gun forcedIn this interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Greg Mannarino makes the incredible claims that the DOW may be about to collapse to 4,000, gold & silver are set to EXPLODE, & states that the US dollar is about to die, and be replaced by the Yuan as the global reserve currency. 
Mannarino’s full interview on the coming complete collapse of the dollar & US market is below:

  1. Maybe so…Greg. We’ll see…have no expectations.
    Can’t help notice that even with Spot down on Silver and all the rah-rah about producers can’t produce at this price level….dealers, and even the Doc have got ASE and Maples with tiny lil premiums on them…..
    Sell in May and go away??
    April Mint sales are down this month–and could easily be the least so far in this year.
    Never mind fundamentals screaming buy……
    Never mind the technical charts and the hoax they have become…..
    Smells like someone stepped in dog doo….

    • That was my observation as well. 4 oz ….. if there is a “Blow Out” sale occurring it just doesn’t make sense. (You just beat me to the comment.)

      One of my major indicators that I watch is looking at what the major bullion venders are doing as they are much better tuned in to the market back chatter (essentially they have the same benefits that corporate insiders have in the stock market).  The only other reason to have an inventory reduction sale is that they are temporarily overstocked and need the free fiat to pay incoming invoices. Now, the Doc usually has some type of sale going on, so I don’t count on this site alone. I suggest using a mix of venders to determine what they truly think what direction the PM prices are likely to move on the short/intermediate term.

  2. What nonsense. The yuan will not be a reserve currency, it will more likely become part of a basket of currency’s that will be partially backed by gold. The dow will double over the next few years not crash to 4000. just another headline of Gold and Silver are about to explode, for the 20th time in the last year. I guess if you keep repeating the same thing over and over eventually you look like right.

    • ” The dow will double over the next few years not crash to 4000″

      My view as well, and that it is due to the net effect of inflation. Most of the current “bull” stock market is fairly easily tied to Fed induced inflation and not an increase in real values. While I do believe in PMs in the long run you have to look at the way other investors look at the current dollar yields of each investment option. Right now, the stock market is performing better in dollars so the rotation is out of PMs and into stocks. Makes sense to me, but the obvious risk is a back swan event so you have to be alert. Study previous currency events for clues and think “out the box”. (Black swan events always have “tells” but you have to be actively looking.)

      The upside is that the selloff in PMs is creating the next run up in dollar denominated prices. I personally use a mix of investments that I adjust to the economic situation and that includes some stocks that are composed primarily of real, physical assets that will remain to be in demand in any situation (food, energy, defense).

    • @SLG – I used to adhere to the idea that a collapse of the equity markets had to occur before we see any real rise in the price of gold and silver as investors sought out a safe haven to protect their paper profits. I no longer believe this. As @PowerBall correctly pointed out the stock market in Zimbabwe was at all time highs all while the currency was collapsing. We are seeing a similar scenario now as the dollar continues to lose value stocks continue to rise. I suspect that this will continue in the short to intermediate term so DOW 20,000 is certainly a real possibility as irrational as that may sound. Interest rates cannot and will not rise due to the incredible amount of debt held by the United States so where are people going to go for yield? 
      At my own peril I sold out of most of my equity positions in 2011. Not in my IRA and 401K but in my trading account. I moved into miners and physical silver for the most part and I do not have to tell you how bad my timing was on that move. I left a ton of profit on the table and to make matters worse the mining positions are down more than 50%. Talk about a kick in the face! The good news is that I learned a lot from this mistake and will never again go “all in” in any investment class now matter how promising it may seem at the time. I now have a much more balanced allocation with a leaning bias towards physical silver and fractional gold. 

  3. Y A W N .
    WARNING! The Stock Market will go up or down beginning tomorrow and well into next week. We strongly advise investors to adjust their portfolios accordingly! Don’t say that we didn’t create a blogging site and warn you often to act responsibly.  And if this occurs right on schedule, you can expect interest rates to go up or down as well. Again, this event will mirror past and future performances and bear consequences that are currently not predictable.

    • Ranger
      While I wholly concur with Mr. Kirby’s new-found epiphany, he hasn’t quite yet surveyed the whole forest. (neither remarkably, has Mike Maloney) He spoke only in that (great) interview of the Fed’s inflation, not recognizing that inflation of any country’s banknote serves the same end … to put new credit units into circulation that ultimately offsets the interest accruing on the whole float, globally.

      It makes no difference if the phony ‘name’ of the credit-unit is ‘renminbi’, ‘EURO’, ‘dollar’, ‘yen’ … they’re all mere cogs in the grand machine of ‘the banknote scheme’. Any country’s note can be swapped over to ‘bridge’ a lack of borrowing occurring in another with duplicate sufficiency. Similarly, if the goofball notion of ‘borrowing into prosperity’ is still deluding people in one region of the world, but disavowed in another, the absolute; constant imperative of creating new interest service funding for the entire banknote base can be strung along ’round-robin’ from that region to others.

