The Doc sat down with Harvey Organ over the holiday weekend to discuss the escalation of the European debt crisis, JP Morgan’s derivatives crisis, and the gold and silver markets.

In this explosive interview, Harvey discusses the cartel’s re-hypothecation of physical gold bullion, and documents how the bullion banks are running a shell game by re-hypothecating/ swapping/ leasing Arab investors’ gold bullion deposited at the Bank of England to the GLD and other ‘gold depositories’.

Essentially the GLD vaults hold physical gold metal, but it’s not owned by the GLD.  It has to be re-swapped back to the Bank of England.   The Bank of England has basically swapped the gold to the GLD, and it’s not even the Bank of England’s gold, it’s Arab investor’s gold! It’s an obligation on the part of the Bank of England to get it back!  This goes along with the whole hypothecation/ rehypothecation story of MF Global.   The same ounces of gold are going from one place to another to another.
The COMEX, the LBMA, the Bank of England- it’s ONE INVENTORY!!  It serves three masters, and the fun begins when they all want it back!

Harvey Organ’s explosive FULL AUDIO INTERVIEW on JP Morgan’s interest rate swaps crisis and cartel gold rehypothecation is below:

Part 1: JP Morgan Unwinding IR Swap Book


Part 2: GLD Gold Rehypothecation

  1. Hay lets play musical chairs with the gold bar. Put the bar under one chair and all the banks, the Arab and Gerald Celente walk around the chair. When JPM reaches 100 billion lose the first to sit in the chair gets the bar.

    My moneys on Gerald Celente,
    If you don’t hold it you don’t own it… 
  2. Arab investors going for physical has always been a potential trigger for the brown stuff hitting the rotary blades.  One of these days, that money flow movement will happen and it will not take much to really splatter a whole heck of a lot of brown stuff.

    Great to see you doing more radio interviews, Doc.  You’re good at it.  You might want to consider adding a link for direct mp3 download as that will expand your audience reach.   Many folks like to download mp3 files.  Converting YouTube videos isn’t too difficult, but there are many people that don’t know how to do it.

  3. I see that they’ve pushed down the silver price again, below $28 a troy ounce to be exact…. some big cock up must be in the line up. Anyhow, enjoy the discount prices while it lasts and keep stacking!!! 🙂

  4. If the supply of gold and silver is as tight as Harvey says then continual price suppression of the metals and naked shorting of the gold and silver miners by Goldman Suchs, JPM etc will just make the problem far far worse.

    When Central Banks try to move their physical gold out of London and New York after Europe collapses, and people like George Soros, Jim Rogers and others realise they are holding worthless pieces of paper ie (GLD) (SLV)  the precious metal prices are going to go nuts.

  5. dollar is breaking out of 82.5, silver and gold will be under pressure. Also, if oil breaks 83 its going to 33. 

    Just giving you all another possibility that may happen so save your dry powder
  6. yes, BUT, i don’t think they will print. Consumer confidence has increased. Also, its too close to elections will look to political. Lastly, why should they bail out europe. If europe falls apart they will look like the winners again… the reserve currency will stand for them. 

  7. Great interview DOC. Another smack down is in order I think, I have gathered a little more dry powder just for the occasion. These days are going to be looked on as one of the absolute best times to have bought silver. They will also be remembered for people being so entranced by the MSM they did’t see this opportunity.

  8. When you consider what has been done with derivatives its hard to be surprised anymore.  Every monetary instrument seems to be nothing but another financial company gaming the system. 

    It’s like a game within a game which have made a few ultra rich while hurting the working class.  Most people jokingly call their 401K a 201K since its value has been cut almost in half.  Few have seen any wealth accumulated in these funds since 2001.  Now it appears the government wants to start taxing 401K, IRA and similar funds.  I’m beginning to agree with many posters on this site that maybe its time to start getting out of these funds and buying or paying off real assets before their value is completely destroyed.

  9. ILUVPMs

    Yep there hope is to always keep the $ on top as they all race down to 0
    20z it looks like you may have a powder formula? maybe you could send it to me via email or a link?
  10. PowerBall;

      Now it appears the government wants to start taxing 401K, IRA and similar funds.  I’m beginning to agree with many posters on this site that maybe its time to start getting out of these funds and buying or paying off real assets before their value is completely destroyed.

