is cagey. The intel that he offers in also coded references to those uber wealthy and insiders who read his statements from a much different angle.

      What will happen. How it will happen.  When it will happen.  And how to position oneself when it does.   We could take some reference points from his statements, plan, prep, move away from the FIAT system and into precious metals.

      He is also selling/shilling his book

    • Ag12K-

      Re. Rickards, full agreement he is deceptive and tied in with the elites (of whom he thinks he’s one).

      To here him talk of the “masses” and being spoofed to attack the Fed when it will be the IMF that “herds everyone up” and they will be long gone to Switzerland was bizarre, elitist dribble.

      He is “meglo” no doubt AT ALL. I can see him pimping his book for the shear hubris of it, but don’t think he needs the money…. so why the huge promo/infomercials, etc?

      I had poised an email to Willie some months back re. RickTard in general and he wasn’t too flattering of the man.( I know some bash Willie, but I am “all-in-on-Jim”). Have gotten to know him a little over the years and like TFergusen says- “he’s the real enchilada”.



    • China is presently positioning for a percentage if the SDR. They are not vying to be THE alternative.

      Check your facts.

      Rickards knows this all too well – simply more look over there from a Pentagon insider who’s War Games included the failure of he SDR – for you to jerk yourself off to, to which you are no slouch.


    • Rickards is a beltway lawyer, so we all need to take that into consideration when reading his material.  I agree 100% that he is an elite tool, an agent of disinfo put in place to distract and confuse the masses… which is to say those of us who are paying attention and trying to peek beyond the curtain… unlike most Americans.


      “I can see him pimping his book for the shear hubris of it, but don’t think he needs the money…. so why the huge promo/infomercials, etc?”


      My thought on this is that “his” message is what the elites want us to hear, so in reality it is THEIR message.  No doubt, they are fronting the money to publish and sell this book.  Rickards gets to strut a bit, which feeds his ego, travel, do interviews, AND make some money from this effort.  My question is, “Which will pay him more… receipts from the book or the money that the elites are likely paying him under the table?”.  I strongly suspect the latter.


  10. Google cannot be trusted, and in spite of what they say, they are Evil.

    Drive-by censorship, plain and simple.

    Harvey will be back up and running in no time, Google, your efforts are in vain.

    Where is the Court Order, bet there is none.

    Google, I hope your stocks tank.

    • I agree with all of your comments but the last one.  Google is a tech and financial power-house that is now firmly located at the nexus of tech, revenue, and government… like Monsanto in their business.  It is not going anywhere and its stock will prosper… unfortunately.


  11. Harvey, you must have struck a nerve. The cartel ran Dr. Willie out of the country. I have never liked google and have always avoided them. I don’t know anything about how that stuff works but I think you can have your own spot outside of any corporate influence. Meanwhile I say we all boycot google and tell everyone what happened.

    • Chas. Connery,

      Boycotting the “GOOG”… sheesh…  they ain’t no Netscape. BUT…

      “Don’t worry about your sensitive docs… they’re safe ‘in the cloud’ “

      Anyway, gotta go-  updating Facebook at Starbucks that I just paid for with my Smartphone…

  12. Thank you Silver Doctors!  The loss of Harvey’s blog without warning is the second time I have heard of Google doing this. I’m not normally a “conspiracy nut” but damn were there is smoke their is fire, and as the other blog pull was a site criticizing the banksters…

  13. Thanks, Doc!

    Good to see you reporting again, Harvey.  Your daily reports are a long time habit of mine, I was getting nervous without them.  I doubt there is a court order, or they would have shown it to you.

    You got baby sealed, that’s all.

    Disregard the shills- like taxes and death, there’s no way around them.  Anyone can post here.



  14. Thanks goes out to both Silver Doctors and Harvey Organ for agreeing to post here.

    I haven’t read Harvey Organ before and thus haven’t made a personal   opinion  of his blog …. either way I welcome it. The above looks like verifiable data which is a good sign 🙂

    While I may not agree with everything people say or believe, I am always for their right to be able to voice it.

