Smith & Wesson gapped up on Wednesday’s open

In the wake of Obama’s re-election, long-time gun control advocate Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is reportedly drafting legislation to ban thousands of guns including ALL assault (semi-automatic) rifles, high capacity magazines, and pistol grips.

Perhaps this explains today’s surge in stock of firearms manufactures such as Ruger and Smith & Wesson in the midst of the largest stock market rout in over a year today.

Smith & Wesson gapping up on the open:


From SHTFPlan:

The agenda no longer needs to be hidden from public view. With President Obama winning another term and democrats taking control of the Senate, the move to fundamentally change America from within has begun – with a vengeance.

We’re all aware of the restrictive gun laws in the State of California which require low capacity magazines for handguns, fixed magazines for “assault” rifles, and a whole lot of running around just to be granted the right to carry a concealed firearm.

Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who has championed gun control in her state for decades and co-wrote the original assault weapons ban enacted by the federal government in the 1990′s, wishes to bring even more stringent federal mandates to the land of the free.

What is being proposed by Feinstein is the most significant attack on the second amendment in history.

It would essentially ban thousands of firearms and require gun owners to turn them over to the Federal government.

From Shooting Wire:

I don’t have the minutes of the meeting (yet), but sources tell me California Senator and longtime gun-hater Dianne Feinstein’s legal staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF legal staff to discuss a new “Assault Weapons Ban” Madame Feinstein would be looking to push through Congress if President Obama wins reelection.

This same “pretty good intelligence” says the items that would ban pistol grips and “high-capacity” magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of “weapons in possession”.

I don’t know about you, but if these things come to pass and I’m “in possession” I’m certainly not selling.

In fact, the lack of interest in the idea surprised the California liberal’s legal staffers. Apparently, they believe no logical person could possible disagree with them.

I began receiving the first reports of increases in gun buying by people concerned about tomorrow’s election. Dealers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana all tell me there hasn’t been a huge number of buyers expressing those concerns, but the numbers were noticeable.

Among that group -and the majority of “regular” purchasers- the core driving most of the purchasing seem to be in their mid-to-late 30s. Again, home and personal defense are the most frequently cited reasons for buying.


In the words of Senator Feinstein and the rest of the 2nd amendment hating socialists:

All your guns are belong to us!

    • @Chief Exactly!

      Their plan is to disarm law-abiding citizens and use their own guns against them. This is why they and their Marxist scum friends were disarmed in Germany way back, because the Marxist vermin presented a real threat to Germany’s sovereignty and security. They of course lie about it in the media they control, but it doesn’t change one iota of the truth. Do some research and you will see that the so called resistance movement in France for one all consisted of Marxist scum. The majority of the French people welcomed Germany’s helping hand, despite the best of propaganda and lies to the contrary. In fact, the Marxist scum were murdering folks left, right and centre  outside Germany’s borders. Germany was the only country with the balls to step in and help out their neighbours. It was J W S who murdered 5,000 Polish officers at Katyn forest and blamed it on the so called Nazis. It was J W S who murdered 100m+ White men, women and children in Russia, 6m+ were murdered during the building of the White Sea Canal in Russia alone. They claim that the Germans massacred all the J W S in Prague, while video footage and mass graves discovered show the exact opposite; how they lined up men, women and children on the side walks and flattened them with tanks. This is not even to mention the hundreds of children that they’ve crucified in Russia. Hell, I can go on and on, it is just too much to mention in one go, and it makes me sick to my stomach. The cherry on the top is the audacity to claim that the Germans have gassed 6m J W S, a false claim that has already surfaced during WWI as can be seen in newspaper clips of the time.

      The thieves, liars and murderers think we will forget about the fact that they used the English to massacre scores of Boer women and children in concentration camps here in South Africa. I’ve seen newspaper clips of the time and they lied about my people all day long, just to incite English hatred against my people, so that White men can murder and maim White men, women and children. Nothing has changed today, pick up any newspaper here in South Africa that caters to non-White people, and you will see the very same lies and propaganda.

