California law enforcement is now confiscating legally purchased guns from registered gun owners who have been labeled ‘Armed Prohibited Persons’ (APPs).
Restrictions on who can and can’t own firearms is not new.  But so-called “gun grabbing” interests appear to be making more use of this tactic as a means of restricting gun ownership.
There’s an old saying:  “As California Goes, So Goes the Country.”  Best hope that proves incorrect when it comes to the 2nd Amendment.
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  1. They do not have to confiscate guns, they already have all the ammo for years to come. If you weren’t buying it while it was available, you’re pretty much out of luck/ammo. Next they will be buying up all throw-able stones above ground. If we start digging them up, they will outlaw shovels. In rural Maine, one is absolutely naked without ammo, thank God I had the sense to stock up, foreseeing the shortages ahead. No intentions to shoot anything but game if push comes to shove. No food will be brought out to us by FEMA, that’s for sure! A gun without ammo is a hammer.

    • “A gun without ammo is a hammer.”
      Indeed so.  Or, as others have noted, “A gun without ammo is an expensive and poorly designed club”.
      Oddly enough, more ammo IS trickling into the market these days.  I went to WalMart to check on their ammo case today, in fact.  They had about 10 boxes of 20 rounds each of AK ammo, which was tempting but I have a good supply of that now, and a brick of .22-LR ammo that they had broken open and were selling individual boxes of 50 rounds each.  I got 3 boxes of the .22s or 150 rounds for $11.28, tax included, which is about 7.5 cents per round.  This is more than they used to be but a lot less than they have been recently.  
      Will pass by there tomorrow and collect 3 more boxes of the AK ammo.  Will also start a 2nd .50-cal ammo box of AK ammo since my other one is now full.  
      Will be needing 4-5 more ammo boxes for the shotgun ammo that is still in the factory cardboard cases.  Got 250 rounds of 00 buck and 250 rounds of #4 buck (my favorite home defense round).  A bird shot shell that can be opened, the bird shot removed, and BBs put in their place, and the shell closed up again can also be quite discouraging to 2-legged predators, especially with either a crotch or a head shot.

  2. I live 4 miles east of Kleptifornia.   These people have lost their minds.
    IMO every state that goes nutzo on gun bans is usually one of the worst run states, with the biggest budget deficits, more murders and more crime, more debt and less safe streets.
      A state that permits open ownership of fire arms is usually safer.

    These uber libtard states are usually run by the worst of the breed psychopaths that climb up the sewer pipe of political incompetence.
    Apparently they are more concerned with their own lunatic notions of how things should be run than actually running something.

    Think Chicago Illinois with the ding bats and loons that now infest the WH. 

    Think NYC with Booberberger, Weiner and Spitzer

    Think California and Mayor Feel’n’her Filner and Ahnold Schwartzenbegger.  A man needs a maid, like the song goes

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