    YES SER 
    It’s time to move for you if your gut tells to. AG has been posting a lot taking control of the 401k
  11. John Paulson owns billions in GLD with Soros recently increasing his holdings by 400%.   Smart people chasing paper.  The more I think about it, the more it seems that the price of gold and silver will hold against the European crash since both metals will be found to be in very short supply, even  non-existent, for those who realize the bullion banks, COMEX and central banks have nothing in their vaults.  Those who call for physical will be disappointed?  Yes, like the Bolivian soccer team losing the World Cup and blows up the world in  disappointment. The body count will be massive. We long suffering stackers will be vindicated as we look out over a landscape of complete devastation.

  12. Ahhh the powder formula 427 secret ingredients to be sure. LOL. I’m thinking with all the central banks buying as well as the big boys and some countries calling for delivery, AGXIIK’s August PM shortage may be right on target. As Spain degrades financially, the ECB will have to bail them out regardless of what they currently say. That means the US will have to backdoor some fiat to the ECB. Wait till the derivative losses really crank up. Talk about a financial desolation.

  13. The idea of the government looting our 401K accounts has taken on new urgency as European accounts are regularly raided.  The raids are a well established way for failing governments with tax revenues falling off the cliff to temporarily shore up their disasterous finances.  There’s a $15 trillion honey pot waiting for the USG to loot. 

    Imagine your ‘robust’ return when the government takes your accounts, puts them in a 20 basis point   interest rate annuity.  Will you will well on that and beat inflation?  When rates rebound the account values will be destroyed but not before 10% plus inflation rates stripmine the accounts values.

    Gold and silver remain a one solid safe haven to protect those assets.  These IRA and 401k accounts were supposed to be in place for a few decades so moving them into a safer position for the medium term makes sense.  If you get a good buy point, park the phyzz and ‘forget’ about it, this may work for some people.  ILUVPMS makes good points that there should be more buying points for that elusive dry powder we all seek. 

    One thing I am certain of, election year notwithstanding and given the nature of the amateur-in-chief and his Czars,  is that they will order the printing presses to go into high gear.  BHO is ordering a senior fed official to fly to Europe and jawbone the ECB et al to bail out Europe with printing.   He is of the same mind as the Europeans and between the two of them, they don’t have a lick of sense about what to do except preserve the debt based paradigm for another few months—while Europe falls further into the debt sinkhole.

     There will be printing no matter how bad it might seem since TPTB will be more interested in preserving power against the hope that the electorate will not notice this idiocy.These people are Keysensians down to the DNA.  They can’t and won’t change their stripes.

      Bear in mind that Socialists won a lot of elections in Europe including Hollande and the Greek party.  BHO maybe banking on this disaster to help him.  No one voting  for him cares a rat’s butt if the printing presses continue working 24/7  50% of the US tax payers pay no income tax.  46 million are on food stamps.

     They want the flood of cash in their pockets through government entitlements. Even if they don’t understand the long term effects of inflationary destruction,  they will NOT sign a suicide pact with austerity in this country because—get this—this is America, the land of the perpetual welfare check spent at Wal Mart.  We always come out on top, even if we end up the best loking horse in the glue factory.  PS  10 treasuries his 1.66%   Holy freaking crapola.  That is not fear factor, that is screaming into the night terror of what is happening in Europe and here.  That’s the canary in the coal mine if there every was one   It is unprescedented.

  14. The 10-yr US treasury has made a new 60-yr low of 1.65%.  The investment world has become a life raft, and US treasuries and government bonds are like the sea water.  Out of grave thirst, many are drinking the sea water, thinking that, if everyone drinks of it, it must be good.  But in the end, the fate of those buy government debt will be like the fate of those who drink sea water to quench thirst while being stranded on a life raft.

  15. Piebrain;

    Jake posted this yesterday

    The US Ten Year Note Is Getting Close Again To That 1.70 Level. That The Break Down Point. This Implies Short Term Deflation. Obviously, The Fed Will Have None Of This And Will Try To Print In Order To Inflate. Eventually, We May See Negative Rates In Very Short Instruments Such As The 1-Month T-Bill. This Symbolizes The Fear Of Big Money To Own Anything–Even Cash. Thus They Pay For The Privilege to Park Their Money Somewhere. As We Collapse, This Money Will Find It’s Way To Gold and Silver.