      Let’s stop playing silly little games and call a spade a spade. They are a bunch of bastards, physically and spiritually, a creation that had seen first light because they for one had broken God’s command of seed after its own kind. Race mixing is murder, but they will tell you it is god’s gift to earth. Their god Lucifer is not my God. It is time that White men wake up and face the truth. If we don’t, the only difference between you and me will be that I will still be talking when they hang or line us up before their firing squads.

      Feel free to hate my guts for posting this, call me anything you like, but again, it won’t change one iota of the truth. I post this because I love my people out of a racially pure heart. I’ve seen what we can accomplish when we allow our Creator to empower us with power from on high, it is then no longer our works, but that of our Creator. Let’s be frank, if White Americans allow the Marxist J W scum to disarm them, it will be the beginning of the end for you and the rest of us. Hell, I hate the way they have destroyed Christian America, Christian America that was based on real Christianity, not the false half-assed counterfeit so called ‘Judeo-Christianity’. Be sure to pay a visit to anointed nation .org to learn more about real, primitive, first century Christianity, the Christianity that was practised by the real Jesus and His followers. You will then understand why they so viciously murdered Him at Calvary or Golgotha. 

      Remember: They will only pull back if the bayonet hits steel, but when it hits soft flesh, they will keep going. Also remember, the pen is not mightier than the sword, despite the best of propaganda to the contrary.

  1. It is about time to sell my pistol, which they know I have since I bought it with a permit, before it is too late. Looking at some high quality cross-bows. I got inspired on that by watching The Walking Dead. Have already been acquiring some large knives. Need a few of those high-end machetes and some swords too. In a pinch a nail in a baseball bat works good. A Taekwondo dojo just opened up down the road. So many options, so little time.

    • Now you’re talking my language! 😀 When you buy crossbows, you don’t have to report the sales to the government so he will not know about it. You’ll only have to report if you are going to use it for hunting. Crossbows are one of the best weapons to fight against the government in Canada without him knowing that we have these types of weapons.

  2. Well here is the  delima for TPTB. THEY ARE CORRUPT. The political parties are corrupt. The elections are corrupt. Our judges  and our courts are corrupt. The founding fathers KNEW this could happen and it’s why they added the 2nd amendment. OUR GOVERNMENT NO LONGER HAS LEGITIMACY! It is not only our right but our duty to resist this tyranny!

  3. I suspect that’s why Congress fixed things to keep the Lying Marxie Kenyan Usurper Alien Cockroach. He’s the most rabid dog in their kennel. If he’s led to think … he’s … the motivating ‘force’, he’ll sign onto any imaginable attrocity or over-reach they put in front of him to sign. It does appear that ‘Armageddon’ is upon The People.

    • Seriously, I was thinking the same thing.  Someone expects the ~40 seat majority republican-led House to approve that bill?  That would ensure a Democratic house by the next morning!

    • Tell me how the Patriot Act got through.  Tell me how the NDAA got through both Dems and Repubs. Tell me how an “investigation” into 9/11 can only talk about what happened between planes hitting two towers and the moment collapse started — yet not address the fact that three buildings fell, how the remnants of said buildings were hotter than any office fire could ever reach even months afterward, and somehow one of the “terrorists” passports was found within 12 hours at ground zero among all that wreckage….

      I’ll tell you. Sheep move with the heard.  The color of the sheep’s wool does not matter be it red or blue. Understand this: a pack of wolves will pounce when opportunity arises and there are plenty of opportunities when the can is getting its final kicks down the road…

      Also: Tell me how Corzine walks scott free. Tell me how Eric Holder runs guns with immunity. Tell me how Dick Cheney conveniently has a fire in his filing cabinet right before he leaves office.

    • “Tell me how Corzine walks scott free. Tell me how Eric Holder runs guns with immunity.”