  15. Regarding the Google theme… almost seems to me they are purposefully pushing internet users to comply with updating their latest 8.1 windows like it’s mandantory to do so or your internet service will be interrupted until such is done. I don’t want to upgrade to 8.1 and I don’t “trust” anyone(esp. Google) trying to “force and coerce” me to do so. I was forced to shut down my laptop in the middle of using it just to keep from upgrading…..I had no other choice.  The updating and popups from Google are perisistent, but I’m not seeing this sort of personal infiltration when I’m using Firefox…..just saying.  I don’t know much about how the internet works, or who controls what…..I’m actually a 60 y.0. self-taught user that has never taken one single course……but I’m suspicious and don’t trust Google. For all I know, within that 8.1 update there may be new “programs” installed (undercover) that would be able to gain access to some of my protected data, I dunno.  Is this possible?

    • @regaleagle


      Virtually anything is possible.  If it can be done, it is safe to assume that the tech gurus at Google can do it.  It still stuns me to this day that Google was not called in to do the Obamacare web site.  If they had been, it is quite likely that the site would have been well de-bugged by roll-out time, been on or under budget, and that the problems inflicted on site users would have been minimal.  That said, I agree that the site would likely have had all manner of government back-doors and other access points for snooping and data mining by various government departments and agencies.


      As to any mandatory updates, there are a great many businesses out there that are committed to Win 7 and will not be updating for some time.  Enterprise software is expensive and useful, so the last thing that any company needs is to be updating their OS all the time.  Better to have a good one that is stable and reliable than to have the latest whiz-bang edition complete with new bugs that cause unacceptable problems for that business or their clients / customers.


      As a home PC user, I have a mix of XP, Vista, and Win 7 machines.  Each has their function and serves it reasonably well.  I neither have need for nor intention to “upgrade” to Win 8.  It seems to be good for mobile devices / touch screens with all that finger waggling and dragging nonsense but not so much for a conventional PCs, which is what I have.


  16. Well…. imagine that, Google is just Giggles. Everything has already been said  so keep on keeping on DOC & Team + Harvey + Posters.


    Harvey said “Both Bill Holter and I strongly believe that only one entity could possibly behind the majority of these longs and that entity is the sovereign Chinese government.”

    I tend to agree. We are already poking the bear and that’s not good. Don’t poke the Panda or the silver lever may be pulled.


    Good day! Wait that’s the wrong Harvey, but he was good too! 🙂

    • I was perusing the SD readers forum, and as I recall there is an IGNORE Feature…

      I will link you to it if I can find it again. SD keeps updating and stuff seems to move around a bit,




      I think it will really be Au8xAg actually   😀

  17. Google’s automated system marked the blog as spam. There are no notes in the system of a court order, so I would question that bit of info. This is common and Harvey can request it be reviewed by a human. Really not  big deal.


    If your blog is disabled, it will be listed on your Dashboard, but you will not be able to click on it to access it. If this is the case, there will be a grace period during which you can request that it be reviewed and recovered. The disabling is a result of our automated classification system marking it as spam. Because this system is automated there will necessarily be some false positives, though we’re continually working on improving our algorithms to avoid these. If your blog is not a spam blog, then it was one of the false positives, and we apologize.

  18. I guess it could be said we are known by the company we keep.  This site has good company.

    If a person wants to know the good guys from the bad guys;  see who’s attacked for their words

    Breitbard, Assange, Willie, Organ, Snowden, and many others who have been voices in the wilderness, calling out evil.

    Some are killed, some are silenced, others just bought out.

    You know you are fighting the right foe, even winning some battles,  when they send their flacks, cronies, minions and flying monkeys to attack you.

    Every voice does count.  One voice speaks to hundreds and even thousands of others. Those speak to thousands more.  Whether by moral suasion, persuasion, or force of arms, the attack against evil is relentless.  The epic battles are just getting started and evil can be defeated if good men and women stand firm against their assaults.  Evil prevails when good people turn from the fight.  We cannot afford to do that. Future generations depend on us to win.

    PS  you can get around google with proxy search engines like or

    The goverGooglement Singularity must be stopped.

