The man who is burying the audit the Fed legislation in the US Senate after it passed the House this week has been identified in a 1995 clip calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

This brings the word hypocritical to an entirely new level.

  1. This is another example on how sad our system has become.  Great find DOC.  We are truly seeing the end of our current financial system.  There is little time left.  Very few people are actually stacking. 

  2. Reid a Good Guy?  No wonder we’re so screwed. This is what Bix had to say:
    The latest hocus-pocus smoke screen is from the Good Guys and it is that Ron Paul’s Audit The Fed bill will be killed by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. GIVE ME A BREAK! At least make it more COVERT when you lie to our faces!
    Watch what Harry Reid (another Good Guy) says about the Federal Reserve Audit in January 1995…


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