      OK, I will tell you.  Obama has single-handedly converted the USA from a nation of laws to a nation of men… and some men are just more equal than others.  Those who share their ill-gotten wealth with the Obama regime, for example, can do no wrong.  No, not ever.  Bernie Madoff got into trouble, not for stealing other people’s money, but for not sharing any with Obama & Co.  That simple act alone would have had him a free man today, enjoying almost all of that stolen money instead of wearing an orange jumpsuit, eating mystery meat, and keeping his back to the wall in the shower.  Just ask Jon Corzine how it’s supposed to be done.  He stole more than Bernie did and is eating filet mignon and lobster with a fine wine and a flaming dessert at the Ritz tonight.  This will be followed with a Broadway show and a night with a VERY expensive hooker.  Different night, same thing.  Same act, different result.

    • Saddle is right! We are all losing our freedoms from our corrupt government no matter in which country we live in. From Canada to Australia! You Americans need to understand that the day you lose the right to bear guns is the day you lost your total freedom because it is as if the government breached through the defenses of your freedoms.

  4. Obama does not need Congress. All he has to do is offer the UN Small Arms Treaty to the Senate.  It has provisions specifically regarding American Firearms.  Once passed by the Senate and signed by BHO it supercedes any part of the Constitution including the Seond Amendment.  But even without that item, the House Of representatives could be coerced into singing off, the Senate passed this law and BO signs it.  Same effect.  Or just one more executive order would do the trick.
    We have had massive assualts against the First, Second, Fifth and tenth Amendments with EOs  NDAA, the TSA and NDRP pretty much work around the Constitution.

    • AGXIIK, I don’t know if you’re in Washoe or not, but I highly doubt WCSD would ever attempt to seize weapons.  I think they’d more likely stand with the highly armed populous against any enemy, foreign or domestic. I’ve heard that the sheriff is rather supportive of gun rights… of course I’ve never met him first hand at a dinner party either….

    • Please provide the legal documentation that shows that a U.S. government approved treaty supersedes any part of the Constitution. I’ve read a recent article or 2 where the author mentions the scenario that you’ve stated, but I’ve never seen any written legal reference as to where it states that a foreign treaty provision is permitted to override an amendment to the U.S. constitution. Is this mentioned in the constitution? If so, please provide us with the wording stating such.

  5. You and  I can stop these gun grabbers.  Senators are notoriously succeptible to letter writing and lobby groups
    Join the NRA and get involved  This is the largest lobbying group in the country
    Start writing and emailing your senators and representative  Write incessantly
    Work with the grass roots groups that support gun owners

    We are the largest special interest group in the country.  We vote and we contribute to the campaigns.  We spend money and are, by and large, a higher income group.  The day that a politician lays down a marker in support of gun rights and the Second Amendment is the day your work starts afresh.  These people change their minds.
    The fact is one of the most dangerous third rails of politics is the gun owners.  Even liberals don’t want to touch that live wire.
    In reality politicians don’t care than much about where you have a gun or not.  Unless the politician is fanantically opposed to gun ownership, the typical politician does not want to get into that fight.  It’s is too damaging.
    But your voice must be heard.  If it is not, then these people think you no longer care and they will vote with the UN small arms treaty or anything that psycho bitch Fraudstein can think up.

  6. Nothing is more dangerous than a president in there second term!!!!!!!
    As I have said on other treads and sites

     Ya Ya Ya
    Protest the vote,
    Im doing a write in for president,
    Or Im not voting out of protest!
    Thats the bigest BULL $hit.. that tells me all you did was vote for Obama. Oh and if anybody thought he was bad in his first term, just wate when he dosen’t need to worry about being elected again.
    Nothing is worse than a president in there second term LMAO  

    Now if your one of those typs right  along with the likes of Chris Dwaine, you have lost you right to bitch IMO  

  7. “This [Supreme] Court has regularly and uniformly recognized the supremacy of the Constitution over a treaty.” – Reid v. Covert, October 1956, 354 U.S. 1, at pg 17.  Understand what the Supreme Court said here. No Executive Order, Presidential Directive, Executive Agreement can supersede the Constitution.  
    (1) “THIS [the U.S.] Constitution,” (2) “the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof” (i.e., as permitted by, in conformity with, and to implement this Constitution), and (3) “all treaties made….under the Authority of the United States” (“under” designates that treaties are not over, not above, and not even equal to the authority of the United States granted to it by the States via the U.S. Constitution – but remain under, inferior to its jurisdiction).  —                                                                                                                                                                                 A treaty has the same legal weight as a federal law and CANNOT BE UNCOSTITUTIONAL!                                                                                                                

    • Good documentation… but consider THIS government and say that they can’t wiggle around anything that they want to avoid or ignore in order to implement their Marxist policies.  Would that it weren’t so!