    Here’s A Shorter Term Look


  16. Mixed feelings on this audio.  Fiscally, the US is in a very precarious if not beyond precarious position.  Monetarily, it is the same thing.  If or when the stuff does hit the fan, the value of gold and silver may have much more to do with their relative value to many other commodities – of all types.  So, in other words, gold & silver could still drop precipitously from today’s levels – if the USA is in a severe depression and people are bartering anything and everything.

    There are lots of doomsayers on the web that drive me crazy sometimes.  Re-hypothecation is in itself not a problem.   It has existed for literally centuries if not longer.  Said with the right inflection of the voice, however, and it seems ominous.

    Finally, some USA doomsayers/gold & silver bugs should remember that in the world, the USA is still doing better than Europe, Japan, and potentially China.  India and Brazil are now running into some challenges as well.  The lack of purchasing power by people in many countries has a direct impact on gold & silver valuation. 

    Everytime we have a big downward move in the gold & silver markets, it is not by definition some governmental suppression scheme.  It may be a hedgefund that is getting redeemed and has to sell.  It could be someone getting margin called. 

  17. Smoke em’ while they’re cheap boys. They are soon to be too expensive!

    Deflation = Print to stop deflation = Inflate too much = High interest = High gold and silver = total crash = Thank goodness we’ve all been stacking.
  18. JDN;

     the value of gold and silver may have much more to do with their relative value to many other commodities – of all types.
    Thats right in your post,
    The common factor LABOR. The labor to produce the silver vs the labor to produce what ever your exchanging it for at that vary point in time.
    Labor = Value 
    “The only way to generate real value is to extract labor from the employ of humans. 
  19. Doc, superb interview.  Hats off to you and Harvey both!  There’s only one problem with your interviews though that I’ve noticed:

    Once it’s over, I immediately want to hear another one. : / Suppose we’ll all have to make due for the time being.

  20. JDN,

    Seems like this is a common weekly topic. Yes, gold and silver may have a common relation with other commodities. That’s the point as I see it. If the bread price rises to $10.00 a loaf, then gold and silver will rise accordingly. If someone, then, has saved/earned fiat for 5 years and bread was $2.50 a loaf when they saved that money, well, they will indeed lose $7.50 to buy that $10.00 bread. My silver will buy the same amount of bread regardless. Measured in ounces and not in dollars.
    You are correct about all downturns not being Manipulation (suppression). But, as happens weekly, when you know the hour of a drop before it happens day in and day out???? Well, there you are.
  21. Cleburne, your wait won’t be too long.  I will be speaking with Eric Sprott and Ned Naylor-Leyland next week.
    I will also be publishing Bart Chilton’s response tomorrow to some questions regarding implementation of position limits and the CFTC’s silver investigation.

  22. Points From The Interview That Caught My Ear

    1. JPM Unwinding Interest Rate Swaps. I’ve been waiting as all of us I think, to see a real rise in interest rates–namely the 10-year note. It seems we’ve had a capitulation low (maybe short-term), in the 10-year at 1.625%. If indeed JPM is now going to reverse the bets it made to drive these interest rates down–LOOK OUT! Many in the bond trading world, I bet, are just itching to short the US bond market in a big way.

    This might accomplish the objective I wrote about regarding the Fed’s need to implement QE3 in order to inflate their way out of this mess just temporarily enough to ride through the election cycle with perceived recovery.

    Additionally, JPM could ride the fed’s encouragement of the bond short by piling on to recovery some losses. Of course, bond funds around the world better look out for the water fall event. This will also require tons in POMO money to prop up the stock market.

    2. Twenty Million Oz., of silver might stand for delivery in July?-–WOW! This would really place burdens on Blythe to settle those contracts in cash! We’ll be watching!

    3. The CME continually sends the majority Comex notices toward the end of each month–presumably to take advantage of low interest rates?—Then, as Harvey says, “why not wait until the end of the month to settle all of them?–Well, other explanations have been postulated that there is backwardation or that lease rates favor holding silver rather than cash, etc.

    But we all know, every time they have to come up with (5) 1000-oz. bars, they scramble around to move paper entries here and there, make big “adjustments” or tap into SLV, but generally “thrash around like a chicken without a head” to come up with the physical. This is the real reason why they wait until the last minute. They basically give themselves as much time as they can bleed from those standing to settle with cash premiums. 

    What’s interesting to me, and I posted this a few days ago, as much as 34% of the registered inventory is still standing for silver this month…that’s a lot. As Harvey says, “WHERE ARE THEY GONNA GET IT!”–and–ALL PAPER MONEY—ALL—ALL PAPER MONEY WILL GO TO IT’S INTRINSIC VALUE –ZERO.”