    • The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9


      Given the right set of  circumstances we are all very capable of  indescribable wickedness, beyond what and who we perceive ourselves to be in the present circumstances we now  find ourselves, we being sons of perdition and not subject to the law  are but beasts  who seek to devour  our brothers and are therefore we are an abomination to ourselves and to each other .


      But don’t despair for our Brother did overcome this world and soon our Father will wipe away our tears and we will all forget this confusion, it having achieved its purpose …………………………………….

      “Surely [Gk: ge, a particle indicating that NO doubt is possible] … SURELY, He Who spares not His own Son, but gives Him up for us all, how shall He not, together with Him, also, be graciously granting us all” (Rom. 8:32).
      “For since in fact, through a man [Adam] came death, through a Man, also, comes the resurrection of the dead. For EVEN AS, in Adam, ALL are dying, THUS ALSO, in Christ, shall ALL be vivified” [Gk. zoopoieo, Giving life beyond the reach of death, conferring immortality] (Concordant Pub., Greek-English Keyword Concordance, p. 320) (I Cor. 15:21-28).
      ” … our Saviour, God, Who wills that ALL mankind be saved and come into a realization of the truth” (I Tim. 2:4).
      “Yet all is of God, Who conciliates us to Himself through Christ, and is giving us the dispensation of the conciliation, how that God was in Christ, conciliating the WORLD to Himself, NOT reckoning their offenses to them … “ (II Cor. 5:19).

    • AGXIIK,


      Let me have some fun with this post. 🙂  I am glad to see The Doc let Harvey to post on here, while he works on his future posting site. The Jackass has mentioned (in several interviews) that he left the USA a few years back was because of 2 death threats received from a Very Reputable Organization (their reputation is of the highest caliber – if you want the silence of the desert sands).


      As for Precious Metals Pete, he has been consistent with his views on Freegold. It is a link on his site that brought me to FOFOA’s blog, which had further links to Another/FOA’s postings. The Freegold paradigm is very simple to understand (for me, anyway). It actually explained the problems of Inflation, Deflation, FIAT currency, and Gold & Silver.


      It is interesting to pick up on a convergence of thinking, by different individuals and paradigms. The Freegold paradigm indicates that a RESET (of all currencies) to a correct measure of Wealth, should have gold being freed from all its shackles to any and all currencies. Gold can become the physical store of wealth, should one be inclined to do so. Gold is understood by both the Giants (Super Wealthy) and The Poor. There was a recent short article, by mainstream media, that (shockingly) when they researched among the poor – their items of preference for savings/wealth is (hahaha) physical gold!


      There have been people who postulated that (and now, Jim Willie) that an entity of sufficient reputation can usher in the true value/price of gold. It simply has to offer to buy, in a price (that is many multiples) of today’s current suppressed paper price … and that price will never go down! It has been thought that the BIS could do this, under TPTB’s direction. But now, JW has mentioned that the PBOC has plans to do so. The only question is not when, but WHAT PRICE? Could it be 40x to 60x that FOFOA postulates? Or is the 100x posted by another blogger (which would match the 100 to 1 paper to physical ration)? Or even higher, much higher? Or shockingly, only twice the current price?


      Here is an interesting link:


      One thing to note is – Should the PBOC make an offer of 1,000x the current price – it will make them rich enough to BUY and OWN the (going to be poor) Western Nations, who do not own physical gold. Do you still wonder why China, and Russia & company, are acquiring gold like crazy?


      Remember that the Chinese are a Mercantile Race. We do not want to rule you, we just want to own you! Rulers have the headache of being the target of the people’s anger. The owners (employers) are going to be ASS KISSED by all the people who want a good paying job!

  19. Long Live Harvey Organ … highly respected commentator who seems to have ruffled a few feathers with your recent comments on a pending silver default  …. maybe a little too on the money for the powers that be to hear.

    Particularly with his new found fame as a video blogger 🙂

    Doc – please invite Harvey to as many of your broadcasts as possible. Loved his recent contributions in late September.

  20. I used to follow Harvey quite a bit. But never seemed to understand what he was talking about.
    Recently it came to my attention as described above that he’s misrepresenting the meaning of figure, resulting into him making the wrong conclusions and subsequent predictions. This renders his writing utter waste of time to both write for him and to read for me, until he’s addressed these comments, written on SD, to satisfaction.