  8. Good stuff–make owning guns harder.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a stacker, I think that the gov is being run by the bankers and all the rest of that.  But infantile fantasies of holding off tax collectors with small arms fire are just that.  Ask the guys at Waco, they had a fair number of guns as I recall.  As for crime prevention, it seems to me that for every home invasion/potential murder scene that a home gun foils there are at least as many accidental home deaths that they cause.  I actually know someone who owns a shooting club and practiced diligent care and respect of their guns who had an accident in which their 13 year old son was shot and killed.  Even properly cared for guns are dangerous.  I know this, I would be a lot more scared WITH an AK47 in the house than without one.

    • @pforth: Good for you, if you don’t want a gun then don’t own one. But do not presume one can use one liberty to alienate another. This is what has been going on for to long and now we find ourselves with only this last right remaining according to the government. 

      A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.                                                                                                    (1) Well regulated militiia- The American people are among the most regulated in the world already. Who is the malitia? From Old English milite meaning soldiers (plural), militisc meaning military and also classical Latin milit-, miles meaning soldier. The Modern English term militia dates to the year 1590, with the original meaning now obsolete: “the body of soldiers in the service of a sovereign or a state”. Subsequently, since approximately 1665, militia has taken the meaning “a military force raised from the civilian population of a country or region.                                                                                                                           (2) Necessary to the security of a free STATE. (3) The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is an individual and collective right to own arms that are in common use! Our govenment, forgein governments use simi and fully automatic rifles and side arms, they are in common use all over the planet! If we were to be invaded or our own government became tyrannical (which it has) these would be the common use weapons used against the people. We must be able to defend ourselves with like weapons!

    • @pforth

      But almost everything in life has a potential danger to life. I think your smart enough to understand this that I do not have to start a list.

      The liberal mindset, fall inline with a cause no matter how lame it is…

      Instead of dumbind down a population try making them smarter. Instead of trying to take away everything in life for safety teach the children how to be a human with respect and love for there fellow man.

      When I was a child many homes of friends had unlocked display cabinets loded up with guns and ammo. Did we touch it No   

    • RRG… it is even more basic than that.  The 1st 10 Amendments to the US Constitution are called “the bill of rights”.  It is clear from the writings of the Founding Fathers that government does not have ANY rights.  The government has POWERS that are delegated to it by the states and by the people.  Human beings have rights but governments do not.  This is fundamental in understanding that the red herring argument that is offered up by the libs that “the militia” means the “national guard”.  It means no such thing, as most of us here recognize.  The federal government has the power to create a standing army but it does not have or need the right to do so.  

      American citizens have not only the right to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic, but the duty, IMO, to do so as well.  If that means armed opposition to a government gone rogue and into tyranny, then so be it.  Allowing Marxist scum to take over our country without any opposition from us would be a sin that could not be washed away.  If many of us are killed, so be it.  It IS better to die on one’s feet than to live on one’s knees.  This is clear to free men and women.  Yes, they are very well organized and heavily armed but we are many… 100 million strong… and THIS IS OUR COUNTRY.

    • We aren’t talking a bunch of crazies like Waco. We are talking trying to remove the gun rights of millions of armed Americans. I would not want to be on the duty for collecting the guns or a tax on them because your opponent far outnumbers the standing military of the entire US by several times over.

    • Just because of those incidents, would you ban the ownership of guns which is your right? The day that guns become illegal to own and that the government becomes a total tyrant, you will realize that you should’ve own a gun to protect against its Nazi troops.