    4. JPM Hedge Of Their Hedge—Does not insure them from losses. The two hedges are not able to hedge each other. IT’S TOO COMPLICATED! Therefore, JPM will need tax-payer bailouts to got out of these insane positions. That’s why I think these interest rate swap bets might reverse faster than what is generally predicted. THANKS DOC AND HARVEY–GREAT INTERVIEW!


    Yes Jamie–What Do You Want?

    Jake, THEY GOT ME!–Didn’t You See The Article?

    What Article?

    There’s A Warrant Out For Jamie Dimon’s Arrest


    This is weird: there’s a warrant out for Jamie Dimon’s arrest.

    It’s not for anything fun – the Atlanta Police Department just seems to think Dimon is responsible for an illegal tire dump.

    They say somehow, JP Morgan is responsible for cleaning up hundreds of tires that are piled up on an Atlanta property.  READ MORE

  23. Great interview Doc. Well done. Keep up the good work. I just finished listening and have to admit, it strengthened at least one of my beliefs. I believe for one that people who are truly intelligent always have a good sense of humor. 🙂

  24. Necklacing (sometimes called necklace ) is the practice of summary execution carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim s chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process.

  25. I put this video off till I had some free time so I wouldn’t be interupted. Great Interview Doc with Harvey love his attitude and laughing and ofcourse knowledge. Also just checked out Bix on my favorite subject DERIVATIVES man it’s going to get scary. KEEP STACKING PLEASE!!! Save Yourself and your family.

    P.S. I’ve decided to put my house on the market and hopefully get out of my mortgage before the shit hits the fan.


    I agree with you Jamie my main interest is and watching them very closely is the Derivatives and the Interest Rates as I believe they are the downfall of our Economy and it’s going to be a hell of a mess.

  26. The Baltic Dry Index Just Took A Tumble

    Of Course, If You Listen To Idiots Like Dennis “The Menace” Gartman, he’ll say this index has nothing to do with the global economy because “those extra ships built 7 years ago are all now coming on line”. But, drops like this in one day tell me this fake recovery is now fizzling back down again: This is the Only Updated Chart I Could Find That Would Allow Me To Embed The Image–Sorry For All The Technical Analysis Nonsense.


    BDIY:IND 950.00 -36.00 -3.65%

    Many people disregard this indicator as the ships ordered in 2007 bull
    market have been delivered over the past few years creating too large a
    fleet for demand. That said, the $BDI rallied off the October low. To
    see it roll over at the former support resistance line (red line) is
    BAD! Flat out Bad! This commodity space indicator is not healthy and the
    recent bounce was off the 2009 lows. Iceberg dead ahead? READ MORE

    As of


    Low Baltic Dry Index and Negative Real Rates Make Silver Attractive

    Dr. Jeffrey Lewis

    The Baltic Dry Index as a Leading Indicator

    economists consider the Baltic Dry Index a leading economic indicator,
    and the current historically low levels of the Baltic Dry Index signal
    deflationary pressures and a slowing economy. Also, this number cannot
    easily be manipulated since it arises from so many disparate sources.

    the notable lack of demand for shipping puts the industry in serious
    trouble. For example, it was recently reported that at least one shipper
    was offering a client $2,000 per day toward their fuel costs to ship
    their goods.

    this was done to keep the ship heading toward its next destination and
    to help offset the fuel costs involved in moving it there, but it
    illustrates just how much the global shipping business has slowed down. READ MORE

  27. Jake, you learned how to draw a trend channel.  I knew you were a chartist at heart;)


    Yes, the bdi looks bad, everything is pointing down, but so was everything in january before we had a 3 month rally in the markets. 

    Unfortunately, Dollar is going to rally some more.  Stupid, YES I know. 

  28. Not stupid at all Dummy. The dollar has to rally as QE in some form or fasion is in order. Don’t be fooled. Dollar safe haven will be a necessity for the sheople. They will lose their fortune or little bit of savings as this will be short lived. Great comment but keep stacking.

  29. Discussing short-term trading and predictions as if you KNOW something
    is a waste of time “dummy”. That chart was inserted because it allowed
    me to “copy Image” That’s all…I was searching for a simple chart to
    show a longer term perspective of the index over time, that’s all.

