casino-girlIn his latest update, Greg Mannarino states that the US is now the laughing stock of the world as history’s biggest debtor nation. 
He states that the entire system is based on the acquisition of debt into infinity, and that the moment we stop borrowing it is over and the system will collapse.   This is really a simple transfer of wealth, and the actual transfer of wealth will occur when interest rates begin to spike.

Mannarino states it is time to bet against the debt, and become your own central bank by holding your assets in physical precious metals in your own possession. 

Jim Sinclair has long stated that fortunes will be made shorting Treasuries once the bubble bursts.  Is it finally time to bet against US debt?

Mannarino’s full update is below:


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  1. Fortunes can be made by shorting treasuries once the bubble bursts?  Who’s going to be in the position to be able to do that?  Why, only the people who were warned ahead of time, that’s who.  And who’s to say how that would effect the prices of gold and silver?  The same people who are predicting we’ll see $200 silver any day now?

  2. Doc…great choice on photo illustration.  Here’s a typical Amazon review from Greg’s book.
    1.0 out of 5 stars The Book Casinos Love!, December 11, 2003
    By A Customer
    This review is from: Gregorian Strategy For Multiple Deck Blackjack (Paperback)
    Gregory Mannarino is a hero to casinos worldwide. He has come out with a strategy that actually gives the casino a better edge than they had before, and apparently people are buying it!
    This book is completely bogus. The so called “old Basic Strategy” has been figured out by mathemeticians to give you the best possible chance for success in any situation. Gregorian strategy will lose more money than basic strategy.
    For example, he says to hit 13 against five. Following basic strategy and standing, you will win roughly 42% of the time and lose 58% of the time, excluding pushes. Using Gregorian strategy and hitting, you will win only 37% of the time and lose 63% of the time, excluding pushes. 13 verse five is a loser either way, it’s just a bigger loser with Gregorian strategy.
    If you’re still not convinced, go to a blackjack forum ( or and ask people who play blackjack for a living what they think of Gregorian Strategy. They’ll say the same thing, it’s a waste of money.

    • This is what Greg wrote to me about his gambling book.
      Gregory Mannarino-Yes I wrote a blackjack book, yes I have won and cashed in even more poker tournaments than he listed. I write about all this in my book and he thinks I am trying to hide it. I am proud of all this. I understand math and statistics and that is what these games are about!
      Here is a little history of how Greg is preparing for a global meltdown.
      Greg Mannarino Poker Results The Grand Poker Series No Limit Hold’em 25th $292 Jun 4, 2011 Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza II No Limit Hold’em 22nd $685 Apr 2, 2011 The Grand Poker Series No Limit Hold’em 4th $1,115 Jun 14, 2010 Binions Poker Classic No Limit Hold’em 13th $410 May 31, 2010 Greg is really busy preparing for the big global meltdown that he claims will happen everyday. That is just the tournaments he is listed in.


    • With my “EVOLUTION SYSTEM” for Multiple deck and Single deck games you will BEAT THE HOUSE, and I guarantee it. Yes, I GUARANTEE IT! If you lose your first session at the tables I will personally cover your losses up to: ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!*** “Gregorian Strategy” for casino blackjack:
      Amazon reviews of his book. This book is completely bogus. They’ll say the same thing, it’s a waste of money. The writing style leaves much to be desired. The author constantly chides at the reader ‘Are you still with me?’ or ‘Now pay attention here’. This is incredibly annoying and distracting. This book is barely worth the paper that it is printed on. …this book is not worth any attention. Beginners are _strongly cautioned_ not to read this book.
      “The Gregorian Theorem”. Is the Gregorian Theorem proved? No, but there’s a good reason for that. I can’t find any evidence that it is ever stated. Is this the great blackjack breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for? Nope. Is this book worth reading? Nope.

  3. This guy needs to shut up. He’s like a cheap Italian wannabe Peter Schiff except no brains. He is also WRONG saying fortunes will be made shorting debt. For one thing, Jim Sinclair recently said that with QE to infinity that interest rates would NOT rise meaningfully. If interest rates don’t rise then that means Treasury bonds will not fall. JS basically is saying that with unlimited TBond purchases (QE) that nominal treasury prices will hold firm. What will NOT hold firm is the purchasing power of the currency!!!! This guy needs to shut his dumb mouth. Shorting Treasuries is DUMB. How can you sell anything the Fed is prepared to buy in unlimited quantity at any price?!?!? Even if Treasuries dropped to ZERO you would not really “make anything.”. Because what you would earn on your short position would be eaten away by the loss of value of the currency! The moat you can make on anything shorting is 100%! If we get hyperinflation that will be moot. Much better to be LONG real money and it would go parabolic under those circumstances.

    • This video sums up all you need to know about what Greg really knows about the markets.  He called QE3 to be a 850 million not billion dollar repo transaction by the Fed.  Just think about that.  He actually thought the Fed started a new program called “repos.”  OMG what a idiot.  The Fed has been doing repos, reverse repos, and tri-party agreements for decades.  That is a major function of the Fed.  That guy is a complete hack.

    • Yeah the guy has had a major transformation.  It’s all collar shirts and professional now.  Before it was pork chop sideburns and shaggy hair.  He deleted all his older videos because it hurt his new image.  The guy is a straight up con-artist.  He is a Physician assistant in Vegas.  He isn’t even a trader or in the industry of finance.  IMO, he does these videos from his job.  He told me he can write subscriptions for medication.  Maybe that is why his eyes looked dark and tired all the time.  Maybe he was subscribing some medication for himself.  I don’t have any evidence of that but his old videos don’t even represent what he looks like now.  Something is weird with the guy.  It’s actually refreshing to see people see past his bullshit.  The people that follow him on his channel are mostly new to the game of economics and really don’t understand much.  He can easily con these people.  He flat admitted that was his targeted audience.  Anyone who understands the markets and the functions can see he is full of BS.  Look up his x-wave theory about the markets.  He never speaks about that anymore and deleted the video.  He wrote a small book on this theory about chart patterns called a x-wave theory.  Another total scam just like his blackjack book.  The guy has a long history of doing this stuff. 

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