  9. Saddle I am in Washoe County and am a volunteer with the WCSD. The voluteer group I represent is also very well armed from a personal standpoint and we all train regularly with Frontsite, a firearms training firm in Parumph
     This puts me in an interesting position.  I doubt if the Sheriffs would come knocking.  They are spread very thin over a huge county and not inclined to ask for trouble.  There’s plenty of that in Reno and other areas.  It doesn’t mean that some politician says we have to give up our rifles and magazines, forcing LEO to enforce the law.  All LEO is sworn to uphold the Constitution. That is meaningful. Takings of this sort which many would see as extra-constitutional would present a real dilemma to the law enforcement folsks
    On anothr subject The 2nd Amendment protects the 1st Amendment.  The people’s right to keep and bear arms was not designed to protect home and hearth. It was written and made part of the law of the land to protect against an overbearing and dictatorial government, not unlike what we see growing now in the central government.
    A side note Over on the Interlhub channel it’s noted The UN Small Arms Treaty was just reopened.
    BHO has started the drone strikes in Yemen. I guess that’s his idea of a victory lap. Picking out some poor schlub in a mud hut and blowing up him and his family. Maybe I missed something but isn’t the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize supposed to be about “PEACE’ not killing people in other countries. Maybe I’m old fashioned but when you’re going to kill someone you do it in a straight up fight. Pickleing a drone through someone’s kitchen window from 10,000 miles away is pretty chicks***.
    That probably explains how these useful idiots think the EU is a worthy recipient. But I digress.

  10. @Pforth

    The truth is Government & activist have made firearms more dangerous. People are curious no matter there age. By forcing laws the past 40 years to hide, lock-up to remove from view guns dumbs down the population.

    If guns were common place in view of children growing up they learn at and early age what they are. No different than a bunch of kitchen knives sitting on a counter you tell the child “no no those are sharp you can hurt/cut yourself” You open the oven dore and a child reaches for it ” No hot hot you will burn yourself”

    Do you buy your child there first bike and let them look at it? Or do you take them outside and explane how to ride? “I want you to push on those peddels really hard and I’ll hold you up and push you.” “I promis I’ll be right here” 

    STOP dropping your child infront of a boob tube and have a relationship with them. Not you in general Pforth but society   

    • @427 Exactly. I was still soiling my pants as a boy when I went out to hunt chickens on the farm with a .22 and I shot plenty with the full support of both Mom and Dad. My Dad was very strict when it came to guns, knives, bags over the head and what have you, but he didn’t keep us away from it. I was still wet behind the ears when I received my first hunting knife and I will never forget the day I went out with Dad and shot a bag full of hares.

    • @PatFields: Thanks , credit to the Founders who left their ideas and words for us to find. They truly did see these tyrants coming so long ago! It seems time can erode almost anything but ideas! In 1953 (I know most think it was 1803) when Ohio became a state we had our constitution. In this election ( ISSUE 1 ) they tried to get us to abolish it and write a new one. It failed comfortably but over 30% wanted too.

  11. @BullRun
    Hi bull just a side note here citizens in NY damaged aireas are starting to get very angry. New York Housing Department is posting signs on house telling the owner they can’t live there and action can be taken. If there found there with under age children in the home charges will placed on them though Child Protective Services.

    Cause of this action Mold! ha ha ha    

    • @427 my Father was the youngest of ten children, in New Orleans during the great flood of 1922, at which time my Grandmother was sole ‘head of household’. Government relied on The People to see to their own ends and they DID. My Dad told stories of his siblings all banding together to clean mud from their house and belongings as everyone else around them and the city went on to completely restore itself.

      New York today, just as New Orleans in 2005, is destined for large scale abandonment (almost ALL my family has left New Orleans since) because people recoil from government imposition and offers of ‘help’ with huge obligatory hooks embeded. Like New Orleans, it’ll be left to criminals and generational ‘gimmes’ sucking all the vitality out of the social fabric that it had before. Will the experience wake anyone up to the greater social devastation … FAR outweighing mere inconveniences of the cleanup? I highly doubt it. The dregs in New Orleans went on to re-elect ‘Chocolate Town’, ‘School Bus’ Nagin. That’s the ‘pattern’. Wallow in the wreckage, scrounging off whatever ‘seed-grain’ is dug out.