    As for your “trading” predictions and charts with pretty colors—trying
    to tell us that silver will go this way or that way without qualifying
    yourself as a human being who can’t possibly “see” into the future, you
    can use them to line your parrot cage. 

    If you want to play guessing games…no problem, but there are a few “gurus” here who think they can impress us with their “knowledge” and it’s annoying.

  30. I like it Jake. Time is too short to be guessing. If people are guessing at this point, well, I feel for them.

    AGX, It was just a short while ago the ships were “essentially” paying companies to ship the goods. It is getting really ugly now. Hang on and thanks for the info on “What will your loved one’s do?” All advice is appreciated.

  31. Idiot Dennis The Menace Thinks Otherwise—HAHAHAHA!

    Of Course, This is An Old Link———It Was An Appearance By Him On “Slow Money”—But It Was The Last Time This Idiot Weighed In On This Index. Typical Shill BS From CNBS

    Gartman: Ignore This Global Economic Indicator

    Wednesday, 1 Feb 2012 | 1:54 PM ET

    Once considered a key gauge of global economic activity, the Baltic Dry Shipping Index has withered to its lowest levels in 25 years. But the indicator has outlived its usefulness, investor Dennis Gartman said Wednesday.

    used to look to them as an indicator of economic activity. Now I look
    at them as an indicator ship owner stupidity,” publisher of the widely
    followed Gartman Letter said on “Fast Money.”

    The index has long been used by market insiders to gauge demand for dry commodities.

    But Gartman said that correlation no longer holds true.

    couple of years ago when the Baltic index approached 11,000, “every
    ship owner in the world build new ships,” scrapping small ships for
    “monstrous” ones, he said.

    “It has nothing to do with the global economy now. It has everything to do with bad banking and stupid ship owners.”,<—So They Were Stupid Like you’ve been for the last 5 years? 

    Contrarian trader and Veracruz founder Steve Cortes issued a broader warning beyond Gartman’s point.

    stocks are definitely names to be avoided, even if he’s right that
    Baltic dry is not indicative of the global economy these stocks have
    traded as poorly as the Baltic index,” he said. READ MORE IF YOU WANT MORE BS

  32. 2oz…I think I’ve made myself clear on this trading prediction stuff. Remember, this is my opinion–People like “dummy” need to provide references vs. hyperbole —But That’s Just Me.

    There’s a big difference between using real references such as … the “Baltic Dry Index” to help UNDERSTAND why metals should be held and accumulated. Also, this information tells us short term what’s happening globally. The ten year note, COT, etc are other examples.

    But…If I came in here and said, “silver going to drop to 19″ or the dollar’s going to rise”. or “WATCH OUT BELOW!—THE SILVER MARKET SAYS WE SHOULDN’T BUY YET UNTIL MY INDICATORS SHOW BUY SIGNALS” —it gets annoying.

    Ok—I can skip over it…but gurus should go where they can be appreciated…Tibet or some place. Contributing good content to a silver and gold site is not just coming in here to hear guru “Trading” predictions.

    Guessing is fine as long as references are used to back it up, but this “my indicators are telling me something” is just a lot of bs.

  33. Jake, Im waiting to see some kind of chart to tell me to dump all my silver. How about one telling me to put my life savings all in on paper. Wate a minut I am all in! But it’s more like a paper weight, vary heavy..

  34. 427: This Is My Stacker Response: (I’m assuming you’re serious)

    Assuming you found this holy grail of a chart, would you dump your silver for paper? Assuming we hyper-inflate before you need to sell your silver, do you want $300 for those Eagles?…Really? What are you going to do with those three $100 bills?…Buy 6 loaves of bread?…You can eat one, and the other 5 would probably spoil before silver becomes $400/oz.–That’s my guess based on the example of Zimbabwe or Yugoslavia

    Do you understand this analogy?—I’m guessing, you won’t want the Fiat!

    Even though it’s fun to play “how much is my silver worth short term”,  a true stacker’s, end game will most probably not be cashing in for a bunch of fiat.

    Staying on focus regarding value is ALL IMPORTANT in our slip-sliding world we live in…It’s going to be a tough road as soon as the hyper-inflate button is pushed.

    Here–I’ll Trade You These For An Oz. Of Silver!–LOL!

  35. No deal Jake, I’ll be keeping my stack into my old age. In fact I hope to buy property to retire on some day. move away from high populations. So the silver I can stack is my retirement.