      That all works until … debt saturation sets in everywhere, more and more resolutely. Once that ‘terminal debt saturation’ approaches, the end-game is irreversible. Without constant and growing new borrowing (it really is a ‘ponzi’ in every sense), the automatically expanding debt can only be serviced from (at that juncture) a stagnant pool of currency. Like a blazing sun evaporating water from a pond with no stream of fresh water to replace the invisible steam carried off in the winds, the currency deflates while interest and principal lowers it’s levels to mud.

  4. Folks who warn that the American banknote will implode, to be supplanted by some other banknote, don’t really know squat about the banknote scheme and so they’re prognostications are delusional … at best. All banknotes have to be floated into circulation the same way, by essential design constraints. That core design has a fatal inherent flaw that can’t be ameliorated. They’re ALL doomed to die.

  5. I have a good piece of advice for you Mannarino dude.  get yourself the biggest black rubber hammer, better yet biggest black dildo.  find a quiet corner somewhere where you can not be seen and start smacking yourself right between the eyes with the abovementioned dildo until you realize that you are AN IDIOT.
    I am sick and tired of this random idiotic shit about how the stock market is going to tank.  NO!  IT’S NOT!  all pension funds and unions and congress and rest of the world is invested in the stock market.  Fed has FULL FECKEN control of it, so stop this sensational shit based on your own weed induced conclusions.
    the fed also has full control of the precious metals prices.  no matter what you stupid gurus say and how high you jump.  THEY have FULL control.  I regret dearly for listening to idiots like this three years ago an investing my money into PMs.  I can’t even sell the shit, because I am still under water and I have no feckeng idea how long it is going to be now to even break even.  not to mention the lost opportunity of a lifetime to participate in this fed induced ramp fest. 
    silver bullet/silver shield should be renamed to silver penis up your ass.  and max keiser, who swindled so many people out of their savings now is pumping his maxcoin and apparently feeling quite well about himself. 
    We all got played like suckers collectively and stupid shit like this coming from mannarion only insults us all and makes the hurting go even deeper. 
    Piss in your cereal, you joke of a guru!

    • volkssturm … “the fed also has full control of the precious metals prices.  no matter what you stupid gurus say and how high you jump.  THEY have FULL control.”
      Ahhh, yes. We come again to a wondrous age when living gods come to dwell among men.

      Kneel in the shining presence of your lord; humble yourself and his bounteous plenty shall he shower upon thee. See his miracles! All things plain he maketh glorious … the lame shall run as the youth … of hunger ye shall know nothing … grand mansions he will to bestow to his faithful … that they should only bow and supplicate themselves, pressing their faces to the earth in his adoration and sing his praises … his name is ‘Fed’ the eternal and all powerful.

      Some ‘people’s storm’ you are. The first bush or willow you face and all’s left is a faint whistling of a breeze. You’re out of you’re league. The stuff of those here is far more resilient than your whisps can ever budge. ‘Storm’? No, a fallen leaf pushed along and carried up in whirlwinds as fate would drive … as a scrap of paper.

    • @volksstrum : Now that’s funny!  These same people stated that silver was going to the moon in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014. While we all agree the FED and their allies are causing this MASSIVE price decline there is absolutely nothing anyone can do except yell, growl and accept their fate.  And where is everyone’s favorite Super Hero Bart Chilton that was going to seriously investigate this massive price rigging scheme?  Oh wait, he sold everyone down the toilet and bailed to a cushy job at a large law firm as payback.
      What’s funny is these same silver guru’s “now” state you must be in for the long haul.  I still don’t know what they mean because I’ve been heavily invested in silver related assets for upwards of 5 to 6 years.  What exactly is long term?  Is that somewhere between 15 years and life which sounds more like a prison sentence than an investment?  Anyway funny post that made me laugh!
      I couldn’t even listen to Manarino’s spill for more than 2 minutes before turning it off.  He was already laughed off many sites back in 2012 and 2013 due to all of his WRONG predictions in the precious metals market.  Basically just listen to his advice on silver and do the opposite and you’ll make money.  When he says “Buy, Buy, Buy” its time to sell every ounce of silver in your possession.
      Now that he’s saying silver is a longer term investment, it makes me believe that the metal will “pop” or “correct” in the next few months.  Now if he’d only say “sell, sell, sell” we could be 100% guaranteed the metal was about to make a moon shot.  ha!

    • PowerBall … “there is absolutely nothing anyone can do except yell, growl and accept their fate.”
      What, no mention of ‘average down’? The ‘get rich quick’, ‘trendy’, ‘flip trader’ mentality is like a flashing neon billboard here. What’s also glaringly apparent is that for all the ‘guru bashing’ you two fellows rail on with here … it’s exactly that ‘guru worship’ you’re looking to ‘invest’ into someone.