  12. It’s a sad commentary that we, the people, have become so reliance on the gummint.  Like children, we reach out for the ‘nanny state’ when we scrape our knee on the sharp edges of life.  I was watching a scene from the  news this AM.  In front of a badly damaged home in NJ was an American flag.  Painted on it were the words  “Obama, FEMA, help us”   I would rather fight and die to try to keep my family and me alive before I would hang a message like this on an American Flag.
    The people in these damaged areas need to know that flying an American flag, shouting and crying in front of the news cameras and begging the politicians and FEMA to help you is not going to work  THEY DON’T GIVE A BLEEP ABOUT YOU.
    YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.   Alternatives to this problem? 

    • Whatever happened to self reliance in this country? Those people had 7 days warning to stock up, find a generator and fuel or get out.

  13. gun confiscation is far more likely than gold confiscation … for two reasons …. the US is going to collapse … the financial system is crashing … all the gold in america will not avert that …. but when it does collapse there are a billion guns out there trying to protect and steal property …. it would just not be right for the population to be as well armed as the the govt forces so lets confiscate all automatic assault weapons making resistance futile.
    It is my belief when they pass a law banning the ownership of heavy duty weaponry then the crash is imminent

    • “It is my belief when they pass a law banning the ownership of heavy duty weaponry then the crash is imminent”

      It very well could be.  We’ve already seen the US government purchase a billion rounds of .40-cal. HP bullets.  This is not a military round but a police round and the agencies buying them include the SSA, Weather Bureau, and a number of other agencies that have zero use for this kind of firepower.

      As to “assault weapons” we should all remember that in 1776, a black powder muzzle-loading flintlock musket was an “assault weapon”.  Times and tech have changed for sure but most civilian weapons are WAY less capable than military class weapons today.  Anyone out there have a grenade launcher slung beneath their AR?  lol


  14. If guns were totally banned in the USA, then it looks like we should do a revolution against our governments with crossbows, Molotov cocktails, gun powders, etc. If she wants to ban all the powerful guns, then she must have good reasons for that.

    • @Sumkid I am afraid crossbows will at best be useful to upgrade one’s personal security at home and for hunting, but to use it in a full scale revolution against a government that is armed with serious hardware, will be an uphill battle to say the least. It is however not impossible. I’ve played one PC strategy game for the first time in my life against guys who have been playing it for a while and won with WWI technology, or to be more precisely, snipers out of WWI. lol The other guys had B52 Bombers and what have you, but I won after they decided the computer should decide who wins, based on odds. They decided to allow the computer to decide the outcome after I refused to give up like the others. lol

    • @silverbullion Pretty high if it is the 99% of the people against the 1% of the elites. 🙂 But right now, a peaceful revolution is possible if we all buy physical silver. By doing that, you are not accepting the elites’ corrupt paper currencies and that will lower their powers.

    • @Sumkid You’re right, but now the elite and 98% of the people are against us. We need to win over their hearts and minds. I agree, one way of doing that is to buy and stack physical silver and encourage others to do the same. 🙂

    • @silverbullion Yeah you’re right because the 98% of the “We, the people” are against us due to the mainstream medias who are brainwashing them. Also because of the mainstream medias, most of the people will ignore our advices to buy physical silver.

  15. That’s hilarious.  I’m sure we’re all just fine with banning all high powered weaponry so that the only people with those guns are the knuckle-dragging uneducated police(thug)force who get a hard-on everytime they get to play with their toys, regardless of who the target is.

    Do these politicians not remember the history of genocide?  Or are they all just corrupt self-serving assholes?

    Remember the days when people could drive to school with hunting rifles in their car?  WHAT CHANGED?

    Oh, that’s right.  Corrupt companies are fucking over the planet with their lies and ruthless behavior and it’s mind-fucking everybody.  Is it any wonder people flip out, grab a gun, and shoot at things?

    As always, the blame is re-directed back at the small people, despite none of them asking to be born into such a fucked up corrupt world.         


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