    • XC, observing data points and misrepresenting them is precisely why Harvey and his predications serve no real purpose other than to feed his ego, provide “hope” to the CIGAs…. etal.

      He has clearly mis-represented “Supply” which is the most egregious failing.

      It is clear to me he lacks any real comprehension of how the SGE functions and China’s approach.

      Suggesting the Physical Market will overwhelm the Physical is a tune many have attempted time and again, Harvey included.

      It is frankly remarkable how many Gold/Silver seditionists seem to believe his analysis when it has been proven wrong time and again.

      We shall see another “prediction” go up in smoke and similar excuse mongering dead ahead – “Any minute now, I swear…”


    • No offense to Mr. H.O. at all, but if

      TPTB found someone who was constantly snarking them, taking shots and occasionally making them look bad, would it not serve their purpose VERY WELL to make that person a martyr of sorts, if they had a basic MISUNDERSTANDING of what they were doing, and focus copious amounts of attention on said person, who could now mislead even more folks? And doing it HONESTLY and without guile??? Could this be possible? Hmmm… This would turn upside down some of the trollling lists here at SD!



      New (perceived) TrolllZ become the new voice of Reason, and those calling them out become the TrolllZ?


  21. Normal.dotm


    18 pt
    18 pt


    /* Style Definitions */
    {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;
    mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt;
    font-family:”Times New Roman”;
    mso-fareast-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    2013 – 2200 tons withdrawn for Gold
    SGE Supply Side 1540 tons net imported traded through the SGE from Hong Kong (1100) and Australia, Chile, South Africa, Switzerland and several smaller imports to total 440 tons.
    Everything mined in China 428 tons passed through the SGE in 2013
    229 tons was re-cycled gold through the exchange, bars, which leave, must be re-assayed upon return for purposes of integrity.
    The UK net exported 1300 tons, 1200 of which went to Switzerland.
    Switzerland then shipped 1100 to Hong Kong.
    The PBOC does not publish imports and additions to Net Reserves. There are NO Hard Numbers.
    It is widely accepted their target Reserves are 8,500 tons.
    The PBOC initial target is 4,000 tons.
    Their Development Banks will need at least 2,000 tons.
    There is a real lack of transparency to date, but at some point they will clearly need to publish and demonstrate their stated reserves.
    At present, the Yuan is not fully convertible and their Bond Market is extremely immature, it is not at all to their advantage to publish reserves until at least 2015 or perhaps 2016.
    I have no proof, but suspect the reserves are north of 4,500 tons by 2015 year end. The ultimate goal is surpass US Reserves, it is important to note, US Reserves purity ranges from .400 in fineness to .900 in finess… it seems the tons are a minor over-statement when held against the Global Standard of .999 and .9999 bars.
    China may well surpass the US Reserves with far less than 7,900 tons and perhaps slightly more.
    All prices on the SGE are inclusive of 17.5% VAT. The net price is less than any other exchange, yet VAT prevents arbitrage.
    There is a tremendous excess supply of Silver in China, Silver inventories increased in 2013 while Gold dipped into backwardation. Net short positions were significant as cash & carry took short positions as a hedge.
    It is important to re-state (Mikey will appreciate this) the ONLY reason there is a premia (~10%) to Silver is due to VAT, again to prevent exogenous leach as well as prevent arbitrage.
    The Silver premium is NOT as reported a true premium, it is not endemic of shortage, quite the opposite… Supply is plentiful.
    The most recent data 2012 estimates China mined 117 million ounces becoming the 2nd largest producer in 2012. Only Mexcico produces more at 157 tons.
    72 million ounces were imported via concentrates which simply adds to the already low cost of production at ~ $9.20 per ounce.
    In reality, factual reality, China has nearly 200 million ounces of Silver available per annum.
    THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF SILVER ON THE SGE, there is no bust coming to either the SGE or the COMEX in December or any time soon.
    It is important to note with the mine collapse in Utah, the US Mint was authorized by Congress to use Mexican Gold, this is relevant as I have seen several forum members mistakenly point out the Mint is only using US Silver, in fact they are not.
    EDU Yourself

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