  36. I have a question that I have not seen addressed in any print or broadcast media but I think that it is important enough to bring up here.  It is just this… we hear a lot about JP Morgan losing 2, no 3, no 5, and now $7B.  Does this include their 50:1 leverage?  If not, then are the REAL losses more like $350B now?  If so, that is about double their total net worth.  🙁

  37. Good post Jake. Yeah, I like facts. My point to Dummy was just to let him know that any rally in the dollar would be short and false. Once the herd realizes the dollar is really no safe haven, it will crash too fast for reaction. Thanks again and keep stacking.

  38. Jake,  “Kidding” must have skipped past your radar.  I know you are merely trying to enlighten people.  Obviously you guys also missed that I have phyzz also. 

    I am no expert, but I know when people spent their life “frn savings” in silver at 40 bucks an ounce, their sentiment is down.  I have NO “FUTURE” predictions, as YOU HAVE NO “FUTURE” predictions to what happens to the dollar long term.  Am I in agreement with you and 2 oz, yes.  I would think the dollar has only about a 3-5 year lifespan left.  Could it be 30-50 years, well as you put it, yes, can’t tell the future.  I still like silver’s and gold’s fundamentals.  Short term, I see dollar going up (Still Stupid to me) and gold and silver to go down.  You have made predictions of QE before the elections.  That is something that most likely not happen sans 10% further loss in the “market. Also, can you link me where I provided pretty charts?  As I do not recall providing any such thing.

    I am sure, when people were talking in the 70’s how long the dollar was going to last off the gold standard, NO one probably said 40 years.  Guess their predictions were wrong. I bet Ron Paul, (which I adore) whose many predictions have come true, even he probably never thought it would last so long.  Going off the gold standard is one of the main reasons that got him in politics

  39. JPMorgan’s Iksil Said to Take Big Risks Long Before Loss

    By Bradley Keoun –
    May 31, 2012 9:15 PM PT

    The London Whale’s Bets Have Always Been Big

    JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) trader Bruno Iksil, known as the London Whale because his bets this year were
    so large, has been a leviathan of a risk-taker since at least
    2010, a person with knowledge of the matter said.

    Iksil’s value-at-risk, a measure of how much a trader might
    lose in one day, was typically $30 million to $40 million even
    before this year’s buildup, said the person, who wasn’t
    authorized to discuss the trades. Sometimes the figure, known as
    VaR, could surpass $60 million, the person said.
    That’s about as
    high as the level for the firm’s entire investment bank, which
    employs 26,000 people.

    Investigators are examining how long senior executives knew
    about Iksil’s swelling bets at the chief investment office
    before losses approached $2 billion. One focal point is why the
    formula used to calculate Iksil’s VaR was altered early this
    year, cutting the reported risk by half. The change followed an
    internal analysis in late 2011 and was approved by top risk
    executives, said a person close to the bank. About the same
    time, half a dozen managers typically involved in such decisions
    moved to new jobs. READ MORE

  40. This is Where Your Mind Set Comes Out “Dummy”:

    You Say, “…when people spent their life “frn savings” in silver at 40 bucks an ounce, their sentiment is down….”<—ANSWER: NO! Their “sentiment” is NOT “down”.

    Unless you’re some kind of “trader”—who IMO, isn’t buying silver and gold for any different reason than he might buy a stock, A stacker’s “sentiment” is always a sense of relief and confidence that he holds gold or silver.

    There is no impact on a stacker if short-term paper prices are down. VALUE IS ALWAYS THERE, “dummy”. You are trying to apply your “trader” mentality onto a stacker’s mind set…It doesn’t work “dummy”.

  41. You are not wrong on any particular point, but you do not believe that someone can be a buy and hold stacker, AND a trader as well.  Its not split personality.  Yes Silver has many similarities to a Small Cap stock.  Pumpers (like many on this site, who none the less I respect and get great info from) who pump the public into a fever, Bashers, (which I have no IDEA why anyone would be bashing silver on all the great fundamentals it has) who’s purpose to drive it down.  I am not bashing silver, as I like what it stands for, so I own the real stuff, but it should not EXCLUDE me from trading in it. 

    Many of your posts are insightful and educational, please keep them coming. 

  42. You say, ‘ I am not bashing silver, as I like what it stands for, so I own the
    real stuff, but it should not EXCLUDE me from trading in it. ‘

    No One Is Telling Anyone To Do Anything “dummy”…Trade Away!—

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