      “Oh, woe is me … I ‘listened to’ this one and that one and now I’m sunk! See? Look at the tears dripping in my beer! It’s all their fault … they said so and I listened.”

      Sack it already. There are no ‘clairvoyant seers’ to follow like star-struck little girls. People try their best to assemble information, make sense of it and offer their opinions. That’s all that can be reasonably sought … aside from thinking for one’s self … and then manning up to responsibility for their choices.

    • @PatFields
      “People try their best to assemble information, make sense of it and offer their opinions. That’s all that can be reasonably sought … aside from thinking for one’s self … and then manning up to responsibility for their choices.”
      But, Pat… that’s just sooooo hard,  😉
      It is interesting to read these comments and count the number of basic investing mistakes that people make and then whine about having made them, often at someone else’s behest.  If someone tells them to jump off the roof of their house and they do it, who is to blame for their broken legs?

    • First of all, Vokssturm never meant to be heroes.  They were propaganda glorified reservists and kids.
      Fed has full control no matter how much you make fun of them.  They have full control of the stock market, full control of bonds and metals.  It is time for someone to openly say that nothing is going to happen until the Fed says so.  It’s over.  Stop pretending like someone can change anything.  Gold and silver has been trading within a clearly defined bracket and never go above or below established limits. 
      I agree with PowerBall – what’s up with this long term shit?  I want to live now and here, not 15 years down the road just to say “see, I told you so”.  It would not matter.  Plus the cost of lost opportunities will wipe out any benefits that this magic silver pop is supposed to bring.  Be realistic.  Plug some numbers in excel and come to a sad conclusion that in order to be truly valuable investment, silver will REALLY need to pop and that ain’t happening now or if it does, I doubt it will be to the tune of $70 an ounce.
      Plus, I invested in silver and gold not because I was trying to speculate, but because I believed that I was preserving my wealth that I worked too hard to earn.  I would be perfectly happy with even 10% increase.  Now I can’t even cash my money because I am under water and I am stuck for who knows how long.  I lost close to 70k combined on the PMs – that is a large downpayment on a small house.  I am renting instead now. 
      I am also sorry, ED-B, but why don’t you go screw yourself for being so feckeng smart and sarcastic “jump off the roof”.  As an investor and a member of the public that supported this site and people that shared same believes, I have the right to be pissed and we all have the right to demand at least an apology from shills like Max Keiser, for example.  I am 37 y.o. and I still have the time to continue building, how about those that put their lifetime savings into PMs while being in their 50s?  Did they also jump off the roof?

    • @volkssturm – Hey I share your frustration and like you I am deep underwater on my silver purchases albeit from the sounds of it I have much less of a stack than you do. I fully understand that the Fed and the rest of the powers that be have a stranglehold on prices right now and I don’t see them letting go anytime soon. Why would they? The current paradigm is perfect for them and their bankster buddies so what is the incentive for them to change course? The IMF and the rest of the central banks are all in on this scheme together. Will it end at some point? You would think that it has to but that may not be for years down the road. I personally think it will blow up within the next 3-5 years but it most certainly could go on much longer than that. Even ‘black swans’ that are supposed to be bullish for the metals are met with a sell off now. Everyday I wake up I fully expect PM prices to be down. 
      This does not mean that I have thrown in the towel, in fact, these low prices are providing me a great opportunity to get my cost basis down while working toward my ultimate allocation which I defined for myself when I started stacking. Needless to say had the price risen to $70 or $80 while I still had a small stack that would not have been very good for me. Building a stack at $20 silver is obviously much better than doing it at $75 dollar silver. 
      Lastly, the gurus out here have absolutely no idea where prices are headed yet they have to keep selling their newsletters. Brother John F is now saying that based on his charts he now thinks that $15 dollar silver is a real possibility. Really?? How many times has this guy said that silver had bottomed over the past three years? How many times has he said that the stock market was ready to collapse? David Morgan said back in 2012 that silver would never go under $30 again because miners would simply cut off production. Nothing even remotely close to that scenario happened! And how did that work out for the people buying his newsletter that most likely loaded up at anything near the $30 level?  These guys don’t know anymore than you and I do. We know silver is undervalued and should go up in price someday but when is anybody’s guess. 

  6. I call it Ranger syndrome. Blame someone else for their own doing or maybe this is just plain trolling and disinformation.
    Greg gave the right advice in the past and he is spot on as far as PMs are concerned. He might be right with equities too but unless you are very rich and can allocate small portion to gamble I wouldn’t do it. I personally would stay away. I have been out of stocks for some time.

    I don’t know why people get annoyed with gurus repeating the same message. We have newcomers every day. How do they going to learn if the message is not out there. There more people on our side, the quicker we are going to reach the critical mass. Patience people, the fundamentals are on our side. These criminals can’t do it for much longer. 

    Now the message to government shills/ trolls. I have no doubt there are people out there with hacking skills who can track your identity. When the wheels will fell off, you can be assured, you will be track down and appropriately dealt with.

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